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Author Topic: Alchohol-induced OBE the best yet!  (Read 1507 times)
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« on: December 14, 2002, 10:34:59 »

I was out quite late last night as it was the last day of term at university. I only intended to have a couple of pints to mark the start of the holiday but we ended up having a bit of a session with me finally having consumed about 5 or 6 pints by the night's end! (a lot for me)

At some point in the early hours I was partially slipping in and out of sleep and then came to with a series of concoius projections into the RT zone.

The first, I apeared outside my house, down the street. I imediatly flew upwards and got a great panorama view of the area, I remember though that I was flying upwards so effortlessly that I started to become worried that I might end up in orbit... which is still a scary thought at the moment! at that point the experience ended.
Then I came to again for another obe... this time I became aware of myself 'bobbing up and down' , occupying the same space as my body lying on the bed but completely separate from it.. which was quite interesting.. I then attempted to move away but my level of control was rubbish... I has crawling along the floor trying to reach the window but it was no use, I got puled back in and the experience ended.
Then the final obe.. not quite a full obe this time but more of the classic 'remote viewing' experience where you see a window or cinema screen effect in front of you... isnt this what Monroe calls Focus 21 or somthing.. the next step is to step into the scene and you are there.

I didnt though, I focused on the scene which was a street somewhere. I started moving along it, flying down the road. However, I was still not in the scene itself, the screen was still in front of me at all times.
I noticed someone walking towards me on the pavement (sidewalk - if your american)  but I only got a glimpse as I (or the screen) rushed past.
Then It ended and I returned.

I'm very pleased as these were the best obes I've had so far in terms of concious awareness and control, apart from the second one in which my batreries seemed to have run out!
I was also aware of my emotions coming into play during the experience, for example, my fear of ending up in orbit ended the experience... my wish to fly up sent me upwards quite efortlessly.

Anyway, the point of all this is that the notion that you shouldnt touch alchohol if you want to progress with obe is not entrely true IMO, In fact these projections induced in my alchohlic slumber resulted in projections where I had the most control yet...
This was the first projection where I have ever seen another person, which is great.. obes have always been a rather lonely experience for me in the past..
With regards to my obe experiences in the past... I have only ever experienced RT obes never an astral one.. (ok, the RT zone is also an astral one really.. a buffer between the material and astral proper) bu I have never got away from it..
I think there is a part of me that wants to get completly comfertable with projecting in the RT zone first before moving off to highr levels... when I eventially do get round to exploring the astral proper, I will probably use the phasing method as I seem to achieve this state quite often (the cinema sreen effect) usully at random during the night.

Just to round off, I'm actually quite rubbish at deliberatly attempting any kind of obe or phasing, it always happens spontainiously with me, usually once a week..

So there you go, I'm not trying to promote alchohol as a method of inducing obes, I'm just pointing out that it is not really the case IMO that you should do without alchohol if you want to pursue your astral career, as some people suggest.



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