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Author Topic: Your Monroe Gateway Experiences please!  (Read 14876 times)
Astral Energy 2
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« on: October 05, 2002, 21:06:32 »

Hi fellow traveler,

Just wondering, Monroe mentions in one of his books, that he and a friend passed a house he used to live in, where he had his first obe.  His friend comments about the shape of the house (pyramid), and suggested that this could have had something to do with it.

I am about to hang one over my bed.

Anyone have any experiences with pyramids?

Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2002, 23:36:31 »

Hi all

Like one of the stories I read in the links Clandestino posted, I too found The Monroe Institute (TMI) by accident. By 1996 I had only owned a couple of OBE type books & both seemed to be set on describing seeing your body from a few feet away & not much more. While in the Adyar bookstore in Sydney I spotted the cover of a couple of books. One was called "Remote Viewing" by Jim Schnabel & the other was monroes book "Ultimate journey".

I'm a bit of a book collector so after a quick flick through both books I thought "this is ME all over" & bought them both. Just seeing the cover of "Ultimate Journey" seemed to trigger my interest, as it just seems to capture a certain feeling of having an OBE. I had heard of Remote viewing but knew nothing of the history behind it, so thought the book could fill in those gaps.

It was strange, because at the time I never realised the 2 were linked at all, but after completing the Remote Viewing book & reading how so many of the military personnel went to TMI, who partook in the RV programs at SRI & Fort Meade it sparked my interest. After a bit of net research, I found that most of the main players in the remote viewing field today like Joe McMoneagle, Skip Atwater, Ed Dames, Ingo Swann, Russell Targ & Lyn Buchanan all went to TMI & Skip & Joe are basically regulars there, basically have family there now.

I quickly read Ultimate journey & it was like someone had written my thoughts & experiences down, with different characters. So I quickly back tracked & bought the first two books "journey out of the body" & "far journeys", to get the whole picture. I soon found myself feeling very curious about TMI, the courses there & the Hemi-Sync tapes available. I couldn't afford to go to TMI for one of the courses, so I got hold of a catalog to check out what the prices were & if I could start off cheap. I didn't want to invest in the gateway series as it was out of my price range, so I tested the waters with a set of tapes called "On becoming a life long learner", cost me Au $50, single tapes start at Au$25.

I tested out another couple of tapes before I realised "something" was working or happening & decided it was time for the gateway. I bought the whole set of waves 1 to 7 on tape, which was good & bad. Since I've started to replace the tapes with cd's I've found that the tapes have a little extra length to them than the cd's & they cost me around Au $800.00. The bad thing I found with the tapes was; after falling into a trance or starting to OBE, the tape would finish, slam off (the same effect as if you were daydreaming & someone came up behind you & shot a gun near your head).

I also found out & remembered that tapes can get chewed! d'oh! You get 6 tapes with each wave or 3 cd's. So with the tapes, you have to stop & change sides unless you have auto-change, which is usually noisy. The older people I have talked all seem to have tapes & I don't know if that's a generational thing, a money thing or that cd's were not available then.

With the cd's, I found they are quieter for me. Being a musician, unfortunately I tend to tune in to every little sound & say "what's that sound, how is that being created?", before I listen to the track as a whole. Many people have told me to "just ignore the tape sound & roll of cogs inside the tape recorder", but I can't. I guess that's why they make cd's too. I much prefer the cd's as I can listen to 2 exercises per cd without moving or breaking my mindset.

The first time I listened to the gateway, I was blown away. The thing that really did it for me & still does it, is the sound effects the gateway has for building your resonant energy balloon. It's one thing to talk about raising energy or doing NEW, it's another thing to hear a sound that compliments that thought/concept. It sounds like a "flanger" that has had it's cycles slowed right down so it's in time with a slow inhale & exhale of breath. Or one of those whistle lollipops where you push the stick in & out to make a crescendo. I have read about these techniques of energy raising techniques long before I'd heard of Monroe & Bruce (pulling good/positive energy in through your feet & exhale & release bad/negative energy through your mouth) & I saw no reason to stick to only one method.

I imagine/ visualise like a syringe inside my body with the needleless point at my feet & then suck up good/positive energy.On the exhale, the syringe is squashing all the bad/negative energy out of my mouth. Kinda makes sense in a sciencey sorta way, as scientists/doctors say that most of our waste we expend during  the day comes from our mouth.

NEW worked well for me & so did Monroes resonant energy balloon (REBAL), so I combined the two. NEW seems to be a bit more advanced than the methods used by Monroe, but there isn't a sound to accompany NEW. So while listening to Monroes REBAL, I utilised NEW, which is a powerful combination I feel. Also, when the cd gets to the part about separating or floating away on the cd, I use rope, elevator or the falling technique to get out of body, if floating doesn't work.

My favourite tapes in the gateway series are Wave 1, cd 1, advanced focus 10 & cd 3, Focus 10 free flow & exploration of sleep. Wave 3, tape 1, Remote viewing & tape 6, first stage separation. Wave 4, tape 4 & 5, Non verbal comuncation (NVC). Wave 5, tape 6, pathways. Wave 7, tape 1, Sensing Locale 1,tape 2, Point of departure & non-physical friends, tape 6, Free flow journey in Focus 27.

At present, I'm in the process of replacing the tapes with cd's & have Wave 1 & 2 now & will have the rest of the series by the end of the month. Total cost of Cd's Wave 1 to 7, about Au $1100, ouch. I do get good use out of them though & listen to at least 1 cd/tape a day & it looks as though I'll have to get a 2nd cd discman as my girlfriend hogs it most of the time now. She was a skeptic until she had a go & noticed some real changes in her life & has developed quite a habit of having pre-cognitive dreams, which are startlingly accurate.

So I can see why military personnel from the U.S army " psychic spies"  had interest in TMI & many purchased the products or went to TMI including Major General Albert Stubblebine. I figure, if these guys thought it was worth a look & many are now successful remote viewers (as successful as RV is at present,it's still really at the beginning of it's developments) it was good enough for me to have a look.

Good journeys all


The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2002, 23:36:31 »

logoVisit the website of Astral Pulse creator Adrian Cooper.

Home of the best selling book Our Ultimate Reality.

Astral Projection, Metaphysics and many other subjects.

Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2002, 04:33:56 »

I have used the first set (Wave I?) and been pleased with the intro to focus ten/free flow ten.

I am able to reach mind awake/body asleep on my own, but the state is more complete when I am using the tapes.  Also easier to reach. I think the resonant tuning is good - and I never have had the discipline to do that on my own, so having the guidance on the tape is a good reminder to resonant tune.

I don't use the tapes frequently. Often I can tell if I could achieve a trance or not before making the effort, and if I am too tired, or have too many things to do and my mind is very active -- those times I opt not to try for trance.

Several months ago when using tape two (track 2) of Wave I, I was able to maintain the mindset of focus ten for several hours. I had a reasonable projection and false awakening that evening, as well. The projection did not happen while I was listening to the tape, and it still required effort. But I think the tapes were most helpful in achieving a steady 'beingness' in F10.

I am often surprised that I seem to 'click out' during the tape exercise. I often won't consciously hear the cues that RAM gives regarding health and memory, and so on. Maybe I am asleep. However, I always return to consciousness during the countdown back to C1. Weird, I blink out and the next thing I know Monroe is saying "3, 2, 1. return to full waking consciousness."

Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2002, 06:10:19 »

G,day Patty

Interesting you say you "click out" during the tape exercise. I've experienced this to some extent myself, although slightly different. As I have a fairly chronic back condition I just can't sleep unless I'm "medicated" (hope to be off them soon), so most of my sessions are when I am fully awake & not intending to go to sleep.

I've noticed that when I get to that stage of when you say you "click out", I experience astral sight or remote eye or on the rare occasion I use them before sleep, I begin dreaming, but I enter the dream consciously. When I slow things down & take a look at what I'm doing wrong, I find that it is internal dialogue that has slipped passed the "energy conversion box" stage & then I realise that I have not totally cleared my head of thoughts & my thoughts/ internal dialogue become the subject of my focus.

Once it gets to that stage, I know I'm going to have a hard time inducing an OBE. As opposed to having a clear mind & just looking at the blackness beyond my eyelids. So if I realise that internal dialogue has slipped in, I either abort the attempt & meditate or stop. My girlfriend is different alltogether. She falls asleep within about 5 mins of the cd starting. She does remember her dreams now though, which is a start.

I was having OBE's before I started with hemi-sync, so it's hard for me to tell anyone whether it MAKES me have an OBE, more like HELPS me. I was told the reason TMI makes the exercises only 30 mins long is because any longer & you will either forget your experience/shadow memories (even though you feel as though you didn't go anywhere) or fall asleep, increasing the chance of forgetting it. Makes sense & coincides with how Bruce says to make the OBE's short ones so you can recall more of it.

All the best Patty & good journeys


Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2002, 11:14:55 »

My Gateway experiences

I keep an astral projection diary to journal my attempts using the astral dynamics worksheet and various cds.  This is an extract with the parts relating to the Gateway cds.


My experiences of astral projection have been somewhat different than usual. I was born with the ability though it was always something that sort of just happened, rather than being under conscious control. In the first few years of my life it happened all the time; I'd end up floating around in the garden or else on some other planet. This gradually got less as I grew older until, as an adult, it happens only very occasionally. I sometimes find myself either on some other planet or as a different type of animal.

Previous projection experiences

During the first few years of my life, experiences were mostly floating above my bed near the ceiling, or out in the garden above the hedges.  It also seemed like I was different people at different times.  These happened all the time but got much less as I got older.  In adult life, the happen occasionally during sleep.  Sometimes I am floating along above streets.  A few times I have ended up on Mars, once on Venus for a few seconds.  Occasionally I find myself as a different person.  There was one very memorable time when I found myself as a fish, swimming in an area of lakes and rivers.

I have recently started to study the phenomenon more, in the hope of actually being able to do it on purpose. I have found books by Robert Bruce to be a very good source of information on the subject. There's one called Astral Dynamics which I am currently studying that contains descriptions of the various planes you can get to as well as projection exercises. There's also a web site called astraldynamics with more info on the subject. They have an astral dynamics workbook spreadsheet that you can download which contains daily exercises to try.

Snowboard supercross exercise:  Recently I spent some time playing Snowboard Supercross, which is a Playstation 2 game in which you ride a snowboard through various types of courses.  I observed that, if I close my eyes after playing for some time, I get a brief glimpse of the course I was in.  This only lasts a fraction of a second but is seen as clearly as the real world during this time.  I've experienced this with other games as well so I thought I'd try to develop this to see if I could hold onto the images for longer.  Concentrating on holding onto the image made it last for slightly longer each time and there was one time I got part of the way round the course, lasting for about 5 seconds.  I'm not sure if this might lead to an astral projection or not.

Astral projection:  On Sat 12 Jan I detected a naturally occuring astral projection during sleep.  I was walking down a road which was lined with trees, occasionally floating slightly into the air for a while.  I was aware that I had just floated into the air and started wondering if I was having an astral projection.  This experience lasted for a few minutes.

Transcendence cd:  This cd is produced by the Monroe Institute using the hemi-sync process and contains various tones, pulses and sound patterns designed to increase your state of consciousness.  The disk progressed through increasingly deeper levels of consciousness.  Initially I experienced a perceived colour similar to the ones in the relaxation exercises but this time it was a colour which I could not identify.  As the exercise progressed my arms and legs became increasingly numb and I started to forget about my body.  The exercise lasted a total of 35 minutes and eventually I felt as if I might float up out of my body but the exercise ended, returning me to the normal waking state, before this had a chance to actually happen.  I did not find the most comfortable position for the headphones during this exercise and will try it again earlier in the evening or on a weekend morning.

Lucid dreams on Saturday 23 Feb:  I was exploring a wooded countryside area in England and took various trains to find my way between various towns.  I woke up a few times and the experience continued after falling asleep again.  This was a very beautiful experience.

Transcendence cd on Sunday morning:  Legs, feet, arms, hands and face went numb and I imagined floating between clouds and the sky.  I got a slight feeling of floating up and down.

Gateway CD Wave 1 Discovery

After this point in the program I decided to take a break from these exercises to explore the Discovery cd exercises.  This is the first of a series of 7 sets of cds produced by the Monroe Institute.  The cd sets in order are called Discovery, Threshold, Freedom, Adventure, Exploring, Prospecting and Odyssey.  Each cd set contains 6 different exercises to develop mental tools and altered states of consciousness.  The exercises on the Discovery cd set are called Orientation, Intro Focus 10, Advanced Focus 10, Release and Recharge, Exploration Sleep and Focus 10 Free Flow.

I began to work my way through these various exercises, taking them one at a time.  They use the technique of presenting different tones in each ear to help the mind into the altered state of consciousness and have a spoken commentary explaining what to do.  At this time I was off work with an illness and this ment that I had plenty of time to practise the exercises.

1.1  Orientation

This exercise introduced the energy conversion box where you put all your current problems and worries into an imagined box and push them away, resonant tuning where you hum in tune to a tone to recharge energy, and Focus 3 where your mind is in synchronisation.  These exercises were very refreshing and I continued to see various colours in front of me just like in the relaxation exercises.  I got mostly shades of green and purple but at the start of the very first exercise there was a totally unidentified colour.  I occasionally try this exercise again if I would like a short relaxation session.

