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Author Topic: New Jericho (Large Scale Retrieval)  (Read 21333 times)
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« on: July 01, 2013, 07:41:16 »

This is one where many required some help. It took over a month to recall in various blocks then expanded into around 80% of exactly what occured. One or two parts removed and a smaller section has been 'edited' to meet the feeling of the experience.

                                  New Jerico.

The night started out as any other. I was having a dry spell in my non physical reality experiences and wanted some excitement. After falling asleep, a few hours passed by in nonsensical monotony.
I slowly started to dream and it's memory, beginning to stick.

I found myself walking along the edge of a green field on the side of a hill. The pathway, etched into the green by many feet over time, met with my steps too. Close to the path was a dry stone wall around three feet high. A warm day, sunny too, a few white clouds dressed the sky. Below, around a mile away, at the bottom of a wide valley with more hills surrounding, was a city. It followed a river and looked like a giant circular blueish blotch on the otherwise  unspoiled landscape. Smoke trails rising from within its boundary, not excessively. Behind me was a smaller hill which led to others behind it. These folded away into the distance like a ribbon in the wind. It seemed a nice place and I wondered why I was here. As I turned, facing the same direction when the memory started, I now, was looking at a guy who was with a friend a short distance away.
They walked towards me discussing something that seemed important. I noticed the look on one of them, it had an eagerness about it and recognising I was the only other around, knew I'm here for a reason.
A cool wind was blowing and there was no other signs of life I would have expected. It was quiet. The six foot six tall, older slim guy came over to me, his friend, a foot shorter and a little portly, stayed a few feet away and watched.
"We have a predicament and you are chosen to clear it. We were expecting an army and you appear. On your own too." he said.
I listened and kept quiet, why I was here was still unknown to me. The other guys knew differently. One thing I noticed, or should I say didn't notice was noises. The deafening quietness shouted out.
He then continued," We are from the city and there's discontent, rampant discontent amongst the lathargy and, er,  them... You can do this if you choose, you are ready and don't know it. It's no easy task and should you refuse, this place will fall. You do understand this don't you?"
I responded, " I hear no noise, I see the city, you are unhappy at me being here alone and yet the task at hand is mine... I have a choice? " a few seconds pause followed and I continued, " I can't refuse, that would be against all that I stand for".
I saw the anguish inside him emanating like a scream of injustice. He was destitute and his emotional state was failing, he kept his composure then continued." Im sorry but there's so much you need to know. I can give this in a second.."
I interrupted, then said," The pain some get will not affect me. It may be returned if any unanswered questions develop. If you are sensitive to it".
He looked astonished and said " I didn't realise, your so closed yet... anyway, please stay open there's so much ado."
He opened his mind as did I and we communicated almost the entire history of the city. It took a second and then I understood the anguish.
The city, not a status some inhabitants liked, started as a small trading village. Farming originally, the animals reared were top quality. They made simple machines and worked well with the environment. Everything was fine.
Centuries later, the city had developed and the learning centre would easily match our MIT.
A clever and versatile race not far from what we are. They had no war and never heard of it in their history. They also had an edge not utilised in our world. They had developed skills using the mind. They could communicate this way and although some had not mastered the basics, a few were highly developed. They just knew. I liked this city already and hadn't even visited it.
The problem, I discovered, was an experiment inside the learning centre.
The general details given were impressive and this new energy generators test was only worked on and monitored in the large room of the learning centre.
This being underground, what could possibly go wrong?
An opened box, the name Pandora, and an unexpected pulse of  unknown energy started a reaction. This caused a gateway, a rift, a way of escape for 'them'. The breach now made, this realm was now in a dangerously precarious position.
This is one of those situations where 'oops' doesn't quite fit. I knew the physics here didn't match our own, this was another problem to keep in mind. Pondering on the gained knowledge, the quest looming seemed an impossible task. I wasn't happy at all with these thoughts and failing burned a hole through me.
What had I got myself into?
Failiure isn't an option, now faced with the complexity of this, I thought maybe too much has been bitten off, its time to choke on a mammoth fail. First this city, then this realm follows. I couldn't allow it. Theres 100,000 people here and countless others too elsewhere. Is this is the start of the annihilation of such a peaceloving tranquillity?

I looked at the city in the distance. It's cries for help been told, the smoke, tendrils of doom reached into the pure sky. They escaped what lay below, a dying city, all the love has changed into dispair and hate, envious hate abounded.

The tall guy, after a quiet conversation with his friend, continued,
"Those who left early have not returned. Many left possessions too. They understood somehow. As the rest had no idea of what was to come, they stayed within.
 Many fought this ill wind and succeeded at first but then what we'd created, opened wider and 'they' came". They still grow stronger, this is a concern to us all. Should they leave the city, who knows what comes next.

I knew from the implant what 'they' were.
A lower energetic entity, destined to wreak havoc on this peaceful city. Their form is a shade of dispair. Their aim is chaos and corruption. Their purpose is meaningless, to put to waste that lovingly worked for, a soul stealing energy within them.  The air that came through the opening brought with it a sullen feeling. There was a potency to this, it reached into the heart and rotted its foundation like an infestation of turmites in a summer house. It took away the joy, leaving an empty shell, a shell filled with distrust and discontent. Oh, the anger inside, this destructive emotion was capable of ruining a lifetime of friendship. They entered your mind searching for fears and magnified these intensely. Pure evil on a personal level. It's no wonder these entities searched for an escape from their realm, it's their own doing and their self made hell.
The city inhabitants who remained, stayed away from eachother after dark. Lack of trust burned away like a fire in a dried out wheatfield. This avoidance seemed to help so meeting up was arranged for midday. Fewer came as each day passed.
A few, more resilient, a handful of people, most were at the learning centre when the experiment turned sour. These include two of knowledge who aim to reverse the experiment in a last hope for success. The impending universal misery is their doing and they want it corrected, but how?

