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Author Topic: Real Obes Vs Fake stories...+mini guide  (Read 1222 times)
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« on: July 26, 2016, 15:03:28 »

At 18 I had my first Out of Body Experience, and quite a few more since then.

While I had an interest in the "super natural" I was a total skeptic. After this I knew there is more to humans that just what is consider "human" by the mainstream.

I was laying in bed listening to two friends talk waiting to get up and join the conversation, when i did go to get up to my surprise I was floating about ten feet in the air and looked down at myself laying in my cot and my friends were talking in the next area.

Ever "see" yourself? Yeah, immediately panicked which made me start to float upwards towards the ceiling, as I got father away from my body, terror is what i felt cause I had no clue on how to get back in my body. Can't explain the feeling as but to say it was the most intense feeling of wanting to go home you can have trying to get back in your body. I found myself flying around my body extremely fast and erratic, and everything visually flashing around. By this time my friends had come around the corner to see what was happening because they said I was trashing around in the bed making a bunch of noise trying to get up, which i was trying to get back inside my body and wake up.

This really freaked me out to say the least, after made my way to a book store and picked up a few books on e.s.p. and such, then out of nowhere A big blue book of Quantum Physics. Since that time many years ago I strived to control and understand it. For a time with ok success. I have had about close to a dozen self-induced OBEs, rather than by accident which happen also, having about the same number.

While people talk like it would be really fun and cool to fly around outside your body, yeah NOT so much. You move different. If you had OBE then you will know what i'm talking about,  personally had little control over self, that makes/made it scary as hell. The thought of how you going to get back to your body is always on the mind. So someone says yeah I had an OBE and flew around and it was awesome, and mentions nothing about how the hell did they think/know they could get back to their bodies and how?; Many stories are Highly Suspect.
Common sense says, most that leave their body, no matter how much you think you prepared, y'our not. But there is always exceptions, you can exit to somewhere you don't see your body, but after a do you get back into body seeps into your mind and/or you can "give in" to the sleep/dream/AP/Lucid/ other states that can be focused on, and each has it own set of characteristics, or freak and make all efforts are to get back in body.

OBE have some very distinct properties/framework only people that had OBE can experience, explain. Different from Lucid dreaming Astral Projection, waking dreams, remote viewing, etc....

As obe goes I see people that have "one/some" and they have questions, freaked out, and have little control of movement. It is something you have to learn, after you stop worrying about how you get back in body, which ends most obes at first. F^$% flying around is cool but how the F#% you getting back in your body is top concern, because how does anyone know you not just going to float away, you don't; that is a major part of going from uncontrolled obe, to exploring, with repeat obes.

I don't think it is anything special and that all humans can do it. So someone saying yeah they had/have OBE and it is awesome is suspect. Specially if they act like leaving their body was no big deal and they never afraid. It is Like jumping in the water not knowing how to swim, how fun you think that is???

Never seen ghosts, spirits , angels, demons, aliens, or anyone else; except regular awake people. After a time I heard of a group of people claim OBE and more......And have went to place where these O.B.E.ers should be, and from the Fantastic claims made by some; nothing there......Don't pay any money to obe.....

I see many fake claims. Like a good detective with intelligence, knowledge, smarts, common sense, and horrible grammar. If you make it out your body enough, there are things that anyone that had/s obe would know, I have seen a few touch on this, but they don't have enough exp. where they just can sit and take it in and examined the environment. And have found that science has answers to one of these "things/proofs" that back up the claims of OBE, plus if you read someone had obe and moved all around with no worries, like they walking down the street, highly suspect, but not automatic liars.

It's not about focusing on a different level, but unfocusing on this one..........make your body go to sleep and keep your mind awake. What ever you "believe" will work will; everyone is different so.....

The big hurdle is going from vibration state to out of your body.

One Trick is to have something with sound low enough so you can't make out what is being said (tv, radio,etc..) in another room, somewhere a distance away, and do your routine and mostly likely if you get to vibration state (and forgot about noise) as soon as you remember the "noise" you will be next to whatever is making the sound.

Okay to get out of body when "vibrating" this is hard, you can "trick" yourself out of body. The mind is tricky, exiting is/can be like; trying to hard and when you think of something else; BAM....It like trying to remember something you know, but forget and on the tip of your tongue, and when you "give up trying to remember"; Bam you remember, same type of thing with OBE(always exceptions also).

If you get to vibration state pull yourself in and out of that state(practice), or think of going to sleep but then pull yourself out of that; play with it "In/Out" like exercise. There several ways to exit, exercise in and out of vibration state makes a hell of difference. That will have a reassuring effect that you know there is something more and once out you will have less unwanted movements, and take a lil time.

Once in vibration state you poised to leave body, it hard with no practice. If you think about "jumping out" probably wont happen, but can.  You can force it but hard for me at least, when it a "passing" thought seems to work to good....It hard because it like you can't want it, but that is what you are trying to do. After ever how long of you practicing in and out of vib. state, just think about something/somewhere/someone and how you want to be there, but not for OBE...just try and forget obe and think of something/place that you want to be, makes you seem to forget your OBE for a bit, where ever you end up. But be ready for the "Holy Chit, I'm not in my body", and try and examine, and don't think OBE(at least for me) as hard as it maybe.
Take your surroundings in, examine things.

Everyone's mind is different, and the mind is the key, and most probably have to trick it, or better said find the "trick" that will work for you to get to vibration state.

Anyone that has been out of their body, would like to hear from people that claim they have good control and leave their body willing, consistently.

If you new to OBE PM me and I will help with true honest information.

Good luck to all, and peace.......
The Astral Pulse

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