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Author Topic: Had a "FULL" experience last night..spirit guide (I think)need info from expert  (Read 1881 times)
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« on: January 13, 2015, 09:27:36 »

Ok so I havnt posted much around here bc well there hasnt been much for me to discuss...but THIS WAS EPIC!! I met my spirit guide...went to the "moon" and spoke to a deceased person and MORE...I estimate I was out for 45 mins to an hour!!

Anyway I started a new meditation pratcice which I think may be relevant to this experience so I will mention that I have been mindfulness meditation for a month twice a day fo r 20-40 mins . Times vary depending on circumstances. I plan on continuing this practice as within 3 days I have found myslef to be 20x better in every aspect of my life. As a side note my GF started as well...shes not very spiritual but she sais she has weird experiences pressure on the center of her forhead, humming sounds and visions. I think she may be a natural channeler to be honest. Two nights ago she experienced what felt like she was being sucked into a bright light. She said that is was "inward" which I thought was interesting. She has expressed interest recently that she would like to get OOB and i dont think it will take much effort for her seeing as she seems to be having experiences you only here long term meditators happening.

Anyway I have always *known* theres something MORE to this existence that western thought seems to only value. I have had strange unexplained events all my life. So anyhow I decided to begin a re-emergence into studying the occult just before I began with my meditation. This was all sparked by an experience with a spirit in my house one night at about three AM when I was working on a project. I wont go into to much details about metaphysical events in my life because quite frankly I can almost feel people rolling there eyes as they read this. Well honestly I used to be excited about sharing my experiences with people but I have learned that most people will not believe any of it. Which is fine I dont blame them because alot of it is truly fantastic.

So I began having sleep paralysis and a few spontaneous OOBS after I had a streak of psychedelic over-indulgence in my teens. One bad trip led to some psychological issues which seemed to spill over into the spiritual for me. I feel that the deep trauma caused some sort of astral scarring or "damage". I started having close encounters with some seeminly malevelant entities while in SP. I found that the only thing I can do is NOT sleep on my back because these occurences made me start to doubt my sanity.

Anyway, this meditation has really calmed me down and I recently conciously have been sleeping on my back, or trying to rather....and guess what? I havnt had any significant events UNTIL last night. A made a sigil a week ago which the intent was "I am astral projecting without fear". I REALLY think the sigil worked!!! Also Ive been trying to meditate on my spirit guide...just to see if there was anything to it..and well...OH just read on!!

 So last night I was on youtube watching interviews with OOBers and honestly have been hoping it would happen soon but not holding my breath. I end up trying to sleep on my back but got tired and shifted on my side. I immediatly found myself in a room with a strange shady character. There was something more lucid about this dream but I couldnt really pinpoint it. This character was somehow more REAL than other drream characters Ive encountered. I realized it was in my mothers home. I knew it was but it was somehow different. This character said "are you ready to do the ritual"? I said "sure". Apparently he was over to do some magick ritual with me. We began to have some casual converstation but for some reason he kept interpreting what I was saying as insults to him... but I wasnt being rude at all. All of a sudden he grabbed me and through me up against the wall by my neck and threatened me!! Letting me know "whos boss" although I dont rememeber the diologue.... He had bad skin..looked bumpy and irritated...he was tall and lanky...kinda sleazy looking and had a leather jacket on... his girlfriend was aorund there somewhere too but was neutral to the situation. All of a sudden I find that the whole "scene" started over me a second chance or something. We went through the same thing except I somehow tried to get through it tactfully .....again I found myself pinned to the ground and he was cutting through my clothing with a blade of some was rather disturbing BUT

Now Im in my body for a split second in real time....I start vibrating from my ethereal vibration...Ive never felt it like this!!! ITS HAPPENING!!...I feel my feet lift up and like a pancake Im peeled up off the bed...everythings dark....I command "Give me lucidity" Now I can see!!! Im above a city ...i dont recognise where i am but Im definitely out of body and above the ground!! I get excited!! I go to the ground and notice HOW FRICKIN STRETCHY AND WEIRD THIS BODY IS...Ive never felt it like this....I was doing alot of strange acrobatics through the structures and building for a bit here...and my feet seemed to often land first and then my torso and head would snap back to the rest of me from right behind...a very ODD sensation indeed!!

(NOTE- Im wondering if the universe "blacked out" the part where i was in my bedroom because that was SUCH a HUGE fear of mine...I seem to encounter these entities here and I had this phobia of this part of APing)

Now Im walking around an EXTREMELY populated reminded me of china town ..a subway system/train station etc. But there where little "spaces" everywhere were people were doing "their thing" what ever their was busy like a market or bazaar! Hoenstly this was reminding me of an 80s comedy movie where they portray the afterlife. There were conversations and people just socializing everywhere!! I see a girl through all the people traffic and she sais "hey, there you are" She was smiling...and i walk towards her ...she was really cute so I made a very crude sexual advance, which seemed to offend her...I realized there were beautiful women everywhere so I tried again with another...she was also offended but I realized hell...theres so much to explore Im going to move on and do something else...  So I go in some strange rooms ...some of them where gross and CREEPY...I ended up in a room...looked like a rusty dirty old locker or bathroom with tile everywhere...there appeared to be body fluids and other really unapealing filth on the walls and floor.. This guy ..he looked like he was disturbed....he looked like the typical overweight middle aged scumbag trailer park loser...I see him from behind and hes having sex with someone or something....I walk around to see the front of him and hes having sex with an asian woman with her limbs chopped was VERY disturbing so I move along ....I end up in some place with another freak who tries to MOLEST ME....he grabs at me and I get away....Then he tries to shoot me with some weird projectile weapon....the projectiles dont hurt or anything...he was just trying to be threatening.....this astral "material" has a strange ist made out of "dreamstuff".

