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Author Topic: My trick(s) on creating My reality. (updated 11/15/15 02:00)  (Read 1240 times)
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« on: November 15, 2016, 09:22:09 »

*Everything I type is something that works for ME. When I say 'you', im not really saying you. These things work only becuase of how I think. There is never only one way to go about anything.
I will be editing the title to make it the last date I updated it. Admin feel free to move this post, or suggest a title for me that can fit in this section, or a section.

Underline = Things I want you to read. Not that you should only read the underline text, but they are you guide on where you can skim to and just important things.
Slash = something you might want to look up online yourself if you arnt well verse in it.
* = on 'herbs' while typing.[/u] (I usually edit these to make more sense to everyone else after I sober up tongue)
at the bottom I'll organize all my links I suggest.

Trick post #1

So recently I ran across this    It's honestly a real good find. Almost a turning point in how I am pursuing my dreams. Sending it to people close to me actually helps me acheive my dream. 10/10 Will put this in the list of things I would share with the world once I make it to the big screens  grin

I've made this painting. It's in my room right now. Now, I want to do a lot of things in life, and the easiest way for me to achieve it is through money. ALTHOUGH I'm not limiting myself to this. I found a way (for me) to not limit myself on way of achieving my goals (for example: visualizing having the winning lottery ticket)

What I am doing is visualizing me singing my signature on this painting. I'm feeling how it feels for money not being a concern of mine; to be able to do what I want to do for the most part. How a billionaire would feel. How the texture of the painting feels as I write it in silver like , glittery marker on the corner of the painting.

The trick on making this visualization work is to only sign the painting when I ACHIEVE what I want to achieve. I feel like, for a lack of a better term, the universe knows I will only sing the painting once I achieve what i want to. This allows many other paths to open up; I dont have to rely on limited paths to take. It can be all of them now!

For real though, watch that video because it's worth it.  smiley

Trick Post # 2

*  I have found an affirmation I really like for multiple reasons. 'I love money not being a problem.'  
              Lets say Jim has $1,000,000,000. He is well off, can get just about anything he wants. He see's an item that cost 1,500,000,000. This is a problem for him.
              Now lets say Jim has $100. He cant get what he really want with this. But he is king! Now, money is not a problem.
              Now let's apply the same principles to real life. There is a bill collector, harassing Jim to get $150. We know he doesnt have it. 'oh, it seems we have got the wrong guy'; The system glitches and/or they mess up. The problem was they needed money he doesnt have. Now, there is no problem involving money. The idea behind this affirmation is not to rely on money, but for it to not be a hindrance to you. Those people who knows people? That car cost 10k. Jim has 7k.  But the guy selling it is an old time friend of Jims, or Jim persuades it to drop lower, or... etc. Now the car is 5k and the money is no longer a problem. He didnt get more, but he worked it out to where it didnt matter the amount doesnt matter.

Now I could have put ' I love it when money isnt a problem'   this can work just as good for some people, but not me. The reason is because of the termonology and what I feel it assumes. When-adverb-at a time. Too keep it short, time is another constraint IMO. "When" is implying there is a time when it's not a problem. Well, there must be a time when it is a problem then. 'I dont have a problem with money right now, but i did, and i might. But right now, I dont'      That's my thought process.
           'I love money not being a problem' doesn't assume money was ever a problem. This could have been a world without currency, or turn into a world without one, etc. More possibilities is the goal to this affirmation.

Me understanding the foundation of things helps me build new foundations for new things, and I hope it does for you too. *

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