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Author Topic: Your Monroe Gateway Experiences please!  (Read 16815 times)
Astral Energy 5
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« Reply #25 on: October 04, 2002, 14:26:02 »

Greetings everyone,

It would be most useful if everyone who is using, or has ever used the Monroe Gateway series, either by attending the courses or buying the CD's could post their experiences, comments and opinions here.

These could range anywhere from comments as to its usefulness to you, to general Astral focus level experiences, to specific adventures. Every single contribution is relevant and most welcome.

I will lock the topic so we can build a sort of knowledge base on this as a core topic for this new forum.

Thank you very much.

With best regards,



Vincit Omnia Veritas
Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #26 on: October 25, 2004, 15:11:31 »

Since my last post I sort of got out of the habit of doing the Gateway exercises, having arrived at the end of the course.  Recently I've decided to return to the exercises to explore the various focus levels a little more.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Tue 27 Jan 04 evening

I got a beautiful pale violet light before the start of the exercise and in the Focus 12 part.  In the Focus 12 part, this light was in a 3d space with cloudy energy wisps.  Focus 15 felt like a much denser energy, like it was made up of a patterned sponge with little holes in.  In the second Focus 15 part, this changed to a much finer grained substance.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Wed 28 Jan 04 early evening

Focus 21 felt like being in an expanse of vibrant, rapidly moving clouds of patterned energy which was very 3d.  Focus 12 felt like a much quieter type of energy that seemed more 2d.  The Focus 21 energy feels quite different from Focus 15.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sat 31 Jan 04 morning

Tried visualizing floating up into the sky in the Focus 12 part.  This seemed to enhance the exercise as it made the focus state get stronger and reduced connection with the physical body.  Focus 15 felt as if I was floating in the energy clouds.  I stayed in Focus 12 for quite a while after the exercise.

15explore Mission 15  Sun 1 Feb 04 mid morning

The preparation process led to Focus 12 then quickly to Focus 15.  Focus 15 is a state of calmness, you are part of the energy.  Be part of the stillness and reach out for the changes you would like to manifest.  My consciousness was not very deep this time.  It ended with a slow return first to Focus 12, then to Focus 10, then back to C1.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 9 Feb 04 morning

I got a mixture of rapid vibrations and slow wave bouncing initially.  In Focus 15 the energy patterns started with the patterned space and gradually changed to an effect like rapidly flowing energy with energy rivers flowing through it and I floated through the energy rivers.  This lasted until the end of the Focus 21 part.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sun 15 Feb 04 mid morning

My state of consciousness became very deep as the exercise progressed.  There were lots of visions throughout.  In the Focus 12 part I got shimmering surface and tunnel type visions.  Focus 15 had different shapes.  Focus 15 felt like being a place of stillness.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sat 6 Mar 04 morning

This exercise had very many short visions, mostly of strange types of animals, passageways and city type landscapes.

15explore Exploring Focus 15  Sun 7 Mar 04 morning

This exercise starts with the preparation process, moves quickly to Focus 15 then gives a free flow period in Focus 15.  I got a quiet, restful time in this exercise.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sun 14 Mar 04 morning

This exercise featured a deeper state of consciousness with lots of images of places.  I got several episodes of seeing the room through closed eyes.  The exercise was followed by a very long period with lots of lucid dream type episodes, and instances of what seemed like being awake but wasn't.  This lasted all morning.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Sat 24 Apr 04 late morning

I got lots of brief visions during this exercise.  My focus state became deep eventually.  After the end of the exercise I got various dream sequences for a while.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 12 July 04 mid morning

The Focus 21 state brought on lots of strange images of wierd dark places and landscapes that I seemed to be travelling through.  Focus 12 returned to the normal type of awareness.  Tried this exercise again on Tuesday morning with similar results but weaker.

