In meditation my head/body is being "pulled" in we

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As a newbie to meditation/astral topics, each new experience is exciting since I don't know what's going on, so here's yet another experience I had last night.
First a couple nights ago while in deep meditation, I started to feel as if my head - more particularly my chin - was rising up on its own, feeling as if my head was starting to face the ceiling as opposed to facing forward. Also my body felt like it was slightly leaning over (not swaying though). This was happening on its own, not of my own volition.

So.....last night while in deep med, it started happening again, except that this time it was to the tenth power. Basically, I felt my body starting to lean further and further over, and at the same time my head felt like it was looking the other way with my chin way way up in the air. It actually felt a bit uncomfortable and I slightly made myself sit back up straight and face my head forward, but it didn't feel changed. So I slightly opened my eyes and, get this, my body was NOT leaning over and my head was facing forward, contrary to what I felt!!! I closed my eyes again and still felt that my body was leaning over very very much (to the left) and my head was almost "twisting", chin way up in the air, turned completely sideways, and almost feeling like it was going to spin upside down if it could! It even got to the point where I couldn't tell if my head was "facing" to the left or right. It was a bit weird, not scary, but definitely caught my attention. Afterwards my neck was very tight and sore.

Can anyone tell me what this might have been and why!?!?
I also had a very cold feeling on the back of my neck, where that bump from the spine is.
Thanks a million times for the input.

Well, your physical body wasn't moving. Not much more to it, most things you feel while doing this kind of stuff isn't your body.

Ben K:
I too have felt this. i suspect its just subjective influence taking over in place of the restriced stimuli to the physical body. wouldnt worry about it, just another hurdle in the race.

My thinking is that you are experiencing some kind of energy blockage.  These happen from time to time and seem like a setback, but if you address them you can work them out quicker.  Try not to push it by going too deep in your meditations.  Instead focus on releasing the blockage so you can get back to working on your goals.

Take your meditation to the point where you start to feel your chin moving up or your body moving to the side.  Think about the energy blockage relaxing and letting the energy move freely.  You may feel your ‘body’ moving back to its correct position or you might not.  If not, you may notice that you can go into a deeper meditation before your ‘body’ moves out of position again.  Don’t worry, it will work out and you can continue in your advancement.


If  you are new at this you may find that this is your first experience of being aware of your 'astral body' separating from the physical body.

Yeah, yeah, I know, the philosophy and language of AP/OBE is changing these days and coming away from having a literal astral body that is able to literally 'leave' your physical body, but in all of my experience over the past 10+years, regardless of 'what is actually happening' it certainly feels as if I have an astral body and that it really is leaving my physical one. (This is why it has always been called Out of Body Experience!)  Therefore, I find it much easier to talk about when using the 'old language'.  

Now that said, when I first began on this path, I started with "visualization' in my meditations.  There were many times that I just 'knew' that if I opened my eyes that, for example, my left hand would be resting on my knee (or some other specific place.)  I had every reason to believe that this was the case, because all of the nerves in my hand and knee were sending my brain signals that this was indeed the case.  However...when I would open my eyes, my hand was no where near to my knee!    

IMO, you are experiencing one of the early signs of projection.  Keep practicing and pay attention to where your sensory stimuli is pointing in relation to where it 'should be' pointing. Next, I would suggest that you begin to practice moving your awareness back and forth between the two.   I got to the point that I could move my astral body (sensory awareness?) at will, to say seeing around the room 'as if my eyes were in my feet' and eventually I was able to 'scratch an itch' if I had one.  (All of this, of course, without actually moving a muscle.) I did this for quite a while, making games out of it and having fun doing so!  I was not even trying to OBE at the time, but when I did begin to OBE I could easily see where these exercises had helped me a great deal.

So keep practicing! It will help you to become familiar with that feeling of being 'separate' and it won't be as shocking to the system to progress.  I would wager that if you keep it up and get good at it, you will project relatively soon after.  But once again, just keep your focus on the simple...and then soon you will be amazed!



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