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Author Topic: On Fear  (Read 997 times)
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« on: September 02, 2015, 02:55:17 »

Hi there everyone. So I've been having these experiences for 30 years. I'm now 45 and every 2-3 months I have them. Sometimes they are majestic and memorable, but most of the time they are accompanied by fear and blackness. Two nights ago made me come here, sign up and try to get the hell to the bottom of this. It feels like sleep paralysis; which it is. I'm floating outside my body in formlessness and darkness and I try to return to my body, but when I do I can't move unless I relax myself. I can't seem to let go when I leave my body most of the time; I just feel like I'm going to die and everything is sooo scary. I know people will tell me what I need to do is let go, but what am I experiencing exactly?
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« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2015, 04:35:37 »

Hello Chanratt,
Welcome to the Pulse! I'm sure we can offer some ideas that will help brighten your perspective on what you are experiencing. What you are describing many of us have also experienced, including myself.

Whenever we experience a Non-Physical state such as OBE or even a semi-state such as Sleep Paralysis, Fear is often the biggest obstacle early on to any progression within the experience. However we wish to define the energies involved, our emotions can be magnified incredibly and to the point that they overwhelm us. Thus, a high degree of mental and emotional control is required so that the new and unexpected sounds, visuals, feelings, etc. don't take the experience beyond our control. This control is obviously easier when we maintain conscious awareness as the experience begins...however, for most of us early on, we come aware in the middle of the night or early morning as we are transitioning between various levels of sleep. In this case, we are unaware of our consciousness having shifted to the NP and that's when things go haywire.

The simple answer is to tell yourself, and have confidence in the fact, that you are always safe and that none of this can hurt you. In your case Chanratt, you have been going through this for 30+ years and you are still apparently safe and relatively sane. grin there is your best, personal proof.  Now you can learn to master the moment and turn it to your advantage and embark on some great adventures!

When you describe floating outside your body, in formlessness and in complete darkness, I think you are in one of two "places",  or rather points of NP Focus: One is that you are experiencing the blindness which goes along with being caught in Sleep Paralysis; the other is that you are floating in what many call the 3D Void/Darkness.

The Void is a wonderful place but the immensity of it plus the lack of gravity can be initially disconcerting if not terrifying. The Void is also characterized by its 3 dimensional quality, a kind of texture or depth to the Darkness. You may also notice pinpoints of light within the Darkness.

The blindness of Sleep Paralysis can start out with darkness, but hypnogogic sounds and visuals, brief, chaotic scenes may flash by, and all sorts of Fear-based emotions and physical pressure-like symptoms can burst upon you. SP can be pretty brutal until you come to understand it and control it. It's all in the understanding...

Does either of these fit your experience?


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« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2015, 04:35:37 »

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