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Author Topic: The Doorway  (Read 68720 times)
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« Reply #175 on: August 14, 2019, 13:56:26 »

I am answering for Lumaza because his computer is currently offline.

You can ask questions mentally during these sessions. It is an individual thing. For some people it works very well and they get immediate responses or results; for others, they may find that it disrupts their concentration a little too much. And it changes over time, depending on your development.

Don't be afraid to experiment.
Thanks very much!I was curious if it's a total no go or could work, this is good news Smiley
I'll get back in case of any result. Also thank you for your answer regarding the music question in the other thread;
I guess these are grey areas that might work with some people. Cheers Smiley
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« Reply #176 on: October 07, 2019, 20:12:32 »

 I first started my Doorway thread years ago with a simple focus on Geometric shapes and colors. I used these because each seemed to create a accompanying visual, a "mental association" of sorts. I found that that actually tricked my mind into creating visuals. My intent began with a simple shape or color, but the object seemed to morph into something completely different and as it did, I passively observed it with a air of curiosity. This indeed consumed my entire focus, thus releasing my focus completely on my physical body.

 This then evolved into more of a disassociation based practice, using means such as "unzipping the physical suit", energy work that focused on losing physical control and even a 6pt directional based focus. I used counting, Mantra, I basically explored all kinds of way to create a good deep NP focus. My real goal though was to assemble a strong team of Experiencers to do some collective explorations. To target some Doorways or Portals to see what we would find behind them. I realized that we would likely perceive things in a different fashion. But, at least we could see if it was possible to kind of find synchronicity in what we were viewing and experiencing. Unfortunately that idea crashed and burned. It's really hard for people to self motivate anymore. There are too may distraction in this day and time and those distractions are consuming everyone's focus. I should say, we are "allowing" those distractions to take our focus away. We do have a choice!   shockedundecided

 In the last few weeks, I have hit across something completely different though. A new evolution of the practice that most of the times, puts me in a good deep NP in only a few minutes time. This new evolution occurred because of current talk we have been having here on the Pulse about what to do and not to do with our physical eyes while noticing the darkness behind them. I began doing all kinds of experiments with my eyes. Looking down, looking up, softening my gaze, strengthening my gaze and then it happened. I began noticing that every time I simply gazed into the darkness, that I would get s prompt to readjust my vision. This prompt would be so powerful at times that it felt like my head was going to explode. The more I fought the urge to readjust my vision, the stronger the sensation got to be. Then all of a sudden everything release and a wave of energy or something, it's hard to explain, passed over me, through me. When this wave had passed, it normally only lasted a few seconds, I would find that the darkness had a new depth to it. I was in the void.

 I have used this technique every day now and I receive the same results. Every time it puts me deep in a good NP focus. I can then set my intent for that session.

 I begin my Phase soak session by lying back in my bath water in the tub. I then do a quick healing Mantra I have used for a good year now. It is a simple one that goes like this. RA MA DA SA SA SAY SOH HUNG. This Mantra is ancient and was created to be used as Healing technique. I visualize what each syllable in the Mantra represents. For RA, I visualize the Sun, for MA a running water source, like a river of waterfall, DA, I see the land, represented normally by trees or flowers, SA is the Air, so with that one I visualize flight. I hold onto the flight visual all the way to the HUNG. The HUNG I visualize and actually feel as a explosion of light emanating from my core, kind of like fireworks. I do the Mantra and the visuals 3 times, then I allow my focus to drift into the darkness before my eyes. Very soon I will get that urge to readjust my vision. I will then fight it, the wave hits and I am "there".

 I was recently describing this via PM to a good friend and fellow member here name Baro-san, that most of you here know of. He then sent me this reply. I thought it was spot on. The sensation I get when I am attempting to fight the urge seems just like a "overload". That's what makes it so intense and why I compare it to the sensation of my head exploding. I have felt this "Overload" sensation in the past. It normally occurs during the "Downloads" I have experienced. Some other members here have spoke of this "Download" phenomenon as well.

 Here is what Baro-san had to say. He also gave me a fantastic example and explanation of this "Overload" phenomenon to go with his reply. As usual, I was every so grateful for his response. I really enjoy how he backs up everything he says here on the Pulse with some sort of example based on said topic.  smiley cool

"Hi Lumaza,

The method you've discovered reminded me of the "Overload" technique used for trance induction.