Odyssey Free Flow Focus 21  Tue 12 Oct 04 early evening

Preparation process, followed by an expansion into the soft light of the energy body, which was light blue, into Focus 21 then a reach out to get help from those who love you.  I got flashes of various significant parts in my spiritual development process so far.  I reached out to make contact with the One Eternal astral coven and the Blue Star celestial energy, and with past spiritual teachers.  I got a vision of a crystal valley on a distant planet, filled with blue energy crystals which I absorbed energy from.  This was under a starry sky.  I visualised the blo-vim-os symbol of the Blue Star energy system and it expanded out so it seemed like an eye and became like an energy corridor that I was going through.  This vision lasted for a while in the Focus 21 state, then the exercise returned first to Focus 12 than back to normal consciousness.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Wed 13 Oct 04 early evening

The expansion from Focus 12 to Focus 15 caused the energy patterns to change to a more vibrant fine grained type of energy with structure.  My awareness of my surroundings went away.  I tried to connect with who I was in previous lives and this produced brief visions of places, not easy to make out, some with a sense of being somewhere in Germany.  Also I got a sense of all time being here, which is the purpose of the Focus 15 state.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Sun 24 Oct 04 morning

I got the sense of the Focus 21 state having a distictly different type of energy from Focus 12, it also makes me feel that I am no longer connected with the physical world which I would normally be able to sense in the Focus 12 state.  I managed to re-connect with the blue star crystal valley from a previous Focus 21 exercise.  I noticed the distinct change in energy type on returning to Focus 12, and then the contracting inwards when returning to Focus 10.  After the end of the exercise, rather that waking up, I practised returning up through Focus 10, then Focus 12 then back to Focus 21 without the help of the exercise.  I got the impression that this was reasonably successful, feeling the distinct energy patterns of Focus 21 for a while.
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« Reply #26 on: October 25, 2004, 15:11:31 »

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Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #27 on: May 04, 2005, 15:26:30 »

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Wed 10 Nov 04 early evening

I could definately feel my energy body vibrating faster in the expansion to Focus 12.  In the count up to 21, I could feel the Focus 21 state approaching, it was like moving up towards another plane of existence.  It feels like it's a grey sphere of energy which I move up into.  In Focus 21, the energy patterns became much more like 3d swirling clouds with some twinkling stars.  I reached out to make contact with my spirit guide and with the blue star and one eternal energies.  This seemed to produce some sort of reaction and the energy patterns changed at times during the Focus 21 stage.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Sat 13 Nov 04 mid morning

This time I tried adding the help of my spirit guide to the affirmation.  In the Focus 21 state I experienced a woman leading me through the structure of Focus 21, through various tunnels, areas and water flows.  After the exercise I returned to Focus 21 and met her again.  This eventually led into a dream time.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Tue 30 Nov 04 early evening

The Focus 21 state had a much greater sense of expanding energy and awareness patterns than usual.  I could feel my energy body vibrating much faster in the expansion up to 21.  The energy patterns of Focus 21 seemed to have very deep, fine grained patterns and there were moving figures and shapes.  The light of Focus 21 felt like I was moving into a starry constellation which then became like being in a crystal energy vortex, then I seemed to float upwards through the energy patterns.

15explore Intro to Focus 15  Fri 28 Jan 05 early evening

I have been trying out the Focus 15 state of consciousness recently and have been finding that this is a very profound state of consciousness, my awareness is completely different when in Focus 15.  I get the sense that I have completely moved out of time, there is a sense of stillness and I am no longer thinking linearly but that I exist here as a different type of energy pattern which exists all at once and can easily connect with other distinct times and states of being.

Odyssey Intro Focus 21  Mon 31 Jan 05 early evening

With this exercise I tried connecting with my spirit guide in the Focus 21 state.  Focus 21 felt much better than usual, it had more vibrant 3d energy patterns which I seemed to be floating through.  I got the sensation that I was flying through this environment with my spirit guide like birds and that she was introducing me to this environment.  I felt sad when this period ended and I returned back to Focus 12.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Tue 12 Apr 05 early evening

During this exercise I felt an especially strong connection with the 4 helpers.  I could feel a rising sensation as they lifted me up and this then led to a new state of consciousness which felt quite different from Focus 12 and which felt like I was floating along through another dimension.  This new state of consciousness felt somewhat similar to Focus 21 with a wide 3d sense of space around me, but with the focus being in this world rather than in the locale 2 world, which gave the sense that my consciousness may have been out of my body even though I was unable to actually see anything.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Thu 14 Apr 05 early evening

This time my Focus 12 state was much deeper than usual so that I felt less connected to the physical world during the exercise, although the connection with the helpers was weaker.  It was a slightly more dream like expreience than usual with this exercise.