1.2  Intro Focus 10

This exercise developed the Focus 3 state into Focus 10.  In this state your body is put to sleep by gradually relaxing every muscle, starting at the face and head and working down.  This produced a deeper sense of relaxation but is not easy to do at first and took lots of practise to get anywhere with it.  Eventually I was able to get Focus 10 by taking a deep breath and thinking of the number 10 and not I can get it in a few seconds if I wish.  If I try this with my eyes open it can be quite an interesting experience; the scene in front of me becomes much more 3d, seems larger and deeper than usual and sounds seem to deaden.

1.3  Advanced Focus 10

Here I learnt about the resonant energy balloon which is a sphere of energy surrounding the body which protects you from unwanted external energies. This energy balloon is imagined spiralling around you.  The exercise develops getting in and out of Focus 10 more easily.  It was very difficult to visualise this balloon initially and it was not until I had got as far as wave 3 that I could percieve it easily.

1.4  Release and Recharge

During this exercise you look at the various fears which you previously put into the energy conversion box and strip away the fear and emotion from them to reveal the underlying memory.  I didn't find this especially useful as I don't really have many fears that need released using this technique.

1.5  Exploration Sleep

This exercise uses the Focus 10 state to imagine rolling over like a log and them floating up into the air, the basis for out of bosy experiences.  I experienced various humming and vibrating type effects but have not yet had an out of body experience with this exercise.  The exercise ends by taking you into a light sleep.  I find this to be the most useful exercise as the light sleep state produced by it seems to take me to the deepest level of consciousness experienced during any of these exercises and is where I sometimes see brief images or scenery of sometimes astral plane entrance structures.

1.6  Focus 10 Free Flow

Here you go into the Focus 10 state with the energy conversion box, resonant tuning and energy balloon and are then able to work on your own purpose while in this state.  This exercise I find good for getting more used to the Focus 10 state.  Sometimes there is a distinctive smell at the beginning of this type of exercise.

Sat 13 Apr 02 morning

Discovery Focus 10 Free Flow followed by Transcendence:  During the focus 10 free flow exercise I felt a slow bouncing up and down effect, a slow seesaw effect, some slight rapid vibrations and slight humming noises.  Various colours were seen at different times during the exercises.  At one point I got a brief image of the room, despite having my eyes closed.  It looked quite different than usual; it was extremely elongated making everything look about 10 times deeper than usual.  This lasted less than a second.  On another occasion I got a brief image of the wall of the room.

Sun 14 Apr 02

Discovery Advanced Focus 10 followed by Discovery Sleep:  During these exercises I experienced various colours but this time they were slightly different than usual; in addition to the usual red and green colours I got a colour which I recognised as not being one which could normally be seen.  This colour has quite a strong hue, the appearance of which reminds me of soap.  It seems to fit just beyond the usual colour spectrum and I thus tend to refer to it as ultraviolet.  Also bouncing and vibration feelings.

Mon 15 Apr 02 evening

Discovery Focus 10 Free Flow:  This time I got different layers of colours with light blue in the foreground with either dark red or green behind this.  There were also shades of purple and yellow at times.  Got more pronounced bouncing sensations this time.

Sat 20 Apr 02 morning

Discovery Focus 10 Free Flow:  Seesaw motion effect, some vibrations and a propeller hum type noise.  At times I started to see small points of scenery of different types in the darkness.

Transcendence:  Got a rapid bouncing up and down feeling, saw dark geometric shapes and one time I seemed to be moving forward through a dark twisty triangular tunnel.

Sat 27 Apr before waking up:  Some images appear, one is like a gold wallpaper with coloured diamond shaped patterns in it.  Later, during Discovery sleep, some images of various types of scenery and buildings briefly appear.

Threshold 1 Intro Focus 12:  Energy conversion box, resonant tuning, resonant energy balloon, affirmation, focus 10 then move on to focus 12 where your consciousness expands far outside your body.

Wed 1 May early evening:  Got a buttermilk flavour at the start of the focus 12 then the patterns of percieved energy seemed more excited than usual.

Thu 2 May morning:  Flavour of peaches and cream and open space and countryside.  I tried to imagine my consciousness expanding into the room and then outside.

Transcendence before lunch:  Got a deeper relaxation state with some energy patterns.  Imagined moving through the countryside.

Gateway CD Wave 2 Threshold

This volume introduces the Focus 12 state and contains problem solving type exercises.  It seems to be an intermediate volume to prepare the way for later things to come.  The exercises all introduce various tools and techniques needed for future development.

2.1  Intro Focus 12

This exercise introduces the Focus 12 state in which your consciousness expands out far beyond the physical body and the limitations of physical matter.  You practise moving between Focus 10 and 12 a few times during the exercise.  This has also become one of my favourite exercises.  The Focus 12 state feels quite different from Focus 10.  There are much more energetic percieved energy patterns in front of me, sometimes like a sort of electric plasma and I seem to be able to sense an open area extending out around me.  I usually imagine travelling up to the top of a large building as I go towards Focus 12.

2.2  Problem Solving

This teaches you to use the Focus 12 state to formulate a problem which you would like a solution to, and then to release this problem out though your entire awareness and listen for possible solutions.  Have not yet found very much use for this to date.

2.3  One Month Patterning

This exercise involves formulating a change which you would like to take place within yourself and then releasing different aspects of this change out into your whole self using the Focus 12 state.  Tried it a few times but don't have any desired changes at the minute.

2.4  Colour Breathing

This teaches the technique of using the energies of different colours to help cleanse and energise the physical body. The colours used are red for increased vitality, green for release from emotional stress and purple for healing.  This I found a very refreshing exercise as I also experience these colours in the spreadsheet workbook exercises and this throws more light on their meaning.

2.5  Energy Bar Tool

This exercise teaches you to create an energy bar tool. This is a bar made of glowing white energy which you imagine yourself to be holding while in the Focus 10 state.  Once the energy bar is created, you then change the colour of the energy bar to every colour of the rainbow as practise in using it.  You then make the bar flash on and off at different speeds.  This is good visualisation practise and I return to it occasionally.

2.6  Introduction to Living Body Map

Balance and strengthen your physical self.  This exercise uses the energy bar tool to sense various body components, like circulation, bones and nerve system.  The colours of the tool are used to sense if any body components are in need of healing energy, which can then be directed to the required part.  This is an interesting exercise but I'm unsure about my current ability to percieve my body's condition using this technique.

Thu 23 May evening:  Discovery Freeflow 10: Focus 10 state is getting better, with more pronounced sensations.  After the exercise my body would not easily move and so I went back into the Focus 10 state.  Got rapid vibrations, then a sensation which felt like floating along on an energy wave, then later a sensation which felt like swimming slowly up through a dark area.  This dark area seemed like lake, or water tunnel, and had dimly percieved scenery throughout it.

Tue 18 Jun 02

Reiki session using the level 2 symbol.  First on the left ankle: sensation of heat as I imagined the symbol like a music clef being drawn.  Soles of each foot: heat felt only in the left foot.  Over forehead: warm, pleasant sensation felt moving into head.  Back: no sensation felt.  Closed eyes and held held hands over eyelids, first right hand then left.  Right hand: very bright visualised colour seen, not any colour I could identify, a strong beautiful colour, gradually faded through shades of deep blue.  Left hand: different bright unidentified colour, this one a softer, more subtle colour.

During the summer months since this point the exercises were given a lower priority to allow more time for other activities.  I continued occasional practise with the Gateway cd exercises, which were starting to produce more pronounced results.

My Focus 10 state now seems reasonably good and while in this state I experience two different types of vibrations.  The first one feels like a rapid ticking sensation, and the second one is like gradually moving up and down, somewhat like floating on an ocean wave that is slowly moving up and down.

There have been various occasions that felt like a projection had almost occured.  In each case I saw what looked like an astral plane entrance structure, as described by Robert Bruce in Astral Dynamics.  This looks like a coloured wallpaper pattern.  The first one had a gold background with coloured diamond shaped patterns in it.  The second one had a deep blue background with white patterns like line drawings of tulips in it.  The third one was while I was resting in the living room after dinner, early evening.  This time a pattern appeared that had a white background with lots of small blue c shapes in it that formed a symmetric pattern.  On each occasion the pattern appeared at an angle to me and I moved towards it for a short time.  Each one lasted about 5 seconds.  On other occasions city scenery or other planet like scenery has appeared for a split second.  More recently, a grey room with a pillar like structure in the middle faded into view for a second or so and then faded out again.  Another feature with both the Gateway and Transcendence exercises is that on quite a number of occasions there is a distinctive smell that seems to appear at the beginning of the exercise.  Smells that have appeared have been lemon, olive, countryside, seaside, butterscotch, earth and alcohol.  This typically appears at the beginning of the exercise and lasts throughout it, sometimes lasting all day after that.

Gateway CD Wave 3 Freedom

This wave makes more use of the Focus 12 state with exercises aimed at developing better awareness of the nonphysical environment and energy systems.  The Focus 12 state now becomes more advanced and useful.  My perceptions and experiences are now starting to develop better with these exercises.

3.1  Lift Off

This exercise first puts you in the Focus 12 state and then you use your resonant energy balloon to visualise moving up and down while floating inside the balloon.  I tend to visualise moving up through a tunnel during this exercise.  This was quite difficult at first but is now becoming easier.  I find the resonant energy balloon not very easy to visualise but sometimes feel it is there.

3.2  Remote Viewing

This exercise uses the energy bar tool to try to perceive numbers which someone has written on cards and heat up a cotton ball.  I didn't have anyone who could help with this and didn't get very far.

3.3  Vectors

This exercise uses the Focus 12 state to extend your perception of non physical reality out in different directions.  You imagine a clockface and then perceive first of all at 12 o'clock and then move round the directions clockwise, then later the other way.  I've practised this a number of times now and my perception seems to improve slowly with practise.

3.4  Five Questions

This exercise starts off with an extended form of the affirmation and then opens a communication channel in Focus 12 to enable communication for constructive purposes with non physical entities.  You then ask five questions and wait to perceive the response after each one.  The questions are Who am I, who and where was I before this physical existence, what is my purpose for this existence, what action can I now take to best serve this purpose and what is the most important message I can recieve at this time.  The perceptions I recieved are described later.

3.5  Energy Food

This exercise teaches a method for restoring depleted energy in Focus 12 by drawing it in from the surrounding universe.  This should reduce your need for physical food and when I tried this it did actually have this effect as I was unable to eat much for the rest of the day.

3.6  First Stage Separation

This exercise tries out five different methods for separating from the physical body in Focus 12.  These are rolling like a log, pivoting up as a long stiff pole, backing away from the body, flowing out through your head and floating up like a cloud.  I found this one of the more interesting exercises and my perceptions improved somewhat as I practised the exercise more.  The pole tilt and backing away seemed to produce the best visualisations.

Discovery Intro Focus 10  Mon 9 Sep 02 early evening

At the beginning of this exercise, just after the resonant tuning, I perceived a soft green light filling the space in front of me for a short time.  This gradually changed into a shade of purple for a while.  There was a slight smell of fish briefly after this.  The exercise continued to the Focus 3 state.  At this point I started to get bouncing sensations that felt at first like floating on a wave of water that seemed to be flowing from my feet up towards my head.  As the exercise progressed, this changed in form gradually and became like a sensation of bouncing up and down on a trampoline.  It seemed at times that this bouncing was going as high as the ceiling, and at other times just a little way up.  This was accompanied, at the start, by a static electricity like feeling in my face that went in rhythm with the bouncing sensations.  As the muscle relaxation continued towards Focus 10, the bouncing gradually changed, with the height of the bouncing reducing and the intensity increasing until it felt like rapid vibrations with a more subtle inwards and outwards sensation in rhythm with my breathing.  After the end of the exercise, I remained in Focus 10 for some time to see where it would lead.  The vibrating sensations continued in a similar way as before, though it now took on a less rigid rhythm and followed its own pattern.  At times I imagined moving through tunnels or floating in clouds.  At times I could vaguely perceive cloud like patterns in front of me.  I continued with this for about an hour and then decided to return to normal consciousness.

Freedom 5 questions  Thu 26 Sep 02 early evening

During this exercise my Focus 12 state felt much more energised then usual.  It felt as if I was in a sort of electrified plasma in which sparkling energy patterns could be perceived.  These are what I perceived in response to the various questions in the exercise.  Since this date I have repeated this exercise a few times but without any further revelations.

Question on previous lives:  Got a perception of an alien landscape with low, stone type buildings and stars, one constellation of stars that looked like large v shapes.  This felt as if it was some other planet somewhere.

Question on future destination:  Perception of a forested landscape with tall trees and flowers and mountains in the background.  This landscape was very beautiful and presented a sense of large scale.

Question on what to do now:  Answer seemed to indicate meditation, study and prepare for the future.

