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Author Topic: I new twist on an old method...  (Read 914 times)
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« on: November 16, 2003, 03:05:08 »

Ok here we go... Mind Awake/Body Asleep... method... but 1st let me be the 1st to say.. I do alot of these in run on sentances that seem for ever....... see 2 I dont like to spell right its against my religion... and 3 If you can read it cool for you.. if not post where you cant read it and then I will get ya a speek and spell for christmas so it can pronounce it for you... anyway onto the cool part of this....

Mind Awake/Body Asleep..

1st I am new to this.. I did this AP'ing 15 yrs ago and stopped now i am picking it up cause of the new age of the internet... so..

this method is something like this...

If you think of 2 colors like so.. say pink for mind awake and blue for body asleep...  they say tell yourself over and over and over mind awake body asleep I have found that way boring and made me fall asleep so here is what i did with some really good results.....

1st think of a Digital sign kinda like a alarm clock... make 2 diffrent ones in your head dont matter how you do it just make it... I set mine up like so a Green digital sign for mind awake and a Red one for body alseep... there is a reason for this tho.. the red and green... everything in life revolves around the red/green stop go type thing... so we use green as go on and red for stop.... Now that thats finished we think up things to say other than Mind awake/body asleep as I said its boring..

Ok in the beginning its good to start with mind awake body asleep.. with inhaling exhaling.. thru the nose only... after about 5 mins start getting creative wit the wording.... like

Mind awake green sign I would see the green digital sign saying as i thought it this...
My Mind is completely aware and councious of what is going on.... like that or something...

Then we switch over to the red sign and go... My Body is getting very relaxed.. Deeply relaxed..
(Keep in mind at this part.. you have to see the words as you think them out on the digital sign...)
Now keep doing that till you die... and be very creative in ur wording cause its a good idea.... exp for the body asleep... here is a few examples I have said to myself...


Body Asleep: Red sign

My Body is getting deeply relaxed so deeply relaxed.
MY Body is getting completely relaxed totally relaxed..

Now you run out of crap to say then you add this.. also works good..

My Body is completely and totally relaxed.... x's 2 meaning the same thing as 2 x 2 = 4 you will feel a big diffrence when said...

Now when you think you are ready and you compltely and totally think you are relaxed enough... imagine you floating out of your body about 3 or 5 ft above urself and look at urself.... this is where it gets intense at least for me... and since i am sharing this for the 1st time.. I would like feed back... on what you felt thought.... anyway this is where it gets intense... I cant stress enough... MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS OFF THE HOOK...
cause thats what messed my AP chance on this one... anyway my heart started pounding like crazy like it was going to blow up out of my chest.. I started feeling vibrations... but they werent as intnse as everyone kept saying they were.. which might mean I didnt stay focused enough.... I donno.. also... what ever happens dont pay attention on it... pay attention to looking at urself cause it will help out alot... and I do mean ALOT OF CRAP HAPPENS in them few sex....

anyway that is my idea on the Mind awake/Bpdy asleep method.... I think it will really work.... if you give it time.... key there is GIVE IT TIME...
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