Hemi-Sync Support for Journeys Out of the Body CD set

This volume contains 6 cds and is designed to go with chapter 16 of the book to help you use the borderline sleep state to achieve deep relaxation in preparation for out of body experiences.  It uses the Condition A through D described in the book which go progressively deeper and all of the exercises last one hour.

1  Introduction

This cd doesn't contain any exercises but features a talk by Bob Monroe instead in which he describes his experiences with out of body exercises.

2  Relaxation Reinforcement

This exercises provides an introduction to hemi-sync and also serves as a refresher.  It starts with the gateway affirmation and then moves on to some relaxation techniques.

3  Condition A

This is the borderline sleep state.  You lie down when you are tired and sleepy.  As you relax and start to drift off into sleep yoy hold your mental attention on something.  The exercise has been successful when you can hold this state indefinately without falling asleep.  You then become bored and expect something more to happen.  There is a beacon guidepost signal every 20 minutes during the exercise.

4  Condition B

This is similar to Condition A but without the concentration.  You remain looking into the blackness ahead between wakefulness and sleep.  Success is when you can lie indefinately after the impressions have faded away, with no nervousness, seeing just blackness.  This exercise does not have the beacon guidepost signals.

5  Condition C

This is a systematic deepening of consciousness while in the Condition B state.  You approach this by carefully letting go of your rigid hold on the edge of borderland sleep and drift deeper during each exercise.  This state is characterised by the shutting down of various senses.  Touch goes first, followed by smell and taste, then sound, then vision.  At 20 minute intervals the attention, focus, concentration signals are replaced by signals that take you deeper into the borderland sleep state, and reinforcing signals conducive to out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

6  Condition D

Condition D is the achievement of Condition C when you are fully rested and refreshed, rather than tired and sleepy at the beginning of the exercise.  This exercise features hemi-sync signals designed to move you from a fully awake and refreshed state into a state of deep relaxation.  At 20 minute intervals there are signals conducive to out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

Journeys Relaxation  Sat 16 Apr 05 mid morning

Affirmation, followed by breathing in and out exercises, then a count up to 10, then hemi-sync.  I got quite a deep state of Focus 10 then there was a sensation of rotating round like on a turntable at various times during the rest of the exercise.

Journeys Condition A  Sat 23 Apr 05 mid morning

I started off with muscle relaxation exercises, then deep energy breathing exercises, then the affirmation, then moved onto Focus 10.  I used floating in clouds as the thought.  I got some vibrations and a slight falling sensation at various times during the exercise.  It was very hard to maintain the thought though, I kept getting lots of other thoughts creeping in all the time.  Having to try to maintain a thought also made the relaxation much harder.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Mon 25 Apr 05 early evening

In this exercise I was much more aware of the sensation of being lifted upwards by the helpers during that part of the exercise.  Although it felt like I was still in my body I also got an awareness of being positioned near the ceiling at the same time.

Prospecting Plus Polarity  Thu 28 Apr 05 evening

This time I got the impression of floating in a void of 3d swirling energy which seemed to be electrically charged.  There were no particular other sensations in this exercise.

Odyssey Nonphysical Friends  Tue 03 May 05 evening

During this exercise I got a much stronger feeling of being in a different dimension during the time when the helpers had lifted me up.  This felt like I was in a wide, dark expanse which felt totally different from the normal Focus 12 state of consciousness.

Journeys Condition B  Sun 1 May 05 morning

With this exercise I got lots of dream like episodes at various points throughout, which seemed to drift in and out during the exercise.

Journeys Condition B  Mon 2 May 05 morning

This time I got a quieter exercise with various thoughts coming and going throughout the time.  It didn't have any other interesting features.
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