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Author Topic: Mind-split experience  (Read 1179 times)
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« on: July 11, 2002, 14:56:10 »

Hi everyone.

I’d just like to share an experience with you. It happened maybe 2 months ago but then I didn’t think it was significant enough to share – now I think otherwise. I believe that it demonstrates the mind split effect discovered by Robert Bruce and described in Astral Dynamics. I’m just going to copy from the journal in which I recorded the experience. When the experience became clearer I added a ‘Later Note’ about 12 hours later as I had been pondering on the experience throughout the day. Everything in bold is a direct copy from the journal (although I’ve corrected spelling mistakes – please allow me some dignity)" border=0>

Sound Induced OBE

The night that this happened (or maybe early morning) I was laying in my bed wearing cordless headphones listening to relaxing sounds (it was the sound or rainfall). This was probably what put me in such a relaxed state. After this finished I stayed lying in my bed and the bedroom light was on (I was fully clothed – as I only got in bed to relax for 5-10 minutes initially). I believe I started to feel the vibration sensations. I heard just one ‘Astral Noise’ (these had been what I really fear). I was able to ignore this noise and continue. I felt myself floating up out of my physical body. I remember very little about what happened in the next few (perhaps) minutes.

I was back inside my body. I moved my leg –an amazing thing happened! It wasn’t my physical leg that moved but my astral one. My astral body was completely inside my physical one and in a sense I had sensation of both bodies. I started to move my astral body feeling very sticky – at the time the word ‘elastic’ came to mind. There’s a void in my memory at this point. I was out. I was standing up in my bedroom. I was completely blind. Although I had great sense of where things were – I could even sense the light on my body but was unable to see it directly.

I wanted to fly – fly right out of the bedroom window. I started to run at it with the intention of jumping.  – This is when I felt fear –

ooOO(What if this isn’t an OBE? What if I jump through the window and fall to my death?!)

I was falling but stuck my arms out and started to fly. I was still without sight. I was flying I suppose 5/10 metres above the rooftops. At this time I remembered reading that when you move away from your physical body your sight will come…but it didn’t.

I remember nothing more…


Upon further contemplation of this experience, I believe that I’ve witnessed the mind-split effect. I write this because I now remember laying in my bed and saying to myself, ‘The experience must have failed’.

Something I’d like to add is that in the last experience I remember having, I walked very stubbornly (there’s probably a better word for it). In this experience however  -- my walking skills seemed very refined.

Could it be that I’ve had many experiences which I simply don’t remember? If so, this may explain the way I was an accomplished mover (they say that practice makes perfect).

Looking back this really was a peculiar experience.

I don’t have many experiences and have never projected consciously. The reason is I’m quite fearful – a wimp you might say" border=0> I do often wake up in the middle of the night with the vibrations and paralysis but usually pull myself out of it before I get to project.

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