The tall guy understood my moments of reflection on the implant. He looked and said," This is all I can give you. There's others but they're fighting this discontent. Their minds cloud and they become still, standing there for some moments, then they come back to life, a mix of aggression and fear playing in their heart, wondering how long the next will last. We've no cure, only staying away from eachother as a close proximity seems to bring a strength to 'them' ".
I replied, " There's more I know that you do not, and things here are similar but not the same from my homeland. I have not noticed this lethargy you speak of".
An abrupt interruption," You have to wait until dark. It's then you'll learn, only in the city", the shorter guy proclaimed.
" Haste is of the essence then", I replied, " Take me to the city and then to the ones of knowledge. I need their understanding on what events caused the opening".
The two guys jumped up and said together, " This way".
It amused me, it was the only thing amusing as I found out later.
The walk to the city seemed normal in most respects. A few awkward large stones lay opposing our treadings but these were only a temporary hindrance. Nature in all its glory here was the same as home. Here it was left alone and ways around obstacles were occasionally difficult.
The sun was lowering itself gently and the picturesque shadows creeping slowly onto the beutiful landscape started their ascent. Night was coming and with it, 'them'.
The tall guy spoke, " We're near the outskirts now and it is usually busy. Look at this place. Empty, so empty".
There was a quietness and the hairs on the back of my neck started tingling.
I said," It's too quiet, and soon the expectations will be known to me. This problem needs careful consideration and time is a necessity in this. Take me directly to the centre so I have an understanding of the event that took place".
"That's where we are travelling to," the shorter guy said," Its where the troubles started. You will do this won't you?".
I replied, "I'll do whatever it takes. I remember an old saying from home, to swim across the river successfully, those on the bank may shout for you to swim back partially. They see what you do not and ignoring their request will have dire consequences. This may also apply here. Question by all means, but do as asked, to the letter".
The tall one pointed and said, "Down this roadway is where we need to travel".
We walked on a wide pavement of light coloured tarmac or similar. The buildings were well made and they looked like our listed buildings. All the same style, crafted stonework with a good amount of detail too. The wide roadway 35 feet or so was flat and cared for too. Looking into the distance down its length the homes of the inhabitants had the same cared for appearance. It seemed normal, apart from the distinct lack of life.
"We're here", the tall guy said, " come inside and Ill show you the experiment".
I replied " I will need the operator and designer of it. I also require more knowledge on the process as the imprint only covered the basics".
The shorter guy said "yes, yes, he's coming. The drawings are already here".
The reception area led us to a stairway and we decended then entered. The large room was filled around the edges with metal tables or shelving at a reasonable working height. They appeared to be stainless steel but were totally unmarked. Not a scratch or dirt to be found. The walls above them had an assortment of pipes cables and a large serving of meters.
It looked very impressive.
"Through here", the shorter guy ushered. I followed into a smaller room with a single central table, upon it was the device. The edges of this room had little but the monitoring equipment necessary and cables etc.
An eerie feeling came noticeable the closer I got to the metallic construction. It looked cylindrical in shape with flat edges resembling a large nut. There was several metals involved by their colour but mostly unrecognisable.
The short guy said, " we'll be upstairs, you have the floor in silence".
The tall guy said, "When the creator arrives, he will meet with you here". They left me alone with this technology of destruction.
Hardly anything in its design made any sense. The circuits were readable and understandable too, this was a bonus. The reactive part was a totally new concept. It couldn't work, but it did.
A noiseless entry into to room was made by the creator.
"Do you see the error?" boomed across the room. I jumped up and turned sharply. " Keen hearing, thats good", he said, as if it makes things ok.
I responded,
"Indeed so, tell me of the core, the rest is basics. It seems inert, yet not so".
He asked, "You seem to be lacking in the ways of our city. You have travelled far I assume?"
I replied, "Yes, very far... The device has an operating principle I know, the core material is inert in my, 'city', totally inert. Your elements, the ores you must have mined to make these metals and other things are different, so different. Show me an organised listing of yours and some indication of their reactivity".
He looked at my expression, he could see a willingness above all desires yet the basic knowledge was missing. His despair emanated, was I a house of straw in a hurricane?
A chart was placed infront of me and it wasn't what I expected. Lines of colour, intersections displaying a 3 dimensional interlaced design that made no sense at all.
I looked bemused and said, "This is unfamiliar, have you anything basic that I can relate to".
"Yes, there's this old chart. It's outdated since..." he explained as I jumped in and said,
"This is more inline with my expectations. I'll ask some questions on these at random to find the base I'm looking for".
He smiled and thought of the old ways of the elements. It appeared we lost our learning on chemistry and rely on an outdated system by comparison.
I asked, "These all contain a single bonding connection. These here have four. The left are in opposition to the right of the four"?
"Indeed, you understand the old ways. There's lots to teach and no time at present. Anything to change your knowing may be a mistake so perhaps later", He said.
 I commented, "This one here is a group, it's mixed in reactivity and halts life within its self destruction".
He looked at me amazed and said, " This group exists? How? It's off the scale. It can't exist we found it lasts that little it almost can't be".
I knew more of what I needed to know now.
Outside of the centre was being dressed with the shadows of night. The last of the sunlight echoed it's blood red glow on the clouds, soon darkness was upon us and things learned would become a reality.
The two guys appeared again, "We feel safer here away from them", the tall one explained.
The shorter guy nodding in agreement.
I took some time in deep thought with the new learning and started to realise where things went wrong.
Pointing at a few elements on the old chart I asked, " Where are these on this chart?"
Here all in red the three top ones being the reactive elements and the lower a stabilizer, or at least we thought that", came the reply.
I recognized the elements used and their properties in our world, somehow in this oneness its inert status is present too, its reaction to stimuli is far in excess of ours and this is where the problem lies.
After an in depth discussion on what we call nuclear magnetic resonance, Electromagnetics and similar, I found a few anomalies that would serve my purpose.
The quest had an answer, the problem, was the guy that we needed was heavily troubled with the discontent. We needed him and a search was required, immediately, at night, with ' them'.
All the drawn straws were short, bar one, the short guys. He would hinder the search. He was to stay here.
I asked for all the available portable light units we could carry and more for this underground room.
We decided to venture outside after lighting the room brilliantly. The guys didn't understand what I was attempting, I never told them either.
I said to the short guy," touch nothing, move nothing and you will have nothing to fear. Do this to the letter or you'll waste a whole day. No questions at this time. There's time upon our successful return".
He sat down in a provided comfy chair. Nervously said," I'll sit here no matter what comes to me. I'm rested so all's fair."
The three of us started our ascent up the stairway. The doors swung shut behind us and we went  towards the outside doors in silence. The creator led the way.
At the door I said "Illuminate all the units so we can be seen by all. Wear them high to effect this and ..." I was interrupted by the tall guy.
He said," the dark carries with it a sadness. This is made into us by 'them', this seems like madness. We normally travel in darkness at night, in silence for safe journeys".
I replied " Your initial disparity is inherent. The trust you've lost is working itself here. I have been sent here to do this and this will be done. Two negatives make a positive if multiplied do they not? Have faith not fear, your talk of 'them' is within you, acting out its plan. Do as asked and keep your senses about you. You are important to this end."

He smiled and seemed to be in his responsive state again. I don't like raising my voice but time is against us.
We walked through the doors and the colder air met our faces.
The creator led the way and soon I was lost in the city. After around a quater of an hour we arrived at our first possible destination. The front
 door was open, a dim orange light coming from a room located at the rear of the dwelling flashed. The tall one walked towards the light. He was here.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2013, 07:43:10 »

