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Author Topic: continuation of consciousness  (Read 1277 times)
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« on: March 16, 2016, 02:02:07 »

bit long winded but bare with me as im probably just going to copy and paste it to my online dream journal Smiley

just to set the scene sunday night was a hard night my son had been gradually going down with a fever and was pretty delirious so me and the missus was up with him most of the night i think i had probably two hours sleep before setting off to do a full days work
monday when i got home we got the kids to bed fairly early and so i was ready to crash myself and in bed by around 8.30 - 9.00 pm
read a short few pages from my current astral oddessy book and then sleep (defiantly had intent to project on my mind)
i slept right through and was woken by daughter at 6.20 am i brought her in bed with me and she cuddled in and went back to sleep so i thought great time to attempt a exit

as i was drifting off i was getting hypnogogic imagery of a piece of rough ply wood that i was trying to smooth out with poly filler
must have fallen into unconscious sleep and then began to dream of walking up the ally to my old flat it was pitch black and and i bumped into a small boy that must have been about waist height i was trying to avoid hitting him again as he sounded a bit distressed as i made for the door that lead down another section of my alleyway
when i got to the back door of my house anna was in a outside loo and she said there is someone in the flat, sure enough the door was open and i could hear people upstairs as i walked up the stairs i picked up a big stiff broom and went in and cracked the first intruder around the head (at this point my awareness was beginning to heighten) i was sneaking up on the next burgler and gave him a good crack too and then the third i was really in control of what was happening in the dream but still playing out the scene i tied the three up in the corner and i was being pretty damn nasty to them torturing and taunting them (i think the fact that i had my daugther in a sling on my front had kicked me into protective mode)
things were getting a little dark and i was telling him i was going to kick a broken bottle up his arse when i heard another noise in the kitchen
as i walked to the kitchen my awareness took another step up i was suddenly in full consciousness and i decided to jump up and float through the celling i got stuck half through it so came back into the kitchen and then jumped forwards through the kitchen window (seems to be a pattern of the way i project from a lucid dream now) i got three quarters through and then it got a bit sticky so i pulled my way out using a branch in the garden hedge
once i popped out things were at optimum vividness i looked into the distance and decided to fly there as fast as i could
while wizzing along i thought about the intent to go to Glastonbury tor in pre history before the chapel was built on top i thought hard and changed the scene but the tor hill just didnt seem right to me it was more like a mound of rocks with gaps between each one
i carry on flying down the high street there is a strange contraption being driven by a black guy i fly through it and on the back is a large observation platform/seat with a police woman sat on it
i sit next to her and i start unbuttoning her shirt and im once again caught up in the old astral sex trap again
it lasts for a very long while of foreplay on this odd trike thing moving through town and across fields and eventually i get off and am looking for somewhere to have full intercourse but there are people everywhere and its a built up area (modesty started kicking in)
i wake up and look at the clock its now 6.59 just before my alarm goes off a good 40 minute experience

on reflection i really noticed how each level of awareness was felling as it slowly heightened
a nice successful dream exit and actually following through with an intent planned from waking consciousness followed by a slight failure returning  back into the carnal pleasure fixation ive been trying to phase out
also having a longer sleep period than normal defiantly helped

all good fun though  wink
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