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Author Topic: angels  (Read 1496 times)
« on: June 19, 2002, 02:32:39 »

heres what happend.I was laying in bed.I was trying to fall asleep.But I was having a hard time stopping my taughts.You all know how frustrating this can be sometimes.So I just stopped trying.And started thinking about my girlfriend.How she is so understanding about me.Ive been home for over a year now.And im in some big debts.Shes the only one working.Im getting some money though,its not much but better than nothing.My debts im not worried about.I cant pay them,I cant pay them right.After all bad credit is just an illusion right?lolThan I taught she just may be an angel god sent to me.And this made me feel pretty good.I got a spontaneous(sp?) taught"send me an angel".Than immediately after I see a small bright light fly downwards to the bottom of my left eyelid.It was kind of like a shooting star without the streak.I taught maybe I just imagined it.But I taught again"send me an angel,send me an angel"This time On purpose.Than I saw them.Im not sure how many there were but it was more than a few.This was very strange because I wasnt even near trance state or anything and very anxious.I could see them floating by.What appeared to be the wings,Looked transparent.Getting brighter towards there center.I was watching them trying to keep my mind quiet.But it was difficult for me.They looked kind of like sting rays but a different shape.The way they move.Almost like they were in water but even more graceful.Tears started falling from my eyes.I believe these were angels.I know I didnt imagine it.Ive never seen things like this before. I cant really remember anything now after that.Eventually I guess I fell alseep and projected into some kind of mental dimension.I dont know where they went.This was a funny obe that i had an everything was in the middle of this blackness.It was kinda of like a neighborhood I use to play in all the time.Except things seemed to be floating in thin air in this blackness.And I noticed one house was really deformed.It had another look alike house on top and so on.They were all kind of blended together.I couldnt even see where it ended.There were 2 people one of my old friends.His dad and his daughter.She wanted me to get something for her dad.I didnt know what to do.So I just practice my flying and let them be.The flying experience was a little different this time.I was moving my astral arms around.And I could feel some kind of drag there.Like when you stick your hand out your car window while going fast.After awhile of this I woke up.
note:Im going to take a break from posting for awhile and practice my meditation and energy work.Im having trouble controlling my thoughts.And its because making posts makes me very anxious..My girlfriend thinks its because I care to much what people think.But I dont think that is true.If i did I wouldnt be this honest with you.I think im afraid to hurt people,Unintentionaly.By something I say,sometimes people get the wrong idea and take offense.Im not really that great at explaining things sometimes.Im sorry if I havnt answered any of your posts.I will check them when I come back.I wont be gone for long.Just a few days more or less.I feel those angels are waiting for me.I was actually laying down again and I taught I saw them in the background.Maybe it was just my imagination.Maybe it wasnt.I feel I cant go with them unless I have my head together again.Ill see you soon!

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