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Author Topic: First Astral Projection?  (Read 993 times)
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« on: November 04, 2015, 13:32:17 »

As a person who just recently tried (about 2-3 weeks ago)and have no natural talent for it, I don't expect much about doing astral projection.

That one particular day (more than one week ago)early in the morning when I was half asleep, I feel quite strong vibration in my body. It happens quite often to me but unlike most of time which I just ignore it and sleep, I tried to focus on it and try to get out of my body.
And then I view my room where I slept from above, there was a force like dragging me down. I tried to get a little further and looked back at my sleeping body. I walked (?) through my house which was so dark. The only light is from the outside. Then quickly I went outside, it was very bright like in a middle of sunny day. I roamed through neighborhood and found a box. Inside a box there is a calico cat with her kittens, which all of them are calico. I was going to interact with them (I love cats) but I feel unsure and only unveil the blanket that cover them. I felt that I can't go further and I went back.

When I was awake I was in doubt is that really astral projection or a lucid dream mimic (Because I lucid dream often). Because first, it was not as complex as described by people. Then everything was so silent and like nothing was there, the only thing I saw are the cats and nothing else. Unlike people who already see things in the first times and hear some high pitched weird noises.I also don't remember seeing a cord. According to my friend who often do astral projection,it is because my astral eyes that aren't "open" yet and my energy is still weak so the cord is very thin that almost invisible. But I'm not sure.

My second time is when I have sleep paralysis in my dream (yes, it couldn't be weirder. It happens yesterday). I seldom sleep paralysis and what happened to is different like what described by people. People often hallucinates and see things  vaguely in their sleep paralysis, but I see everything clearly and no hallucination. It just like that my soul is in my body but have no control of it and there is a strong force pulling me. When I try to just "enjoy" and ignore the force that pulling me out. With just like a blink I suddenly float in my room (which is still dark like the last time) and seeing my sleeping body connected with now visible thin cord. It was early morning that time and when I was out of my body I was like "Why the heck I'm out! Go back now!" and yeah, I woke up because that time I want to wake up not astral project. From that time I became more sure, that is real.

But then... I start to think. Could some of my ultra realistic dreams that start in my bedroom and takes place in the building where I sleep with darker scene are actually astral projection? Which come as easily as my latter experience that I could even remember it. (Astral projs
In those dream I actually encounter things, sometimes confront them (because they annoyed me) and there was a particular being who looks like a normal female human with its long black hair and paler complexion in white dress only with concentric patterned white eyes and jawless mouth that wants to be my friend and creepily knows a lot about me.

Sorry if this long post  embarassed
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