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Author Topic: Retrievals - old man & engineer  (Read 3230 times)
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« on: May 15, 2011, 19:20:36 »

Several years ago stories of retrievals seemed more common on this
forum. I have one story of my own which I've posted on a completely
different forum. But I think it's interesting as it shows that PUL can
be rejected and that you have to do some "left-brain" talking to
convince your target to move on.



This was an unusual retrieval for me, by several reasons:

(*) Action took place over three different sessions, over two days.
(*) I was swapped out of the area temporarily.

--- Session one - Preparation ---

During the session I felt a lot of vibrations at my stomach area.
Not much happened and I finished my regular session, but I didn't
get up at once. Instead I rested for some minutes and just put my
head in my pillow. Suddenly I got the impression that I was at the
backstage of a theatre. There was a lot theatre equipment to be used
at stage and ropes were hanging down at various places.

I saw the face of a woman in her 30ies. She looked like a french theatre
woman, an actress with black hair, red lips and an unusual wide mouth.
Strangely enough she was between sort-of-ugly-and-beautiful. She appeared
several times, and some times her face was close to mine. I got a good look
at her but no special message. Afterwards I wonder if it was some kind of
test, to observe how well my perception was. The theatre-woman was most
likely a Helper and I think she also had a strong personality.

--- Session two - Initial contact ---

During this session I listened to JOOB D, and it was the same day, a few
hours later. Suddenly I saw a dome building. The dome looked a little
like the top of the White House, but this dome was darker and the dome
started closer to the ground and was not surrounded by any other building.
In front of the dome there was a huge green lawn. The dome was impressive.

I assume I was 50-80 meters or more from the dome. Between me and the dome,
perhaps 10-20 meters from me, a man in a black suit was standing. He was
well buildt, somewhat shorter than me and in his 30ies. He seemed to be
a few years younger than the theatre-actress-woman.

The suit man gave me an impression of an American security agent. Now I
think I clicked out or lost parts of what happened. I think I got this
brilliant idea, and asked if he could adjust my chest energy centre. I then
remember that the suit man put his hand into my chest and made some
"adjustments". I now got a series of chills, pretty neat ones, running
up and down my body and back, and giving me the goose bumps.

I also think he joked with me, because I asked what his name was and he
answered "Tom Hanks" with a smile. He didn't look a bit like the actor
Tom Hanks at all. The suit man more reminded me of one of the "evil"
CIA agents from the TV series The X Files.

Somehow the theatre-actress also appeared, perhaps the surroundings was
altered for a moment. Perhaps I was back at the actress theatre and
jumped between the dome lawn and the theatre, but anyway, the actress
put her hand into my head and it hurt a little physically in my forehead
and I remember saying that she and the suit man were allowed to do any
adjustments to me that they wanted to do. The head ache lasted until
after my session was finished and then faded away.

I may have clicked out for a short while, but I think I was on a boat
out on the ocean for a while. At first I thought I was back to one
of my guides, who had a small sailing boat at the coast of Greece,
where I once saw the sea being grey and stormy. But this seemed to be a
different, much bigger boat, made of steel. You could say it was too
big to be called "boat" and the word "ship" would be more appropriate.
I also saw no one on the deck of the ship. The ship was in a big storm,
water was dark, sky was grey and the waves were big. This ship would
prove important the next day.

Click, click! I moved around. At some point I think I was either back
outside the dome or at the theatre I saw the day before.

I asked the actress her name and first got one French name and then
she said she was the same woman as the one I several weeks ago saw
during a session somewhere in Norway (non-physically). I was a little
startled as the Norwegian woman had been much more of a teacher, having
a totally different personality and appearence, so maybe the two women
were two different incarnations. I'm not sure there names are valid,
so I'll keep them for myself.

The suit man then lead me into the dome building. Inside the dome
there was a brown marble floor and the surroundings felt cool. The dome
outside and inside had so far felt like 1960s - 1970s or maybe up
to present time. But once I was lead to the right into the dome, the
era seemed to change. I was then lead forward in the building, but I'm
not sure I was in the dome anymore as I saw a strange big room with
a religious feeling to it.

