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Author Topic: Long time... But I've come back again. :)  (Read 638 times)
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« on: February 09, 2017, 05:52:13 »

Hey all! I generally don't pop around here much, but for the newbies who wonder hat going lucid is like... I may be able to give you an idea just writing this. Smiley

(to be honest, I still haven't actually projected consciously yet, but I sometimes do it in my sleep)

So, this morning I wasn't feeling well, so I had a lay-down to recover.
Well... let's just say that I actually fell asleep this time and halfway through what felt like a future or alternate timeline, I suddenly went lucid.

The trigger for me was my mum; in this timeline, she had suddenly stopped talking, and... I realised I was out, and the typical side-effects started happening (suddenly wider FOV, crystal-clear vision, sudden sense of awareness, etc.) and that was when mum repeated what she had said. (note here that in this case SHE was the reality check, as her voice cutting off was quite abrupt and not like her, the rest of her was)

Anyway, as for what actually happened... I started in...
My house. My house. It sure felt like mine anyway. (Note at this time, IRL I haven't moved out yet) I had a wife, a daughter, and my mum had come for something. In fact, a lot of my family were there.

Then something happened, and my daughter went missing. That was around the point my awareness blew through the roof. I tried looking for her, but I had also suspected who had abducted her. (I won't mention him here) It was around this point that I also got the sense that this was possibly a future or alternate timeline of my own.

It was at this point as well that I thought "ok, time to come back" so I went to my room, went to lay on my "bed..." and realised my sister and some of her friends were sleeping over. Yea, not happening... Cheesy

So I walked out... and came across an old man called Walter Bishop (NOTE: If you've watched FRINGE, you'll know who this guy is!  wink) and I asked him if he could help me get back. All he did was say to me "wait here" and entered a room... and closed the door. that was when I saw everything blur away into darkness... and I woke up normally IRL.

Except I know I'd been out; my vision was full of static for a bit, kind of like turning on a Video Camera and waiting for the automatic gain to adjust. On top of that, I felt much better and quite refreshed. Smiley

Hence, I post it here. Hope you all have a good day. Smiley

This world's Captain Falcon; A title I will pass down to a chosen one when I leave this dimension.
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