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Author Topic: help.. I'm stuck  (Read 1197 times)
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« on: November 28, 2011, 05:00:53 »

I just started with AP, first I tried it as an experiment expecting nothing to happen, then I started feeling the vibration phase which many APers describe. I stopped because it startled me.

I tried to do it again, but I can't achieve the vibration phase anymore, and if I do feel vibrations, the moment I become aware of it, it instantly disappears.. I've been listening to binaural music on my headphones (there are several types, those that sound like a the environment, and those with tones that goes lower and lower and lower)

I've read many blogs plus posts from this forum.. I have also started reading books about AP, but now I don't know where to start anymore..

can you guys give me a step by step tutorial from step 1..
Chaos Mage
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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 05:26:19 »

relax, breathe normally, start to go to sleep, but keep your consciousness intact.  Will yourself to sleep, body asleep, mind awake, right? 

alternately, you can perform the type of banishing that returns physical frequencies to the One Vibration of the zero point, spiritual dimension.  I've done that recent before sleeping and as I was going to sleep, and banishing gently in my consciousness, I fell asleep, and woke up in a dream and began sucking a large penis, well my own.  But I keep getting killed, people in the astral around me don't want me to astral.

So basically, you relax, and discharge your kinetic focus.  Discharge, not exactly a release of energy, just a letting go of the physical focus.  At any time, you can go astral, and even reattach to the physical Universe at a different point in time, or go back to an old life.  The key thing is to stop focusing the mundane physical sensations, and go with something more spiritual.  Shift, phase, astral project.  Though, you can't trust what I say, because I can't actually astral project.  I can devour astral energy if I want too, and usually when I do, there's an early injection coming my way.

Another way is to condense your mentalized structure, imagination, belief, memory, and all things psychically active in your consciousness.  Concentrate.  Right?  If you concentrate all your energy, you will enter the quantum level, which is infinite due to the nature of the spiritual dimension.  Zero Point, ok.  It's hard, but it can be done.  It will cause pain.  The pain of seperating from the body is something I don't hear people talking about, but in the case of concentration into a 'radical' or 'hyper point' astral form, the pain is from the literal destruction of all perceptions of physical existence. 

For instance, I could be living into the one hundred and ninety seventh dimensional density, and still, through the internet, be talking to people on Universe One.  But basically, there are two ways to reach the astral.  One is relaxing and concentrating naturally, the other is through increases of mental energy as a focus value on the scale of amplitude of dimensional vibration.  Like a magnitude, a 'soul quake'.  You'll be ok, just don't worry about losing your physical existence.  The physical plane is like a core plane, and it isn't just some dirty stinking flesh.  It's kinetic energy formed out of pure psychic or psionic potential.  That same psionic potential can become an astral existence. 

That's all the advice I know.

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 05:26:19 »

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