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Author Topic: How to lucid dream  (Read 804 times)
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« on: May 08, 2014, 15:43:56 »

You probably already know most of this, I wrote it somewhere else and I thought it may be of benefit for some.

How to get lucid dreams:

-Put your intent towards, before you fall asleep tell yourself you will become lucid and remember your dreams

-Start Meditation (I'd say 20 min twice a day atleast) and start being mindful (You are more aware in general and this will help in dream state, it will increase your happiness and tons of other beneficial effects)

    Sleep 10-11 hours a day if you can (this will really help) (Napping works good aswell)

    A dream journal (helps you remember your dreams) (I just write a few key words, you might want to do more)

    Now if you really want to improve your LD's A LOT: Everytime you wake up at night (set an alarm if you have to), drink some fresh water to get you awake and meditate for 10 min minimum (this is the hardest part, but it can result in quick results)

    After waking up (and preferably staying awake for a bit, especially when in the middle of the night, though this is not the best tactic in some cases), you can try to remain conscious, either by tapping your fingers lightly (fild) or with any other technique, while trying not to move. The philosophy is not to fall asleep, but rather to abseil into it slowly. This can result in crazy sensations, like vibrations, or pulling sensations. (Some try to induce an OBE in this case, but I'd say relax your way into your dream, same thing)

    When you wake up from a dream, and you didn't get everything out of it, it ended halfway, and you are still very sleepy, don't move, and relax, or visualize yourself back into the dream.

    Everytime you feel like you are in a dream, do a reality check, PINCH YOUR NOSE AND SEE IF YOU CAN BREATHE, look at your hands or in a mirror (you can do this all day if you like, to the habit will happen in dreams aswell, but IMO, it's too much work for too little result)

    Get enough vitamins


Galantamine (the supplement that works the best by far and has a really high chance of making you lucid (70-90%)(+ more vivid dreams) here is a full guide + cheap vendor. Really research how to take it before taking it.

If supplements are your thing, you can also try Calea Zachetachichi (more vivid and lucid dreams) or Silene Capensis (More colourful and lucid/vivid dreams, how ever I heard you need to take long breaks after use). These are the only supplements I found worth using. Some say you need to take choline with your galantamine but Idk, and it's expensive. You may want to research this futher.

Beginners often wake up due to excitement, try to stay calm and just observe. Here are some tips to ground yourself in the dream:
 - Focus on your senses, put something in your mouth
 - Grab an object and focus on it

To extend the dream when it's starting to fade (the things above could help aswell):
 - rub your hands
 - Spin around

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