Freedom First stage separation  Sat 5 Oct 02 mid morning

This exercise is becoming one of the most interesting exercises to date.  I get various types of vibrations, including a static electricity on the face type feeling, slow bouncing up and down sensations and the rapid ticking type of vibrations.  The long pole visualisation  worked reasonably well, I imagined one end of the pole stuck at a corner of a yard and could perceive garden type scenery as I swung upwards.  During the backing away part I could vaguely perceive the back of my body as if seen from far away, though as yet only a vague perception.  During the floating up like a cloud part I perceived floating inside clouds.  After the end of the exercise I remained in Focus 10 and deepened my awareness by counting up to 20.  In this state there was an occasional image that would briefly flash in front of me.

Freedom Energy food Sun 6 Oct 02 mid morning

This exercise uses the Focus 12 state to draw energy from the universe in through the palms of your hands and into your body.  I visualise glowing white energy coming in from the four corners and into my hands.  This seems to work quite effectively and I wasn't able to eat very much for the rest of the day after this.

The Astral Pulse
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well I attended the gateway  a few years didnt work for me ( and i usually project once a month or so)...asi feel i did not achieve the body asleep mind awake state..out of the 22 folk there I was the only one apprently not to..but hey!that is only me..i have a lot of respect for the late Robert monroe but i feel it has gone far too new Agey and is a corporation now...all sorts of courses which are devoid of obe content and allied to the "feel good about yourself and the universe" type thing which is not for me but again thats only me...

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« Reply #6 on: October 20, 2002, 11:50:52 »

Greetings Brian!

Thank you very much indeed for your detailed and most excellent description of your experiences!

I have been reading through them with interest, and I am sure many people here will relate to them in one way or another.

It does seem to highlight once again the differences between OBE and controlled "phasing". With controlled access to these various states, it would seem that many things are possible, and with a much wider range of choices available.

Thanks again!

With best regards,



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« Reply #7 on: October 21, 2002, 20:32:26 »

I reallly enjoyed reading about your experiences also!  These CDs spark a lot of curiousity in people ,and it was great to read about the different sections in the CDs." border=0>



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« Reply #8 on: October 24, 2002, 07:25:58 »

Thank you, Tracy and Adrian.

Yes, I've very much enjoyed these cd exercises so far.  They provide lots of interesting experiences and I find also that this type of guided exercise helps you to find time to actually do them.  The most interesting things that have happened so far have been the astral plane entrance structures I experienced a few times, and an effect like a very bright green light which sometimes fills the room at the beginning of an exercise, though this is more common with the breathing and muscle exercises in Robert Bruce's spreadsheet.

The next Gateway cd deals with non verbal communication and I'm currently taking time to practice some of th earlier exercises before starting this.


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« Reply #9 on: October 24, 2002, 15:06:44 »

Hi All,

I have the entire Monroe CD set (in mp3 format). Although I haven't taken all of the exercises yet, I find the content on them very intriguing.

So far I've only had one OBE and it wasn't using any of Monroes tapes, but he teaches important things in his tapes, like the focus 10 relaxation techniques, building an energy shield, energy healing techniques etc...

My problem with making the most of these CD's so far has been:

  1. my impatience and high expectations (pop in the cd and take off on an AP)
  2. inability to visualize. e.g - In building the energy bar cd, I had a hard time picturing a simple yellow bar!!!
  3. inability to relax. e.g - racing mind, fidgety body, itches, etc...

With perseverance, eventually things will all come together and at that time I'll be able to add some of my own awesome gateway experiences to this thread.

Thanks for listening!

p.s - any good tips on improving visualization techniques would be appreciated, although maybe this is not the thread for it.

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« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2002, 08:27:21 »

hi there Justin - I read a really a good tip for enhancing your visualization / imagination skills in another post just recently.

It was something like....sit in your chair, imagine yourself floating up in the air, then imagine doing a somersault in mid-air, and floating back down to your chair. When doing this, imagine how your surroundings appear, and how they are changing during the somersault.

Another - imagine an abstract shape or object, and hold the image in your mind.

Now, you might say to yourself "hang on a second, where's the tip to help me do this ?!"

But the key point (for me anyway) in the post I read is the realisation that you can do these type of exercises anywhere / anytime......for 30 seconds or for 30 minutes. In your office, on a bus, maybe not whilst you're driving , ha ha !

This basically means you don't have to set aside a time in your day  specifically devoted to the exercise..
....and it follows that you therefore have a greater opportunity to PRACTISE.


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« Reply #11 on: October 26, 2002, 09:57:26 »

Hey, this is gonna be short, because I'm sleepy!  Most people think that visualizing is SEEing an image clearly, but all you have to do is imagine. If you imagined being at the beach, you might hear the waves of the ocean, taste salt water, feel the sand on your feet.  It can be easy. Don't try so hard!

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« Reply #12 on: December 17, 2002, 11:08:04 »

Continuation of my Gateway experiences

Reiki session Fri 11 Oct 02 evening

I tried the level 2 symbol in both directions and also the level 3 symbol.  Sensation of pleasure.  Got a wall of strange heiroglyphics arranged in long narrow lines that seemed to stretch into the distance.  Later I got a very beautiful deep electric blue that eventually faded through lots of different colours.  During the night I got an oobe with floating along streets with people. I became aware that I was having an oobe during this.

Sun 27 Oct 02 morning after Threshold Focus 12

I returned to Focus 10 and then experienced vibrations, some very brief wallpaper patterns and a vision of my room despite having my eyes closed.

Gateway CD Wave 4 Adventure

This wave focuses on achieving communication with other dimensions and non physical entities, using the Focus 12 state to heighten your awareness of energy systems and entities.  This wave is designed to give direction and control of new experiences, new ideas, new capabilities and new exciting explorations.

4.1  One Year Patterning

In this exercise you go to Focus 12 and then make patterns about how you would like yourself to develop in the next year.  This includes aspects of emotional, spiritual, physical and development areas of your life.  I initially tried patterning for increased spiritual and out of body abilities.  This technique seems a good way to enhance spiritual development.

4.2  Five Messages

This uses the Focus 12 state to recieve 5 messages which are relevant to you at this time and is similar to the 5 questions exercise in the last wave.  You first of all invite the 5th most important message waiting for you at this time and work your way to the 1st most important message.  The first time I tried this I got impressions of being in different places.

4.3  Free Flow 12

This exercise first of all expands you to the Focus 12 state and then introduces a beacon guidepost sound as a reference point and then allows you to explore the Focus 12 environment at will.  The guidepost is used to remind you of your purpose and to help return at the end of the exercise.  So far I have just percieved energy patterns in this state.  It seems a good exercise to try out visualizations.

4.4  Nonverbal Communication 1

This is communication using the mind and is the main means of communication with non physical dimensions and beings, and with mind to mind exchanges.  In this execise you begin to build your vocabulary with this type of communication.  There are lots of little exercises in Focus 10 about visualising different words and then you go to Focus 12 to see if there are any new forms of communication available.  Some of the word exercises produce extra visualizations.

4.5  Nonverbal Communication 2

This exercise gives further practise to develop your non verbal vocabulary leading to communicating your affirmation nonverbally.  Your expanded awareness can then be used to receive non verbal communication from others.  The words in this exercise are much harder to translate and the exercise ends up translating the affirmation into non verbal.

4.6  Compoint

This stands for communications point and is a location which you establish in the continuum of consciousness.  This makes it easier to create an environment that invites communication.  Non verbal communication skills can then be used to gather information and experience other energy systems.  This expands the previous exercise to search for non verbal communication in Focus 12 and is good for extra practise.

Adventure 5 Messages  Thu 7 Nov 02 morning

For the first answer I got a perception which seemed like We are here to protect you.  On the other answers I got a sense of being in a different place with my eyes closed, the perception of place was slightly different for each of the answers.

Projection Diary Day 16 - Tue 12 Nov 02

Relaxation all steps as day 6:  During the muscle exercises, first I got a humming noise and rapid vibrations.  This was then followed by a bright deep green colour, then light blue, violet and bright reddish purple.  Later the vibrations got stronger and I visualised moving upwards for a while.  It felt like something interesting might be about to happen for a time near the end of the exercise.

Spot focus as day 9:  Humming noise and slight vibrations.  The room seemed to white out after a short time stareing at the spot.

Tactile imaging toes and soles of feet:  Sponging exercises first on the big toes, then the other toes, then later a circular spiral motion on the soles of the feet.  My big toes felt more energised, the other toes less so.  Soles of the feet felt slightly energised.

Bouncing energy legs and arms:  Arms produced a humming noise a slight swaying back and forth.  During the legs I got slight rapid vibrations and went into a slight trance.  This was very relaxing.

One Eternal session Tue 12 Nov 02 after going to bed

I was using the energy for some healing earlier before going to sleep. After getting into bed I rested my arms on my legs and sent the One Eternal energy into them. After a while I got an altered state of consciousness. Although the memory of it faded quite quickly afterwards, from what I can remember it felt like flying a small spacecraft through a kaleidoscope like landscape of moving colours, swirling light corridors, etc. I think this is what is described as the Mental Plane in various other books and discussions about out of body experiences.  I only recognised this as an altered state of consciousness after the experience had ended.

Adventure NVC1 Sat 16 Nov 02 morning

This started off with lots of exercises in Focus 10 about visualising different words.  On visualising a door, it opened to reveal a bridge leading across to a system of columns.  After this the exercise moved on to Focus 12 to check if any new communications were available.  Immediately upon doing this, I got a small while goat like animal.  I got on it and it then took me on a walk through what seemed like countryside and village scenery.

Adventure NVC2 Tue 19 Nov 02 evening

My level of consciousness during these exercises is now starting to become much deeper, with the energy patterns percieved in Focus 12 getting brighter like an electric plasma or sometimes like rippling water.  My body seems to be going to sleep much better now as well, with a feeling of dry mouth and increased heavyness.  After the end of the cd exercise I continue with visualizations about floating upwards, being in different rooms or in some astral scenery.

Adventure Compoint Thu 21 Nov 02 evening

This starts with a few word translations designed to establish communication and then a freeflow part for most of the exercise in Focus 12.  I didn't experience any communication here but got increased energy sensations and a deepening of consciousness, and followed the exercise with some visualizations.

Adventure NVC1 and Ra Sheeba Thu 28 Nov 02 evening

Started with the exercises translating words to non verbal.  This is now getting easier.  The door led to a bridge into an area of deep blackness which I stayed in for a while.  The window looked out over some houses and countryside.  The Focus 12 part of the exercise led to more intense rippling energy sensations.  Later I imagined a circular thatched room, the central part was a large tree with a circular wooden bench running around it.  The roof and walls were dome shaped and made of thatched wood.  I imagined people sitting with me on the bench.  After the exercise I tried activating Ra Sheeba using the Ka Toth and Traveller symbols.  The Traveller symbol seemed to transform into a structure like a circular fairground ride of the type that rotates round and round with the semicircular part at the ends of the arms of the symbol becoming the small carriages which I sat in.  This then took me on a visualization of going round and round the room I was in, sometimes going up and down and sometimes going round the walls of my room.  The vibration sensations usually associated with Focus states became extremely strong, intense and rapid, getting quicker all the time.  They ended up feeling like the ticking sound of a car engine.  The experience then deepened into a sensation of floating and falling, becoming very intense and leading to a feeling of extreme dizzyness and helplessness.  This part lasted for some time and eventually started to ease off, then I brought it under control and woke up.  About one and a half hours had passed since the start of the exercise.

Sat 30 Nov 02 morning while meditating

A meditation session during the morning had resulted in me falling asleep and having a dream.  The dream ended with me in a car in the garden, at which point I became aware that I was out of my body and therefore tried to get out of the car and move up the garden.  It was daytime and things were lit by a bright, beautiful light.  I managed to move forward for a few seconds and then the experience ended, leaving me lieing awake in bed again.

Sun 1 Dec 02 night during sleep

During sleep, probably later in the night, I became aware that I was having a dream which then turned into an out of body experience.  I was aware of being up the garden. It was night and the area seemed to glow with an extremely beautiful light just above the lawn.  The stars could be clearly seen above and looked 3d and very bright, almost touchable.  The overall experience was one of extreme beauty.  I tried to move forward but only got a short distance for a few seconds then the experience ended leaving me lying awake in bed.

Gateway CD Wave 5 Exploring

This wave features exercise without any verbal instructions in them.  There's just hemisync signals and relaxing synthesizer type music.  This allows you to pursue your own goals by creating experiences under your own mental direction.  The exercises concentrate on the different focus levels and on day and night exercises.

5.1  Mission 10

This is a free flow exercise in Focus 10.  You can decide on a purpose and then have a more powerful and effective exploration in Focus 10.  This exercise features gently flowing woodwind sounds and I find it produces a smoother and softer experience because of the Focus 10 state.

5.2  Mission 12

This exercise allows you to expand the possibilities of Focus 12 under your own control by deciding on a purpose which might be patterning, problem solving, asking questions or exploring a new concept or locale.  This exercise features gentle chinese sounding music and I experience much more vibrant energy patterns and sensations with this exercise.

5.3  Mission Day

This exercise is a powerful 15 minute patterning process designed to be used in the morning before getting up.  You can use either Focus 10 or Focus 12 and express your desires for the day in thought patterns.  It features slow woodwind and synthesizer music and I find it provides an invigorating experience.