"It's Kyyle, we require your skills at the centre immediately, the traveller has materialised before us and scared Shayn. He's from afar and understands much and nothing too. Come Edj".
The door opened by itself.
" Greets Kyyle, Olan and who is this"? he asked.
Kyyle replied, "I know his name from the mind talk yet have no way of saying it, my memory, it's not as fast as the old times and..."
"Kyyle, I understand you. Many suns and all... The traveller, nice, so a complete stranger to our ways just materialised and is going to solve our problems then? You know little of his name and by the sounds of it have not attempted the customary greeting either. This will not do". Exclaimed Edj. He was tall and well built. Much younger than Kyyle and had an excellent sense of etiquette. He read my thoughts and instantly responded.
"Our world is in peril and you have now come."
I could feel the emotions he was reading from me feeding back.
"The guys are in a stressed condition and haven't done as expected, I can offer a greeting on behalf of all to correct this err." he said.
I was unoffended by the failings as the stress on my mind too was very high. A name or two initially would have been nice.
 Kyyle asked "We would like a name we can use for you, yours as seen is not in our understanding. It's far from a city name. We have thought deeply and you have us at a disadvantage".
I said " Im known as Zax in most places although the letters are a mix, they belong to a distant race even further from my home. It does create a mix of distress and humour"
We shared a few words to this effect. All courteous replies made and back to the quest.
Edj continued " This is going to be a hard journey for me. We seem unaffected at present and this may change. To the centre then".
He grabbed a large heavy bag and we left his abode. All covered in light units.
The chill had increased and I was feeling it's bite.
I said " It's colder here, more than expected. The days warmth changes quickly and Im not suitably attired."
I shrugged off its bite and hoped non of them realised my next action as strange. I warmed myself with a thought.
Kyyle looked at me and said " The cold is 'them', they are working upon you and we feel it too".
This comment made me search for something tangible. I found nothing so disregarded the comment.
Edj said " The lights, a very clever idea, light up the city as an advert for our whereabouts and nothing is amiss. I like it, why we never thought of it is bewildering. Your idea?"
He pointed at me.
" Yes, Im hoping for some feedback and it seems to be presenting itself clearly" I said.
I thought the quest was now easing as this idea worked. It was, so far...
Olan said " Another five minuits and we're at the centre".
 Two of the lights started to dim. Followed by three more. We all gathered a little closer. I could feel the pressure growing, an unmistakable fear developed and this worried me.
I asked " These lights should last at least an hour at full potential, why are they failing?"
After a long pause an answer came.
Edj said " we don't know. Its not a natural occurrence, or it wasn't."
I thought for a few seconds and found a possible cause for this.
I said " the experiment has started an energy absorbing 'something'. This would explain the cold too. This is not a good thing".
Olan hurriedly said " lets hasten, the way is short and things are not as they once were".
There was shouting somewhere in the distance. It's chill reverberating echo met us. The guys knew this too well. Trouble was close. We started running towards the centre. It was in view and the doors were a salvation from this eerie and empty city.
A few steps more and we were safe. The doors swung shut and its action was like waking from a bad nightmare into a sunny bedroom. A sigh and a half, boomed across the entrance hall. We knew safety was ours for now.
" Shayn", I shouted, "You have sat still and all is as it was I hope".
The doors to the stairway opened to a frightened face. This changed once he realised we had returned. We all decended into the room below that was very brightly illuminated. The impressed mark in the chair told of compliance. Shayn had sat still and did as asked. This was a relief.
He looked happier and said " Your back, your back, oh I wanted you to return. It's strange here on your lonesome, nothing happened. I did as asked, to the letter too. Your Journey sirs?"
He lowered the intensity of the lights.
Edj replied " Shayn, you did well this time, keep this up and I might like your company more."
Olan looked at them both and said " Guys, work to be done, flatter each other when this dilemma is won."
I took the opportunity to interrupt what looked like an escalating scene of discontent. I said " This greeting is soured, be strong, we are all in this and it must be done. The discontent is indeed rife... Lets work the times leading up and resolution is then ours to be had. This air is slowing our productivity."
I now watched the beginnings of the disharmony weaving its filthy fingers into my new friends minds. I was totally unable to stop it. I tried to alter the feelings they were sharing and hit a wall of impenetrable steel. I knew this was the beginnings of a rough ride.
Olan and Edj set up some papers and called me over to view them.

Olan looked at Kyyle and they then looked at Shayn. He smiled and said " Greets Zax".
Kyyle said "now these are the sequences of events, I'll explain as I can tell you are not familiar with the notation."
The units operating structure was explained and the core material reacted well, it performed as designed and the control measures functionality complimented it precisely.
Edj said " It made things heat or cool at a distance and was capable of generating vast amounts of energy with no adverse effects on our environment. We experimented with the phasing of the energy produced and it actually lifted off the bench. It's a heavy piece too. We then decided to push this phase effect further than we designed and realised it was a new way of moving large objects great distances with ease. We then increased the power in a little and added a controlled amount of output back to reduce its consumption. This worked well too. Everything was in order until the phases were in full quadrature. We never calculated the effect that came next."
Olan then spoke " As it almost self run and maintained its equilibrium, I noticed the small items around this room started to move. At this same time a cold wall appeared in the space around the unit. It was small enough to place your hand in and feel its effect. Around 20% of water units lower. I couldn't place this effect at all in any calculations. It was strange and no equipment monitoring our safety detected anything. We returned it to a safe state and discussed our next experiment."
Kyyle then spoke " It looked as important as the wheel. We had to do more, at least find a way of utilisation of its marvels. Incredible as it was, a cold outer shell is no worry, surely?"
I said " This sounds good so far, what happened to make changes to everything here?"
Edj looked at the device, he pointed at it and said " We made a few feedback loops to allow it to operate completely by itself in all modes of operation. It did, around  four inches above the table it's now on. It levitated and below it a red glow appeared. We assumed it a normality, as some discharge from the air is natural for high energy operating experiments. It should have been a violet hue and we missed this in our excitement."
Shayn jumped in and said "I left the room as it lifted. The chairs in the store over there fell down. I could feel a wind blowing and hear a rushing noise coming from the walls. It scared me and I went out."
I thought this fitting from the character he displayed.
Edj then continued " the cold wall got colder and colder. We both were over at the monitors outside of the wall. The cold continued to increase. It was monitored at a point that low, we would have not lived if we entered the wall. The noise from everything increased. "
Olan then hastily added "It seemed to change, the unit that is. I know I could see through it. My mind may have slowed a little but this happened. By now the room started to shake, all asunder lifted off the ground, us too. The glow changed into a green hue and intensified. Anything that entered the cold wall exploded and the floor was filling with a cold white mist. This apparently generated within the cold wall. I know this effect as an indication of superlow temperature. We were excluded from the unit and glad this was so. A brilliant light flashed from somewhere near the unit. None of us saw its source, all being of a compromised footing.
After this another blinding light flashed. Im sorry to say when we found ourselves, several hours had passed and everything was back to normal. The mess not withstanding."
I saw the terror of reliving the experience hit home in both guys.
I asked shayn " You left and witnessed something outside of this room, please speak of this very important information. What you know is required to repair this , problem."
Hesitantly he responded " the light they saw, I did too, bright, so bright, strange light, the walls too, everything lit up, it lasted a few seconds too. I ran into a cupboard to hide and it was light too, then everything fell down, all that floated, strange things, so strange, I could feel a, I don't know a something, it pulled or pushed it hit me like water in a waterfall from high yet no water, strange it was. Then normal again, I like normal. I saw the guys a little later and obtained help, they appeared asleep".
The poor guy was terrified. His words helped so little. I knew this was going to be harder than I anticipated. Something was missing and I couldn't put my finger on it.
Another pause followed, it lasted eons, a millenium. They all realised I wasn't happy with the info. I could sense it and it was strong. A spanner in the works, this perplexed me and I couldn't shake it. It latched on like a hungry leach and I was being starved of thought.
" Hey, still with us?" boomed from Olan.
After jumping for the second time I replied " Yes, for a moment I was lost, I couldn't think clearly, I couldn't think at all."
Shayn shouted " Oh no, its them, they're here".
" SHAYN", boomed across the floor like thunder at midnight. Thats the third time I jumped, Olan had a seroius voice, that was definate. Shayn sat down with his hands fixed to his head like it was going to explode.
Olan continued " You're not immune either Zax. That could be troublesome".
I looked in his direction thinking ' tell me about it'.
I said " so it seems, do 'them' have any form?", I looked for some evidence and found nothing.
"They do, as smoke does and more or less don't too", said Kyyle who returned from the stairway, " I have nourishment for all, if our guest has questions thats quite acceptable considering..."
I looked at a large serving of whats so familiar. Cheeses, meats and a plethora of fruit and veg, some I've not seen before. The bread had been made by hand and I was eager to tuck in.
A clean of hands and we all ate heartily. It was really good food too.

Kyyle cleared up and dissapeared again.
Olan quietly said "  We do need to continue with this".
I replied "Indeed we do. The next step are the settings made and effects generated that. need to be considered. The reports are...."
"Here and in good order", Olan said, then he passed them to me and an hour or two of study and diagnostic banter battered the room with it's technical monotony.
I grabbed the sheet of old school elements and asked various questions on these too.
Shayn and Kyyle who returned, were talking amongst themselves most of this time.
I now had a plan.
It was getting late and rooms were already prepared.
Kyyle spoke," A tired mind is a dangerous mind and we all know of this fact, rooms are prepared for your convenience should you require rest".
This was a nice consideration and we utilised the services of them somewhat later.

