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Author Topic: Non-Earthly Being (Locale III type) Retrieval  (Read 3447 times)
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« on: June 23, 2012, 12:44:31 »

Non-Earthly Being

This happened 2012-06-12, eleven days ago. I still don't know if it was a retrieval,
but in fact I don't really know for sure on any of my retrievals. Anyway, this
time it was not anyone from our planet, the Earth.

PART 1 - Guide Williams and Cut Image

Somewhere into my session I began to look for guides. Haven't seen them much
lately.  I started to look for the Tom Hanks guide near the dome. I saw someone
faintly, by no real go.

Could that individual be the Williams guide? Williams is taller and slimmer.

It looked like Williams, but I couldn't really see his head. Williams was
dressed in his regular suit which must have been highest fashion during
the mid 1920ies. A black suit with thin vertical white lines, white shirt
and black tie.

Regardless of how I tried to see Williams' head, I couldn't see it. I couldn't
even make out if we were indoors or outdoors as there was some kind of blurred
blend behind Williams in a sort of brownish color.

I just assumed that we were in an outdoor setting as I had tried to reach
for the dome. But as I type this down now, I'm unsure about our location.

I had Williams straight in front of me. He just stood there with his arms at
his sides some meters away. But my impression was strange to say the least.

The image I got was that of two cut-off post cards, or two photos cut in half
and of widely different motives.

The lower part of the picture showed Williams' body and the blurred blended
background behind him. The upper part of my picture was completely different,
like an outdoor view of a mountain wall or perhaps a very strange sunset in
a totally different world.

I really couldn't make out what the upper part of the image was. I didn't see
with my physical eyes, I merely got a non-visual minds eye impression of the
whole image.

[[ -- (more precise description inserted) --
Imagine that you have two photos, one photo of a man in a dark room and another
completely different photo of an outdoor sunset. Then take both photos and cut
them into halves with a scissor. Discard the top half of the man-in-dark-room-photo
and also discard the bottom part of the outdoor-sunset-photo.

Then create a new picture by taking the lower part photo of the man and place
it as a bottom piece, while using the sunset photo's upper half as the top
piece of the combined "new" picture. That's how it looked.

Also the two pictures/images/photos were not cut at a horizontal level, but
the border line started higher to the left side of my non-visual field and
descended in a slanted way down to the right side of my view.
-- (end of more precise description) -- ]]

The two picture seemed cut at a straight sliding slope, going from left
down to the right. I guess that the starting point at the left side must
have been above Williams' head, but the lower right side was probably at
level with his stomach or hip.

I also managed to view Williams from his right side, but even if I could see
his body, I couldn't get to see his head as it was covered by the other
image, intersecting at a completely straight line.

When I tried harder to look at Williams I even got the impression that it was
not only Williams' head that was missing but also his shoulders and part of
his chest.


Perhaps I was not supposed to ask Williams questions this time? Maybe I was
expected to figure out what the upper part of my image was supposed to mean?

I tried over and over again to get a clear image of all of guide Williams' body.
I must have tried at least 5 times, intensely using whatever poor non-visual,
non-physical minds-eye view I could muster.

I also tried to figure out what the upper part of my cut-image-view was supposed
resemble. At times it looked like a huge wall of stones, probably from a rugged,
but almost vertical mountain side. At other times it looked like a sort of
artistic or at least abnormal sunset seen through partly blurred clouds.

The sunset image had for me the impression of being made up of several curved
arcs, like the arcs of a full rainbow, staring from the left, going up, reaching
its top at the middle point of my view and then descending in a rainbow-arcish
way to disappear below the cut-border at the right side of the image.

Hmm, hmmm, again...

Maybe the arc or wall was some kind of entrance to another world? Maybe I was
supposed to try to enter it?

I tried to enter.

I imagined myself flying into the upper part of the image, flying into the photo
or image of the sunset/mountain wall.


I failed. I couldn't enter. I tried again and again. It was hard to enter,
but then my attempts proved fruitful. I suddenly managed to enter. I forced
my way into the picture. At the same time, trying to hard was also bad, so
I had to balance my efforts.

Eventually I got the impression that I actually had managed to enter the upper
"photo" image. I was in a different world.

I was flying over some kind of rocky landscape, but I hadn't the slightest
idea where I was. I also felt that I had problems staying in this new alien
world, too the degree that it felt that I was falling out of the image, back
into my starting position.

I couldn't make out much details of the ground, but I don't think there was
vegetation. It all seemed like a dark, rough, rocky ground from my flying

This new world or my ability to stay in that world was unstable to say the least.

Suddenly I was closer to the ground. I could sense someone in front of me.

PART 2 - Non-Earthly Being

I sensed some kind of person below me, slightly in front of me, perhaps at a
45 degree angle. The person must be about 5-6 meters away.

