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Author Topic: Learning LUCID DREAMING Before Direct ASTRAL PROJECTION With Body Vibrations  (Read 1097 times)
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« on: June 01, 2017, 04:20:14 »

Learning LUCID DREAMING Before Direct ASTRAL PROJECTION With "Body" Vibrations

Most (if not almost All) of the persons that are learning Astral Projection (for whatever reasons they might have) are making the same mistakes and are spending Years trying to achieve a Direct ASTRAL PROJECTION without success or with a minimum of success (a few explosive and non stable and even Scary experiences), instead of learning LUCID DREAMING and in that same period of time experiencing Hundreds if not Thousands of Lucid Dreams which are the same as Astral Projections with also the experience of lots of WILDs (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams) with the use of WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) which will be very closely the same as a Direct Astral Projection, and also some of Fake Awakenings with (and lots without) Sleep Paralysis (in some cases accompanied with vibrations and weird sounds/noises), where, because of the Tens or Hundreds of Lucid Dreams experiences the person will know exactly what to do to be able to "Project" or move the Energy Body where his/her consciousness is located in Dream World (Astral Realms), and start an Astral Projection (/Lucid Dream) where the person practice all the basics to stabilize the experience, expand/extend the duration of the experience, learn to leave the dream/astral simulation spaces/environments (by crossing walls or mirrors or even windows or also the floor/soil or by flying, for example), and so on, things that can only be learned by Tens to Hundreds of Minutes of experience in Lucid Dreaming and that WONT be learned with casual and explosive non stable Direct Astral Projections where the person will be SCARED because of the experienced "Body" Vibrations and Noises (with also the Fear of "Physical" Death), something that WON'T SCARE the Energy Body where the consciousness of the Lucid Dreamer is when in the mentioned Fake Awakening with Sleep Paralysis (the resembles the Direct Astral Projection experience but having the "physical" body already asleep), and that because of all the Tens to Hundreds of hours of Lucid Dreaming experience and the reading of books like the ones I've selected in the topic mentioned in one of the quoted messaged below, the person WILL REMAIN CALM WITHOUT FEAR AND WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO to use that situation to just stand up or turn/rotate the body to the front (which will happen just like that because of a calmed will) or many other ways to MOVE the Energy Body that is in that Paralysis with Vibrations and all the Weird Sounds/Noises that are mentioned in so many descriptions of Direct Astral Projections, and the person will experience also how the Consciousness in the Energy Body DOESN'T GET SCARED EASILY AND USUALLY REMAINS CALMED (until the ego of the human animal consciousness gets scared), as the state of the consciousness is altered and some of the elements (like the FEAR to Death and Predation) that human animals have while awaken in the "Physical" Body in the world called Earth are not present in that moment, so in that semi "drugged" (but Aware and with some control and with some limited access to the Memory and Critical Reflective/Analytical functions) state of Lucid Dreaming (/Astral Projection) the person won't experience the FEAR that is commonly experienced while trying Direct Astral Projection from being awaken in the "Physical" Body. People are trying to RUN before even trying to CRAWL (and that is said Literally) and that way they won't get so far in a long period of time until they start doing what REALLY WORKS which is LUCID DREAMING with WBTB.

Below I quote two of the many messages that I've shared in some of my posts that summarize some of this.

Once you (whoever you are) have experienced Tens to Hundreds of LUCID DREAMS, with the occasional WILDs and Fake Awakenings (a few with Sleep Paralysis and Vibrations and/or Sounds/Noises and many others without those "symptoms"), you'll understand that what I mention in this Topic is TRUE. I also was Stubborn and lost at first some Years trying to RUN before learning to CRAWL, because WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) was very annoying to perform as it requires to wake up after 3 to 4 cycles and stay awake, and when a person don't have WBTB discipline that is hard as the person wants to SLEEP (and be LAZY), but when being able to realize by first hand experience that WBTB IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL METHOD TO ACHIEVE LUCID DREAMING (/ASTRAL PROJECTION), and when starting to experience Tens to Hundreds and even Thousands of Lucid Dreams (/Astral Projections via Lucid Dreams), and acquiring Tens to Hundreds (and even a few Thousands) of Minutes of conscious/aware experience in Dream World (/Astral Realms), then is in that moment that a person realizes that what is mentioned in this Topic is TRUE.


I write this Topic for those who are in the side of GOOD and wish to acquire POSITIVE knowledge thru these states of Altered Consciousness, and wish to witness all the CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION that those environments have, and even use some of that for your activities in this world called Earth. Be warned that this Experiences change the person and that in some cases moves the person away from the Human Animal experience getting to the point to even reject it in some ways, but in terms of witnessing a wide spectrum of what Creativity and Imagination are, can be useful for a person in its waking life.