A soft buzzing noise woke me. I slept a dreamless sleep and it seemed like ten mins or less had elapsed. The sky was losing the blackness of night. It's coldness soon to be overpowered by the sun, a warmth we welcomed.
I readied for the day, various warmer clothing seemingly provided by Edj, a nice touch I thought. All meeting up in a dining area for refreshments.
We enjoyed the food and descended to the underground room.
Edj commented " Your attire suits?"
I said " Indeed, noticeably warmer too. A good eye for size, that compliments your skills in many things I see".
Edj nodded in acceptance.
Kyyle spoke " What's the next step in this nightmare"?
I said " after a great deal of thought the unit will have to be disassembled and a smaller cored twin made from some of the parts."
Edj said I'll need help operating the tools and we need to get some more metals from the old stores"
Olan spoke " The far stores are a way off and we only have our feet. No transport is operating as you well know, so another excursion is necessary".
I said " lets go, more items may be available to aid the construction".
Shayn asked " A trip, I can help, carrying or, at least opening doors or something".
I gave Kyyle a list of components to find. The list given to his choice of helpers Their specifics noted, they undersood and went on the mission to obtain them all.
The rest of us had no choice but to walk to the stores, so off we went.
The streets seemed quite normal, an amount of litter had been blown into small piles in places and resembled islands on a sea. A few people looked on from their houses as we walked past. Some knew the guys and waved, others hid behind the drapes, just looking, hoping for an end to this dilemma. A few shouts of encouragement issued from the guys. This was a nice touch as they themselves created the problem. It may also be a relief to them as the inhabitants were polite. In our world such a recognition of the perpetrators would likely lead to linch mob offering it's services. A true but cruel thought.
I saw no transport of any kind either, this was strange and bemused I asked a question on this. Local byelaws prohibited any vehicle not in use to be sheltered in a charging unit. The reason was then obvious.
The streets narrowed and the fires became in sight. One or two of the dwellers were cleaning the litter and burning it as no transportation was available. Various places of open ground being used for this purpose. I was glad to see this in everything that seemed so against it.
Towards the store was what must have been an earlier part of the city. The houses were cramped and much smaller. The materials used were a little irregular in size by comparison to the others I'd seen. This was a representation of history. I could see no more and thought it all demolished for progression to the larger dwellings. This matched well with the implant. A process we too share.
We arrived at a purpose built unit. A lack of fencing and locks too. It wasn't apparent until now, nothing was locked.
Only the rectangular buildings had a large and heavy slide fastener high on the doors. I assumed this was their power source or distribution system. This city was so unlike ours with its niceties abundant.
I liked it more and more and this gave me another reason not to fail. The earlier thought now being magnified didn't bear thinking about.
The doors opened into a clean and ordered  layout of almost everything you could ask for. A huge place. Aladdins cave came to mind, for our purposes that is.
Edj had a list of requirements and set about collecting them. I stayed with Olan and Shayn helping as requested.
Olan called "It's nearing noon, the meeting we hold will commence soon. We should be there as agreed".
Everyone stopped and a short walk was taken.
The old village green being utilised for this needed some attention. The lethargy showing here was clear. What looked like a bandstand was the centre of attention and we arrived meeting a hundred or so people.
A speaker helping the locals by saying its a temporary thing and all will soon be well recieved a good response. Kyyle dissapeared again, his intention to ease the minds of the locals.
I looked towards the bandstand and saw a familiar face, it was Kyyle.
He spoke loud and very clear. "A traveller is within this city and knows of our passions. At this time, a resolution to our distraught occurrences is being  constructed. The cause will be effectively removed, however a brief interlude will be required to allow this to take effect. It is in my estimation other effects may occur to enable closure.
At present we have nothing to tell on its detail. Keep the city clear for the next night and no ill should be inadvertently made to all. We shall be here tomorrow with further developments as agreed".
The original speaker appeared and continued with his speech.
We all met again and Edj said " nice words, the pressure is off you for now and on Zax to perform a miracle, nice...".
I said " I can't fail, that would haunt me forever".
He instinctively knew its not an option I'd take, I simply couldn't.
Shayn said " lets get the bits and get back, dark soon comes"
"Olan and all, lets press on" Kyyle said.
Time was passing by like an Olympic runner and we had no light units either. There was still time to return in daylight.
"Edj, whats left on the list"? Boomed from Olan.
" Two items, they're not here. They are listed as here", he replied

