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Guys , for everyone who does not keep a dream diary i would like to post here the same post i posted in the astral pulse facebook forum which i have coppied below


For the people who take a dream log foregranted haha - no names mentioned "Kimmmmmmmmmmm" haha. Well Kim, you know about my recent lifestyle and how it has prevented me from projecting in the last few months and how during this time i lost interest in keeping a dream journal but for the last few nights i have started to compile a new dream journal. Trying to maximise my dream recall which is slowly making progress. Well, last night using Ryan Tasker (xanths) phasing primers but once i got out into the 3d blackness i remember thinking "right all geared up to go" and then setting off on my journey hhaha but i can only assume that because i have not been practicing dream recall alot in the past months i totally forgot my experience upon waking. So guys KEEEP a dream journal haha otherwise when you project you might just be wasting your time and effort like done last night
take care

I started a dream journal a few weeks ago and it still only has one entry in it.  Since I've started paying more attention to dream recall, I have lost the ability to remember any of them.  Occasionally, during the day, I'll remember bits and pieces, i.e. when I see my teeth in the mirror I will remember looking at my teeth in a dream, but not enough to warrant an entire journal entry I don't believe.

I agree that keeping a journal not only for dreams, but any astral whatnottery, is imperative, if not for the sake of strengthening related abilities, then at least for the pleasure of documenting your spiritual growth (possibly for lolz at a later time).


Suggestion:  I have started a very vague dream diary so I can at least get started.  I'll put in only two or three sentences about the subject of the dream, keeping out the details.  Its not much, but its a start and it is MUCH BETTER THAN DOING NOTHING!  I can go back and read a weeks worth of dreams in a minute.  Those three sentences per dream give me a flood of recall when looking over them.  I hope I'll just naturally start putting in more and more, especially as recall gets better.

Sorry guys but for the sake of easy reading i am going to post two different replies here .

The first reply is to Pharoah.

Pharoah firstly just because "now" you cannot remember your dreams on trying to do so this does nt mean that this will stay a constant in your life because just like everyhting with the right mentality and practice progression is inevitable.

Many of the problems can be solved with ease.......
I know that we are preprogrammed with many instinctive urges and habits such as eating, drinking ,sex etc and even though we are human and have a soul haha i still find it relevant to sometimes step back for a minute and view my body as a machine. A computer. I mean if i got spat out of my mamma womb preprogrammed with loads of stuff then why should nt i be able to program myself. right?

Sorry about the following spelling but in many of lucid dream books you will find a method and its called "menomics" if i spelled that correctly. This simply means repeating a set phrase alot. Now anyone can say the words but you gotta mean it.

Do this for as long as it takes until you get results and dont be disheartened because you have nt learned to remember them as vivid as a movie because there just story tales that only a few experience.

So tell your self....."i will remember my dream and i will write it down" keep it short and simple. keep saying it till you fall asleep or incorpate it into your meditation or projection techniques you can even add a little statement about projection into it.

I started doing this when i was about 12 or 14 and i done it for about 3 or 4 weeks every night and at one point i could 3 to 4 dreams a night at one point i remembered 7 but that was just a one off. I have went threw ophases when i have had between a month to a years break at projection without remembering any dreams because i did nt want to. Each time i go back i tell myself "i want to remember my dream" and as if i had just flicked a switch my recall mech is back on and am remebering them with ease once again.

Now this is half of it done the other half is about accepting that although sometimes its good to view your body as a computer your no super computer and cant store strings of data at one glance so this is where a pen and a pad and routine comes in handy. Remember when you do routine you sorta program your body to be ready for the task at certain times a day likes of getting up at 7 every morning.

for ease i have two pillows at a right angle one for my head and one at the edge of my bed. which is the one i keep my pen and pad under so that when i wake up i roll over with routine and grab my pen without lifting my head or making any exagerate movements that might suddenly jolt my body into working full pace again.

The dream worlds different than here so your not excpected to bring strings of data back and remember it all so that is why you summarise the strings into a few words and jot them on your pad. Such as assasin which might bring the thought of you been an assasin killing someone which will then bring strings more data back such as the person you killed had blonde hair.

make sure you always right them down because just as easy as it is to program routine is just as easy as it is to unprogram routine.

Now that you got the technique sorted all you need is the mind set.

so say you do this once and it does nt work dont start thinking too deep into it because then you start putting assumptions down that you wont remember and if you use the word wont remember most likely your body will program the whole two words and it wont work at all and also dont go in with expectations because they are the things that ruin things. like expectations of visualisation imaginaing you see it crystal clear which is a load of crap. i mean how many people have been disheartened because when they do visualisation they cant see the picture crystal clear and so abandon it totally because its not doing what they want.

lastly take it easy and slow you have years and years to do this so dont try cram a whole book and 10 techs in one night. with that said all left to say is take care and good luck.

To Grzazek,

These primers can be found at this website
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these are all good sources of information and are welcoming and helpful to new members so feel free to join . if your having any problems finding any of these pages pm me and i ll redirect you to them and help

take care


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