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Author Topic: Disturbing/Gross Astral Projection After Long Time Without Them  (Read 2693 times)
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« on: November 03, 2016, 02:18:06 »

[Ya this one is pretty gross so if that's gonna disturb you don't read it... That's my warning... Lol.]

After battling... ?! 7 years with a negative thought form, finally got rid of that and now socialing with a positive thought form! Who is very astral-projection possitive, and I feel is partly responsible for helping me start projecting again. (Both thought-forms were like, split personalities/tuplas)

Anyway, on to the weird experience...

I woke up (for real) around noon, but was still tired (was up until 2am last night), so I went back to sleep.

In this dream, I had thought I woke up again, however felt as though I was really droggy or still dreaming, however, I went downstairs, and my whole family was there, to celebrate my nieces birthday, and made me feel as if this wans't a dream.

I went to say happy birthday to my niece, but I scared her and she started crying.

I approached my older niece who was really upset and crying, and she said, "I found your bag of weed that fell out."

I, feeling really bad apolagized and went to my sister, and said, "She just found my weed should we explain it to her?" and she got very mad with me and said, "Absolutely not she's far too young."

My nephew on the other hand was oblvious and content.

But some how all this suddenly made me realize huh, this is a dream.

Realizing this, I shrugged this off, and went outside. I figured I was "already projecting" so there was no need to attempt an exit (though in some cases I would have attempted an exit at this point.)

So I went outside and started making my way to the park, but then I stopped myself thinking, "I project here every time I want to try something else."

So I left this area, and, becoming bored wandering around my town, I noticed a dog at the entrance of my old school. Figuring this would be interesting or maybe some kind of guide, I decide to follow him, though, I feel slightly scared that a "fear test" may be involved, so I brace myself for this and expect that, it's just a dream and I won't get hurt anyway.

I follow him inside the school, we come to a part that stairs lead downwards into a foyay and into two halls of different dirrections. In this foyyay is a human, I thought he wanted to aid me but instead, he points to a dog that is beside the one I was following, but who is smaller and more orange looking. The other dog goes to him and they leave, and I continue to follow my other animal friend.

He leads me into a bathroom, where I find a note inside an urinal (really gross).

Well, I read it (this note is kinda wet and nasty), and the letters look half completed, but as i read them, their message changes without distorting the letters. I remember some of the messages were non-sense and the first one I can't entirely remember, but the messages I do remember are, "pervert."
"we are all one."

After this I turn around and see there are notes in all the other unrinals, but I'm not interested in reading them. Suddenly, I wet myself (ugh lol) and worried I may have wet myself in real life, I woke slightly and felt releaved my actual pants weren't soiled (unlike my dreams ones), but this ended up waking me up.

So, bascially I wake up just feeling disturbed. But happy I've had my first projection in a long time. Wow... Lol.

[Questions: 1) wtf? lol 2) was an exit nesisary, was I projecting or is this really lucid dreaming and what really is the difference anyway? how are we sure projections aren't lucid dreams anyway? 3) wtf again? (I'm also open to dream interpretations) Thanks!]

:I went back to sleep after this, because I was still tired and figured since I'm sick (bladder & mouth infection) I should get more sleep. Unless you are interesting in my following dream you don't need to bother reading it:

After going back to sleep I had another dream I was bart simpson, I can't remember all parts of the dream (some parts involved building sim homes cause I've been playing that too much, and building them close to the ground because a teacher told me time goes slower closer to the earth), but at the end of the dream, I was in a school high off the ground/in a tree or something spraying my friend on the ground with a apple cider vinigar hose (but this friend was just a halusination cause apparently I was schizophremic) and when marge was looking at me she was like "bart why are sprying that all over the ground?" and all she saw was me spraying a fire hidren with a hat on it and laughing manically. Oh ya and prior too this friend wanted to be presidant, lead the world, help people or something.
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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 11:34:11 »

Being ill you'll get all sorts of experiences, some crazy, some nice and some really nasty. If you were to go I to an etheric projection and see the silver cord for find it far shorter in length before it turns really thin. This may have something to do with dreams etc being easier when ill.
Yours was messy but not that bad lol.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 11:34:11 »

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