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Author Topic: A couple strange experiences while sleeping  (Read 1966 times)
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« on: December 03, 2016, 04:51:33 »

Hello all. New here and I want to share with you guys a couple strange things that occurred to me whilst I was sleeping. Now, I never astral projected before(that I can remember anyways) however, one night last i believe I came close with even trying. I was sleeping and had a dream- or maybe several dreams before I, out of the blue, became semi conscious. All I "saw" was darkness and heard this loud static buzzing sound which actually some-what scared me and I tried to wake up but couldn't. This whole can't wake up from this buzzing darkness was short lived and i woke up from it soon after still scared with my heart thumping! This occurred earlier this year. My second strange experienced happened just nearly 2 months ago. I was drunk when i went to bed this time(both times at night) and fell asleep quite easily, but woke up sober three hours later and had trouble falling back to sleep like a few time before, so this was rather normal. Since i had a case of insomnia, I decided to wait it out until i actually felt sleepy again, this wait lasted to almost daylight when I started to drift off to sleep again. Whilst asleep i became conscious and I saw a wavy light like motion similar to what you see when you look up at the surface of water when you underwater wearing a mask or goggles, only this was darker and smokier i guess. This gave way to a clear-as-day hallway or corridor. This hallway appeared to be poorly lit with all sorts or stuff laid on both sides of it( i didn't get a chance to get a good "look" at the stuff). The hallway reminded me of a what you would find in a abandoned or run down office building or hospital, but it seemed to stretch on as i saw no end. This vision lasted prob. 6 seconds and i awoke in amazement. I have no idea what the significance of the hallway was but I never ever had a experience like these prior! Thanks for reading. If you have any info on the two experiences i recently had, please let me know. Once again, thanks!!
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« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 08:14:37 »

Welcome to the Pulse!

Ultimately, these experiences are unique to each of us and dependent on our individual interpretations. With that said, there are certain common factors that occur, especially early in our development.

Your first experience reads like some Sleep Paralysis (blackness + can't wake up) and some hypnogogic noise (loud static buzzing) which also happens to be a good exit sensation as well. It is fairly normal to experience these and similar sensations several times as a sort of preparation for a complete exit. Just do your best to remain calm and follow whatever sensations present themselves next time. Generally, you don't have to do anything except to not interfere and just allow the sensations to expand/increase or possibly change into something else. In this case, it might have felt like you were stalled out, at a point where all motion had this case, a slight amount of intent may be required to get things into motion, just an intent or a thought that expresses 'I want to have an OBE' may get things moving. It is a very subtle mental push as too much active thought will likely end the takes some experimenting. Have complete confidence in your safety and go with the flow.

The second experience, I am not exactly sure, your interpretation of it is important to understanding it. Very possibly, you were seeing an environment that, given some time to stabilize, you might have been able to phase or directly transition into it. This is what we call Phasing. Again, it is entirely normal for the scene to remain unstable the first several times until it finally disintegrates. Once again, the key is to remain calm and just observe the scene with a certain degree of detachment or un-emotion and wait for it to stabilize to the point where you feel a natural attraction to being "pulled" mentally into the scene.

Each of these experiences is offering you a different form of OBE. Be open to trying them both.

You have been reading/talking/thinking about OBEs or something else has occurred to bring these experiences into your awareness recently. Any ideas as to what it is?
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« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 08:14:37 »

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« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2017, 17:59:46 »

Your first experience as stated the black and the buzzing.

Sounds like it would have equated to being in what I have heard referred to as "The Black Void". Did you get the feeling that the Blackness went on forever?

In other words, if you are in your bedroom; it is pitch black, you are aware that you have four walls, that make up that room. You have a feeling of how large the room is, correct?

In the "Black Void" you feel as if you are somewhere completely different and the blackness seems to go on indefinitely. Did you notice a change in thought pattern of such? 

I fond that once in this state my thoughts / mind seemed to be extremely clear and precise. Any tiredness / fuzziness in my mind was instantaneously GONE once in the void state. I have been in this state 3 times now and I really enjoy it. There are lots of answers there; you can look deep inside "yourself", if that makes sense?

Next time just be in the moment and accept what is happening as truth, it is a great place to be... you will enjoy it.
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