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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Shayn shouted " leave them, we've been here too long, its going dark and its going dark".
" Shayn, haste wastes as you know" said Edj.
He replied " yes I know that and I know the dark is trouble"
The guys looked at him.
Olan asked " Trouble?"
"Yes, and lots of it trouble" Shayn looked different in his expression. He knew it was coming. I realised at this point why he was here. He saw what the others didn't.
An hour passed by and the items were found, packed and we were on the return journey.
Outside the sky spoke of imminent darkness. Its deep blue hue fading away to black. It wasn't a sight we wanted to see.
The doors were closed and we set off. The streets deserted again, an occasional light in a window showing signs of life. It was colder already and I knew trouble was around.
Kyyle said " We must make haste, the dark will be upon us and words of trouble have been fortold."
I asked " It's imminent, the trouble comes from 'them'? Haste is indeed in order".
Edj had most of the heavy items as expected while the packs were fitness distributed to all.
Shayn led the way.
" Olan, this cold is stronger tonight, what say you"? issued from Kyyle.
He replied "Indeed, its moreso than last."
Edj said nothing.
I said " It feels colder than last night though the thickness of these garments is more".
We were a quarter of the way back and Edj started to slow.
Kyyle saw this and asked "Edj  is all well"?
Edj slowed more looking straight into the distance.
Shayn spoke next " its them they've got into him again"
I felt a weight on my back and turned my head. I saw nothing, It was eerie.
Olan spoke next " Shayn, be quiet, stay quiet and stop your worries".
I could sense danger. Looking around there was nothing to see.
Kyyle repeated his question " Edj, is all well"?
Edj stopped. He was staring into nothing, not blinking, just staring into empty space. I tried to read him and nothing was there. I mean I couldn't read anything from anyone. I didn't like this predicament. The weight spread further across both shoulders and down my back. It started to push into my neck. I knew I had a problem.
Olan shouted " Edj, we have to move".
No answer came, he had froze. A thought free man stood still, glued to the spot, no direction or go at all.
Shayn started to shout allsorts of words at him with no response. I too started to feel all life being drained.
"Olan look" said Kyyle pointing at me, " what can we do now"?
I never heard a reply. I was being consumed by 'them'.
The pressure was worse now and I started to see smokey outlines all over me. They floated around the streets in a frenzy. I could hardly move, I didn't want to either. They kept on getting heavier as more wrapped around me. My thoughts were being drained. I now couldn't see anything from the dense blackness of 'them'. This was the trouble, Edj and I were now at the mercy of them. Nothing worked, no communication with my friends, none with them either. The crushing feeling on my neck was becoming intense. My body stood still. I was paralyzed in a state with no mental abilities bar thoughts. Fear started to take over. Is this the end, is this it? I thought back to this physical world wondering if the house had collapsed and I was trapped. I realised this reality wasn't mine and so wanted to pull out of it. I tried to force the pressure away from my neck. It got stronger each time. My heartbeat pulsing in my head made it feel like it was about to explode. I couldn't move. Still more weight crushing me came. A constriction of evil taking me from here. I was in total blackness, a darkness I've never seen before. Then came the screaming. It's chill piercing cries for help. The screams for salvation I already knew. They took me to the days of uncontrolled clairvoyant dreams, seeing people getting ripped apart, hearing the same screams. I waited for the emotions to come flooding in and I'd be out of this hell.
They never came, the screams started fading, the weight was lifting. A light slowly appeared in my vision. I was so angry too. The fight part of fight or flight was so impressed within me. I had to get away from this. I rememberd what I was doing and used all my will power and intent to get back to where I was within the experience. I wasn't going to fail after visiting hell. Slowly the light got brighter and sounds of normality greeted me with its caress. I was feeling my body again and this was a good feeling. Vision returned and The guy's were still there. Others too with light units. I was lit up like a Christmas tree again.
My memory returned and I was back in the street again. I hadn't failed, this brought an ecstatic feeling which I used to clear 'them' away. The anger festering in my mind was denied. I had returned.
Edj said "Zax, you were gone. All hope lost. We thought you'd be forced home and leave us, you didn't".
Kyyle said " I'm glad you're on your own. An army would have failed us in our quest".
Olan nodded in agreement.
Shayn spoke " I followed you in, I can do that. What I saw scared me more than anything I've ever known, I stayed as long as I could, your world l saw it. I didn't know, your troubles are... bad, why is it this way? Why not help eachother? I don't understand. I saw the blackness and left, it was too much".
I reponded " A saying, 'its a cruel world', is true. In essence we strive against this but not to fruition. A few of chaos keep it this way. They will learn the way eventually. I pity them".
Kyyle said " we must hurry, you can travel Zax"?
I said " Indeed, that experience was not pleasant. It awoke memories I didn't want to see again".
Shayn said " I saw things, things so bad, its not like our world, I don't like it".
He was quiet in contemplation of what he'd seen.
We pressed on. Once again the irritation to self and a strong distrust of the others still persisted. It's 'them'  keeping as tight a rein on me as they could. They now realised I was the one who was their worst enemy. This brought a chill to me. I was a target, the only one here who had the knowledge to eradicate them and they knew it. The quest had now taken a dive off a cliff, a gamble, is the water deep enough to survive? Do I possess enough energy to complete the task undertaken?
What hell remains if they succeed in another attack? The thought of being trapped in their realm with no power to return to the physical hit home. I snapped out of this at the thought of being comatose forever. This was real, I was real and damn sure some lowlife entities weren't going to overthrow anything I cared for. A surge of energy brought my determination to 110%. I wouldn't fail. These negatives wanted a war and they've got my back up. The fight for survival is on.
"Zax" Edj called " You know 'them' now, how do we prevent these attacks"?
I said " That I do not know, we see nothing, we hear nothing and when we do they have control. They are gaining strength too. I'll speak of that learned to all, this has to end and time is short. You must know the intentions I've made.
A meeting will be required once safe".
Olan said " I was considering your actions to be made known to all. They know you now and this could be a problem in our quest".
"Agreed" I said.
Shayn looked pleased at hearing this and said " lets run".
Edj reminded Shayn again with a twist, he said "Haste well... For once I have to agree in part with your words Shayn. We are safe while these lights burn bright but not knowing how they'll fare gives my agreement to run".
Shayn smiled at pleasing Edj. We ran for a while until the pain took effect. The lights started to dim. We were not safe yet and all the lights were affected. They slowly lost brightness.
Olan said " three minuits to safety. I hope time is with us".
Edj said " Another faster pace then is required. We can leave the weight here and make more haste. Get our light units and return to this location in safety to recover the items".
Kyyle said " All do this. We have no time".
We dropped everything and departed from here like a bat out of hell. The steps were in sight and the lights lost their brilliance.
The cold started to increase its bite, it intensified exponentially. A hundred yards from safety and our fingers were numb. The cold wrapping itself around our legs in its attempt to hinder our return. The lights extinguished. The weight returning on my back was intense. A few more feet from safety and then I fell. My legs paralysed with intense cold. The pain searing upwards trying to take me back to hell. I was once again being attacked, this time with a vengeance of a hungry lion on its prey.
A heavy thud on my back that took the wind out of me came to my surprise. A weightless feeling hit me and through the doors I flew.
Edj shouting to all " come get Zax into the light, they are seeking revenge".
I was frozen, unable to move and now had many hands grabbing and pulling me in all directions. I was battered around and these were my friends.
A resounding click and ten thousand watts of light was powering itself all around my position.
Olan said "We had to take action, sorry for the handling, other choices were not available. You are safe now".
I said " thanks Edj, the flight was, well, intimidating, it opened the door too. No doubt I'll feel the effects later".
Edj said " Your loss at this time is not happening. We do need to know the plans now, thats definate".
 The donated light units now on charge and the other units on, the guys went back to recover the items dropped.
I sat in the comfy chair, I had no choice but to stay here.
On their return, the parts placed in an ordered line on one of the outer tables in the first underground room.
I said "Edj, you worried me out there. I saw you sinking into a quicksand of insensibility".
He replied " And you the same later. It's not the first time either, I was impossible to reason with last time. Daylight came and saved me. It also saved those around me, the anger was... I don't want to say".
I said "You have noticed a connection in their grip and hate of light"?
He responded " Yes, the first time we were lit up and nothing occured. I've had a think on this and the amount of light required for the whole  is immense. We have no units of that magnitude unfortunately".
I spoke confidently " Not at this moment in time. Rest assured I have all I need to repair the damage to your realm. I hope my estimated values of all, especially the resonant frequencies of your world are in order. This will preserve all with minimal damage".
Edj worriedly said "Damage", his tone changed and he continued "you can repair with no damage"?
I said " Thats my objective. It will be minimal and no threat to anything indigenous."
Edj replied " the consideration is greatly appreciated. However, I see a problem, a large one "
I replied " That resonance discounts myself. If I stayed I'd suffer its effects and a forced return home would ensue. Then if all failed I'd have no further knowledge of the outcome. This I also have made provision for my friend ".
He replied " I hope you can estimate as exact as required".
I said " I too share that concern. When the time comes I'll take Kyyle to where I entered your world. That would be fruitful. He'd see the results and speak of them upon return".
Olan called everyone to the smaller room and closed the doors.
He said "We need the information you have decided upon inorder to rid us of this pestilence".
I knew it was time so I spoke clearly on my findings.
I said " I have seen little of these insidious pests that are destroying all you have done here.
I have experienced their might and also some of their weaknesses.
As they exist they can be terminated. This action will NOT be taken.
A dead offender cannot tell those of the same kind the results of their actions.
I intend to send them all back and seal the rift. Those who defy this however, WILL be terminated by their own choice.

