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Author Topic: A Visit To One Of My Alternates  (Read 1378 times)
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« on: June 22, 2017, 08:04:17 »

Oct 31, 2015

I laid in bed on my back, trying to project after having waken up at 3am (went to bed at 12am after meditating to hemi sync), I was listening to the chimes of my dreamcatcher. I remember it helping me once before with projecting. Anyway instead of winding up out of body in my bedroom like always, I was outside by my car; except everything was horribly off (in my reality my car cover was on my car), the tarp on my car was burnt and melted into the car. I started freaking out (there were many people about) yelling out who did this to my car; I was in tears now frighten, people was just staring at me like I was out of my mind. Then my view started to pan out like in a movie when the camera widens and shows the whole surrounding, and from what I saw it looked like I was in a bad part of town. I freaked and ran to my apartment door trying to get in but the door was locked, so I just busted my way in, and to my horror there was someone living there. I yelled out hey I live here, this is my apt. The woman who was sitting on a couch stood up an said no you don't, i live here. At this point a feeling came over me that maybe I had the wrong apartment, but I knew I didn't, so I turned and ran out of there confused
As I ran I started realizing how different everything was, it was like a post apocalyptic world, it was all just so weird, but then I ran into a familiar face, but I had only seen this person in the movies (Terry Chen) I tried going to him for help (he seemed to know me), but when i went to explain things, I just couldn't get it out, I was just so confused and frustrated. His mother tried to give me food to calm me, but I was too out of it to eat. When I did calm myself I made a decision to leave to try to find my family, maybe they could help me, but Terry and his brother wanted me to play video games with them, I was going to, but I got uneasy and told them I had to go. I was outside about to leave when they both (aggressively) asked me where I was going, I quickly started running and they gave chase, I was making all kinds of twists and turns and jumping fences. When I was far enough away, I saw this guy who looked like my brother from afar with a group of guys. I ran towards him calling out his name, saying there were some people chasing me, but when I got up to him I realized it wasn't quite him, but he wanted to help anyway, still panicked I asked where his car was, but it was too late Terry and his brother had caught up, so we just ran. In the middle of our run while jumping fences, things turned for the worst and he too was now chasing me, it was like he changed his mind in mid run( he was yelling all kinds of obscenities at me). I suddenly hit a dead end with nowhere to go, and they we all closing in. At this point I had enough, I tried to return to my body, but it was a no go. I started to panic even more trying everything to just awaken from the experience, but to no avail I couldn't get through. I felt my physical eyes trying to open but I just couldn't open them. Just as they were in front of me moving in I suddenly awoke in bed, at least I thought I had.
My girlfriend was just coming in the door, she was home kind of early from work, I asked her why she was here, she said because its Halloween (she's never off on Halloween). Then suddenly I was pulled back into my last experience, except Terry was now a female version of himself and for some reason they had caught me it was like the experience was still ongoing while I was in a false awakening. I was back at his/her house, i just told him/her that I needed his/her help waking up in my own reality ( him/her was going to help too), but then as if my wishes had been answered some masked guy busts in out of nowhere ( now that I had time to analyze it the masked guy was me from that reality some sort of vigilante), and threw these needle/dart things at Terry and just like that Terry was out. He then threw some at me, they stuck me in my arm and neck, he walked past me all swift and confident in what he did, but I didn't go down. He quickly turned ( Huh!!!) and saw that it didn't phase me, he pounced on me wrestling trying to poke more needle/darts in me, he was yelling I'm trying to help you. I said well it's not working, we have to try something else. As we paced around thinking of a way out I heard a noise in the physical and I tried one last forceful try to open my eyes and boom I was finally back in body. While still laying there I looked around to be sure. Once I was sure I laughed it off saying wtf . I then headed to my journal an wrote it down.
 Now that I had a chance to really understand it, i now realise why I was there to begin with, for the longest now I told myself that I wanted to visit another reality of myself that took all the turns I didn't in this life. I really didn't think it would turn out that way. Heck if I knew I would have asked myself the questions I wanted to ask i been planning it for some time. I need another go at it, to get my questions asked, at least I know I was a superhero like i thought I would be. I think that was the reason I had trouble as well getting back to my physical body because I had not seen myself yet til the end. Thanks for listening
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