I'm quoting bellow a description from John Grinder & Richard Bandler 's "Trance-Formations - Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis" (1981)


About twenty-five years ago, George Miller summarized a huge
amount of both human and animal perceptual research in his classic
paper 'The Magic Number 7 ± 2." Human beings have the capacity to
consciously attend to about seven "chunks" of information at one time,
Beyond that number, a person becomes overloaded and starts to make
mistakes. If I tell you a sequence of seven numbers, you can probably
hold that in consciousness without error. If I give you a sequence of
nine numbers, you will find it much more difficult to recall them
correctly, and will start to make mistakes. Each number is a "chunk" of
information. However, if you—or I —divide the nine digits into three
groups of three, you will be able to recall the nine numbers much more
easily. Now there are only three chunks of three digits each. By group-
ing information in larger chunks, it becomes possible to deal with more
information with the same 7 ± 2 chunks of conscious attention. You
can consciously attend to seven leaves, seven twigs, seven branches,
seven trees, or seven forests. How much you can attend to depends
upon the size of the chunk of information that you are dealing with.
Whatever chunk size you choose, when you are paying conscious
attention to 7 ± 2 chunks of information, anything else will not be
processed consciously. Anything beyond 7±2 chunks of information
becomes overload and will be processed unconsciously.
An example of this happened in another workshop. I asked for
someone who had a way of remembering names that worked exqui-
sitely. A woman named Carla had one, so 1 had her come up to the
front. Ann Teachworth was sitting in the audience, and I said to Carla
"Do you happen to know this woman over here?" and I pointed to
Ann. Carla said "No," When Carla was introduced to someone her
pupils dilated and she made an internal image of the person's name on
her forehead, Then every time she saw her again, her pupils would
dilate slightly and she would see the name written there on her fore-
head. That was the way she always knew someone's name, and it
worked very well. Since I know what she does, I know where in the
sequence of Carla's experience she will be unable to consciously
represent any additional input: when her attention is oriented inward
and all of her 7± 2 chunks of attention are occupied with visualizing
the person's name on her forehead.
I said to Carla "Look at the woman over there. Her name is
Ann . . ."I paused, saw her pupils dilate, and then said "Teachworth."

She heard "Ann" and visually wrote it on Ann's forehead. Then I asked
her "What's that woman's name?" Her pupils dilated again and she said
"Ann." I said "Do you know what her last name is?" She said "No, you
didn't tell me." When your timing and your sensory experience are
refined enough that you know when a person's attention is inwardly
oriented and when it's not, you can introduce anything you want.
When someone is oriented inward, she will respond appropriately to
your suggestions because you bypass her conscious mind. There's no
way for her to filter or defend against such suggestions.
At that point I said "Her name is Ann Teachworth" and Carla said
"Oh! Now I remember." That was an elegant demonstration that
although she didn't have it available in conscious awareness because it
didn't go through her name-remembering process, it was there. She
recognized Ann's last name when she heard it, so it had been processed
and remembered unconsciously.
Whenever a person's conscious processing is overloaded, you can
pass information directly to the unconscious, and the person will
respond to that information. The easiest way to overload
attention is by having her pay attention to a complex internal
I used an overload technique the second time I ever officially
induced a trance. I'll demonstrate. Would you come up for a second,
Bill, and stand here?
"OK, would you close your eyes? Now what I would like you to do is
to softly, out loud, begin to count backwards from two hundred by
threes. And as you do that, I'm going to put my hands on your
shoulders and turn you around in circles. If at any point you discover it
is more comfortable for you to simply drop into a nice deep trance, do
so with the full realization that you are in good hands."
By doing this, I create an overload by occupying all of his representa-
tional systems. He's using visualization as a way of helping himself
count backwards. Auditorily he's saying the numbers to himself. I
disorient him kinesthetically by turning him in circles. He's now over-
loading himself with things to attend to, so I don't have to.
I could just as well have said "Now turn slowly in a circle." However,
if I turn him with my hands on his shoulders, I get a lot of tactile
feedback about when he's changing states and what kind of state he's
going into. I also give him something else to attend to kinesthetically:
the feeling of my hands on his shoulders.
To make sure that overload works, you make sure that all systems