Those on the BAD and/or EVIL side, won't have nice experiences, but who knows, maybe when experiencing the NOT NICE things that those who inhabit the Dream Worlds (Astral Realms) will make them experience, this people that like BAD and/or EVIL things can reflect on the path they are following in their current lives and change them as best as possible as they can to the side of GOOD, so even for those beings this experiences might be useful (but NOT pleasant at all).


LUCID DREAMING is Easier to accomplish and Less Fearful than the Direct methods (trying to phase/switch from awaken experiencing the shutdown of the system that includes NOISES, VIBRATIONS, and many more things that WILL CAUSE FEAR and EMOTIONS like FEAR expressed IMMEDIATELY by the Hard Pounding/Palpitation of the Hearth in non experienced people that Will Stop the Experience Immediately as the system will notice them as being Awake and will not shut down) and is actually THE BEST/BETTER method for Beginners as is the easiest and less frustrating one to accomplish. When Lucid Dreaming, a person might experience (sometimes/rarely) the NOISES and VIBRATIONS as part of the Consciousness (You) Realizing/Noticing that it is in an unknown location (even if is a location that looks and is Similar as his/her "physical" room but NEVER the same as is a simulated one created by those who run the show that administer the lives in the "physical" world called Earth and the non physical worlds/realms accessed while in an Altered state of Consciousness while dreaming or when Lucid while Dreaming or in another situation that triggered the altered state).

The process to Control the Emotions to the point to Not Fear is gradual, and is Much More Easily Learned while Lucid Dreaming; is like the classic idea that Someone should learn to Crawl first and Walk later and Jogging later and Running later and so on, so trying to RUN before even learning to CRAWL and WALK will cause a lot of disappointments (everybody that is NOT a Natural Astral Projector /Lucid Dreamer /Out Of The Body Experiencer and that has walked the path by trial and error, including trying to reach the Direct Methods WILD [Wake Initiated Lucid Dream] before learning the Indirect Methods DILD [Dream Initiated Lucid Dream] will know that). By experiencing lots of Lucid Dreams the Lucid Dreamer learns to Face/Confront (with Respect and Caution) many of the Fear elements that are present in those Non Physical and UNKNOWN places, and that Reflects in Controlling Emotions in those Non Physical Realms as well as in This "Physical" World called Earth.

Only by practice and Analysis you learn to Realize that both WILD and DILD take place with the Brain and Body asleep (Both), and that on WILD the person realizes that he/she is asleep sooner (usually when in a Dark place with few details in it or in a location Similar [Not The Same] to the person's room) as he/she was focusing his/her attention and that causes the realizing/noticing that one is in a non normal/known location sooner compared to the DILD where the person realizes that he/she is asleep much later when a Dream Location is already formed and even the person/dreamer was already interacting in an Non Conscious way with that environment. But in Both situations the Body and Brain are Asleep and the difference is that the Exercising of the Attention/Focusing/Alertness when trying to catch the moment the Body Falls Asleep causes the Brain Functions related with Memory and Critical Analysis to be enough active to make the person realize/notice/detect that he/she is in a Dream Unknown Location and that way interact with that location in a Conscious Way (the best possible way as the Normal Functions that human beings experience while awake are Not Fully Active when in a Non Physical location/experience and that's why the persons in those locations behave in a Clumsy and/or Non Logical way doing things in a Naive/Gullible way and being Cheated/Played by some of the beings that inhabit in those locations and that have their Functions Active [usually the ones that Run The Show on the Non Physical Realms] like the typical situation where those beings change/morph into a similar shape of a person known to the Lucid Dreamer and Cheat him/her into thinking that he/she is interacting with a known person [currently Alive or Dead on the "physical" world called Earth]); those are Functions that are Not meant to work that way but in the normal way of only Dreaming without being Lucid, so the process to change the Brain Chemistry by exercising Focusing and methods such as the WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) develop something that was not meant to operate/function like that (and it doesn't in normal people more than the 99% of the human population of this world called Earth), and Lucid Dreaming (/Astral Projection) is like finding a Crack/Fissure on a Program to access functionalities of it that were Not meant to be accessed (at least by normal people but yes by other privileged users of the system like The Ones Who Run The Show and Control/Own the system and their helpers), by developing an ability that is Not Normally active (is Only Active in "Defective" "Non Normal" natural born beings, or in beings meant/programmed to have it active in a Natural Born way, or in most of the cases in regular/normal beings by Exercising Practices that develop those abilities and contradict in that way the system), so it is using a defective part of the system to access parts of it and have the opportunity to learn how the system works and that way don't fall in the traps of it, like the one mentioned in the post related with the "Don't Go Into The Tunnel Of Light" to be recycled in an Amnesic way into THEIR system (this "physical" world called Earth and also the Non physical worlds/realms that work with it where the Consciousnesses are trapped/kept and then "convinced" into being recycled back Amnesic without Memories of their previous experiences in the system).