My impression of the "religious room" was not perfect. I saw some kind
of altar area which was raised. To the right of the altar area an old
man was kneeling and praying. He had long grey hair and a beard. I think
he was thin and reminded me a little of the Gandalf character in the LOTR
movie. The old man wore a kind of "nightgown", I don't know if that is
the right name. The dress looked like a beige long chemise with long
sleeves in a robe style, but with a closed front like an anorak. The
"nightgown" went all the way down to his feet.

The altar and the old man was in some kind of "frozen" setting, like
time had stood still and the old man had not moved for a very long time.

I'm not sure the area was covered with frost, it could have been any
kind of dust too.

I tried to get the old man's attention, but didn't succeed. I now started
to think that this was some kind of retrieval, so I sent the old man some
PUL, but still didn't get his attention. I wondered if this old man was
an Aspect of Self, so I entered into him, but I still didn't got any
success. I think I got him to fly with me or I hoped that I managed to
get him to fly, but the old man was somehow pale. I think a Helper went
in and the old man faded out of my sight.

--- Session three - Retrieval ---

Apparently I had failed to do the retrieval, which the events of the
next day would prove.

I started the next day with a simple meditation session, and fell asleep.

A little later I made a second session, and used JOOB D, because it gave
me such a success the day before.

I went back to the guy who had claimed his name was Tom Hanks. He was still
standing in the same position in front of the huge dome building on
the green well-maintained lawn. He seemed to be waiting for me. He must
be a very patient person I thought.

I asked him where we were. I saw some kind of map or high-altitude view
of the U.S. I then saw a small red area somewhere close to the east coast
of the U.S. Some days later, this dome building became an entry point for
my one and only visit to TMI-There, but I'll skip that story for now as
there was no retrieval involved in that later event.

Instead I was suddenly back in the altar room where the old man was still
kneeling and praying. Everything seemed to be covered in ice, including
the old man.

I tried to contact the old man several times, but was without success.

Then I touched him with my hand. The old man and most of the alter
area and interior of the room slowly pulverized!

I was surely puzzled. I again tried to feel if the old man was an Aspect
of myself, and tried to absorb whatever was left out of me, but got no go.

It seemed like I've done the wrong thing.

I went out of the room and out of the dome and met "Tom Hanks" on the
lawn. He took me for a walk and from the lawn, which was on high ground,
we could view some kind of town. I even think we went down to the town
and walked some streets.

Suddenly it was raining! I don't think I clicked out, but instead I think
I was moved! Again I was on the steel ship on the ocean, from the day

The ship was big, at least 50 meters long and a heavy construction. I
never figured out what purpose the ship had, but it seemed to have strong
engines. I got the impression that it was cold weather, stormy, high waves,
and the ship rolled about.
I put out a request to get to know where this ship was. I then saw a map
or similar of the north of Europe and a red dot in the Atlantic Ocean
just outside the north part of Norway.

I felt clueless. What was I doing on that ship?

Immediately I was back in a room with the old man I had met before. But
the scene was different.

The room had no snow, frost or dust within. The lighting of the room was
brilliant, like these too light indoor TV-scenes of late 1970s British
dramas, where the director has flooded the rooms with spotlights. It was
brilliantly lit. The altar setting was gone. Instead I was in a room where
I could not perceive the walls, as they were too far away, hidden in the dark.

In the middle of the room there was a very heavy wooden table of an age
unknown to me. A few extremely heavy wooden chairs was around the table.
The table had a length of about 5 meters and 1.5 meters across. On the
table I could clearly sense a small chalice, probably to be used by one
person only to drink during a meal. The chalice had the straight handle
of a rummer, and the chalice seemed to be very old, of excellent rough
quality, perhaps made of metal, wood (the handle?) , and perhaps glas or

The old man was brightly lit up be some kind of light source from above.
The scene was in my non-visual eye, but had the quality of good quality
TV show. The old man now seemed much more human and less like a statue.

He held his hands together like he was praying, but I don't know if he
actually was praying. I could get very few feelings from him and I
guesses that he might be 60 - 70 years old. His face was slim and he
had a ling slim nose, which was a little thicker on the middle.

I asked for time and first sensed the 15th century, then got the year
to be around 830. I asked for a name and got Jesiah (spelled that way).
I thought the name sounded Biblic. I also got to see a second map, showing
England with a red dot somewhere between current location of London and Wales.