5.4  Mission Night

This exercise is used when you are ready to sleep and does not return you to normal consciousness at the end.  You can use either Focus 10 or Focus 12 and pattern to direct your sleep experience, which might be solving problems, recieving messages, remembering dreams, remote viewing or having oobes.  The exercise has soft slow synthesizer music and I find it produces 3d energy patterns and some images.

5.5  Horizons

This exercise provides hemisync signals which evoke memories, feelings and events.  There is no need for a purpose here.  After the preparation process you just relax into the exercise and let it happen.  Repeated exercises may have continuity.  The exercise features sounds of owls and evokes a feeling of night time and countryside.  I find this exercise creates images of beautiful scenery.

5.6  Pathways

This exercise leads you along forgotten paths or opens new paths for exploration.  You can play with moving between focus levels and noting shifts in awareness.  This exercise features flutes and chimes music and I find it produces a sense of upward motion.

Exploring Horizons  Sat 7 Dec 02 morning

This exercise features sound of owls and has a feeling of night time which feels very beautiful and relaxing.  It created images of countryside, wide open spaces, mountain and forest scenery.

Adventure Free Flow 12  Wed 11 Dec 02 early evening

I am now becoming more aware of the differences between the Focus 10 and Focus 12 states of consciousness.  Focus 10 features flat, static like energy patterns while Focus 12 has much more vibrant, dark 3d electric plasma like patterns which seem to be swirling around me like clouds.  In this exercise I tried asking for communication and about my future destination and purpose in life.  I percieved a sort of mountain valley scene near the start of the Focus 12 part of the exercise.

Exploring Mission 10  Thu 12 Dec 02 early evening

This exercise features gently flowing woodwind sounds.  I tried deep breathing and muscle toning before the start of the exercise, this seemed to enhance the experience.  My resonant energy balloon appeared much more clearly this time.  In Focus 10 I was surrounded by smooth fuzzy energy patterns with a slight light blue coloured light.  I relaxed into the energy patterns and got very gentle bouncing up and down sensations.  I felt on the edge of sleep eventually during this exercise.

One Eternal session Thu 12 Dec 02 night before sleep

I tried the energy on my legs, feet and head using a wider range of the symbols than before.  This time I noticed that each of the different symbols had a different energy feel to it and I got the perception of a particular flavour with each symbol.  The symbol 1 (wr1a) felt like vanilla, symbol 2 (wr1b) was coffee, symbol 5 (wr2) was tomato hot dog, symbol 9 (graystar1) was lemon and symbol 13 (level 3 symbol 1) was strawberry.

Exploring Mission Day  Fri 13 Dec 02 before getting up

This is a short 15 minute exercise with slow woodwind and synthesizer music.  I relaxed into it in Focus 10 and got gentle wispy energy patterns and a perception of sideways movement at times.  Afterwards I felt very invigorated.

Exploring Mission 12  Sat 14 Dec 02 mid morning

This exercise features gentle chinese sounding music.  I got the slightly more vibrant energy patterns of the Focus 12 state.  There were a few brief images which appeared at various points in the exercise, mostly tops of buildings or faces.  Some slow bouncing feelings, some more rapid type vibrations and at times trampoline like rapid fairly violent bouncing up and down sensations.  At times the Focus 12 energy patterns seemed to have small jigsaw like patterns in them.

Adventure Free Flow 12  Sat 14 Dec 02 early evening

Some red and green light sensations during the resonant tuning part of the exercise.  Extremely vibrant energy patterns with 3d deep violet coloured energy mists.  Gentle slow moving vibrations during this exercise.

Exploring Mission Night  Sat 14 Dec 02 night

This exercise has soft slow synthesizer music.  I got the 3d staticy energy patterns of Focus 12 and frequent very brief images appeared during the exercise.  After the exercise I stayed in Focus 12 gradually falling asleep for a while.

Exploring Pathways  Sun 15 Dec 02 mid morning

This exercise features flute and chimes music.  I got fairly smooth energy patterns and a sense of upward lifting a few times during the exercise.  There were some slight patterns in the energy.  The exercise seemed to be stimulating many thoughts.

Exploring Pathways  Mon 16 Dec 02 early evening

The resonant tuning felt wonderful this time, I felt it drawing in lots of invigorating energy which created a considerable boost.  I got 3d snowstorm type energy patterns with a small patterning effect.  The exercise took me on a visualization type journey, first through the air, then through mountains with forests.  I went up steep rocky slopes into the mountains and then through the air above the mountains.  It then changed to going down through the soil and then the rocks to get to caves with lava, then on down into the earth until the central dark crystal was reached.  I felt a dark energy here and then shot upwards into space and outwards until uranus came into view.  I went down into the clouds of uranus, reaching some valleys at the surface then on down to the central crystal which had a different, much lighter feel to it than the earth crystal.  I spent some time in the energy here then the scene faded out into the smooth energy patterns of Focus 10 as the exercise was ending.

Exploring Mission 10  Mon 16 Dec 02 before sleep

I chose this exercise here as the Focus 10 exercises offer a smoother ride suitable for thought processes.  My resonant energy balloon seemed to form automatically at the appropriate part of the exercise, it is becoming much easier to generate this now.  I got reasonably vibrant energy patterns, somewhat inbetween the types normally associated with Focus 10 and Focus 12.  I used the exercise to make assertions designed to enhance my dreams and possibilities for lucid dreaming.  At the end of the exercise I returned to normal consciousness with the music and then went to sleep.  Sleep this night had many interesting episodes involving groups of people in some sort of installation type setting.  Outside the installation was a wild landscape of rocks, rivers and ice.  The scenario also continued after waking up and falling asleep again.


Future gateway volumes for reference

Gateway CD Wave 6 Prospecting

This wave leads you further in non verbal communication and supports your discovery of the treasures of time and space.

Metamorphosite  hunt your gems of change
Bio Body  explore treasures of the physical
Null Point  unearth the mine of your mind
Plus Polarity  move through the null point to the opposite polarity
Near Reaches  Discoveries in time and space
Far Reaches  Dig deep soar high

Gateway CD Wave 7 Odyssey

Embark upon an odyssey of self discovery.  Explore realms of awareness that defy description in dimensions beyond physical time-space reality.

Sensing Locale 1  Reaquaint yourself with Focus 12 while you're introduced to your energy body
Expansion in Locale 1  Begin a greater exploration of Locale 1
Point of Departure  Become proficient in moving your consciousness with an expanded energy body
Nonphysical Friends  Establish trust through direct personal contact
Intro to Focus 21  Transition through the various states of consciousness
Free Flow Focus 21  Project your consciousness to the light of Focus 21



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« Reply #13 on: December 18, 2002, 00:53:37 »

Hi Brian
        Thanks for taking the time to relate your gateway experiences! I`ve been using the discs for two months and am just starting on wave lV.The written material that TMI provides is pretty sketchy and reading your accounts of the various exercises has been extremely helpful.My experiences are very close to what you describe. I believe I`m getting nearer to achieving a controlled phasing into the astral. There`s  a very elusive, subtle shift that I sometimes feel but can`t expand. It`s like keeping a strong intent but surrendering at the same time. I`m sure one day it`ll all fall into place!I look forward to more of your posts.
        Happy Trails


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« Reply #14 on: December 19, 2002, 19:34:56 »

Am I the only one who gets vertigo and nausea while working the REBAL part of the sequence?  I feel as though I'm getting ready to launch.  Either my body or my breakfast, I'm not sure.


"As Above, So Below"

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« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2002, 20:51:33 »

LOL: that is SO darned Tisha I'm almost off my chair.


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« Reply #16 on: December 19, 2002, 22:48:59 »

Here Frank, did you get that private message I sent you the other day?

Just wondering...



"It is to Scotland that we look for our idea of civilisation." -- Voltaire.
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« Reply #17 on: December 20, 2002, 00:27:59 »

Hi Tisha
           I haven`t had any nausea associated with my rebal and wouldn`t have a clue as to what could be causing it. I hope you can achieve a launch while retaining your lunch!

         Happy Trails


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« Reply #18 on: December 24, 2002, 11:45:55 »

Continuation of exercises

Exploring Mission 12  Wed 18 Dec 02 early evening

I got the 3d staticy energy patterns of the Focus 12 state.  I tried visualizing a scene which I remembered from centre island in Toronto and found that, as I tried to visualize different parts of it, I was able to visualize the scene in very great detail, much more than I would usually be able to remember about it.  I could think of different areas of the place, move around in them and be aware of the scene quite accurately.  Some rapid vibrations came at times.

Exploring Pathways  Thu 19 Dec 02 late afternoon

I tried for a similar meditation exercise to the last Pathways.  I got visualizations of flying through the air and going to the iron crystal at the earth core.  Then the earth core sent me out to venus.  Here I got sensations of rocky cliffs and valleys and dull yellow clouds, trenches which seemed to have some sort of flowing metal in them.  I then went down into venus, getting a sense of earth with lots of dark clustered rocks.  The core of venus seemed to have a medium brown type of energy.  Next I tried to get the venus core to send me out to titan, the orange cloudy moon of saturn which astronomers suspect might have life.  Here I was only able to sense a sort of vague sandy ground with small black rocks scattered around.

Freedom Energy Food  Fri 20 Dec 02 early evening

Got a strong sensation of vibrations coming in through my hands as the energy flowed in.  I visualized streams of white energy flowing in from all directions through my hands and into my body.

Exploring Horizons  Sat 21 Dec 02 mid morning

In this exercise I got sensations of lots of strange 3d shapes and walls and planes with strange partitions and shapes in them.


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« Reply #19 on: January 02, 2003, 05:24:28 »

I am so glad I stepped onto this fourm. It has been truly a eye opening experience in the best way. Smiley The Gateway Experience has been wonderful. Its given the the motivation to just do it. To go out there and explore when I would have otherwise gone and done something unproductive. I think what we are, what we have been and are gonna be is way more facsinating than any TV could ever come up with.
     Franks posts were a great starting point. It was nice to have a basic outline of what to do. Especially since I have it in mp3 form with no instructions. Was definetly fumbling around in the dark there, but Im getting my "legs" so to speak. Smiley I kinda had my own adaption of it. I forgot who mentioned it, but I liked the thought so I kinda tweaked it. (WHOEVER MENTIONED THIS THANK YOU!!!!). She had mentioned a Mercedes zooming down the autobahn and I just loved that visual. A AMG model with 492hp..DROOL!!.  I drive for a living, so its pretty easy to have that feeling of driving in a car. So I decided it would be driving down a nice oceanside road. If anyone if familair with the Pacific Coast Hwy in California (USA) will know what I mean. That is my favorite drive. Smiley So I use that as my way to Focus 10 with turns being the counting. 1,2,3 ect when he is counting. I still haven't gotten the imagery down completly but am still working on it. Thank you guys for your post on this. Truly amazing stuff that stirs my soul.

I also have a question about patterning? How do I need to word it? Does it have to be specific? I couldn't figure out how to word it.

Ex. I'll use a real life example for myself. I want to go to stunt driving school, and racing school. How would I need to say it in a patterning session?

"I want to go to stunt drivnig school"
"Im a stunt driver"

This is where I get confused. if someone could offer some suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Smiley
Im assuming I could patterning on how to get the money to go to school to huh? Is there anything that explains the mechainics of how some of this stuff works and why? Thanks guys.


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« Reply #20 on: January 22, 2003, 08:26:34 »

Continuation of exercises

Exploring Mission 12  Tue 24 Dec 02 late afternoon

In this exercise I was drawn to try to visualize scenes from the Lahoreh sector of Omikron, an imaginary place, to see if it might induce astral phasing and to compare the effects with those obtained from visualizing real places.  I found I was able to remember locations and move around between locations with the visualized journey even though there was no visible picture, just thoughts.  Again the place was visualized in much greater detail than I can normally remember about it.

Exploring Horizons  Wed 25 Dec 02 mid morning

During this exercise I got brief visions of an open cavern with high sloping together rock walls and snow.  Later, an image of a rock column which lifted up to reveal a bush which appeared in the ground under it, growing rapidly an d then sprouting wild roses.  Later, the image of a woman at a large tree with one hand touching the tree.  There were some other images of planes and patterns as well.

Adventure Free Flow 12  Fri 27 Dec 02 mid morning

I decided to try another visualization journey in this exercise.  After the beacon guidepost I got a visualization of flying above the houses and on up through the air to a mountain range.  I went up the mountains backwards and then enjoyed the mountain range scenery for a while.  After this, down through the ground, the lava caves to the earth core crystal.  The crystal then sent me off to venus.  I explored rocky slopes and valleys then went down to the centre, past the dark rocky clusters I had felt here before, to the core crystal.  I enjoyed the medium brown energy here for some time.  The crystal sent me off to mars this time.  I got views of spinning round on the surface of mars then down to the centre.  Underground felt like brown layered rocks.  The core crystal felt most unusual, dark red coloured energy and a feeling of being in a hollow rock sphere with carvings on it.  I tried to examine the carvings, some felt like vaguely butterfly like shapes but I couldn't see them clearly.  I stayed here until the beacon guidepost signalled the ending of the exercise.

