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Author Topic: Furthering my OBE's  (Read 1389 times)
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« on: June 11, 2016, 17:33:42 »

it's been a long while since I've been on here but i never really forgot abut this place. it's been a while since my first OBE experience and honestly, i was scared away from it for a while my first experience was well... quite the experience. a person who was my guide was able to help me transition, although she does have attitude i know she means well. i then transitioned appearing in the middle of my room i tried to wake up, but was attacked by something. i for some reason ran under my covers and rushed myself to wake up. the being started gnawing at my body and taunting me, the pain that i felt was very real. it then threw me out of my bed, they had the appearance of any stereotypical monster.

 when i turned to get up beside me was a giant pitch black chasm that wasn't there previously in the center of my room everything then faded out. i remember pulling something from my chest that looked alot like a rapier (i had informed myself about astral weapons while awake) everything faded, the entire fight was a blur. the next thing that i remember i had one arm behind the monsters and stabbed it in the chest. it's hard to explain but it wasn't really a monster anymore, it was a rather handsome man with slick blond hair, i then woke up feeling like absolute garbage. occasionally while dreaming i would have this feeling of being held down, i think i might have in fact fallen into the hole.

 the second to last was the most strange. i had woken up in what was some sort of cellar and with a man entirely in black who had just made his way up a set of stairs. i was surrounded by bright violet auras that obviously looked human. one of them was distressed and kept pointing to the staircase and talked to me as if i had something that they didn't and could make use of it. i don't remember the specific wording but it was something like "go up there" i think i might have been misplaced or maybe he wanted me to confront the man but i don't remember much after that.

 and the last time i had a OBE was rather ineventful, i was fatigued laying back on my dresser with this weird creature both arms around my head sucking on my face. it was pitch black and the size of an infant, and had a definite humanoid shape. it was more pitiful than threatening so i simply pulled it off. ever since then i have been able to visualize things more vividly and even able to feel things that aren't there. i feel more aligned with my body. on occasion my guide will pop in, never making me aware of her appearance but i can feel her there.

my next goal would be to actually speak to her in someway. i have some questions i want to ask and i actually want her there with me on my next OBE, since i can't even leave my bedroom without trouble. could i possibly get some options
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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2016, 20:59:06 »

Drop the weapons thing and any other monster nonsense you may have read about. It's all pre-programmed subconcious infection in effect. 
A selling point using fear to create revenue or to distract the uninitiated from getting anywhere by creating a manifestation from their own mind to block progression into the NP.
The thoughts you have are the driving force of what your experiences will consist of. It's so simple to form a dark environment if fear is giving directions. This means that you are only scaring yourself.
A loud noise upstairs during the day will be most often ignored, the same at 2:00 in the morning will not have that same reaction. The first thing that hits home is fear. Why, because it's lacking in sunlight outside?
If you think about this, the real reason is the fear you've been trained to see at night  from the movie industry. A lack of sunlight has no real effect at all.
Can you see where the fear creeps in and wreaks havoc in your experiences?
Find this and you'll be out and about in some wonderful places in no time.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2016, 20:59:06 »

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