At a risk to all I have designed or should I say, we have designed and will build two units.
The first unit will generate the required power for the second. This will self destruct in its operating. The result of this action will cause
an instability into the second unit. Your technology to project the effects generated to a distance then comes into effect. The second unit will self run at the destruction of the first in an uncontrolled manner. The core will resonate at the frequency of the infection and wake them all. At the same time this first units destructive pulse will also set a fifth harmonic of the energy resonant in the second unit. Im counting on the nuclear binding force of your realm to be more reactive than that of 'them'. As they have no form this is already fact. Their energy will be intensified by the first units energy as it feeds them. They will absorb this willingly as greed is rife amongst them. Being at their maximum active state in your realm they will congregate and gloat to eachother. These pockets will then recieve a second flow of energy being generated far above the second unit. Once they feel this energy it will burn them severely. Their only escape is to return to their realm. After a few moments of this harmonic a massive pulse of energy will flow from the energetic pool being generated above the second unit. This is strong enough to destroy everything associated with anything not resonant at the frequency of your realm. This pulse will also destroy the core of the second unit halting its production of energy. The power generated is enough to run your city for many years. It's total energy being pulsed will close the rift forever and annihilate anything not local to this realm. This action is fighting fire with fire.
I will be outside of its active area. If this should fail you will be at the mercy of your abilities to rework this technology. I by that time will have to return home. I have no choice in this unfortunately. In time I will endeavor to visit you again. When I cannot say".
All present were given the exacting details of the frequencies and the reason why I chose a three point unit and not an unstable bidirectional quadrature driven one. They were impressed with the work and continued with no questions.
Edj seemed happy with the prospects, and the first unit was now ready to be connected together. Kyyle with Olan had the new core materials ready for the first unit too and assembly of this commenced.
We'd not slept at all and had no intention of this. The commitment was intense. Kyyle brought refreshments as requested and continued with the work too. The basics he did saved time too. The quality of work, so precise, was astounding.
Hours passed by and noon was approaching.
Kyyle and Shayn left to tell the people of our device. He knew little of its final effects as did all of us.
Edj Said " the first unit is made and everything is looking great. The main one now requires the modifications as you requested. I'll place it as desired and begin the undoing ".
Olan spoke "The undoing in more than one way. Lets correct our error and bring the city back to life".
Edj spoke "Agreed, lets do exactly that... to the letter".
He looked at me as he said the last part.
Kyyle entered the room followed by Shayn, Kyyle spoke "I've worded the far larger group today of our quest. All agreed the repairs can be made with haste should they be a necessity. It would appear our friend Zax has another weight upon his shoulders. We must succeed, everyone is counting on our success".
I said "Edj can carry the items of weight far in excess of I. This other weight is too heavy so we all carry it. It's easier this way and we will succeed".
Shayn nodded in agreement.
Kyyle mixed the new second core materials and formed its new shape. Edj continued with the undoing and I sorted the electronics.  After a few hours the unit was almost ready for calibration. This was critical and any errors here could make things far worse.
Outside the centre a small group of locals started to gather. There was a couple of hours of daylight left and they expected to see something before nightfall. None entered the centre.
Shayn came back in to the room after moving reactive components not required and said " A gathering of people are outside the centre. They want to help. I've told them all's taken care of at present and they should be at home in their safe rooms".
Kyyle said " Some may be of help. Leave them for now and when we know if any help is required, I'll address that myself ".
The calibration was in progress and nothing more was required. The two units now ready for locating near the centre of the city.
I asked " The units require a high location at the centre of the city, what have we available to permit this"?
 Olan replied " An old place of worship from times gone by is the most central high point. We can use this if it suits. It has a powerful light source in operation. The power available will be sufficient for our purposes".
Edj said " This is fortunate as it was recently restored and the gantry is still in position".
Kyyle said " This is good for our purpose. We have permission to do whatever. Any restrictions would be futile to our endeavours. The city managers know this and said to take all actions necessary. They all left the city. That is no surprise now is it"?
I said " The same applies universally I favour... The units must be placed soon, as dark approaches. I have set timers in each unit and they are active. Power may be necessary as darkness and its energy stealing properties will prevent our success, Any delay may prove disastrous".
Kyyle said " I have the people selected to do the power supply already working to the specifications. This should be near completion as we speak. A fibre board construction I formed earlier is set to accept both units and spaced accordingly. There's also a remote manual start added to the power source. It will function if necessary, should the timers fail. It locates beneath the lower unit. No connection is required thanks to the design. Power must be applied first to start the unit. All's well with you Zax"?
I responded " Indeed, I like the idea too of the remote. A failsafe. Nice touch, it hopefully will not be required".
Olan said " Kyyle, you are still cautious, a second option is always welcome".
Edj said " Bring the units here and we must press on. Lets do this".
I said " Time is in our favour for the units. It's pressing for my exit to a safe distance. We must make haste".
Kyyle brought some light units to speed the fitting. He thought of the power being disconnected the lighting may not be available inside the tower. Olan took some tools and Edj carried the two units by himself.
A long walk followed and the shadows on the hillside started their daily ascent.
I left the tower and with Kyyle and went on our way to the initial location. We had enough time to obtain some light units should we need them.
I said " this will be interesting,
It's something I've not actually done before in full. The results should be as expected. There's always something you miss but the exacting methodology we utilised would have removed anything important".
Kyyle said " The fact that you never left us in this is warrant of a honour. This will be made I'm sure as we were in trouble, serious trouble indeed. What are you expecting to see?"
I said " lots of colour and a very bright light. You will not see for a while if you gaze into it. Your sun will be as a candle is at midday".
Kyyle responded " The heat, will that be a problem?.
I said " no heat from the source will be generated, however, as the materials absorb the light they will flouresce and be hot for a while, this cannot be changed. The height of the source is such that the houses will be illuminated throughout and most will not be heated drastically".
Kyyle said " I have faith in your words now. The trust earned is an action that was impossible with the rampant discontent before your arrival".
I said " I know this too, not long now, it'll be over in a few hours".
 We sat on the hillside and watched the dark envelop the city.
Watched the stars and we spoke of the different constellations. The sky didn't match ours in any way or form. That I expected. We both were feeling tired too. The expectation of 'them' being sent back to their realm was enough to keep us awake. I told him of our different religions and related a few stories. The Jericho defeat had him enthralled. The false belief of those in the city and their actions entertaining his mind greatly.
A few hours passed and time was nearing. The light outside the centre was switched off. This an indication to us that the hard work was about to do its cleansing. We both stood a few feet away from the wall and watched the empty streets in silence.
Time was right and the units powered up. We saw the dull red glow from within the tower. This increased in intensity then turned a bright orange. It looked beutiful. The glow started to develop outside the tower.
It grew in size and brilliance.
After the brilliance matched that of the sun the second unit started its work. Above the tower hundreds of feet a blue disc of pure colour formed. This increased in brightness until it matched the orange below.
An extremely bright pulse of blue inside the tower was projected into the disc above.
I said to Kyyle " turn and face away".
We both did this and an explosion of the brightest white light lit the valley and the sky around us. It was daylight but a hundred times brighter. This then faded out. We turned and saw something heading our way.
Kyyle said " and this"?
I shouted " get behind the wall".
Kyyle managed this quickly. I tripped on a stone and stood up to see a wall of something coming my way.
Too late, it smashed into me and I was thrown off my feet around a hundred yards into the air. I landed with a thud on the far hillside a distance away. Kyyle running towards where I fell shouted " You're alive"?
I said " yes, the ground is very soft and Im glad for that".
Kyyle said " what was that"?
I thought for a second then realised.
I said " the explosion of light along the plane of the disc set up a shockwave. That's what hit us. A while back I was thinking on what may have escaped our attention. We've just found out, the hard way".
Kyyle said " Sorry, you found out the hard way. I made to safety in time. I hope you are not easily bruised. After the door incident I would surely not be walking".
I could feel everything was sorted and the streets were filling with people once again.
Kyyle said " come to the city, we will set a banquet in honour of your work. I feel the city will be given a new name as its customary here. This event had my attention to your words of Jericho. As that is in use a change will be made. New Jerico fits this perfectly and will be written in stone. If a traveller comes from your homeland, they will know the story already ".
I said "That's a nice thought, it will be obvious to many. I usually leave before the fuss. Your work enabled this. I only moved a cable or two and gave you some powders to mix. The rest, you all did yourselves. You only needed a gentle push to get your minds working again".
Kyyle looked at me and said "
You're leaving now, I can see why you travellers never stay too long. You simply enjoy the work".
I said " That is fact... return to the city. I can feel my time here is ending. I will return in time, or at least try".
Kyyle watched me leave. I had a feeling of extreme pulling and I was gone.
I woke in the familiar surroundings of my bedroom and thought wow thats one experience I'll never forget.
Perhaps 25 years later I'll tell of this adventure.
Now is 25 years later.