Exploring Pathways  Fri 27 Dec 02 late afternoon

I visualized a journey, flying through the air, up amd into mountains then down through caverns to the earth core crystal.  I spent more time here this time, noticing strong low frequency vibrations which came on when I got to the crystal.  I then went off through space to mars.  Got a brief view of the rocky landscape and the pink sky and then went down through the layered rocks to the central crystal.  The vibrations came on here, these were of higher frequency and lighter than with the earth crystal.  I could sense the hollow rock sphere but not any of the pictures I'd sensed here before.  I spent a while in this energy and then went off through space to europa, moon of jupiter.  I sensed the ridges and valleys of ice here and jupiter in the sky.  Tried going down through the ice to see if there is any water underneath it.  I got to what seemed like a very black expanse of water with the ice above and dark rocks below.  I could sense this area was quite large and was made up of various sections.  This area had a quite mysterious feel to it and produced a sensation of quiet stillness and wonder.  I then went down to the core of this moon.  The core energy felt orange and quite tiny, with lighter vibrations.  I then stayed in the deep cavern until the end of the exercise.

Gateway CD Wave 6 Prospecting

This wave also features synthesizer music with hemisync signals without any verbal instructions in the exercises.  This wave leads you further in non verbal communication and supports your discovery of the treasures of time and space.  It starts with physical body tuning exercises and then goes on to somewhat more unusual exercises that take you to various types of voids.

6.1  Metamorphosite

In this exercise you first set a mental goal and then go to either Focus 10 or Focus 12 and use patterning to manifest your desired changes in life.  This exercise has jingles separating the resonant tuning from the rest of the exercise and, after that, there is recorder type music which I found rather harsh and seemed to make it difficult to achieve any results.

6.2  Bio Body

This exercise uses the energy bar tool and living body map to tune into your body's rhythms and functions.  This can be used to restore optimal physical balance and wellbeing.  This exercise has whirly windy sounds followed by gentle synthesizer rising and falling melodies.  I find this provides an opportunity to use the healing energy tools but is otherwise similar to the previous exercise that dealt with this.

6.3  Null Point

This exercise was the result of laboratory research and takes you to a point where your body's electrical polarity shifts into a neutral phase.  This provides a productive window for taking off in any desired mental direction.  This exercise has unusual slow moving music and I find it gives me a sensation of being in a large void.

6.4  Plus Polarity

This exercise moves you through the null point to the opposite polarity from what you originally had.  The body's electrical polarity does routinely cycle between positive and negative.  This can produce subtle changes in awareness.  The music is similar to Null Point but with extra elements and more pronounced warbling effects.  This makes me feel like I'm floating in a glass cube.

6.5  Near Reaches

This exercise allows you to pass through the null point to discover some treasures available to you in time / space reality.  This starts off with strange synthesizer notes, then moves on to similar sounds to Null Point.  In the middle it switches to playing a melody for a while.  I experience 3d snowstorm type space filled with a violet light in this exercise.

6.6  Far Reaches

This exercise supports your search beyond the physical universe into other energy systems extending beyond time and space.  All limitations can now be transcended.

Prospecting Metamorphosite  Mon 30 Dec 02 late afternoon

This exercise had jingles separating the resonant tuning, and had somewhat harsh recorder type music.  I tried patterning for increased awareness of nonphysical energy and beings and for increased astral abilities.

Exploring Pathways  Fri 3 Jan 03 mid morning

In this visualization journey I went into the clouds then through the air to mountains and then down to the earth core.  Then on to mars and the mars core.  I sensed the hollow sphere and the deep red energy here.  After this, I went on to europa at jupiter, along the ice valleys on the surface then down to the deep water cavern and on down to the core which had marigold feel to it.  Next I went over to jupiter, down through the atmosphere to the core which seemed to have a silver energy and was spinning rapidly.

Prospecting Bio Body  Fri 10 Jan 03 early evening

This exercise had whirly windy sounds followed by gentle synthesizer rising and falling melodies.  I got 3d staticy patterned space with some coloured layers.  I tried the healing purple energy bar tool and felt the energy as it was moved various parts of the body.  There were some slow bouncing up and down sensations near the end.

Prospecing Null Point  Sat 11 Jan 03 early evening

This exercise has somewhat wierd sounding slow moving music.  I got a 3d misty effect with some twinkling stars and a soft pale violet light.  This one feels different from the other exercises, it gave a sense of floating in a void filled with a pale violet mist.

Prospecing Null Point  Sun 12 Jan 03 mid morning

I got yellow lights this time, then lots of strange 3d shapes and dark mountain tops with white spots.

Prospecing Null Point  Mon 13 Jan 03 lunchtime

I got strange curved surfaces and shapes and a 2 cycles per second vibration effect.

Prospecting Plus Polarity  Wed 15 Jan 03 late morning

This has similar music to Null Point with some extra sounds and more pronounced warbling.  I got flickering light patterns and both rapid and slow bouncing vibrations.  It felt like I was floating in a glass cube.  After the end of the exercise, a dark blue wallpaper appeared visually, this was a single colour and had raised paper type patterns in it.

Prospecting Null Point  Thu 16 Jan 03 mid evening

Space seemed very 3d in this exercise and was filled with pale violet patterned lights.

Prospecting Near Reaches  Mon 20 Jan 03 early evening

The exercise started off with unusual synthesizer notes and then became similar to the sounds of Null Point.  I got excited 3d snowstorm type space with a strong violet light in the mist type of effect which started at the resonant energy balloon stage.  There was also lights of other colours at times which were not any recognised colours and which seemed to be more like flavours than colours.  I started with Focus 10 and then expanded into Focus 12.  I got a vague floating sensation.  After a while a melody started and then I got a slow, gentle falling sensation.  After the end of the exercise I continued in the focus state for a while longer, sinking deeper into the focus state, trying to keep my mind as clear of thoughts as possible in an attempt at an out of body experience.  I got the rapid trampoline like bouncing effect with rapid, hard, diesel engine type of vibrations.
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I first got into the Gateway tapes in 1998 or thereabouts after finding that the early Remote Viewers had used them to train with.  The main thing was that the TMI had some credibility, so I ordered Gateway Wave I and couldn't wit to try it.

I found Wave I to be quite good as far as unlocking a certain amount of potential from a completely non-gifted person (ie me) for the purpose of out-of-body travel. However I have to say that I don't believe that there exists any hemi-sync tape which gives you an easy road. They always require tons of effort and repetition - unless you're naturally gifted of course. I used the cassette version of the course, which I would say is probably ok if you have a decent tape player, though from what other people say, the CDs could well be heaps better.

"Wave I"
The "Wave I" series was good because it assumed no prior skills whatsoever and is pretty simple to follow with clear instructions included along the course of each tape. One downside is that it came with only the most basic instructions so most people don't really know exaclty what do do once they are getting interesting sensations, but are still are having no luck getting out. Definitely the most difficult part of the whole thing was finding 45 minutes worth of quiet to shut yourself away to try a tape most days (and preferably each day).

At the start of each tape session, you are taken through a few minutes of breathing exercises which require you to exhale through your mouth making an audible noise.  Note that I found this energy-raising breathing to be absolutely essential, so don't think you can just skip that part. I don't know if making the audible exhaling noise was particularly useful but I was happy to do it anyway. I did try some nights playing the tape without doing the energy-raising just to see - and the results were disappointing.

Practice - and some results
When I started, I practiced the tapes nightly for ten days or so, listening to them in bed with the lights out. I gradually moved from tapes 1 to 2 and 3, and then onto tape 5. They mentioned that you needed to achieve the "mind awake - body asleep" state before going on to tape 5, but what I think they really mean is that your mind should be awake but your body be so deeply relaxed that you have lost most of your awareness of it. (Some people report hearing themselves snoring but I don't snore so I never experienced this.) However you should definitely not be in a state of "waking paralysis" where your body is totally asleep! This state is rare, uncomfortable and also generally regarded as being pretty unhelpful for the purposes of astral travel.

When I finally tried Tape 5 of the series, I noticed that I got to a point in the tape where I would get a very light vibrating (or fluttering) sensation throughout my body for maybe 15 seconds or so. I didn't know what this meant, but certainly hoped it was "the vibrations" that astral travellers talk about as a precursor to leaving their bodies. The rate of the light vibration through my body was about 5 Herz - ie five flutters per second. However initially I didn't get this effect every session.

With more practice of tape 5 though, this point of vibration became easier and easier to reach each time until I sometimes didn't need the tape any longer to reach this point - I just needed to recall the feeling in my mind and the vibrating would come. Interestingly, one night I asked my girlfriend when the vibrating started if she could feel it as she lay next to me, and even though she was touching me and we were both lying very still, she said she couldn't feel a thing - whereas to me it seemed bizarre that she couldn't tell at all.

Also another sign that things were working well was that after the energy breathing at the start of each session, I would notice that I would be really hot afterwards - even if it was a cool night and I'd got into a cold bed. I believe that the energy-raising takes quite a bit of practice to get right (and for energy blockages to be cleared in the body), so this process can take maybe three or four weeks to perfect. Note that after a few tape sessions, you can definitely feel the energy as you are pulling it up your body from you feet - which is a good indication that things are going right. (And practicing it during the day helps too.) Personally I don't believe that dragging the energy right the way into your head is a great idea and I usually was happy to just get it into my torso. (Otherwise I noticed I would not sleep well afterwards for some reason.)

Extra preparation
I was reading all sorts of theories about Out of Body Experiences at the time and was trying all sorts of techniques. I changed my diet to minimise meat, starch and refined sugar and to maximise carrot juice and raw fruit & vegetable intake. Plus I would drink the 2 litres (7-8 cups) of water per day.  I also tried to do some yoga headstands each night which seemed to help.

When doing tape 5, I would also try to visualise things in my head - usually a flower in an imaginary garden setting - and then at the deepest point of the tape I would try to maximise the energy inside myself in a static way which I've later found is similar to the "Middle Pillar Exercise" of the Golden Dawn. I also began to believe that the clearer I could visualise an image in my head after the light vibrations had occurred, the sooner I might leave my body.

A high point, then losing my commitment
One night after about 4 weeks I had a minor breakthrough. Near the end of tape 5 I was doing everything I could to focus on an image of a flower and I managed to make the image quite vivid in my mind's eye. Then suddenly and very unexpectedly I felt my entire body somehow moving across the bed and realised I was moving in a very slow spiral fashion, parallel to where I had been lying. I was so taken aback that while I tried to keep focused on the image in my mind, I was so spooked that my concentration went right out the window and I ended up back where I had been within a few seconds.  Damn!  But at least I had actually triggered the projection reflex.  No noises, no visuals, just the distinct and unexpected feeling of motion.

Understandably I was pretty excited about this as that was the single weirdest experience I'd ever had in my life, but then the next night I tried the same thing again and I just couldn't get to the same point, nor the next night either. (Unfortunately you have good days and bad days.) Around this point, I suddenly needed to do a lot of overtime at work and stopped practising every night. This soon put paid to the good work I'd done up until then as after a while I even lost the knack of getting the vibrations so easily, because I had gotten out of practice (especially with the energy-raising). Since then I haven't managed to regain the discipline to start all the work all over again, though I dearly wish I had. I will try again some time in the future, but it is a really big committment.

I would say that the Monroe Institute's tape course is definitely worth trying and as I have never regarded myself as being spiritually or psychically gifted in by any stretch of the imagination, I definitely feel it helped me see that advancement in this area is really possible. However it can be such a difficult regime to follow - especially if you have difficulty getting 45 minutes worth of peace and quiet to be by yourself to do a tape most nights. And if you don't think you can stick at it for three weeks at the very least, it's unlikely to end in success unless you're gifted in some way.
However - the best thing is that there are some good progress indicators along the way:

- Being able to relax until you lose most of the sensations of your body - and yet being still conscious

- A definite feeling of energy moving up your body as you do the energy-raising techniques (maybe towards the end of the first 7 sessions)

- Feeling quite hot after the energy raising (maybe within the first 14 sessions)

- Having a wave of fluttering vibration - light or perhaps intense depending on the person - two thirds the way through a tape 5 session (maybe towards the end of the first 14 sessions).
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Continuation of exercises

Prospecting Far Reaches  Wed 22 Jan 03 early evening

It started with bleeping noises and then followed the Null Point sounds.  I got deep 3d plasma snowy energy patterns with a pale violet light.  The music eventually moved on to aircraft noises and high pitched whines.  Here I got gentle rising and falling sensations and some swirling coloured energy patterns.  My focus state was not very deep this time in this exercise.