To Finish, is important to Notice that WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) is Not a Pleasurable practice as it Breaks the Dreaming Time Total Duration and people want to sleep thru the entire night to get a nice Rest. But that's a "price" that has to be "paid" to be able to Develop and Activate the ability of Lucid Dreaming (/Astral Projecting) as the exercising of that ability demands the Focusing of the Consciousness in order to exercise the process for the Energy Body to notice/realize that it is in an not normal/known location when the body and brain shut down and it is moved in that unknown location, (Carlos Castaneda and the Nagual Don Juan explain this very well in his book "The Art Of Dreaming"); also, certain changes are required in the way the life of a person is being lived in order to facilitate Lucid Dreaming to occur more frequently and even at all, and that is contained in the previously mentioned Carlos Castaneda's Book as well as in the book of Letitia M. Kimball called "Keys To Successful Obe", mentioned in a previous post in this topic. The activation of the Brain Chemical processes that regulate/control the Memory and Critical Reflexion/Analysis Functions, can be achieved also by using chemicals that activate/feed them on the Brain, and some of them as well as the natural WBTB method are explained in Dr Rory Mac Sweeney's Book "Wake Up In Your Dreams", and something as simple as using a "B Vitamin" Complex consumed non regularly (only when trying to achieve Lucid Dreams) can help in the process by helping (specially in cases when a person is not acquiring those vitamins in his/her natural feeding process) some of the Functions of the Brain that regulate and activate Vivid (more Realistic) Dreams that help in many cases to achieve Lucid Dreams (when combined with the previously mentioned WBTB and Focusing of Consciousness methods). The book "The Power Of Now - A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment" is also of Great Help to understand and Control/Quiet the inner dialog that is normally present in a person's Mind/Brain and that needs to be Controlled as better as possible to achieve Lucid Dreams as well as to live a nicer awaken life. PERSISTENCE and PATIENCE are REQUIRED, and as is mentioned in page 20 of the magnetic version of Carlos Castaneda's book at the beginning of Chapter 3, "I realized, almost as soon as I had begun my dreaming practices, that exercising the dreaming attention is the essential point in dreaming. To the mind, however, it seems impossible that one can train oneself to be aware at the level of dreams. Don Juan said that the active element of such training is persistence, and that the mind and all its rational defenses cannot cope with persistence. Sooner or later, he said, the mind's barriers fall, under its impact, and the dreaming attention blooms"; Dreaming Attention is the FOCUSING/FOCUS of the Consciousness that eventually helps the Energy Body that contains the Consciousness of a person to activate it's abilities (Lucidity) that are normally non activated (Non Lucidity) and that cause a person to be able to Dream in a Lucid way knowing that it is accessing other worlds/realms of existence (Carlos Castaneda's book teaches Lucid Dreaming and experienced Lucid Dreamers would verify Everything that he mentions up to page 92 of the magnetic version of the book from Chapter 1 to Chapter 9).


In the following link of Astral Pulse you'll find a Topic with very useful Books to read.

Books of Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - OBE (Out of Body Experiences)

In your case, by the way you are feeling, read first the Book of Letitia M. Kimball called Keys To Successful OBE, in it she as Woman and Mother shares very Important Tips to be able to achieve Lucid Dreaming (Astral Travel) and also to improve your waking Life. She was a forum member of Astral Pulse in 2003 (as you'll read in her book) and she wanted to share with her fellow forumers this GREAT Book. You can access the download links of the Book in the link below.;msg364867#msg364867

After that one, read the First Book on the List called Wake Up In Your Dreams - Conscious Dream Training Manual by Dr Rory Mac Sweeney, that Book contains EXACTLY the things that you need to achieve Lucid Dreaming (Astral Projection), that's why it is First on the List. You can check additional information about him and the download link of the Book in the link below.

Some of those books can be found on PDF format on Internet, but you'll have to search them; for the other ones in the Topic the download link (or link to read online) is provided as they're Free.

I tried to place first in the list the ones that are more Helpful and also when possible the ones that are Free, so try to find and read the ones that are First in the list. Even if it's 12 in the List, the book of Oliver Fox called Astral Projection: A Record Of Out-Of-The-Body Experiences is also a great book to read first as is very friendly to read.

You'll be Amazed at Letitia's Book and also at Dr Rory's Book, and of course the other ones too; in that Topic I also wrote some posts that you'll find helpful so check them too for inspiration and additional information.


To read more about this a many other things (I don't chat in Forums, I only share what I consider to be Useful and Direct Information), I share below the following links to my posts in The Astral Pulse Forums.


My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)

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