Was it a male person? It was at least someone flexible and with a slim built
body. I think the person was naked, but couldn't make it out clearly.

I also got some doubts about it being a male human, perhaps this creature was
non-human, but had a humanoid form - two arms, two legs, a straight body, one

The creature was standing on all four, both its knees on the ground and palms
on the ground.

The ground itself was not solid, but seemed to consist of mud or water, perhaps
muddy water? The humanoid creature was moving rather quickly on the ground on
all four, like it was searching for something with its hands in the 4 inch
deep mud or water.

Was I indoor? I had been flying outdoor just seconds before, but now..? Maybe
I was inside a cave with this being who hadn't noticed me yet.

I got the impression that the creature was not male. I could now see that
the creature's body had a distinct hour-glass shape.

It was female!

It was a non-human, non-Earthly female. I also senses that this humanoid
being had the intelligence somewhere between a human and a chimpanzee. The
creature didn't have the same full intellectual ability as a regular human.

This female creature moved very smoothly, kind of elegant like a cat. She didn't
have any fur or hair, instead she had a very resilient strong kind of skin,
with some ruggedness. Her skin was smoother than the skin of a Crocodile,
but appeared about as strong and resilient. She had a human looking head, but
without any hair. Her skin was brownish red and when she moved about with
great agility I could see that her skin sometimes appeared transparent like
it was made of glass. The transparent part of her skin was not red but
rather greyish blue.

Her cat like movements and her greyish blue transparent skin made me give her
the name Glass Cat. She had small ears like the first Catwoman in one of the
more modern Batman movies.

Her way of moving and the fact that her skin seemed to be stronger and more
flexible than leather, made me wonder if she was some kind of intelligent
predator animal.

When I moved at a distant from her, her skin again seemed dark red.

I had extreme difficulties picking up any emotions from her through out the
whole retrieval.

At this stage I wasn't even sure what I was supposed to do or if I was in a

I decided to make her company and went down on all four on the soft and muddy
ground. I was close to Glass Cat. The mud now seemed to consist mostly of
water and it got deeper as I moved about.

I saw Glass Cat's face close up. Still no detectable emotions, she threw a
glance at me but apparently decided that I was of little interest to her
and she continued to go about her business at the ground.

I got the impression that I was on her territory but that she by some reason
accepted me there, even if she hissed at me in a catlike manner when I came
a little too close to her.


After all, Glass Cat seemed to be a wild animal, even if she probably had
a partly human level intelligence. I had to figure out what to do.

I sensed that she had some sort of personality different from a regular
animal. Her personality was closer to human than her intelligence was.

I wondered if perhaps she could be an Aspect of me, so I again moved closer
to her. She now turned her face to me and not only hissed but also showed
me her teeth. Maybe she was part of my I-There?

I sent her PUL in several turns.

Not much happened. I was still unsure what to do and couldn't make up my mind,
but perhaps I was supposed to behave like I was one of her species?

So when she hissed at me when I moved too close, I hissed back. When she
searched the muddy water with her hands I too pretended to search the muddy
ground. When I finally did behave like her I suddenly got some of my regular
goose bump feelings, so I guessed that I was on the right track.

Maybe I was in another Universe, or its equivalent of our ELS Focus 23.
A different Universe like Monroe's Locale III?

I probably had to approacher her more closely.

I move close up to her side, but apparently I was too close to her. She suddenly
attacked me, but in a less violent way that I had expected a female predator
would do. She pushed me over on my back. I tried to fight back, but Glass Cat
was at least as strong as me, perhaps stronger.

I don't think she had regular hands, at least not soft human hands. She
had some kind of rather brutal claws.

When we wrestle on the ground, she is over me and bites me in my jaw. Her
bite is quite powerful and can probably hurt me severely, but at the same
time it feels like a primitive kiss.

Somehow I loose the impression that she is holding her teeth against my jaw
but I still am under the impression that she somehow has taken a firm
bite at my mouth so I can't separate my head from her.

This feeling was so strange that I still don't know what to make of it. I think
she keeps me in a bite because my mouth is stuck, but I no longer have any sense
of her teeth.

During our fight I start out as being below her, but somehow I manage to
wrestle her around and eventually end on top of her. The best I can say
is that our fight began to resemble a sort of mating game rather than a
wrestling competition.

When she attacks me, I at times get the impression that she takes careful
looks at me, like she is examining me or approving me, specially when she
is at top of me, but I still can't sense her emotions.

The feeling of being examined was the most obvious emotion I experienced.

I send her PUL, but that doesn't change much. Glass Cat seems to be more
interested in wrestling.