(NOTE..Some of these things may be out of sequence because my memory has gotten patchy since last night)

Ok so now I think "I want to go to the moon" ...there seemed to be a delay...and I remember wondering why it wasnt working....all of a sudden i hear a voice....a friendly..cocky ..but helpful and kind voice...he sais something like "all right GET REEEEEADY!!!" I find myself WARPING....Im in some dark tunnel and my body is stretching again...I feel the sensation of high speed movement!!! And I see rings of "energy" around me..zooming past!! I arrive at the moon....and it too was populated!!!

(NOTE- I DONT think this was real time obviously....but how much of this was real and how much did i "invent")

So Im on the moon...and it was more like an amusement place...lots of people and alot going on! Im walking and this guy whos voice Ive only heard shouts to me and waves from about thirty feet away.. hes smiling and walking in the same direction as me...I notice hes not very tall...dressed very casually in jeans and t shirt....he puts his arms in the air and says "how do you like all of it?" I tell him " THANKS this is amazing!!!" I realize that this MUST be my spirit guide....I hear him sort of interjecting his voice whenever he felt like he needed to let me know something "UHH UHH!! YOu might not want to do that just yet!"...I remember going back through the warp and now Im finding myself back on "earth" I suppose....and I think "I want to see someone I know who has passed over"...I find myself in some sort of social club/bar..theres some people standing around the table...and this young fellow walks up ..he makes I contact and sais "Oh whats going on man?" Not excited to see me but not unhappy...just sort of neutral... I got sad and said to him...."YOU!!! youve passd over!? " He sais "Yeah well..." (He said something about his mother in a sort of dissapointed tone) ...this kid I havnt thought about in a decade at least!!  He was this realy troubled youngster in my neighborhood. He hung out and did drugs in my apartment complex. His father was a scumbag drug addict criminal. His mother was alone and had mental problems. This youngster stole my bike...Im not mad anymore but I was at the time....I dont have confirmation if he passed away but I sure would like  to find out. Unfortunatly I dont know what strings to pull to find out because I have long since moved away from the area.. This guy really did me wrong but Im over it and it was sad to see of he really did lose his life....Im honestly not surprised if he did. One other thing to note is that in the astral he seemed to have the same attitude you would expect from him in real life...only slightly less arrogant.

So everything goes black and I pop back in my body. Thats that! I sit shocked and in awe for about an hour ...trying to research what I had just gone was amazing...and I hoipe to go back soon!

Im STILL in disbelief ...Im STILL trying to process this uncanny and amazing experience!!! Im IN SHOCK and AWE...and I almost dont believe it really happened! I must have another experience like this!!!

Can any experienced projectors help me with the following-

Was that my spirit guide?? My gut tells me so but who knows??? Will the same person continue to appear to me if he is my spirit guide??

Peoples faces look almost gooey or maulaable....there bodies sort of look like that the "flesh" was sort of easily "physically" manipulated. Anyone else notice this?

Why was the moon ...not the moon at all??? Unless I was on the moon and not in real time? It was very strange but it didnt seem to be much different than the populated place I was in initially in my travel.

Can someone help identify where i was? If this was a place I invented or have others described similar places?

Is the population a mix of "ivented" spirits...spirits inbetween incarnations and dreamers/astral travellers?

Why is the stuff that everything is made of seem so similar to what one might find in dreams?

Where those morbid people/places...troubled souls or ghosts that had strange obsessions when they where living? This is the impression I got....they developed some problems while alive and sort of got stuck in their sick ways in this realm.

Why are words, letters, numbers so WEIRD...they move around and look like they are swimming in alphabet soup...but they also look like unrecognizable glyphs at times too! Is this some sort of universal law to prevent people from accessing certain info??
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« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2015, 08:25:59 »

Sorry that I missed commenting on this earlier; we try to give an opinion when appropriate, but some slip past unseen.

That may have been a guide introducing himself without actually saying it outright. My first encounter was much like this; I'm still unsure years later. I wouldn't be surprised if they do change forms, but you will likely encounter several, if not many as your experiences progress. My recent guidance has been from an invisible presence.

Your experience reminds me of what was for me a breakout moment. Like yours, I exited and returned several times with a variety of sensations, visited several different environments with different encounters, including chasing the girls!lol

This is my opinion only, but this was a series of tests you were put through; you were likely placed into these environments to test your reactions and see how you operate under various conditions, and have a little fun.

You will need to get control of the sexual urge; it's a perfectly normal difficulty many of us reluctantly admit to having to learn to control. But until you do exhibit control, they won't let you get into the higher levels. They won't allow a bunch of us roaming around imposing our sexual impulses on everyone. Not the mark of a mature individual.

You noticed how pliable, malleable and fluid the stuff of the environment was. You also noticed similar characteristics with the people you met. You even recognized the similarity to the stuff your dreams are made of. That was an excellent insight because that's what it is. Part of why this material is so fluid may have to do with your awareness needing increasing and strengthening. With more experiences this will improve quickly. When it goes beyond Blue-Ray you'll be astonished!

There are varying opinions but most agree that our dreams take place in the Astral. Personally, I also currently hold the idea that for many of our early experiences, until we've demonstrated a minimum amount of control and ability, we are restricted to our personal Dreamspace or what some call the Personal Astral. Later, with their approval, more parts of the Astral Proper open up to us.

Hope that gives some ideas to think over. Great experience!

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« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2015, 08:25:59 »

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« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2015, 11:00:32 »

the content of most projections should be viewed the same way you would view dream content.  your mind creates most of the environment.  In time you will learn to discern truth.  You are the only one who can decide the meaning of what you saw
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