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Author Topic: A great experience partly confirmed  (Read 2060 times)
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« on: April 06, 2003, 21:36:23 »


Great experience Andrew. Thank you for sharing. [Cheesy]

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Darryl Berry
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« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2003, 20:47:36 »

Here's my input on the diary:

29/03/03  2:20 am

After the lucid dream is over I try to spin my astral body but I can't. I'm still in a good trance, so I wait for a while, I imagine myself enclosured in a small 4 walled place and I touch each wall at a time, spinning slowly as I touch the walls and then I'm out. I go to the yard and I have some friends with me, I help them to fly. I see a bunch of people there in the neighbor's yard...

Then I think of someone else who's also interested in lucid dreams/astral projection so that I could help. I remember Ryan, and instantly I'm there. He's in his room writing something and he seems surprised to see me there. We greet each other and I invite him to go fly outside. As we walk to the door I ask the Light to let it last long enough, and for Ryan to experience and remember it. A friend of Ryan is there too, a black guy, thin, very short hair. On the outside I levitate a little and ask them to do the same, and they do it well.

When my event there is done I fly toward a gate on the street. Passing through it I'm in a tunnel riding on a market cart. At this point I remember a dream that I had once of a ghost house, and then I scream to hear my echo...

There's another gate ahead and I destroy it with a super punch hehe. Outside the day is very bright, I see some white clouds.
I leave the cart behind and go up flying toward the clouds asking for 'super speed' but it doesn't work. I stretch my astral body alot while asking for 'super speed', making a real effort and it works this time. I'm flying extremely fast and forward. My vision becomes blurry.
I decide to go to Rome, and as if I'm not controlling my flight anymore I start flying down the clouds over again, many many clouds and I'm going very fast.
I finally get to the ground, there are little stones and dust orange/brownish. Up ahead I see very white sand and strange large rocks coming out of it, they are of different colours. They seem crystal-like, like marble, I focus on them so that I can enjoy that beautiful view.
It feels like I'm in another planet, Rome couldn't be like that.
I grab a rock from the sand and touch it, it is heavy and orange, pretty interesting. The sky is just like here on Earth, just a bit brighter.

I try to fly to the top of a mount that I see there, but I do it with great difficulty, my flight is very slow and I wonder if I've been out too long to ever come back to my body again. I just don't bother.
I make it to the top and see people passing by. It doesn't look like a strange planet anymore, there's a green field and many children.
I'm walking, watching, I see children playing. A kid throws a stone to a little girl as if it was a ball...

(at this point the experience becomes dreamy and doesn't add up much)

I emailed my friend to tell about this story and he confirmed his friend was there, my description was pretty accurate.
Ah, I don't know him personally, nor his friend, we've been only talking over the internet. I live in Brazil and I don't know where he lives in US.
He doesn't remember anything from the experience, just yet. His words:

dude, thats odd and cool. By the time you were having the experiance, I was probably asleep, so yeah, I probably did see it or something, though I don't remember. My freind Richie was there too visiting, wich is my only Black freind. He's like about 5'10'', skinny, and he's got really short hair. It's kinda weird that you would see him and me though. Friday night, we were writing music together, but we were doing the writing on paper, so thats why you saw me writing and stuff. I'll talk at ya on ICQ sometime soon.

Where does this silence come from?

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« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2003, 20:47:36 »

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