are engaged. If he's busy visualizing and counting off the numbers
while he's being disoriented kinesthetically, I can offer suggestions
which will go right past his consciousness into the unconscious. If I say
something that distracts him from the task, I will immediately know it,
because he's counting out loud. There's a built-in feedback mechanism
in this traditional method. If he stops counting, I know he's either
dropped into a deep trance, or he's shaken off the disorientation and is
consciously listening to the suggestions I am attempting to pass to the
unconscious. Then I'll either insist that he continue to count, or I'll
notice that he is in deep trance, stop fooling around, and go to work.
This is a really traditional trance induction, by the way. I read this
particular method in a book years ago, and having had no experience
of it, just followed the instructions as if I knew what I was doing. It was
only some years later that I figured out what the principle was, so that I
could generalize from that specific method to overloading someone in
a variety of ways. The way we teach in these workshops is designed to
do exactly the same thing, because we arc interested in passing most of
the messages to you at the unconscious level.
You can use any complicated task to occupy a person and distract
his consciousness while you disorient him. Then you offer a very direct,
immediate, and easy-to-follow instruction like "If at any point it is
easier for you to simply drop into a deep trance, then do so and enjoy it
with the full realization you are secure in your present position. . . ."
Here's another variation. I take Jack's hand here, and I want to
overload him. So I say "All you have to do is sit here comfortably. I'm
going to touch different fingers and your thumb, and I'm going to
name the one I'm touching. Your job is to simply decide whether I'm
doing this correctly or incorrectly."
Then I begin touching and labeling. "Forefinger, middle finger, ring
finger, little finger, thumb. Middle finger, forefinger, ring finger,
thumb." (He touches the little finger.)
Each time I "make a "mistake" he will do what he just did: his pupils
dilated and there was a hesitation in his breathing. He had to take some
time to compute. It took him longer to decide that I had made a
"mistake" than it took him to decide earlier that I was correct.
If I were to continue, I would gradually become more and more
"incorrect." Soon he would be overwhelmed by the complexity, and in
defense, he would go into a deep trance. At that point I would say "As I
touch your ring finger this time"—and I would touch the wrong
finger—"you are more relaxed." I would continue to overload, and go


on to introduce additional suggestions about the specific kinds of overt
responses I want—those that indicate he is going into a trance.
I am giving the person input in all three channels simultaneously and
demanding that he make a judgement about whether the auditory
input matches the visual and kinesthetic input. He will soon give up,
and essentially say "OK, tell me what you want me to do."
Instead of overloading all representational systems, you can give the
person such a complex task in one or two systems that it occupies all of
his 7 ± 2 chunks of conscious attention. You can ask the person to
count backwards from a thousand by one-thirds, visualizing each one
of the fractions with a different color for the top of the fraction, the
bar, and the bottom of the fraction. Each successive fraction has to
have a new color for the bar and for each number. Then you can add
suggestions like "With each number you will go deeper." These are all
ways of manipulating a person in such a way that you are overloading
his input channels and thus his ability to make sense out of what you
are doing."

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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
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« Reply #176 on: October 07, 2019, 20:12:32 »

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« Reply #177 on: October 08, 2019, 06:57:46 »

Am I right in thinking what this is? A breakthrough of possibly great significance?

A recognition of the essential technique used by shamans, teachers and gurus throughout the ages with their students?And with Lumaza’s refinement of his personal techniques, an understanding of the how and why of finding a personal entrypoint to the NP, by arriving at the 3 Dimensional Void through use of an ‘overload’ technique which incorporates this ‘rule of 7+/- 2’?

Awesome work guys!

This is a significant insight brought to us by Lumaza and Baro-San!


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde
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« Reply #178 on: October 08, 2019, 17:32:49 »

Am I right in thinking what this is? A breakthrough of possibly great significance?

A recognition of the essential technique used by shamans, teachers and gurus throughout the ages with their students?And with Lumaza’s refinement of his personal techniques, an understanding of the how and why of finding a personal entrypoint to the NP, by arriving at the 3 Dimensional Void through use of an ‘overload’ technique which incorporates this ‘rule of 7+/- 2’?

Awesome work guys!

This is a significant insight brought to us by Lumaza and Baro-San!

Thanks EV!  smiley I would say only time will tell now. We will see if other people adopt or at least experiment with this methodology. If someone does, I would love to hear their results, both good or bad.

 I always say that we are "remembering" something that we knew many years ago. For some reason the ancient Egyptian civilization has some kind of resemblance for me. Lately I have been studying the "Toltec" as well, as in the "Toltec Secret", which is another form of Dream Yoga. I am fascinated by all of that info. I want to expand my mind and evolve in this practice as much as I can. A constant bombardment of info due to reading, listening to youtube videos and hearing Radio talk shows conversing on the subject seems to help with my own personal evolution here. I love donning my "Explorer's Cap" and expanding my reality!  smiley

 You can utilize the Void for whatever it is that you need in your live, whether that be personal growth or other! I find that that is where "creativity" itself is born and expands! Many Poets, Song Writers, Inventors and Authors period, would agree with that statement too cool
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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
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« Reply #179 on: October 10, 2019, 00:50:42 »

 For the last week now, I have been experimenting with using visual imagery, such as my Mantra and going completely without it to see if I can totally drop the visualization part and just move into the readjustment of my eyes part of my new technique.

 I have found that I must visualize something, even as simple as a Geometric shape to receive the readjustment prompt itself. That makes perfect sense though.

 I tried just counting numbers in my head, using the same Mantra I used above, but this time without visualization and just simply focusing on the darkness ahead of my closed eyes. Neither of those gave me the prompt tp readjust my vision. At least they didn't as fast as visualizing did.