I tried to make the old man leave, and spoke to him and sent PUL. I sensed
that he was partly ready to leave, but hesitated. Usually I tell the
discarnates that there are people wanting to met them, but by some reason
I didn't tell this old man that there were people wanting to meet him.

The old man then rose into the air, and I thought "Ohh.. now he leaves to
Focus 27, or some higher plane..."

But the old man stopped in mid air, a few meters above ground, with his
arms loosely hovering above shoulder height, and with face
partly looking up in the air. I also sensed that he was lit up from
above, with some kind of strong light.

He didn't seem to want to leave.
I looked at his heavy wooden table and noticed two or three red apples,
which I hadn't seen before. The apples looked fresh and had a dark red
color. I got the impression that the old man didn't want to leave because
he didn't believe that there was such good apples in "Heaven" or whatever
place he thought he was going.

I manifested a huge bunch of red apples on his table and said he could
take them with him. I also said there were lots of those apples in Heaven.

He moved down to the table and pick up a lot of apples in his dress, using
it as an "apron apple bag" in front of his stomach.

Then he rose into the air, but again stopped a few meters above the floor.

To make a long story short. There was some arguing between me and him, and
I claimed that there were lots of apple trees in heaven and that he could
become an apple tree gardener if he wanted to. I also said there was lots
of apple tree gardeners in Heaven already and he could join them.

At some point in our discussion, the old man was surrounded what to me looked
like apple tree gardeners.

I then got tons of chills down my back and for a short moment I think I
sensed him moving forward in air with his arms stretched in front of him.

I was not completely sure that I managed to succeed with that retrieval,
but since the scenery hasn't returned, I think the old man isn't in F 23

I was a little surprised that PUL didn't work as I thought this time. Maybe
I'm poor at sending PUL or PUL wasn't as effective as I thought it to be?

This old man was very connected to Earthly red apples.

I wonder what the frost or snow was. If it served the purpose to show me
that a lot of time had passed or if it was a result of my inability to
pick up emotionally on the old man, Jesiah.

I also think that when I touched the frost and everything crumbled and
turned into dust, the Helpers temporarily moved me to the steel ship,
in order to reset the Jesiah surroundings in a way so I could better
sense Jesiah and his surroundings.


There was now a short change of scene and I saw a person I helped retrieve
some time ago. It was the fat bicycle guy. His depression seemed gone and
he seemed happy. I also got his name, like a nick name.

--- Session five - steel ship ---

What would become "Session four" the next day was uneventful.

Instead, two days after the retrieval of Jesiah, I wanted to go back
to the room with the heavy wooden table. The room was empty. I only
saw the table and the three heavy wooden chairs. i realized that this
was a room with furniture for someone rich or prominent. I sensed at least
one chalice on the table, too.

I got the impression from Tom Hanks that I was done and Jesiah was retrieved.

Then I was transferred back to the steel ship outside Norway. I can make
this story a little shorter as it was not so unusual. On the ship, below
deck there was a Finish engineer with a name that ended in "-Mäki", which
also could be the place where he originated from. He was working alone,
repairing some part of the ships engine or interior.

The part he showed to me could be part of a transmission. We talked about
that engine part and he seemed to think I also worked with ship engines.

I somehow got the feeling that the ship could have been some kind of war
ship, as lot of it was made of gray steel plates, with perhaps minor
areas containing light blue painting.

I talked with the Finish engineer just to transfer some energy and make
Helpers able to step in and take over. I finally sensed someone behind me
and that person stepped in and started talking to the engineer from Finland.


My response to some feedback:

Yes the Tom Hanks name was perhaps to help me know that even if the man in suit meant "serious business" I should see it as not overly serious too and keep a fun attitude.

I looked up wikipedia and the story about Johnny Appleseed, it was interesting. Anything is possible. The numbers could be other things than years, perhaps acres of land even. I remember that it looked a little funny when "Jesiah" used his chemise/nightgown as an apron and he floated a bit up in air, holding his hands like he was carrying a tray in front of his stomach to keep the apples in place. So apples were important to him. (Edit: )

I somehow felt a little guilty as well, as it wasn't 'real' physical apples I managed to make him pick with him to 'Heaven'. The manifestation of the apples may have been prepared by Helpers, and I most likely did very little to 'create' them on the wooden table.

