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Author Topic: Two factory workers (different retrievals)  (Read 1366 times)
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« on: July 12, 2012, 18:32:45 »

(done "Moen" style)


This retrieval I started with doing a session sitting up. Normally
I lie down, but this time I was sitting in my bed.

I could sense a recliner chair at my right side in my apartment. How
strange I thought, I had such a chair in my previous apartment, but
didn't bring it with me.

Was this some kind of scene from a previous apartment owner? I was
a little doubtful as I am pretty sure that I already retrieved the
previous owner who haunted my apartment, and I have not since then felt
his presence. That owner was kind of angry for me being in "his" apartment.

Nevertheless I did my best to sense what it could be. Now I sensed more
furniture beside the recliner chair. There was an oval table in the
typical 1950ies style of dark brown wood. And there was a second chair.
The two chairs were not exactly recliners either, but more a sort of
"comfy" chairs. There was some kind of low furniture to the wall, behind
the table and between the chairs. I wonder what that piece of furniture
was against the wall, perhaps a second low, slim table for keeping a radio?

In the first chair I could now see an old man in his 70ies, I got the
impression that he was retired. He didn't seem to be the person who expected
too much of his world. He was just sitting there. Perhaps he sometimes
read a newspaper in that chair?

I could also notice a small cloth on the table. The cloth only covered the
central area of the oval table and there seemed to be some kind of adornment
object on the middle of the table cloth.

The feeling of the room and the building of the house was of the 1960ies, but
even if the furniture were rather new and nice, they had a simple 1950ies feeling
to them. Perhaps this retired owner had bought his furniture before he moved into
the apartment?

The man was short, mostly bald, with a small head and I didn't feel the he was
too bright or that he expected much of his future. He wore a regular shirt
of the 1950ies era and a simple, pale blue, woollen vest. He had regular
trousers of someone being indoor.

I began to speak to him. He didn't react much to me, like it was normal that
I was in his apartment. I could feel that he was a "slow starter", so things
would probably proceed not that fast.

I asked him if he had thought of moving somewhere else? I then told him that
there were a lot of new houses built for retired workers just like him, these
houses were much nicer than his small apartment.

He seemed a little interested, so I showed him a catalogue with photos of
the newly built houses. "And they are for free", I said. I again told him
that the new houses were intendedly built for a person like him. Perhaps he
was interested in going to see these houses.

The strange thing was that when I showed him the house catalogue, I saw myself
in third person, so I don't know if I split or if there already was a helper
doing the remaining job.

I could sense, or he told me, that he didn't want too much change, and he was
a little worried that he couldn't get his furniture with him or that the new
house would be very different than his apartment.

I send him some PUL in the hope that he will move more easily.

I told him that there was a room exactly identical to the room he had his chairs
and table in, so his current furniture would be placed in an identical position
compared to his current apartment. And then there were more rooms in the house,
rooms which he could use for any purpose.

I was trying to get helpers step in. And I was also a little concerned how
we were going to move his furniture. Perhaps I had taken on the retired
workers feelings?


I don't think I clicked out as I was sitting up, but for some moments I lost
the feeling of the presence of the retired worker. Could he have been working
in a factory, perhaps as a harbour worker or building houses himself. I couldn't
tell. Perhaps he had had many different jobs?

Suddenly I'm in a car in the left part of the passenger seat. To my right is
the retired worker. We are both looking out his car window to his right. I can
see some houses and realizes that those houses are the "new houses" we are
heading for.

The surroundings look like they have been a mixture of fields and some minor forest
or at least there have been trees at the area before. The trees have been taken
down to give place for new houses.

I don't think the area looks to fancy. I in fact think the surroundings look
a little poor, barren and not too tidy. Like a cheap region outside the town
where not too expensive houses have been raised. The ground is covered with
dry yellow grass. I can see a few remaining trees on hills at a distance to
my left. It doesn't look like the ideal place to move to.

We turn right around a corner and up a road. We arrive at a street junction to
various newly built houses.

At some kind of machinery or rubble a lot of house construction workers sit
and drink beer and have a party. They look very happy as they seem to be finished
with the work. When we approach, the house construction workers begin to sing.
I get the feeling of the happy seven dwarfs in Snow White. The workers all look
rather old, around their 50ies.

I get the impression that "my" retired worker comes in better mode when he
sees and hears the construction workers sing. "They have a beer now.", he

Click, there is a short click here, and I'm suddenly behind the retired
worker. At his left side a person is showing him the open entrance door
to one of the houses. I watch as the retried worker enters his house.


Scene fades and I get the feeling that a second retrieval is going to start.

I'm unsure if I got the retired worker to F 27 or just to some BST area,
without a regular Belief System.


This was a much shorter retrieval, if it was a retrieval at all. It kind of
cut short.

I could sense a factory with a lot of machinery. The factory was very dirty
and all machines were running at their fullest. There was a lot of turning
wheels. I got the impression that the era could be the 1940ies or 1950ies.

I also sensed a worker in a dirty blue or grey coverall. He was about 55 years,
and taller than the retired worker I had helped to his new house.

This coverall worker was actively working in this factory. He was more assertive
and perhaps a little commanding. He clearly liked his work.

The factory seemed old in some sense, perhaps too mechanical, and not with
the regular worker safety equipment. Lots of moving parts close to people.
Greasy wheels, moving straps, open transmissions and similar.

I also sense two or three other workers. I can't figure out if they are thoughtforms
or if this area is sort of consensus BST for factory workers.

I try to talk to the coverall worker, and he listens a little to me, but I don't
seem to be too successful in sending him any message. I am a little at a loss,
but goes for the "something new" idea. I tell him the management of the factory
has build a new section, and I wonder if he would like to move inte that new,
more modern part of the factory.

I have great problems both of getting visuals and pick up feelings of this
coverall worker. I try to send some PUL, but my attempts seem feeble at best.

Things eventually fade into darkness, and no matter how much creative visualization
I use, I don't get anything else than my own images.

I have a more relaxed session in silent meditation style, not much happens.

An hour passes and I try to bring back any image of the coverall worker.

I can see a small, shiny metal wheel with a handle. The wheel is part of a
machinery and I can see a worker's hand gripping around it and moving the
wheel around by help of the handle. Then I get to see the rest of the machine.
It's huge. They seem to lower some big object.

I can't figure out if the machinery is working on some piece of a big manufactured
product with a cutting miller, or if the machine is assembling something.

I sense the coverall worker here and at least two other workers, who don't
seem to be thoughtforms.

The factory seems less dirty, there are more shiny machinery, and also seems
more modern & fresh.

Much later I realize that the machine was not working on a product, the machine
was assembled itself by the workers. It was a new, less dirty machine in the
new part of the factory.

If these retrievals weren't fully moves to F 27, they instead showed that people
may move through Focuses in steps, rather than in one go.

Perhaps they were being prepared for re-birth?

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
The Astral Pulse

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