Some parts have been omitted and the terror witnessed has been reduced. It's already pushing boundaries as it stands.
Should you read this and want a powerful retrieval to add to your experiences. Always remember that dedication is paramount unconditionally.
You then instinctively know,

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2013, 08:10:28 »

 Thank You for sharing this extraordinary adventure with us Szaxx!  smiley

 Your ability to recall, even the most "minute" detail is second to none, my friend!  wink
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« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2013, 12:24:14 »

Great read Szaxx,
But i can't help but feel that everything is connected to everything, So when we do make an advances in science, And bring something into our reality from another reality even energies, We do not fully understand what effect it as upon the reality we pull these "free energies" from,
So perhaps when this rift was opened, it caused torment to these beings known as "them", Who were also crying out for help, in the only way they could make themselfs known in the reality you was visiting, So they where  making their "feelings" of their lose and "their" energies being drainned from their reality, Every action as equal and opposite reaction.
So by helping one you also helped "Them".
So in effect a "double large scale retrieval".

Two for the price of one, well done.
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« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2013, 15:13:19 »

So in effect a "double large scale retrieval".

Szaxx has been projecting his whole life so his retrievals are on a grand scale. Someone new to all this will probably be on a one on one basis.

In fact, I probably wouldn't have even recognized this as a retrieval if I had been there because I haven't learned to think this big yet.


It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
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« Reply #6 on: July 01, 2013, 15:41:16 »

Great GREAT read! Im in awe!

So glad you fixed the problem.
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« Reply #7 on: July 01, 2013, 16:20:56 »

Me too, the parts missed out got far heavier, too personal. These large scale ones even apply to cleaning up a planet. You watch films like 28 days later and re-live some.

They are hard work too. You are in your toes and can't make a mistake. If you do it's hell.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #8 on: July 12, 2013, 09:46:51 »

Such an awesome post Szaxx.

My perception of things just keeps changing every time I visit this forum.

Thanks for sharing and encouraging.
I hope my practice one day surrenders its fruits to having my first AP and share that story.
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« Reply #9 on: July 12, 2013, 12:20:21 »

Iv wanted to ask a few things about this but forgot until i noticed the post, Why is it that you felt you couldn't use any NP powers to help you along the way?

Eg- When you were cold and warmed yourself with a thought but hoped they didn't notice..? Why would it have mattered?

It just would of come in really handy and i wondered why you weren't flying when you had to get supplies, I no they had to take you to the supplies but on the way back could you have not flown a few trips collecting the supplies so you could all hurry back with no load on your back?


I just thought they new you were "special" so you could have said hey iv got some powers to help us..  wink

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« Reply #10 on: July 12, 2013, 23:19:51 »

I knew it was going to be a big one shortly after meeting Kyyle and Shayn.
With the requirements of gaining trust then respect, the last thing you want to do is push your luck by scareing the crap out of them.
I could have levitated the stores out of the ground and relocated them on the road outside the learning centre by stretching the environment so it fits. A relatively easy task but time would have ended prematurely and a fail would ensue.
Apart from that imagine what you'd do if some strange traveller faded into existance before you and started to lift your house off the street and place it in a nicer location complete with electrics water and all. Your pants would be warmed with brown smelly stuff. The fear this creates would destroy any chance of success.
Remember that once 'them' had their freedom I could hardly move. They destroy you mentally so you have absolutely no power to think let alone fight them off.
I didn't want them all destroyed either. There's already a massive disruption to the equilibrium of the two 'worlds'
I used their ways against them. (Lessons from Aikido)
A memory of the biblical story of Jericho was so appropriate. More than many of the others told while waiting for the device to operate.
So a very important action is,
You only do as they do.


There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #11 on: July 13, 2013, 01:23:54 »

Ahhhh i understand now. Yes i think moving a whole house by yourself would be abit to much for anyones eyes to grasp. cheesy

Thanks for your reply.
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« Reply #12 on: July 13, 2013, 04:06:38 »

Always keep in mind that we are sometimes visiting a reality that isn't physical to us but it is the current physical reality for the "people" we meet. We can never be sure what their beliefs and culture say about "visitors" that can fly and move things with their minds. They may not trust us and this will ruin everything.

One reason that I have mentioned before on why I usually forget to do some pretty cool stuff like flying and such is the more physical the projection feels, the more I usually hold myself to the physical laws of our PMR. Fear and anxiety play a large role sometimes as well.

The few times that I did do that stuff in retrievals, it was just an instinctual reaction which raises it's own question. Where does the instinct to fly come from?

One last thing to consider is that we never know who is watching and we don't want to show our hand to early and allow them to rethink their strategy.

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain
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« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2013, 07:26:26 »

Always keep in mind that we are sometimes visiting a reality that isn't physical to us but it is the current physical reality for the "people" we meet. We can never be sure what their beliefs and culture say about "visitors" that can fly and move things with their minds. They may not trust us and this will ruin everything.

One reason that I have mentioned before on why I usually forget to do some pretty cool stuff like flying and such is the more physical the projection feels, the more I usually hold myself to the physical laws of our PMR. Fear and anxiety play a large role sometimes as well.

The few times that I did do that stuff in retrievals, it was just an instinctual reaction which raises it's own question. Where does the instinct to fly come from?

One last thing to consider is that we never know who is watching and we don't want to show our hand to early and allow them to rethink their strategy.

I see, You make some valid points, Do you think that there are other people in far places who come to earth and do retrievals? Like when that random person appears and helps the old lady across the road. The thing with earth is it just seems so different, Almost like you couldnt get away with doing a retrievel here without it being televised you no..?  undecided

Has anyone ever spoken with people in there NP experiences about dreaming ? It would seem odd if we were the only people able to interact with our dream state.. Man my mind is really wondering today! Haha
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« Reply #14 on: July 13, 2013, 09:32:48 »

Do you think that there are other people in far places who come to earth and do retrievals? Like when that random person appears and helps the old lady across the road.

Yes I do but it may not be considered a retrieval technically speaking. We usually only think about retrievals as an act of helping a "lost" spirit (or spirits) that is stuck in a belief trap. But we can help other entities that are still in their PMR. This kind of help may be what many people refer to as their guardian angel helping them out.

Without doing a search, there are thousands of stories in which someone comes forward from out of nowhere and does something miraculous to save someone's life only to disappear as quickly and mysteriously as they arrived. Even though people got a clear look at the 'helper" it isn't uncommon for there to be no consensus on what this person looked like or which way they went.

I am actually very new to the concept of retrievals myself and I have only had five experiences that I would classify as a retrieval but I have about a dozen more that may fit that occurred before I was even aware of the term. However, they all involved spirits "trapped" by their beliefs and are in no way similar to a guardian angel scenario.

Has anyone ever spoken with people in there NP experiences about dreaming ?

That's a good question. I have been told many times that I was in a dream but never once has any entity told me about their dreaming capabilities. I would have to guess that all consciousness dreams since that's what this party really is.

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
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« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2013, 18:20:08 »

Fascinating read, Szaxx!  So have you ever failed at one of these and if so, what do you attribute that to?  Loosing faith in yourself and giving up? (although I know your hardly the type to give up!)  Or maybe not listening to your intuition about the next correct move to make?
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« Reply #16 on: September 28, 2013, 22:32:20 »

The early days were full of fails. These were tests, at the time I was too young to see (feel) the difference.
I am writing a post on my related learnings in the non physical at the moment.
You will understand more when you read it.
It's about the pointless points being applied to a pointless position of pointlessness.
Tied up with that? You need to read it to see the point. A clear mind is a clue.

After learning why I failed, the problem dissapeared and now it's not an option.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #17 on: September 29, 2013, 05:52:52 »

It's about the pointless points being applied to a pointless position of pointlessness.
Tied up with that? You need to read it to see the point.

Fascinating is the correct word alright, Fascinating read, insight as well as 'Effort', on your part, Szaxx. A whole bunch of work I'll bet, so let me ask you this my friend. You are still having fun, aren't you?

