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Author Topic: Cats on my chest and voices in my head  (Read 1030 times)
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« on: March 01, 2003, 12:55:39 »

this happened about half an hour ago. I was dreaming about forgeting what I supposed to get for supper when I woke up. I felt very exhausted and streched out to relax. I had an arm over my head and my legs bunched up. I was just trying to relax not any obe attempt. Suddenly I started getting a kind of pulsing sinking feeling. I thought it was interesting so I didn't try to make it go away. I think I became paralysed after that as I had trouble moving. Although I was tired so I didn't care. I hoped I could have my first conscious obe, but then I felt something walk across my chest. If felt like my cat. I never saw it though. I thought, "Damn it Matilda. The one time you come onto my bed and it's right now." I have a bunk bed up against the wall. The wall was on my left side and the cat walked to the left side. I thought maybe she walked down the bed to to window and suddenly I got a glimpse of the window as if it were where the wall should be. I thought, "Oh, it's one of those 'things aren't where they should be deals.'"

Here's the weird part. In my left ear I heard a loud twanging noise and a louder buzzing noise. It was louder than my right buzzing static type noise. I then heard a plesant girl voice in my left ear say, "You could really use a drink Nate." In my right ear my self talk voice (you know, like when you have conversations with yourself in your head. There's you and then the voice that answers back, but you know it's you too) said, "You could use a drink Nate." Then I said around my forehead to the right ear voice, "Don't start."

then my parents down stairs (who I could hear the entire time) started making more noise and yelled at me to wake up. I was a little annoyed. As it turned out my cats weren't anywhere near my room during all this. This is the second time that there's been a cat around while plesant sounding girl voices have talked to me in an obe type deal. The first time was about a year ago. I had woken up gone stairs to the bathroom and there were two black and white cats waiting for me. The same voice fomr this morning had said hello. I woke again after that and went down to tell my brother, but he said it was the computer noise. then I woke up again, got fed up with false awakens, and tried to go back to sleep. There's a post for it somewhere if anyone really wants to read about it. taaaa!!

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