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Author Topic: First astral projection or lucid dreaming NEW  (Read 556 times)
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« on: December 30, 2012, 14:52:46 »

Since my mothers passing I've become more in tune with my inner self I've been reading up on meditation and its benefits so for the past  months i meditate sometimes to relieve stress and hoping to astral project to reconnect with my mother but anyway this past week I've been down at my fathers for the holidays and prior to that i smoke weed which i learned stops you from having vivid dreams so this past week i haven't smoked since being sober I've been having alot of vivid dreams but this morning i woke early from sleeping earlier last night so i stayed up this morning and ate sum crackers then i started feeling tiered so i said why not go back to sleep so as im sleeping it felt like my body was becoming heavy and i tryed to wake myself up but I couldn't pull outta my sleep but i was aware that I couldn't open my eyes or lift any of body parts untill I concentrated hard enough to do so than bam I pull my self outta my sleep                                                                        but I wasn't in the same room i noticed because the room had like a child's theme with painted monkeys on the walls complete diff tv way opposite from the room that im sleeping in at my fathers that's when i realized im dreaming or a projected but i was aware of everything then i noticed a closed door so i avoided cause i feared that behind that door was something im not ready for yet so then i looked up to the ceiling than I thought if i really projected i could fly after reading that u can fly during projection so i put my arms up to the ceiling and tryed to lift off it felt like i was levitating a lil but it was difficult to fully pull my self up so i could fully levitate or fly then soon as I took my mind off concentrating on flying a lil girl ran in the room idk why but i thought it was my mother in laws granddaughter who I've been spending time with down here for the holidays than the door opened up and it was a man but his voice reminded me of my father than shortly after I heard my mother in law voice talking to us then i thought wait im buggin the lil girl didn't spend the night here and my father is sleep with my mother in law so i asked my self am i dreaming and i felt like wtf going on this isn't  real  so i said this is too much im going back to sleep and then soon as I closed my eyes to sleep i woke up then once i woke i remember all of this and i noticed i wasnt sleep for long probably 10-20 mins can someone plz tell me if I astral projected or this is a lucid/vivid dream thanks
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