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Author Topic: Menacing Looking Man...? Help  (Read 1277 times)
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« on: November 25, 2007, 19:20:07 »

Ok, this actually happened to me...five or six years ago...when I had a lot of time to practice astral travel (now, with 2 babies it's almost impossible). Anyway, I worked at a doctor's office cleaning the rooms on weekends. My mom was an employee and a family friend was the boss so after I was done I was allowed to go nap in the back room on one of those...examination beds lol. For some reason I was always able to become lucid in dreams in that particular room. Every single time I meditated or slept in there I had an amazing experience (any thoughts on that?). So, I started an OBE. Sat up while the lower half was still in my body but moveable. Looked at a chair in front of me and there was a man I didn't recognize sitting there. Just watching me. He looked....menacing for lack of a better word. I decided to try and kick him away but my leg just went right through him. He didn't speak, didn't move- just watched. I've spoken to my spirit guide and have seen her many many times and this definitly was not her.

So I got scared and woke up.

He seemed like he was...leering at me. What do you think this is? Are there negative things in the astral world and can they hurt you? Sorry if I sound naive about it...but I kind of am.

Sleep is the result of caffiene deficiency.
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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2007, 17:48:02 »

Hi Beneath_the_Roses

I have a similar place where more often than not I tend to experience something.  This place is the spare bedroom at my parents.  It's not where I grew up, so there are no ties with it, but for some reason it works!  Perhaps it's to do with feeling safe, secure and therefore more relaxed?

The man could be anyone, anything, in my opinion.  I've had experiences where I've had a young man lying on my bedroom floor floating around while I was astral.  I wasn't scared of him, but worried that we might "touch" and what the effect would be - when we did finally 'bump' into each other, nothing happened!  We simply went through each other - just like you experienced.

It could be a manifestation of a small fear you felt.  It could have been another projector who initially was curious about you and because you showed fear, he became more fearful in your eyes.  Thoughts tend to manifest in the astral. 

People believe different things about the astral world.  There are those that will caution you against negs, those who believe negs are as real as you or I.  Then there are those who believe negs are a product of your fear, but no less real, however not existing outside of yourself, if that makes sense.

I cannot say what is and what is not, for I do not know everything.  However, given my personal experiences thus far in the astral (only 4 years young), I have never come across a "neg" that I haven't deemed to be my own fear.  Those that I'm not sure about I tend to laugh at - they usually disappear.  I've never come back in fear of my own life.  But that isn't to say these things are out there - I would never assume to know for sure - it's just what I believe thus far.

Hope this is helpful.  smiley


We all find nonsenses to believe in; it's part of being alive.
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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2007, 17:48:02 »

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