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Author Topic: SPIDERS!!! Crawling on my face  (Read 1356 times)
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« on: May 27, 2017, 04:39:38 »


A bit of background information;

I have been doing a great deal of energy work. The constant effort has slowly started to bear fruits, allowing me to focus the energy in my arms before moving it through my body. Along the way, I began to notice more mentions of energy and consciousness in my day to day life, which I believe are signs that I am moving on the correct path. I read a few things regarding crystals and that some people believed that crystals contained a form of their own consciousness, so I decided to get some crystals and see for myself. Long story short, I now have different crystals which I have charged to aid me with AP & energy work.

What happened;

I wanted to attempt phasing with the help of crystals. I laid on my bed, started to relax and sense my energy body with the crystal gripped in my hand, laid on my chest. I am focusing on charging up my energy to attempt an energy bounce. I have been at this for around 5 minutes, when a moth starts headbutting my arm and breaking my focus. I stopped, waited 20 minutes and started again.

This time I felt something moving up my elbow, up my arm and over my hand holding the crystal. I thought it was the moth and did my best to ignore it, but then it started to move up my chest to my shoulder. At this point in my mind I saw the image of a large spider looking at me. This begged the question of whether it was a spider crawling on me. I thought that it would be a good idea to open my eyes and check. Then I noticed the spider, having a jolly ol' stroll down my left arm.  I blew the spider off my arm, then to avoid it crawling all over me, I got up, grabbed a piece of paper then dropped the spider off on the other side of the room.

Time to try again. Everything is going well and I have been undisturbed for around 10-15 minutes and can sense that floating feeling. Then I suddenly notice the spider is on the same arm, this time, I don't believe that it means me any harm, so I attempt to ignore it and continue. I feel the spider settle on my left shoulder and continue. About 30 seconds later, I feel the spider crawling up my neck, I ignore it. Then onto my face, its becoming harder to ignore. Then over my lips, at which time I sat up and blew it off my again.

Now as I look down at the spider who is motionless on my bed. I started to talk to it, hoping it could understand that my face was off limits. This was when I noticed sensation, as I turned my head I noticed there was another spider, still on my left shoulder. This scared and shocked me, causing me to do what I can only describe as a scared rain dance.

I was now getting frustrated. I moved both the spiders away from the bed again.

Third time is the charm.
I began again. I had only begun gathering energy into my hands, when I felt the spider on me again. Needless to say the spider duo had returned. I stopped, moved them out of the house and stopped my attempts for the time being.

I didn't really know where to post this, what it would fall under or if it had any relation to energy work or AP. I found it strange that they continued to come back again and again. Google only told me that it meant; 1) It's a bad omen or 2) Money is coming my way. While I did buy crystals for wealth & prosperity, money spiders are tiny, these were not tiny.
(I live in London, so I wasn't very worried about being bitten and the biggest one only had around a 20mm long body.)

Can anyone point me in the right direction to look???
What did this mean??
Why are spiders suddenly in love with me & how do I apply this to the Swedish volleyball team?  grin

Thank you for reading & any guidance is appreciated.
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