Our wrestling continues for such a long time that I send several requests
to Helpers to step in, as I think that I must be done with whatever I
was supposed to do. I got Glass Cat's attention, so why doesn't we stop
wrestling? And where are the Helpers?

Rather late into our fight I manage to get out of her bite so my mouth/jaw
is no longer stuck.

Glass Cat and I reach a point where we are very close to each other and
we hug, while still "fighting". But now I have managed to place my right
side of my head close to her right side of her head and I then manage to
push my head even closer to her so we end up neck side to neck side (our
right sides), still hugging or wrestling. It feels like a dangerous maneuver
as I make it possible for her to bite me in the right side of my neck.

But she also ends up in dangerous position as I can bite her in the side
of her neck. We both need to keep some trust in each other to be this close
neck against neck. She seems to reduce her fighting and just hang on to me.

Then I do something I can't explain.

I claw Glass Cat on her back. I had huge, terrible claws on my fingers (?)
and I clawed her in a way that a normal human would have been seriously hurt
by my clawing. I must have clawed like I was the Monster from the Lagoon.

I'm not sure, but I think she is somehow hurt but not really seriously hurt
or perhaps not hurt at all (?). She gives up her grip around me and lays on
her back with her arms out to her sides in a T shape. She also changes color
and becomes more yellow in her skin tone.

I don't seem to be holding her any longer and instead is standing on all
four above her.

I get two rounds of goose bump energy waves and then the scene fades away.

PART 3 - After the session

Some hours after I had finished the retrieval I could sense Glass Cat's presence
when I went to bed. She was hovering in the air a meter away, somewhat to my
left and she was thankful and kind of interested in me. That was probably the
first more pronounced emotion I sensed from her. I could also feel her
presence too some degree the next day.

PART 4 - My questions

Four days later I managed to get to a state where I could ask my Stephen Fry
guide or Williams some questions. I think Williams answered most questions.

I was deep into that session and managed to forget some answers I got.

I asked: "What was it I entered first (referring to the upper part of
the mountain-wall-sunset-image)?"

Williams answered: "Focus 17."

I asked: "Why Focus 17?"

Williams: "It was an entry point."

I asked: "Was she (Glass Cat) from the same Universe as I?"

Williams: "Same."

hmm... .. I got a little suspicious, because that answer was unexpected, so
I refined my question:

I asked: "Was she from the same _physical_ universe as I?"

Williams: "Different."

I asked if Glass Cat was part of my I-There. I got the answer: "No."

That puzzled me, why did the Helpers use me for a retrieval in a Locale III
setting, wasn't there anyone closer by?

I asked: "Why did I have to retrieve her, why didn't someone else retrieve her?"

Williams answered: "There was no one else. ... (pause)... Glass Cat was
located in Focus 23."

Her I make the assumption that it was her version of Focus 23, as I got the
impression that she was somewhere completely different than the ELS Focuses.
This may be wrong.

I asked: "For how long had she been there."

Williams: "200 years."

I don't know it that answer should be taken literally, it could be a way of
saying that Glass Cat had been stuck just for a "very long time".

So apparently Glass Cat was from a different physical Universe, but our non-physical
Universe is the same. I wonder if there are several non-physical Universes,
but have so far not gotten any answer.

I also remember feeling very unskilled in what I did at the time, as I got so
few emotional impressions from Glass Cat. Could it be that she is part of a
human I-There, which limits the number of persons being able to retrieve her?

Perhaps my werewolf encounters/retrievals/fear-handlings have been ways of
training me for the retrieval of Glass Cat?

Yesterday (2012-06-22) I did a session and Stephen Fry appeared and very hard
he directed me to write this retrieval down and put it on the Internet as I
had been postponing it for too long. So I began typing this in from my
original notes. Smiley

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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2012, 15:03:22 »

Hi Pauli,
You broke her free of that pointless task and detached her from that stagnated scenario. Its a retrieval as you felt her presence afterwards.
Strange world but we know nothing's strange outside our physical reality.
Glad you were asked to post this.
I'm wondering why though, hopefully a response may enlighten the reasoning.
Good work.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2012, 15:03:22 »

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« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2012, 16:22:35 »

Was this a Moen style or Monroe style projection?

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« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2012, 16:39:17 »

Xanth, it was completely Moen style. I was fully aware in bed all the time,
as I've described elsewhere.

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
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« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2012, 17:31:35 »

Awesome.   Smiley

Sounds like a really solid experience.

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« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2012, 17:31:35 »

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« Reply #5 on: June 26, 2012, 08:44:23 »

Yeah, they was definitely F23.

I was preparing to confirm it down here in my post as I read through the story, but then you said, Williams told you. Good show.

Great experience. Thanks for sharing that story. I got some good info out of it.

The Astral Pulse

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