Exploring Pathways  Thu 23 Jan 03 evening

I started off by spending some time in the clouds and in the air and then went off over forests and up mountain slopes to get to a mountain top area where I could percieve some stone walls running along the mountains and also stone casle like structures.  Then I went down through the earth to the earth core with its vibrations.  Next, off through space to venus.  I got a sense of a strange rocky landscape and deep valleys.  Then down to the venus core with its brown energy.  After this, off through space to mars.  On mars it was sunset and the sky had turned a dark blue, the sun could be percieved distantly on the horizon.  I went down through the layered rocks to the core.  I could sense the hollow rocky sphere with carvings on it that I couldnt quite see.  Then off through space again to saturn this time.  I went above, through and below the thin layer of rings for a while and then down into the planet.  There seemed to be lots of layers of clouds here and I could feel a bright green energy radiating up from the centre.  The core had a strong light green coloured energy , quite strong vibrations and a feeling of being stretched out lengthwise.  The exercise came to an end here with the return to normal consciousness sound patterns.

Adventure Free Flow 12  Sat 25 Jan 03 evening

In this exercise I tried the visualization journey technique in Focus 12.  I started off in the air, then went up some mountains and down to the earth core.  Then off to venus, percieving a rocky landscape with a dark yellow sky.  Next, down to the core and then off to saturn.  At saturn I approached the north pole and went down through the clouds to the core, there were lots of clouds and the core again felt green.  My perceptions were slightly weaker this time.

Prospecting Far Reaches  Sun 26 Jan 03 mid morning

I got very 3d airy space patterns initially.  During the high aircraft part of the exercise there were gentle rising and falling feelings and a perception of spinning kaleidoscope like energy patterns.

Prospecting Near Reaches  Wed 29 Jan 03 evening

Got the 3d misty space with strong violet and green light.  Later on, deep 3d space with some patterning effects.  Then gentle rising and falling sensations with soft vibrations.  There was a strong coconut smell during the circus music part of the exercise.  I tried a visualization exercise using the upper mall area of Qalisar, an imaginary world, then down to the ground area.  It seemed reasonably strong.  Near the end of the exercise I succeeded in going through the tunnel into Anekbah.

Prospecting Null Point  Sat 8 Feb 03 late morning

In this exercise I got lots of images of people, shapes, buildings and city scenes throughout the exercise.  The Focus state worked well.

Prospecting Near Reaches  Mon 17 Feb 03 early evening

Got a deep 3d misty space effect with distinct patterning and some twinkling stars.  Strong fluttering vibrations in the lower part of my body.  My Focus state was very weak this time, I felt awake most of the time.

Exploring Pathways  Sat 1 Mar 03 mid morning

The visualization journey started off in the air, then over forests and up into a beautiful mountain range with snow capped mountains.  Then down into the earth past lava caverns to the earth core crystal.  I got strong rapid vibrations here, a feeling of dark energy and a strong metallic feel.  Next off through space to venus.  Strong sensation of floating in layered clouds.  I sensed the rocky surface landscape.  Then down through the ground past the rock crystals to the core.  The core had strong brown energy and I got strong slow vibrations here.  After this I went off through space to mars.  Upon arriving on the surface it was a bright sunny day with a wide open landscape.  I went down through the strange layered rocks to the core and sensed the large open rock sphere with patterned walls.  It felt bigger than before and was slightly misty.  I spent some time here and then went out again through space to europa at jupiter.  Gliding along the icy channels, jupiter could be seen in the sky.  Next, down to the deep water cavern for a while, then the core with the light marigold orange feel to it.  The exercise came to an end here.

Threshold Intro Focus 12  Sat 8 Mar 03 mid morning

I got soft vibrations and various patterns including a white soap bubble like pattern, both in the Focus 10 and the Focus 12 parts of the exercise.  After the exercise my focus state got much deeper and I got a dream which included climbing a large wall like structure with various ledges on it.

Prospecting Null Point  Tue 18 Mar 03 mid evening

This time there were soft vibrations throughout the exercise.  I got a light blue coloured light at the beginning of the exercise, followed by a 3d twinkling mist type effect.  During the exercise it felt as if I was in a space with electrical discharges going off all around me.  There were some rising and falling sensations at times.

Gateway CD Wave 7 Odyssey

This wave is a newly produced one which sees a return to the guided exercises to reach the new Focus 21 state, the bridge into other energy systems.  It starts off with sensing the energy body in the Focus 12 state, then expanding it by speeding up the vibrations, then expanding into the energy body, then moving on to other energy systems in the Focus 21 state.  The normal preparation process happens at the beginning of each exercise with the exception that there is no resonant energy balloon any more.

7 1  Sensing Locale 1

This exercise reaquaints you with the Focus 12 state while you're introduced to your energy body which you can then use to sense objects that are too far away for your physical body to reach.  I found the exercise made me aware of the expansion from Focus 10 into the Focus 12 state and that my awareness of my energy body got much better as I repeated the exercise.  Guidance is provided throughout, similar to the earlier waves.

7 2  Expansion in Locale 1

This exercise enables you to begin a greater exploration of Locale 1 by expanding your energy body in the Focus 12 state.  You speed up the vibrations of your energy body and then expand it outwards.  You can then move your awareness outwards through the energy body, becoming lighter in the process.

7 3  Point of Departure

Once you have become proficient in moving your consciousness within an expanded energy body, you are now ready to take off by rotating it through 180 degrees.  This can seem like a shift of awareness or a slow movement in time and space.  The goal is to project your consciousness out of phase with your physical body.  After the preparation process you expand your energy body, increase the rate of your vibrations and use your own technique to get to Focus 12.  Then you roll over your energy body so you are facing down and try floating up.

7 4  Nonphysical Friends

Research through explorer sessions has indicated that there are lots of helpers in energy form who assist explorers with out of body experiences.  This exercise enables you to establish trust through direct personal contact with these nonphysical friends.  You go first to Focus 10 and then ask for the assistance of 4 helpers, asking for their light to merge with yours.  They then try to lift you out of your physical body.  I experience similar vibrations and slight floating effects with this exercise but don't feel any connection with the helpers.

7 5  Intro Focus 21

This exercise may be your first experience of the Focus 21 state, which is the bridge into other energy systems.  Special hemisync signals help towards the Focus 21 state.  You can observe subtle changes in vibrations or feelings of movement as you transition through the various states of consciousness.  After the preparation process there is an expansion into the energy body up to Focus 12 and then a further expansion by counting up to Focus 21.  You then move through a light into Locale 2 in Focus 21.  I percieve an energy expansion up to Focus 12 then a gradual change of awareness into a dark expanse in Focus 21.

7 6  Free Flow Focus 21

This exercise is brand new territory for exploration.  You move into Focus 21 directly from Focus 12 by projecting your consciousness to the light of Focus 21 where you are encouraged to ask for guidance and assistance from those whose wisdom, development and experience are greater than or equal to your own.  After the preparation process to Focus 12 you expand through your energy body into the light of Focus 21 without needing the gradual count up.  You then move through the light and contact your helpers in Focus 21.  I percieve a quicker transition into the dark expanse of Focus 21 and actually got some perception of the helpers.  Focus 21 feels very different from the other states of consciousness.

Odyssey Sensing Locale 1  Wed 19 Mar 03 mid evening

The exercise led me to Focus 10 then on to sense the energy body which surrounds my physical body, expanding it outwards as I moved on to Focus 12.  I got light blue 3d mists at this stage and some percieved electrical effects.  Rapid vibrations started later in the exercise.  I moved my consciousness first into my right hand, then into the energy body counterpart of my right hand, which I then tried to extend outwards to touch the bedpost.  After this, on out to a picture on the mantlepiece.  I felt a slight energy effect here, but not very much.  I then repeated this process with my left hand, outwards to try to touch some clothes.  After this there was a slow countdown back to normal consciousness.  During this part, space got much more 3d and there was a distinct sinking feeling.

Odyssey Sensing Locale 1  Sat 22 Mar 03 mid morning

This time I sensed a visual impression of the small metal clock which my energy body hand was reaching out for, and also of the area between the bedposts and the wall at the left hand part of the exercise.  Again, there were slight vibrations and my focus state got much deeper towards the end of the exercise during the slow countdown part.  My energy body was much more pronounced this time.

Prospecting Null Point  Sun 23 Mar 03 late evening

I tried this exercise with the intention of having a period of deep relaxation.  I used the Focus 10 state which worked well during the exercise and got quite a deep relaxation state with soft, slow sinking feelings.

Exploring Pathways  Tue 25 Mar 03 evening

In this exercise I decided to spend more time in the core crystal energy fields.  After the normal startup going through the air, up into mountains and down through the ground, the earth core had a dark, much stronger feel energy with a distinct, strong stretching sensation which got stronger as time passed.  After this, I got to the surface of venus and spent a longer time here with a dull heavy atmosphere and a sensation of a rocky landscape with sloping valleys and heavy mists.  Then down to the core crystal.  I spent some time in the dark brown sensation here, with stronger vibrations.  Finally I went off through space to mars, arriving at night time with a starry sky just as the exercise ended.

Odyssey Sensing Locale 1  Sat 29 Mar 03 late morning

It started with a 3d empty space which developed into a 3d misty space with twinkling lights in it during the expanded part of the exercise.  There were soft feeling vibrations.  The right arm part of the exercise produced a feel of the wooden bedpost and a visualization of the space inbetween this and the mantlepiece as I moved my energy arm forward towards it.  Then I got a feel of the cool hard china in the small china cup with small scented paper cones in it.  The mirror behind this felt sort of liquid.  On the left arm part of the exercise I felt the round metal light switch and then got a feel for the brick in the wall behind it.  These feelings were stronger this time and I got feelings as well as visualizations of the objects.  After the exercise my focus state again got much deeper and I got lots of 3d images of faces, shapes, surfaces and floors with strange roller like shapes in them.  This seems to indicate the Focus 12 state.  I repeated this exercise on Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning, each time with similar results, focusing on different objects each time.

Odyssey Expansion in Locale 1  Mon 31 Mar 03 early evening

I got 3d swirling misty space immediately.  After the preparation process there were soft diesel like vibrations.  The exercise then expanded the energy body outwards into Focus 12.  This produced stronger vibrations and a slow seesaw like bouncing up and down sensation.  Next the exercise increased the rate of the vibrations and led you to feel lighter and sllowly float up.  My vibrations then became much faster and got extremely harsh, becoming very uncomfortable after a while.  There was a slight feeling of lightness but a distinct worry about what was happening.  Eventually there was a floating down part of the exercise which produced a slight sinking feeling as the vibrations became softer and lighter.  After the exercise I returned to normal consciousness immediately and felt quite dizzy for a short time.  I tried this exercise again before sleep and this time got a much more subdued version of the same thing.

Odyssey Expansion in Locale 1  Thu 3 Apr 03 early evening

There was a distinct pale violet light during the preparation process.  In the expansion stage my focus state got very much deeper than usual and the vibrations became very rapid.  I tried thinking of floating in the ocean.  At one point there was a feeling of sideways movement to the right.  After the exercise I stayed in the focus state for a while and got a slight feeling of upward movement.

Energy session using One Eternal  Sat 5 Apr 03 lunchtime

The symbol wr1a hatched out into a little white flying creature that flew around for a while and then went into the leg I was healing.  On the 8th April in the morning, when I tried haling using the same symbol, the was a distinct hyacinth like smell.

Odyssey Point of Departure  Mon 7 Apr 03 early evening

The exercise first went to Focus 10 then expanded my energy body outwards, increasing the vibrations and expanding into Focus 12.  Then you try rotating your energy body with a 180 degrees roll over to the left until it is face down.  I didn't feel any effect here.  My vibrations got much faster.  During the floating upwards part, my focus state got deeper and I tried visualizing being at the other end of the room.  My state of consciousness seemed to get quite deep during this part of the exercise.  There was a gradual return to normal consciousness at the end.

Exploring Pathways  Sat 12 Apr 03 evening

The exercise started with a very deep speckled 3d space with a soft green light.  I got light vibrations throughout the exercise.  My visualization journey started by spending some time going up through the air into the clouds and sky.  Then along over forests, up a mountain and into an area of mountain tops and forests.  I spent a while zooming over this area and then came across a tall dark castle like building, went into it and found the inside to be a round stone building with a well like structure in the middle.  I then went down the well which took me down a long passageway and into the ground.  This took me down through soil and roots to rocks and eventually lava.  I got to the earth core crystal, spending time here in the dark metallic energy with a lengthening effect.  Next, off up through space to venus.  Down through layers of wispy, misty clouds to the surface.  I explored the dark rocky landscape for a while, getting quite a good sense of the rocky valleys and misty atmosphere.  Then down to the core with it's dark brown energy.  Next, off through space again to Io at jupiter, a new destination.  I got quite a surreal landscape here, a deep red and black surface with volcanoes going off at times.  I tried going down to the core crystal.  This seemed like it was infrared in colour with a slight hint of dark green.  The exercise ended here, my state of consciousness got deeper for a while immediately after the exercise.

