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Author Topic: Lucidity And Lucid Abilities  (Read 1348 times)
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« on: May 10, 2010, 01:47:51 »

Hey, quick question/thought.

I lucid dream frequently, in fact, I'll have a dream, and dream that I was lucid dreaming (a lucid dream within a dream). But these are just dreams, they're not really obes, I just know they weren't.

Anyway, in most to all of my dreams, lucid or NOT, I have this ability to hover, fly, levitate, or jump really high.
This could be for the whole dream, a section of the dream or sometimes just once, but I can do either of these fairly easy, as if it were as simple as walking or breathing.

Most of the time, it's mostly hovering within the dreamscape I'm in.
A couple of times, I would fly over the world.
The little jumps and levitations occur often, but the flying is the most occurring.

I always thought it was just that my ability to be unrestricted from waking life stress allowed me this dream ability, but now that I'm reading up on AP, can I possibility use this to obtain a full OBE? Does this mean I am close?

Any thoughts? Anyone have anything similar?

Astral Energy 1
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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2010, 18:18:15 »

I am fairly new to all of this myself; however I have read many resources. From what I know, your ability to fly in dreams does not have any correlation to your ability to have an OBE; however the fact that you often have lucid dreams is very positive. To remember such experiences is also a major hurdle that usually requires much practice. I think you could use your lucidity to induce your consciousness into a separate energy body, and indeed have a full blown OBE.

Yes you could well be close, but are you experienced with meditating from a normal waking state?


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The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2010, 18:18:15 »

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« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2010, 19:49:42 »

Hi Shifter,

As you have, I've been Lucid Dreaming most of my life.  At least of that which I can remember.
I've gone through spurts... right now, it's 2 - 3 a month.  Lately, I've been consciously aiming at using them as leap pad for Astral Projections.
Of which, I've been relatively successful at, and is now my main mode for having projections.

When you say stuff like, "It was *just* a dream"... you're making a statement that you don't believe that what you're experiencing has very little or any validity.

Frank can explain it much better than I can:;msg12848#msg12848

But in any case, flying...
Oh yes, flying!  I *LOVE* flying.  It's quite possibly one of the main reasons for my desiring to Lucid Dream / Project.
There's nothing greater than feeling the wind fly by you while you're flying through the air unassisted by any machine.  Smiley

Give that post a read and it should explain the situation better than I can. 

~Ryan Smiley

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