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Author Topic: Very vivid Dream of AP  (Read 1853 times)
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« on: October 23, 2017, 13:58:33 »

I will keep this as short and to-the-point as possible, as not to muddle it w/unneeded extras.
-- I laid down to sleep at around 0120, with the intent of waking up after an hour or so of sleep to try for an AP.
- I woke up very tired and in a daze. I forced myself to stay awake for at least a few minutes before trying. I got settled, and was having a hard time focusing (or "not" focusing as it would be). I drift off to sleep unaware.
- My dream starts off in the house I grew up in, very detailed, very vivid. I am lying in my bed trying to AP, when I start feeling the intense vibrations. I let them build and reach the deepest parts of my body (only took a few moments) them I just reached up quickly(like punching ones hand through a paper bag), kind of "jumped", and very quickly climbed out. I could see my body but it was translucent, or almost how ones skin might look in an unfamiliar lighing/atmosphere.
- I realized gravity did not have it's normal effects, so I fell right through the floor (on purpose). Then started gliding, which was much harder. I was gliding all through my house fairly quickly, but I was unable to stabilize myself; keep from spinning, stay in a straight direction. So i left my house and went soaring/spinning down my street, when I then closed my eyes and almost subconsciously desired to be taken somewhere (hope that makes sense).
- I float slowly out of a huge black opening, kind of shaped like a curtain (?) only a couple hundred feet high/wide. I am now in a very different place. The sky was much larger, things like, boulders or ravines/valleys were much larger, and much more vast. I felt a little like an ant. *The next part is fuzzy and I'm not positive how it plays out, so I'm omitting what I "think" I remember*. So we are on a plane/plateau "in the sky" and there is a parade going on. I start talking with someone while walking(don't know if I "knew" them or not) when all of the sudden a man came up to us/him and was questioning him being hostile. I interjected with what I can remember as a "come on man just leave us alone like everyone else", and he turned to me wild-eyed and said "Funny, your friend doesn't LOOK like a vampire." W/a tiny sliver of bright red blood running down his fang. I wasn't scared, I just knew I didn't belong there, and would prefer if no one else found out. So I jumped in the parade and started marching/playing my fingers like a flute (and yes making beautiful music, go figure.) After marching I am now in the front of a crowd of people sitting with a select group, when all of the sudden, I realize I don't see my "friend" from earlier.
- Somehow I knew what happened. Behind the crowd under this little over hang (think, outdoor amphitheater, there was a closet sized black hole that I had assumed to a bad place, and I "knew my friend went down there, willingly or forced. So I hastily got up and was making my way to the hole and the speakers/crowd were getting anxious, yelling, trying to get me to not go down there. But I had to try to help the other person so I dove in. It was like a bottomless pit, pitch black and I just kept falling. It was almost like sky-diving, which I enjoy, so I was not responding to the situation negatively at all. After what seemed like.. a long enough time to fall, I closed my eyes and raised my thoughts, and ended up floating down to my body on my dream bed in the old house. The transition was very shaky, and after several long seconds I decided I didn't want to go back after all,  so I stood up on my bed and tried to JUMP out of my body. No dice... I slammed my head hard and fell to the bed stunned.
- I got up, looked out my window to a church parking lot, where there was a festival going on. Which was pretty common in real life, and the recall of that scene seems vivid/accurate. Then, I noticed someone had broken into my house. I was pretty scared and didn't know what to do. My door was locked. I laid down to try to project away to keep safe (great idea, huh?.. rolleyes ) Then I noticed my shotguns were beside the door so I started to load one, as the perp was headed to my door. All very dramatic. *The end. Thanks for reading.

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