Odyssey Expansion in Locale 1  Sun 13 Apr 03 early evening

I got first a smooth 3d type of space, then later a very patterned 3d space with lots of dark cloud effects and staticy lights and discharges everywhere.  I decided to add the resonant energy balloon back in, it seemed to enhance visualization.  There were soft vibrations at first, later becoming very strong , fast and quite rough.  I imagined floating upwards.  There were some seesaw like bouncing up and down sensations later in the exercise.  There was a sense of floating down during the countdown at the conclusion.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Mon 14 Apr 03 early evening

The preparation stage led first to Focus 10.  I got a deeper 3d cloudy space with a very vibrant energy patterning effect in it.  Then the exercise asked for the assistance of 4 helpers and asked for their light to merge with mine.  Then I expanded out into Focus 12.  I imagined the helpers coming in, I felt a sligt effect but not very much.  I asked the helpers to lift me up out of the physical body, then later back down, then up again into a period of exploration.  I felt a slight floating effect but also not very much.  Tried visualizing being up on the roof and out in the garden, I got stronger vibrations during this stage but did not feel myself to be out of the body.  There was a countdown from 12 back to 1 at the end of the exercise with a gradual closing back down of awareness.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Tue 15 Apr 03 early evening

During the Focus 10 and expansion into Focus 12 part there was much greater energy whooshing around sensations.  I got a much better perception of two helpers on each side of me this time as they came closer and then seemed to merge in.  There was no sense of communication though.  It felt like there was a slight upward push at times.  I got slow bouncing energetic seesaw like sensations during the lifting up part of the exercise.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Wed 16 Apr 03 evening

At the beginning of the exercise I got a deeper 3d speckled space effect with wisps that seemed to move forwards and backwards.  There was a perception of the helpers coming in and then merging.  During the lifting out part of the exercise I got very intense sensations of strong upward pulls going at a rate of about one beat per second.  Later this changed to a floating on water waves type of sensation.  I felt slightly dizzy during this.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Fri 18 Apr 03 late morning

I got a strong perfume like smell at the beginning of the exercise.  My Focus 12 state seemed quite deep with lots of shapes and brief images appearing throughout.  A close up view of the ceiling appeared very briefly.  I stayed in the Focus 12 state for some time after the exercise.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Sun 20 Apr 03 morning

During the first lift out session I tried visualizing being close to the ceiling looking down and got a sense of moving dark clouds.  During the second lift out session I tried relaxing into it and got a deeper state of consciousness and slow ocean wave like sensations.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Mon 21 Apr 03 mid morning

I relaxed more deeply into the Focus 12 state this time.  I got first a white foggy area, then later glimpses of moving down a railway track.  This was followed by strangely designed rooms, shapes and landscapes.  I stayed in Focus 12 for a while after the exercise.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 21 Apr 03 evening

The exercise started with the preparatory process followed by expansion into Focus 12.  During the transition from Focus 10 to Focus 12 I felt a gradual energy build up and expansion type effect with the standard rapid vibrations coming on.  The energy patterns seemed especially vibrant and were somewhat kaleidoscope like.  This was then followed by an expansion up to Focus 21 by counting from 12 to 21.  During this I experienced the energy patterns changing with each number.  Number 15 seemed to be a kind of turning point and was accompanied by energy patterns that looked like concentric circles.  The patterns changed at each step after this.  Step 17 was a diamond like pattern.  Focus 21 felt very different and was quite strange.  There was no perception of the room around me any more and I seemed to be in an expanse with white energy streaks floating in it.  The exercise then got me to percieve a white light, move into it, then out the other side into Focus 21 in Locale 2.  The light had streaky kaleidoscope white patterns in it and led through into a more mysterious expanse of the floating energy patterns.  The conclusion led first from Focus 21 back to Focus 12.  I was aware of moving back out of this strange expanse back to the visualized awareness of the room around me in Focus 12.  Next there was a thanks giving and then a contraction from Focus 12 back to normal C1.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Tue 22 Apr 03 mid evening

After the preparation process I felt the expansion of energy out into Focus 12 with an increased awareness of the surrounding room and very pronounced rhythmic bouncing up and down sensations.  During the count up to Focus 15 the energy patterns took on a honeycomb like structure and the bouncing intensified.  From Focus 15 up to Focus 21 the energy patterns became more fluid and the bouncing changed into a harder, rapid type of vibration.  Focus 21 felt like an expanse of kaleidoscope like energy patterns with no perception of my physical body or of the surrounding room.  The move into the light happened automatically and felt like entering a new, brighter energy system which seemed to fill my energy body.  I spent some time here.  On the countdown back to 12,  the very vibrant intricate energy patterns of Focus 21 gradually changed back into the slow, water like flowing expansive energy of Focus 12 which brought back awareness of the surrounding room.  During the countdown back to 1 it felt as if my physical body was now reappearing after having been away for a while.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Thu 24 Apr 03 late morning

During the Focus 21 part I got lots of strange buildings, scenery, paths and ladders.  I stayed in Focus 12 for a while after the exercise and got many different images flashing through.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Fri 25 Apr 03 late afternoon

During the counting up stage at 14 I got rapid rhythmic vibrations.  At 17 I got a sense of moving down a long circular tunnel.  In Focus 21 there were lots of passageways, streets and outsides of buildings.  During the countdown it changed gradually back to a quiet sense of expansion at Focus 12.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 28 Apr 03 morning

Rapid vibrations built up gradually during the preparation stage.  My body started to go very numb, starting with hands, then feet, then head slightly.  I got lots of images of insides of rooms, buildings, castles and ledges.  I stayed in Focus 12 for a while after the exercise and got gentle wave like floating sensations.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Tue 29 Apr 03 early evening

Focus 21 felt like a wide, deep 3d staticy space with electrical discharges in it.  It felt like I was moving back and forth in this.  I got rapid vibrations and a slow wave like movement.  The rapid vibrations went away on the return to Focus 12 and I got a quiet feeling of expansion.

Odyssey Free Flow Focus 21  Wed 30 Apr 03 evening

The exercise started with the preparation process leading to Focus 12.  I got a soft light blue light during the preparation, with vibrations becoming stronger and accompanied by a gentle wave floating sensation.  Then I was directed to percieve my energy body and expand into it.  I got a weaker version of the light blue light and also brown and red colours.  Then I was directed to expand outwards through the energy body into Focus 21.  I got perceptions which changed gradually with the 3d staticy space getting deeper and the vibrations getting more rapid, moving into the dark expanse of Focus 21.  I was directed to move through the light of Focus 21 and to call on helpers who know and love me to assist.  I got a perception of a deep expanse of space with a slight perception of some helpers at different points in the space.  I seemed to drift gently in the space.  The exercise ended with a return to the energy body in Focus 12.  My perception changed back to the awareness of the surrounding room in Focus 12.  After a thanks giving there was a countdown back to normal consciousness at 1.

Odyssey Free Flow Focus 21  Thu 1 May 03 early evening

I got the soft light blue light again and rapid rhythmic vibrations building up during the preparation stage to Focus 12.  The space patterns were very 3d and quite fluid.  Focus 21 had rapid flashing type of energy patterns.  The focus states were not very good this time.
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Odyssey Free Flow Focus 21  Sat 3 May 03 morning

My state of consciousness seemed to deepen somewhat in Focus 21 and my body went quite numb but I didn't experience anything different here.  The return to Focus 12 brought a lightening of consciousness.  This exercise seems not to produce very good results.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Sat 3 May 03 mid evening

After the preparation process in the Focus 10 to Focus 12 part I got a deeply 3d staticy space with lots of red and blue twinkling stars going off randomly in it.  During the expansion up to Focus 12 there was first a sense of upward movement then a sense of turning over to the right.  In the count up to 21 I got gradually changing energy patterns.  Focus 21 felt like being in an expanse of moving cloud energy patterns that felt very wide and mysterious.  After the count down back to 12 the twinkling stars energy system returned.

One Eternal meditation  Sat 3 May 03 night

Relax and breathe.  Allow yourself to float.  See before you a blue field of light, and in the centre is the blue star.  The distinction becomes clearer as you feel the energy drawing you closer Until you are surrounded by the blue light.  

Feel yourself now being drawn into the centre of the blue star.  Breathe deeply.  Become aware of your body, the sensations, feelings.  Feel the truth for you of this energy.  Feel yourself being drawn deeper into the centre of the blue star, to where the light is clear white.  Breathe deeply now as the light surrounds you and you are drawn floating deeper and deeper, into the centre of this radiant light.  

Centre yourself here.  Feel the energy.  Notice your emotions and the feelings within your body.  Breathe into it.  Breathe into the sensations and feelings.  Feel the gentleness and support of all those who are here with you.  Feel the gentleness and support of the light.  Stay a while.

As you become settled and comfortable in this space, notice further within, in the distance and deeper within the light, a golden glow.  Connect with the glow, and feel yourself drawn gently and with love toward the centre of the golden light.  As you enter, feel the golden glow of light settle gently around you.  A caress of air, beautiful, peaceful and fully supportive of you in every way.

Feel that expand gently with each breath.  Feel the love of self, acceptance of the past, present and future, all united as one, and all perfect.  No judgement.  Total acceptance.

Stay here as long as you want.  Experience what is here for you.  Breathe gently and evenly.  Notice the feelings and emotions within your body without judgement.  Know that these are not the core of I, but the creations of I.  Be gentle.  Listen to the messages and notice all that is here for you

When you are ready to return, gently centre yourself in readiness for the outward journey.  Allow yourself to be guided in the most perfect way to be returned to your body in the most perfect way.  Ground yourself in the present.  Take time before you move on.

In the white centre of the blue star I got the sensation of my energy body being illuminated by the white glow.  The centre of the gold light felt like a sort of warm calmness that was nice to stay in for a while.

Odyssey Expansion in Locale 1  Tue 6 May 03 morning

I felt the vibrations get much faster in the expansion from Focus 10 to Focus 12.  Tried to blank my mind as much as possible.  Got slight floating sensations.  Stayed in Focus 12 for a while after the exercise and got a few images, and my state of consciousness got somewhat deeper.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Wed 7 May 03 morning

Got very rapid vibrations.  Felt a sense of uplifting as the helpers were trying to lift me upwards.  This state felt quite different from the normal Focus 12, which returned in the parts where the helpers moved me back down.  It felt closer to the Focus 21 state.  Stayed in Focus 12 for a while after the exercise to practise deepening my state of consciousness.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Thu 8 May 03 early evening

My experiences were much more extreme this time.  I got very wide, deep 3d staticy space, rapid vibrations and slow wave floating sensations.  There was an energy build up going from Focus 10 to Focus 12.  I felt the helpers coming in and a strong sense of upward and downward movement in the lifting and lowering parts during the two stages of the exercise.  During the countdown back to 1, I got a strong sense of moving backwards and then got a woman drinking a cup of coffee who moved over to me as I was backing away.  It was somewhat harder to get back to C1 normal consciousness after the end of the exercise.
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Continuation of exercises

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Sun 11 May 03 mid morning

Got slow rhythmic expansion and contraction feelings during the Focus 12 part of the exercise.  During the expansion up to Focus 21 there were gradually developing patterns of energy leading to the Focus 21 expanse with it's fine grained patterns.  In Focus 21 there were many glimpses of shapes, wavy surfaces and other such things.  The rhythmic expansion and contraction returned upon my return to Focus 12.  I decided to stay longer after the end of the exercise and so, during the countdown to 1, got a deepening of consciousness instead, it felt like back to Focus 21.  After this, there were some longer, continuous scenes including one where I was in a car in which the roof folded open.  This eventually gave way to a wide, deep 3d staticy space and I decided to return to normal consciousness at this point.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 12 May 03 mid evening

Got similar experiences during the exercise to previous ones.  After the exercise my body was very numb and slow, I felt very tired and it was some time before I returned to normal consciousness.  My body also became very slow.

High Priestess meditation at Craftfest  Sat 17 May 03

Guided meditation.  Starting on a grassy bank by a river, notice the flowing water has patterns of movement and colour in it.  Go down into the coloured water patterns, down through the water, the earth and rocks into a rocky passageway.  Through the passageway into a large cavern.  In the middle there is the High Priestess, standing behind a cauldron.  I asked the High Priestess for guidance on my future career and got a sense that things would change, but no more precise answer.  I then reached into the cauldron to get a gift from the High Priestess.  I got a strange type of energy that felt like lots of little twisting coloured sticks that came into me through my arms.  I thanked the High Priestess and then retraced my steps back up and out to the grassy bank.

Odyssey Free Flow Focus 21  Mon 19 May 03 evening

I got lots of images of faces throughout.  Deep staticy space and gentle rising and falling sensations with fast vibrations.  Stayed in Focus 12 after the exercise and my state of consciousness got deeper again, it was very hard to get back to c1.

Odyssey Free Flow Focus 21  Thu 22 May 03 evening

There were very rapid vibrations.  The Focus 21 state came on automatically after moving into the light of the energy body and there was a distinct falling sensation.  Focus state got much deeper after the exercise and it took a long time to become active again.  There were frequent sudden flashes of deep blue light throughout the exercise.

