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Author Topic: A strange thing happened this morning  (Read 1878 times)
Blue Light Mystic
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« on: March 25, 2002, 00:38:13 »

BLM: Hi MJ-12. what a cool sounding experience you've had here! smile it sounds like you were able to rapidly enter into another state of awareness. since you were able to see so much so quickly, maybe you were projecting your inner mind's eye. sort of like remote viewing on X-Men where the professor put on his special and dangerous helmet remote viewing thingy. he was able to see instant and quick flashes of images of places, people and other various things. i just thought that maybe i'd include that thought here. maybe there should be another term for this. i believe that Robert said he was interested in this sort of thing. let's maybe call it 'remote astral sight projection'.

BLM: now, did you see yourself or your astral body projecting before you whenever you were seeing these places, or did you just see these images rapidly without seeing your other body? i feel that if one says they just saw images, then they were possibly remote viewing or using their astral sight in that kind of case. for some reason, in my experience with this sort of thing, i have not seen my astral body but was able to see an environment of sorts somewhere outside. i also forced to find out where i was and managed to force my mind's eye to pass by a road sign. it had the shape of Ohio on it and specifically said that the area i was in was called, "Waterburg." does anyone on the forum know if this place is real? is this the real name of a city that's somewhere in Ohio? please let me know if you know!

MJ-12: I woke up and, it being Sunday, I relaxed in bed for a while with my hands crossed over my chest. I started daydreaming and before long, my daydreams took on more and more solidity and I lost awareness of myself in bed. It was sort of like those car commercials where the camera spends the whole thing pulling out and the scene radically changes every 2-3 seconds.

MJ-12: I would walk into a building, open a door and I'm in a forest, look up and see a mountain full of glaciers and then be on the beach with a glass full of ice, etc. My power to alter things grew and after a while I thought about astral projection and I was still dimly aware of myself lying in bed, so I tried some of that.

MJ-12: I became aware of the back of my eyelids and focused on that and far off in my vision, I saw two thin circles, one inner, one outer, of rainbows. In the inner circle was a murky blackness. Well, after some hesitation, I focused mightily on going through and succeeded somewhat I think. Immediately, like I'm talking a switch being thrown here, I get heavy vibrations and throbbing in my head that builds steadily into what I "knew" would be an OBE, or possibly something more. Unfortunately, I got nervous and pulled back a bit (awwwww), but I recovered and went with it as long as I could, but I guess I lost my momentum and ended up with sleep paralysis. I fiddled around with that for a while and faded into dream.

Any thoughts on what this may have been?

BLM: i have seen colored circles before as well. i really don't know what they might be though. maybe these are some kind of elemental? well, that's just one of my guesses.....maybe they're some kind of "tunnel of light" as Robert has mentioned in his book (on page 385). he said that, "Many projectors report shooting at high speed through a tunnel of light when they project, then end up somewhere inside the astral planes." (p. 385 Astral Dynamics). do read about what he said, i'm sure you may find that it could relate to you seeing this as your rapid means of traveling!

BLM: and, the vibrations and throbbing that you were feeling must've been some kind of energy adjustment you were going through to project out of your body. so, you feel that you lost in doing your projection? no, it sounds like you did project somewhat in the first paragraph you wrote! maybe you remembered them out of order. maybe you saw the tunnel of light first and is what you had traveled through then saw the images whizing by you afterward. maybe your projection ended whenever you came back too close to your body and felt nervous. but, maybe your dream wasn't just a dream and was a continuation of your know this answer inside.... smile

Blue Light blessings
from Blue Mystic
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« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2002, 17:47:48 »

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« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2002, 17:47:48 »

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