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Author Topic: A Very Interesting Night!  (Read 1282 times)
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« on: March 26, 2015, 19:25:56 »

Part 1: The Beginning

This was pretty amazing. I love Dragon Ball Z so I decided to create an alternate reality I guess. I think it actually worked. It first started like a dream where I was traveling to Hawaii to see this island. My mom was with me and while I was driving to the destination a huge title wave appeared. I then saw several people trying to climb to safety buy climbing up on a large building. No one survived. I felt the waves crash upon me an then everything went black and I woke up somewhere else. This dream was continuous, back to back and not nothing different. I woke up in a sumerland type of place where people could  live out there fantasies. I remember that everyone here liked the show DBZ and the inhabited was trying to make it so that the powers they had would be reincarnated in the real world. This time line. There seemed to be to sides. One was wanting the powers and the other one didn't.

When I first appeared in the fantasy world. I was on the opposite side. Cause I was lost and confused on how things work around here. It seemed that the souls of this world took the bodies of the dragon ball z characters. This sounds crazy. But hella cool. Who wouldn't in a place like this. The two people that where helping me where Bulma and Vegita. I didn't know how to make things appear. Like for example KI blasts. One of them should me and they said it comes from the heart chakra area. So I focused on that and it worked. One center ball appeared and then 3 other balls of electricity appeared around it. I lost focus and it vanished. After that I learned how to fly.  I remember flying through tunnels. They said that they where there so cause they had to hide from certain people. And that when you come out. You had to fly very fast so know one would see you.

Part 2: The Battle

I don't recall switching sides but I think I remember why I switched. I was outside and there where two people fighting. Someone was Piccalo and the other was Guildo, I believe. I interrupted the fight and the people got mad at what I did. I don't recall anything else but the big fight scene that was about to take place. It seemed like I was in this dreamland for hours. It was continuous and back to back. I remember standing with a friend I made before the fight. It seemed like everyone had power levels and special moves they learned just like in the anime. I asked him what my power level was cause I was going to face Vegita. He said, 255. Which seemed to be the max around here. Kinda strange, but okay. Power levels are way higher than that I thought to myself. Then I remember having an argument with a girl that was there. She was just in her own body as I was to. She told me how would I know if someone was to be reincarnated with these powers and be evil and hurt others? I said that who ever is in charge should pick people that's good in heart. Which is defiantly not me, I thought to myself. After that I remember floating above earth and it ended. I Don't know why I was above earth.

Part 3: The Spirit who was Trying to Ask for Help.

Someone told me that the reason why they are here is that they want to look celestial. After that I had a false awakening. I woke up cause this person told me where he lived and what he did. He even tried telling me his number. It started with 303-?Huh. I remember the location, Empire. It seemed he enjoyed taking care of farm animals and liked to sit around fantasizing all day. Here's where it got scary. I drove to the location that I was given from on the internet. The scene changed so fast and became super realistic. Like an OBE. I was outside and seen a cow. The place had a picked fence and was pretty big. Then i turned my head and the scene changed again to my room I believe it was dark. And a old man was there. Got very scary. He was trying to say something to me. I couldn't make it out and I said try again to him. It sounded like he had sand bags in his mouth. He also where glasses.

15 min later I had a short OBE. I was rocking back in forth and it was feeling like I was going to fall off of my bed. I just kept going and say if I fall off of my bed ah well. I tumbled and hit the floor. I realized I was out of body and got out successfully. I walked outside and it then it ended. It was like waking life. I thought I was literally awake. I was really cautious and didn't wonder anywhere. OBEs like these are really rare for me. I find these ones to be the real deal.
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