And yes, some time afterwards I got the feeling that Jesiah might have been an important contribution to his Disk or perhaps just very difficult to convince to leave his F 23 place.

What is disturbing to me is that some of these 'retrieval' experiences I've had, are not like other people's retrievals, which make me doubt how much I make up and how much is real. For example, in the Jesiah case, he was hovering in the air at the first instant, I would have expected to see some Helper trying to make him leave. It puzzled me that I saw no one else than Jesiah himself, just hanging in mid air. It almost looked like he was under water, just floating vertically with his arms above his shoulders and hands at level with the top of his head.

I'm also a little puzzled that my sending of PUL seemed to do so little for Jesiah.

Maybe Jesiah didn't want to go to 'Heaven' as he suspected that apples there were not real in a sense; not being physical apples?

And some time later:

I tried hard to focus in on the Tom Hanks person yesterday. After some attempts I got the following:

There were in fact Helpers present, trying to move Jesiah from F 23. Tom H showed me the view where Jesiah was suspended in mid air, with his arms somewhat up at the sides of his head. I could vaguely spot two Helpers pulling in vain at his arms to get Jesiah from his place.

I also asked why my PUL didn't work, and first I got no answer that I could interpret. But after some repeated asking from my side, Tom H showed me Jesiah while he was praying. And then I saw a big bird's cage over Jesiah. It looked like he was locked in, inside the bird's cage.

The "door" in the bird's cage was too small for Jesiah to exit through, but the there was no bottom in the cage, so he could easily have lifted the cage and exited if he wanted.

You are probably as good as I am to interpret the last view. Smiley

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2011, 23:52:30 »

shocked Whoa very very long post. I really liked your story the whole "Tom Hanks" thing was very interesting and a bit comical as well.

I do not think any of this is made up. I think what you experienced was the real deal. I also think your subconscious just got kind of stuck on something. That's why the man Jesiah had trouble passing on

Todays topic is about how to heal others while astral projecting!

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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2011, 23:52:30 »

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« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2011, 10:23:54 »

Initially I assumed that "Jesiah" was stuck in F 23. But some
forum members got me thinking. Then I remembered that I had
read that people in F 26 can be alone as they base their
Belief System on own experiences that are _almost_ close
to a correct astral discovery, which few other people know of.

Could Jesiah have been stuck in F 26?

I tried to go to the dome and get some answers. I saw Tom Hanks
stand there in his usual guard position, legs somewhat wide
apart and hands crossed at the lower part of his stomach,
wearing his dark suit.

I know that most of the time I get no answers, impossible
to understand answers or a guide who suddenly becomes
very interested in studying the ground or the walls of a building.

But nevertheless I asked my questions. Tom H's answers are
within rounded parenthesis. So I decided to ask if Jesiah
was stuck in either F 23 or F 26:

"Was Jesiah stuck in Focus 23?" (No.) Tom H shook his head.

"Was Jesiah..." (Focus 25.)

I stopped asking for a moment. I had intended to ask for F 26,
but before I could finish my question, Tom H had answered;
Focus 25. I felt doubtful, so I asked my second question
any way:

"Was Jesiah stuck in Focus 26?" (No.)

That was a surprise. Focus 25?! But that didn't add up! F 25
is a place where there should be a lot of people. Not single
discarnates alone! I haven't read about any such F 25, so I asked:

"Why was he alone?" (I-so-la-ted, himself. He had isolated himself.)

At the first word I even could perceive Tom H move his mouth
to really spell it out for me. It was apparently important to
realize that he had isolated himself in an F 25 environment.

Just thought it was an interesting detail. Smiley

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
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« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2011, 11:43:58 »

This is a retrieval connected to one of the previous ones, so I put
it here, in the same thread.


Aspect Retrieval - Old Man Jesiah

--- Part 1 - Background ---

I've been thinking for some time about the old man Jesiah,
who didn't want to leave his BST because he didn't know if
he could get the same good, red apples at the place he would
move to.

So in my grocery store I found some very deeply red apples.
Normally I by green apples or if I buy anything red, they
usually are yellow too, like the Jonagold apples.

But these new apples in my shop were deeply red, almost a little
dark. They were small too, like the smaller sized tennis balls
used by children.

I bought a bunch of those red apples, and when home I ate one
apple. I was surprised.