Hemi-sync sleep  Mon 26 May 03 mid morning

This is a new cd which has different tracks to guide you to different states of light sleep, deep sleep and rem sleep.  Did the muscle relaxing section moving into light sleep (seems Focus 10), then move to deep sleep (seems Focus 20), then extended deep sleep, then extended rem sleep.  Got light vibrations,  slow wave moving up and down sensations and 3d space.  Consciousness got much deeper nearer the end, with a falling sensation.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Tue 27 May 03 evening

Started off with very deep 3d space with fast moving wind type effects.  There was a gradual build up of energy and vibrations during the expansion to Focus 10 and then to Focus 12.  Felt some connection with the helpers coming in and merging with me.  During the lifting up there were very harsh, rapid bouncing up and down sensations that made me feel very seasick.  My state of consciousnedd gradually deepened.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Thu 29 May 03 evening

There was a gradual expansion of energy up to Focus 12.  Focus 12 had slow gentle rhythmic vibrations and a wide 3d static flowing type of space.  In the expansion up to 21, the energy patterns changed gradually.  Focus 21 had very fast vibrations and a patterned clouds type of space with a perception of multicoloured layered clouds.  I seemed to be moving forward slowly through this.  Felt the light of Focus 21 fill my energy body at the start of the Focus 21 stage.  The Focus 12 patterns came back upon the return to Focus 12 at the end.

Projection Diary Day 17 - Mon 2 Jun 03

Relaxation all steps as day 6:  Strong humming noise and rapid vibrations came on immediately.  Space went 3d and there was a soft deep green light.  Body went very numb towards the end of the muscle exercises.  There were some shooting stars in the 3d space and the space had fine textured patterns like Focus 21.

After image retention as day 10:  The room around the candle seemed to blank out.  Could only hold the after image for a few seconds.

Tactile imaging toes, soles and legs:  Toes produced a slight tingling and a humming noise.  The small toes were harder to feel anything.  Soles of feet produced a much bigger effect and was very relaxing.  Legs produced vibrations, shooting stars and deep relaxation.

Bouncing energy legs and arms as day 15:  Got humming noises, vibrations, swaying back and forth and a Focus 10 like state.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Tue 3 Jun 03 evening

There were strong vibrations and fast moving 3d space with some shooting stars in the build up to Focus 12 part of the exercise.  Some energy floating sensations.  The patterns changes to the velvet patterned clouds in Focus 21.  The light of Focus 21 was like being in a white aurora.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Wed 4 Jun 03 evening

During the first part of the exercise there were rapid vibrations, slow rhythmic floating up and down type vibrations and 3d space with some patterns.  I felt quite a good conenction with the helpers coming in and helping me lift up.  Later in the exercise there was a distinct floating on air type sensation which felt like a strong air flow from below trying to lift me up.  I haven't felt this before, it felt quite nice.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Sun 8 Jun 03 mid morning

This time the helpers took on a distinct personality with a perception of them having distinct bodies as they came in to help me.  There were soft vibrations and a distinct expansion of consciousness from Focus 10 up to Focus 12.  Consciousness got quite deep and there were many instances of strange white landscapes, valleys and tall objects.  There was a brief glimpse of a multi coloured patterned tube.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Sun 22 Jun 03 mid morning

Got lots of images of people, faces, columns, insects and rooms throughout.  Things were slightly quieter in the Focus 21 part.  After the exercise I went to sleep for a while and got a lucid dream which included eating toast at a table.  I became aware of it being a dream during this part and decided to see what toast would taste like in a dream.

Magick Stream atunement  Thu 24 July 03 night

This atunement starts off with the assertion I now enter this Magick Stream Moment.  I ask to recieve the Magick Stream atunement as a glad free gift of spirit, a glad free gift of divine love and will.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  This produced an energy pattern effect like incoming expanding spheres and a slight cool breeze.  This felt very soothing and lasted for some time.

I tried the atunement again on Mon 28 July.  This time I got a deep, fast flowing 3d mist type of energy with a very beautiful pale violet light.  This lasted for some time and then gradually faded to grey.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Sat 16 Aug 03 morning

This exercise produced a much deeper state of consciousness than normal.  There were lots of imags of faces, shapes and brief scenery episodes and I felt much less connected to the physical world.  The team of helpers were sensed as 4 women this time.  Brief blue patterned light at one point in the exercise.

Exploring Pathways  Mon 1 Sep 03 mid evening

Initially I got 3d space and soft vibrations.  Went up into the sky and then along forested paths up into high mountains.  Found the circular stone temple and went down into the earth to the earth core crystal.  There were strong vibrations and a pale violet light, with the vibrant black core energy.  Next off into space to venus.  Lots of white wispy clouds.  The surface had dark brown rocky valleys and a dark orange coloured atmosphere.  Down to the core, got a dark choclatey brown feeling here, with deep low frequency vibrations.  After this, off to mars.  The orangey surface gradually got bigger and I landed on a rocky cool landscape.  The mars core again had the hollow rock sphere with vague carvings on it.  Next off to uranus.  Sensation of lots of cloud layers and the light blue colour everywhere.  The core had the feeling of mint flavoured dark chocolate with a raspberry filling.  I stayed in this energy for some time.  After this I went off to pluto.  Pluto felt very small, seemed like a small rock.  A dark blue colour appeared initially, changing to pink as I went down to the core.  This also felt very small.  The exercise ended here.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 8 Sep 03 early evening

The exercise felt completely different this time.  There was a slight green light during the preparation.  This time it felt like I was long and thin and floating slowly upwards in the space just above me with vibrant energy patterns and rapid vibrations.  Focus 21 had a sense of floating in deep space and there were geometric energy patterns and some voices.  The exercise ended with a return to a softer and calmer energy.

Lucid dream  Thu 2 Oct 03 overnight

I became aware of being in an environment which was not real and which seemed to consist of many different planes, each with a different very brightly coloured wallpaper like pattern.  I realised this must be an astral plane of some sort and tried to navagate through the structures and enter the planes.  This seemed to lead to other similar plane structures with different patterns on them.  This continued for a while.

Adventure Free Flow 12  Sun 23 Oct 03 late morning

Got soft rippling vibrations during the early part of the exercise, changing to slow wave like vibrations in the Focus 12 part.  My consciousness got gradually deeper as the Focus 12 part went on.  There were some image flashes of statues and wire tunnels, and a short whining noise at one point in the exercise.

Gateway CD Wave 8 15explore

This is a newly produced wave which is actually labelled Wave 5 Exploring and which replaces the previous nonverbal waves which were called Exploring and Prospecting, which are now no longer sold.  This wave expands on Focus 12 with exercises to enhance intuitive abilities and then introduces Focus 15, the no time state.  This is a state of pure being.  This wave contains the normal preparation process at the start of the exercises and, in the new ordering of the waves, comes before Odyssey.

8 1  Advanced Focus 12

This exercises returns to the Focus 12 state in order to expand, strengthen and reinforce your familiarity with this state of consciousness.  This exercise starts with the energy conversion box, resonant tuning, resonant energy balloon, the affirmation and then moves on to Focus 12.  It then gets you to deepen your Focus 12 state into a free flow period.  I find that this exercise produces similar results to the other free flow type exercises earlier in the series.

8 2  Discovering Intuition

This exercise guides you to use the Focus 12 state of expanded awareness as a foundation for enhancing your intuitive abilities.  You learn to connect to the feelings associated with an intuitive knowing. You also learn a verbal cue to use when you desire to know something with great clarity.  The exercise follows the preparation process, then expands outwards from Focus 12, then gets you to remember situations in the past when you were aware of simply knowing something.

8 3  Exploring Intuition

This exercise gives you the opportunity to use the Focus 12 state for further expansion of your intuitive abilities.  You expand your consciousness far beyond the limitations of the five physical senses.  You connect with the source of your intuition and express your intent to understand and know more fully who you are as an intuitive being.  The exercise follows the preparation process to expanded Focus 12 and then gets you to become aware of, understand and connect with the source of your intuition.

8 4  Intro to Focus 15

Starting with Focus 12 you are then guided into another state of being, Focus 15, the state where time does not exist.  Your energy body is not limited by time and space.  You practise moving between Focus 12 and Focus 15.  The exercise follows the normal preparation to Focus 12 then guides you up to Focus 15.  I experience gradually changing energy patterns then Focus 15 feels like being in a void of a black velvety, vibrant type of energy.  The normal awareness of surroundings is gone, as are other sensations like smells.  Visions in Focus 15 also feel different.  It ends by taking you back to Focus 12 then to Focus 10.

8 5  Mission 15

Focus 15 is a state of stillness, a state of simply being.  In this exercise, you explore Focus 15 as a powerful state of creation and manifestation.  From the energy of Focus 15 you can access the All that is, and know that your creative abilities are put into action through your intention.

8 6  Exploring Focus 15

This exercise gives you a free flow opportunity for further exploration of Focus 15.  By now you should be familiar with the stillness of Focus 15, the state of simply being.

15explore Advanced Focus 12  Sat 6 Dec 03 late morning

I got rapid but soft vibrations in Focus 12.  It didn't feel much different from previous Focus 12 states.  I got some images of people at the start.  Tried connecting with the One Eternal energy using some of the symbols.  The exercise ended with a return to the starting point in Focus 12 and then back to C1 quickly.

15explore Advanced Focus 12  Sun 7 Dec 03 mid morning

This time I got a much deeper state of consciousness with a slight falling sensation at times.  My body also went much more numb.

15explore Discovering Intuition  Sun 21 Dec 03 mid morning

I got a much deeper state of consciousness and strong vibrations with this exercise.  A room with stone walls and windows appeared near the beginning of the exercise.  Preparation process to Focus 12 and then expand awareness outwards.  The exercise got me to think of situations in the past when I was aware of simply knowing something intuitively, and to remember the experience and the feeling it produced.  I used my occasional awareness of future flavours and various other past events.  The exercise got me to remember the feeling as a source of intuition which could be used in the future, and introduced a verbal cue to recreate this in the future.  It ended with a rapid return to C1.  I stayed on in Focus 12 for a while.

15explore Discovering Intuition  Wed 24 Dec 03 mid morning

Got a much deeper state of consciousness this time with a feeling that felt close to floating away.  The actual exercise seemed faint in the background.  Got lots of images, starting with a circular pyramid, then a tall city lights scene, then being on a high, long bridge in the city, which then changed to the bridge being in the country with hills and mountains in the background.  Later, I moved along a stone walkway with high walls up towards a castle.

15explore Exploring Intuition  Tue 30 Dec 03 mid morning

Got a strong toffee like smell near the beginning of the exercise  and strong, smooth vibrations.  Preparation process, then expand awareness out from Focus 12, then ask for understanding of and to connect with the source of your intuition, to know the relationship between yourself and your intuition.  It seemed like I had entered a stream of thought, which felt very busy and I experienced lots of different thoughts and experiences coming through.  I found I could concentrate on particular events as well.  The exercise ended with a quick return to C1.  I then left the thought stream.

15explore Exploring Intuition  Thu 1 Jan 04 morning

Got floating on water waves type vibrations and a very deep state of consciousness.  I experienced the thought stream again, the experience was much more intense this time.  There were lots of vivid images of faces and hands.  After the exercise I stayed in this focus level for some time and the experiences deepened.

15explore Exploring Intuition  Sun 4 Jan 04 late morning

Got quite a deep state of consciousness and vibrations.  There were various pattern like visions.  I stayed in Focus 12 after the exercise.  Got a slight rising sensation at one point.

15explore Exploring Intuition  Sat 10 Jan 04 mid morning

Got a reasonably deep state of consciousness in this exercise.  During the releasing inhibiting beliefs part I got a sensation of getting gradually lighter as beliefs floated away.  There were various visions, first of structured arches, then of ancient city like scenes.  There were brief floating type sensations at times.  There was a short dream sequence at one point.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sat 17 Jan 04 mid morning

The preparation process led up to Focus 12.  I got slow wave floating on air type vibrations.  The exercise then led up to the Focus 15 no time state with a count up.  Got gradually changing energy patterns with this.  Focus 15 felt like being in a pool of very rapid rippling type of energy, sometimes with energy patterns or with drifting clouds.  I felt centered in this energy and the normal awareness of my surroundings went away.  After a while in Focus 15, there was a countdown back to Focus 12.  The feelings normally associated with Focus 12 returned.  Then there was a count up back to Focus 15, with a return to the rippling energy.  I got a few brief visions of odd creatures this time.  It ended with a count down first to Focus 12, with a return to the normal Focus 12 type of awareness, then to Focus 10, with a moving inwards of consciousness.  Then a rapid return to C1.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sun 18 Jan 04 morning

There was a lemon coconut type small at the beginning and in the Focus 12 parts of the exercise, but not in the Focus 15 parts.  Focus 15 was like being in a wide black velvety vibrant type of energy, stretching all around me.  The smell returned in the Focus 12 interlude and went away again when I returned to Focus 15.  I stayed in Focus 10 for a while after the exercise.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Mon 19 Jan 04 evening

In this exercise I tried to notice the differences between Focus 12 and 15.  In Focus 12 I felt part of the surrounding world while in Focus 15 this went away and I no longer sensed any connection with the world, like being in a different energy field.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Wed 21 Jan 04 early evening

I got a rotating round on a turntable type feeling at the beginning of the exercise.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sat 24 Jan 04 morning

I got quite a deep state of consciousness this time.  Focus 15 had very rapid vibrations and I experienced the black velvety energy field.  There were various short visions throughoutthe exercise, the Focus 15 ones felt different from the ones in Focus 12.  There was a short dream like sequence at one point.  I stayed in Focus 12 for a while after the exercise.
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