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Author Topic: Two Spirits and Our Conversation  (Read 903 times)
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« on: August 15, 2005, 18:58:31 »

The other day, I decided to induce an OBE through an LD.  In the LD, I was talking with these two rather interesting dream characters.  They seemed to be really wise, but they said they had to leave.  This was my chance to attempt to OBE through the LD, so I took it.  I closed my eyes and upon willing to OBE, I instantly felt my heart having the vibrations on overdrive.  So, I focused on making them get even more intense and to keep lasting, which they did when I finally became more passive about this willing.  As this happened, I could see a black orb with smoke coming off of it, in the 3D blackness.
The LD had been occurring in a stereotypical chinese food restaurant, but when I opened my eyes, I was at an actual chinese food restaurant not too far from my house.  The two dream characters were there, sort of.  They appeared different now,  but I could tell that it was them.  They now had florescent blue tattoos all over them.  They gave me the impression of elves, because they had a feeling of wisdom, oneness with nature, and this elegance that elves tend to have in fiction.  I couldn't see their ears, though, I don't think.  Their hair covered them.
We spoke, without words.  It was more like we were sending concepts to each other, telepathically.  They said that they helped me get out of body to this location, so that they could speak to me more directly.  The way they helped me get out was something called a dark spot, which is supposed to be like a compressed bit of energy that can act like a portal.  I saw flashes of the dark orb with smoke, as they gave me this concept, so I get the feeling that they explaining that imagery for me.
They went on to say that they are who humans came from.  I asked if they meant humans evolved from them.  They said that it was more of a de-evolution, and went on to explain that most of the time with evolution, it's natural selection of what will advance you farther.  However, in this case we were already so evolved, that when we lost some good things in the evolutionary process, it was still good enough.  I got the impression that they meant humans, as a whole, have lost their sense of connection to their environment, and even to themselves.  I suppose, also, the emphasis on material objects isn't a great adaptation either.  Sorry if that sounds hippyish, that's just how it went. Tongue
They disappeared, and I remained in this restaurant for awhile.  I would like to note that my dog was with me the whole time during the OBE.  He was sleeping on my bed with me that night.  Over time, my dog began to imitate human shape.  Gaining clothes and walking on his hind legs.  Getting opposable thumbs.  I also found a spirit taking on the form of a baby Godzilla, I believe.  Over time, he began to mimic my dog's original shape.  This ended, and I went back to my body by the time they were both half-way through these transformations.  I suppose, perhaps, they were trying to put an emphasis on the evolution thing.  Total time was about 20 minutes, I'd guess.  Not too bad for my second time.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."-Albert Einstein
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