Lately it's occurred to me, what a long strange trip it's been...  the Dead
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« Reply #18 on: September 29, 2013, 15:18:30 »

Yes, indeed.
At the moment I've had a dry spell and the first two nights were basic help only. The strangest thing is when I 'recieved' a message from the void.
"The sleeper awakes",
This was interesting as it suggested the spell was over. That same night I was busy once again. The recall improving exponentially.
Here's a link to pique your interest. It's all I have save this sites posts.
The rest is in memory and lots of things don't get posted. It's a reference library of sorts and in mnemonic format too.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #19 on: August 09, 2016, 13:18:46 »

This was one of the first threads I read here Szaxx. It kind of blew me away and I didn't know whether to take it seriously or not. Now I know better.

A short pencil is better than a long memory - Pastor Wendall
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« Reply #20 on: August 09, 2016, 14:21:01 »

You are capable of this too. At the moment you're beginning to scratch below the surface. Will you find gold or will you find a caldera? You have dug deeper long ago and your findings were... Keep them for now, this time you have support. It's stepping off the edge isn't it?

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #21 on: March 03, 2017, 17:02:18 »

With the Long Lasting Time (Hours and Days) that you (Szaxx) are able to spend in the Astral Worlds/Realms in a same location, your ability to Communicate (verbally and Non verbally) with other Conscious beings (/persons) in those Astral locations, your ability to Remember (and bring into your waking life) so Many Details and Memories of your Astral Journeys, and also the Knowledge in Electronics, Mechanics and other Technical/Technological Fields that you mentioned in this Topic (and that is understood in the story that you have/know), perhaps you have the Required Skills to bring from some other World/Realm similar to this World called Earth (specially where there is Water with H2O based composition) the knowledge to develop a Water Electrolysis Combustion Motor and share a Patent of it For FREE with the Entire World, and publishing ALL the Technical Knowledge immediately on ALL possible Worldwide Internet Technical and Patent Related Channels since the beginning of the process of acquiring the Patent for FREE use Worldwide (this last thing Not to fall on the Error mentioned in the quote below that says "Guard jealously their knowledge, documents and plans of their inventions for themselves and take them to the grave when they are assassinated -> THE GREATEST ERROR"), (if you manage to obtain the knowledge and don't wish to expose your self into sharing that Patent for FREE with the world for the obvious conflicts with the interests of the ones who control the current Energies like the ones based in Petroleum and Oil/Petrol/Gasoline, please share it with me and I'll share the Patent for FREE with all the World with ZERO/NONE Personal Financial/Profit Interest in it).

I'd appreciate, if for some reason that Technology is Forbidden from being developed in this World called Earth, if you can please Reply to the following Topic and explain WHY it is Forbidden and WHY it would Not be convenient for it to be developed and released for the FREE use of the persons and people of this World called Earth, (in terms of the Contamination of the Environment because of the use of Petroleum Based Fuels, this Water Electrolysis Combustion Motor Technology would provide a Great FREE solution for MANY Energy Needs Worldwide, and as the result of the combustion is Water Vapor then it IS Environmentally Friendly).;msg365072#msg365072


5. The Electrolysis Combustion Motor that have been created and hidden several times in the last century in the 1900s

The petroleum based energies that long ago in the second half of 1900s could have been replaced with combustion motors based on efficient Electrolysis of Water, using the Hydrogen and Oxygen present in water instead of Gasoline, whose patents have been either bought by the petroleum corporations, or hidden/trashed  by the governments to whom have been entrusted, or the scientist that develop them killed for not acceding to selling and hiding the technology and science of that Clean and FREE energy alternative, and many other events present in this world,

Did someone kill the water-powered car?

Stan Meyer's water powered car demonstrated 1986 Channel 6 News, Columbus, Ohio

Water Fuel Cell / Water Powered Car - Stan Meyer (inventor murdered by illuminati))

Government killed inventor! Electric car without Battery invented

run your car on water. This guy does just that!

Daniel Dingel demonstrates how his water powered car works

Dingel Reactor Demonstration

water as fuel, now in the Philippines

John Kanzius

John Kanzius turns seawater into clean fuel

gasoline and fumes the difference

Warning: Do not watch this. You wont believe it anyway!

Fuel Vaporizer Project First Test

driving your car on just gas fumes

the truth about gas and vapor part 1

the truth about gas and vapor part 2

Motor de AGUA (H2O) de Arturo Estevez Varela en TV (1971) & La conspiración de los IMPUESTOS
(Video in Spanish)

En memoria de, Nikola Tesla, Arturo Estevez Varela, y John Kanzius Energia Limpia para El Mundo
(Video in Spanish)

I quote and translate the following relevant text I found when searching for inventors of combustion motors that use the electrolysis of water (turn water into hydrogen and oxygen with the efficient use of electricity so that the amount of energy generated by the motor used to move a car have an excess of electricity to generate more electrolysis and that way the system self feeds itself). I share it because I've thought of this same Errors that the human animal Greed makes the inventors commit ending as the text mentions, in jail, in a mental institute, or dead, the three cases caused by the elites and corporations whose selfish and greedy personal interests would be affected by those inventions.

Numerous inventors of modern times have ridiculed the current oil energy model by demonstrating that we can live without oil getting all the energy we need from other sources that they hide us like water, air or magnets. Unfortunately, most of those inventors have innocently made the same mistakes over and over again ending with their bones in jail or underground.

Some of the errors made by the inventors were as follows:

- Patent the revolutionary invention and pretend to own the rights -> error
- Offer the invention to a company that finances it -> error
- Appear on television and press proclaiming his invention -> error
- Try to convince a politician of his revolutionary invention -> error
- Donate the invention to a State or Government for the common good -> error
- Guard jealously their knowledge, documents and plans of their inventions for themselves and take them to the grave when they are assassinated -> THE GREATEST ERROR


My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)

« Last Edit: March 03, 2017, 21:06:08 by PhaPriSpa » Logged
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« Reply #22 on: March 05, 2017, 20:05:20 »

No matter what technology would we bring here - it is not allowed mostly and Szaxx knows that too - most of the humans need to change inside in themselves. Your perspective is very tiny. It is like there is somebody who manifested his/her cancer successfully of decades of anger or not forgiving others and so called doctors are cutting out tumors, but really not. Mostly people get back their problem and it manifests out again, and finally death occurs.

There are many inventions, coming and going, but the vast majority gave their power to the elite and their world is about money and greed. Most of the people are living a world which will not change because they deny their creative endless power and not resonating with themselves inside. There would be no need for fancy technologies if people would be responsible for their acts, behavour and thoughts, which they project out as everybody creating their own reality.

You are complaining on others. That's not a good mindset. I guess Xanth already said some thoughts in your other posts but I guess Szaxx will not react so much on this or on an other way.
If you believe that Earth is in trouble and we need some high-tech stuffs to clean this and that, then it will be your reality. We are here to expand our consciousness and learn, and meanwhile enjoy it.

Visit my blog site:
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« Reply #23 on: March 06, 2017, 14:27:04 »

I understand what you are saying para but there's the issue of all the developed worlds finances being thrown into the fire. If anyone gave a device freely without a thought of its impacts they'd be doing more damage to the world than they realise.
 The physics of the new Jericho experience are different to ours and I can only speculate on the difference being derived from what we call the plank length. If a similar device was constructed that worked in our laws of physics, it'd be a nasty weapon in the wrong hands. The technology itself may exist but the release of it is unlikely to appear until we find a way forward without wars or greed.
The hydrogen units are available, look towards the Middle East companies and you'll find a small unit for sale around 350 euro's. It's I've is expected to be 70,000 miles saving up to 30% on fuel. Although a vehicle running on water alone may be possible it would mess up our economy at the moment if everyone had one.
Small steps at a time brings success, a giant leap may be our demise.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #24 on: March 06, 2017, 17:37:43 »

Thank you for sharing.

That was a great read and enjoyed the detailed description.
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