 I then went back to using visualization with my Mantra and when I had finished a minute or so of that, once again the prompt was strong. That led to the overwhelming overload sensation that is so powerful it's really hard to maintain. This sensation is familiar to me. It seems to be the same sensation I feel at the apex of Sleep Paralysis, just before a "exit" occurs. It's a feeling like you are going to lose your mind, literally. It's really overpowering, but thankfully brief. Then I get the wave of energy, which feels like some kind of rush of adrenaline, some kind of body rush that flows through me, but once again, that is very brief as well.

 Once this all passes, I see that the darkness before my eyes looks quite a bit different then it did when I began the session and that now I am experiencing more of a Etheric visual, a RTZ (Real Time Zone). The visuals first open up like I am viewing them through a tube, tunnel, or some long hallway, as in a distantance. The longer I hold my focus there, the more vivid and surround the scenario gets to be. This I have experienced in the past as well and I wrote about that, using my former name on this forum Lionheart. This tunnel vision viewing occurs only when I "don't" create any intended destination and just simply observe. One last thing too is I am not seeing this with my "physical eyes". I know that because I don't experience any movement there. This is all occurring using the "Mind's Eye".

 So it seems that instead of just Phasing into the NP plain and simple, this new technique is actually accompanied by " exit symptoms" and Astral "signposts" as well. Although they seem to be very brief and "watered down", they are still apparent.


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #179 on: October 10, 2019, 00:50:42 »

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« Reply #180 on: October 18, 2019, 01:19:04 »

 I just finished my daily Phase soak session and have to say it was very unique. I had either made a new "friend" or reacquainted myself with a old one.

 I laid back in my bath water and enjoyed the heat for a minute. I then closed my eyes and started my Healing Mantra with visualizations, as described above in my last post here. When I was done the Mantra, I turned my focus to my Crystal Amplifiers. I have created a new one that is a wall hanging. I was trying to see what the roots would look like and where to put the Quartz Crystals in them.

 I worked on that new design for a while, then I noticed the silhouette of what looked like a square window behind my design. Soon a face showed in it. I immediately changed my focus over to that window and kind of "zoomed" in on it. Now I could see the "being" that was in the window, but only a faint outline of it. It seemed to be losing it's outline as well. It wasn't fading, but it seemed to be blotching in and out, kind of like what happens when a computer video freezes and stutters. That used to happen years ago with the old dial up format.

 I then understand what was happening. Either "he", I will call him he for now, was either having a problem adjusting to my frequency or I was to his.

 I kept my focus on him for a while. We were just looking at each other, kind of "observing". All of a sudden a scene popped in to my vision. This scene was one that I have seen often, It is was what I have called in the past, my "Happy Place". That being a very tranquil Island paradise beach scene. The scene soon changed over to the "Training Ground" that I have become familiar with in the past. One by one, many of my past NP destinations were occurring. They were kind of like rapid fire. A little here, just enough to see where I was and then a switch over to another destination.

 It seemed this "being" was attempting to communicate with me by using pleasant destinations that I have enjoyed in the past. I guess this was his way of saying "Hello". At least I felt like that was what he was doing. I attempted to send him a message back, using a thought, but I don't know if he was familiar with our language. Actually I really doubted he was. I guess using visuals though is some kind of "Universal" language. But, he wasn't sharing any of his actual "thoughts" though. I even thought  "penny for your thoughts", lol. But that was a no go, lol!

 Anyways, I thought I would share that one here. It was definitely a unique adventure and took up about 2 hours of my real time to complete. By the time I had returned my focus to my physical water, my bathwater had become lukewarm.

 I have had people here PM me in the past saying I have a lot of tips, but I don't seem to share my experiences here on this Forum. I usually answer because I don't want you to try and have my experiences. I want you to see what "you" need to see, just as I am seeing what "I' need to see.. I figured I would share this one though, since it was so unique!  smiley

 Thanks for listening!  smiley
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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
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« Reply #181 on: October 18, 2019, 01:34:35 »

 I wanted to share this fantastic analogy of the technique Phasing with all of you.

 This is a excellent post made in the past by a member of the Pulse named "claudestino" describing Phasing itself.                         
 "There are often people posting questions like "What is phasing ? how does it differ from regular OBE's ?"

I'm sure its been answered in plenty of posts beforehand; suffice to say its a term that Frank came up with to describe entering the astral gradually, with full control.'s a good analogy. Its been pretty hot here over the past few days, about 33-38c, the kind of weather where you enjoy having a cold shower.

Standing in the shower, the water was luke warm. I realised that if I turned it all the way down to 15c (cold) I'd have to jump I thought, I'll turn the temperature down a degree or two, every couple of minutes. That way, I was becoming used to each stage of cold water, and it felt very comfortable. After a while I got all the way down to the coldest setting, and I didn't have the urge to jump out, because I'd become accustomed to the levels of temperature in between.

Likewise, phasing is a gradual process of entering the astral."

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
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