The apple was very juicy and tasted better than my regular ones.
The red apple also had more flavor to it, like there was a mixture
of fruit juice of more than one kind. I thought to myself that
now I understood Jesiah better. Smiley

--- Part 2 - Bedtime ---

Some days passed. I did some sessions, and saw some kind of
guides at times, but not much happened. Many times I just fell

Then one evening, when I had gone to bed and was not in any session,
I suddenly saw Jesiah again!

That was odd..?

Didn't I retrieve him with help of guides several weeks ago?

His face was in front of me. And something scary happened.

Jesiah's eyes grew out like two black rods, the length of an arm.
I got very scared, either by his staring rod-eyes or just by
some kind of feeling of fear coming over me, like I was fed by
an emotion from this frightful being. The long eyes pointed at
me like black, threatening cues.

For a short while I felt almost as afraid as when I retrieved
a "dark tar" Aspect from Sevastopol in Ukraine.

I now started an attempt to talk to him. Perhaps this was another
Aspect of Self, which I needed to retrieve? I treated this Eye-Jesiah,
as one of my Aspects. I sent PUL and tried to absorb him, hug him
and get him to enter me.

No success.

Then I managed to leave the image of Eye-Jesiah. For a short while
I saw my guide who looks like Stephen Fry. He said to me that there
were still more Aspects left.

I was tired and didn't want to do more, and I didn't like the feeling
of being afraid. I denied the vision.

Eventually I managed to go to sleep.

--- Part 3 - Interlude ---

I have two sessions over the following days. Not much happens and the
sessions were more like simple meditations.

I sometimes during my days sense the scary pointed Eye-Jesiah, but by
now he doesn't seem quite as frightening.

I don't manage to interact with him in any creative way.

I'm puzzled.

--- Part 4 - Retrieval ---

This was strange.

I had had some sessions but never got into a retrieval during those
sessions. And still the Eye-Jesiah popped up during non-sessions.

Then while sitting at the loo (as Nodes would put it) one day, Eye-Jesiah
suddenly appeared in my minds eye. It didn't feel quite appropriate
to sit at the toilet and do a retrieval, but this image was forced
on me.

I could see Eye-Jesiah walk around. He was wearing his long "nightgown"
in some rough textile. I could see him from his left side and for a
moment from his front as he faced me.

His eyes still pointed out like three feet long rods/broomsticks, all
black. I now tried to talk to him. Perhaps he wasn't my Aspect?

Perhaps Eye-Jesiah was an Aspect of Jesiah?

First I had taken him to be my Aspect, because so many of my Aspects
seem scary to me. But this Eye-Jesiah may be the Aspect of Jesiah.

Jesiah himself may be retrieved, but this Aspect of his was still stuck.

I could see a light behind Eye-Jesiah, a few meters away. I just assumed
it to be some kind of Helper, and told Eye-Jesiah to go to the light. He
ignored me. I urged him by trying to tell him that he would meet some
old friends in the light, but that didn't help either. I made feeble
attempts at sending PUL, but I wasn't in the right set of mind on my

This was all done with my physical eyes open. I could both see my bathroom
and at the same time sense Eye-Jesiah somewhere else. I don't think that
has happened to me before.

I then remembered that the real Jesiah liked red apples. Perhaps this
Eye-Jesiah liked red apples too?

I told Eye-Jesiah that there were wonderful red apples inside the light,
if he just would go and have a look. Then I tried to remember the taste
of those red apples I bought in my local shop several days ago. I urged
Eye-Jesiah to try to sense the taste in my mouth of those wonderful

My mouth was drooling as I thought of those apples. I remember saying:
"They are juicy." And pointed to the "apples" in the light.

Eye-Jesiah then for the first time spoke and asked me:

"Are they juicy?"

I went Jumm.. Taste them in my mouth! I really put an effort into remembering
how those apples had tasted to me and said:

"The apples are so juicy!"

Eye-Jesiah then seemed to turn around to the light he had had his back to
a moment ago. With his right side to me, he walked forward into the light
and his unnaturally black, broomstick eyes faded away and was replace with
normal eyes. He now looked just like the real Jesiah.

I hope I was done.

Since then I don't feel bothered by those starry eyes, even if there has
been some emotional residue left afterwards.
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