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Author Topic: My first projection?  (Read 931 times)
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« on: April 02, 2003, 11:04:40 »

This is my first post - hello everybody

I was reading Robert's article on aura work, and I've been practising for the last three days (to much success). I see colours all of the time since I took quite a bit of LSD a few years ago, so I always put this visual 'electricity' down to that. I thought it was just a permanent 'flashback'. After reading the article however, it made sense. I understood that it's just a matter of focusing on it (rather than ignoring it as I had been). So since I've been practising, everything appears a lot brighter and more vivid all of the time.

Last night I was lying on my bed with one of my forearms randomly balanced upright. I decided to focus my third eye on my hand, trying to see its aura. After a while, it became visable to me, but I couldn't make out any colour due to the subdued lighting. I think it may have just been (what can only be described as) creamy white energy (the Etheric Aura?). As I paid it more and more attention (peripherally), my hand seemed to disppear leaving this outline of white energy. It felt like it had disappeared too. Because I wasn't looking at it directly, it seemed like it was moving a little as if under strobe light (staggered).

I think that what happened next was the begining of my first conscious projection.

After concentrating and fully focusing my third eye on my hand, the whole room went dark/dissapeared (as my hand did). At first I thought my eyes had closed, but they were open, I was just squinting a little. Soon after the room had turned dark, all I could see in my field of vision was all this white energy against this darkness, like electricity everywhere. A huge feeling of weightlessness came over me and everything felt.... different!?!

I opened my eyes fully to end the experience, as I wasn't mentally prepared for it. My heart rate had increased a fair bit!

The thing is, I have done very little energy work. I'm halfway through Astral Dynamics and just started N.E.W.. I've done no Chakra work, just a little energy raising through my hands and legs from time to time. I have done hardly any third eye work/stimualtion either. Everytime I lightly meditate, if I visualize star constellations and huge expanses of space, I get tingles and rushes through my whole body (like when you hear a really moving piece of music). I gather this is energy work too? I find it quite easy to feel like this, and I didn't put ANY effort into trying to actually project, it just felt like I was. I'm a bit concerned that my energy body isn't developed enough to experience these feelings safely.

Was my experience the start of a projection?
Any comments or ideas?
Any response is greatly appreciated!
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