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Author Topic: To Blossom  (Read 932 times)
Astral Energy 3
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« on: September 15, 2002, 03:24:07 »

Thanks Berry...

Let me tell you what I did today.  Where I live, it is 11:00pm but I have meditated all day on and off.  My husband and son were gone so I had lots of free time.  I had a medical procedure done yesterday so I was on darvon which totally relaxed my mind.

I decided since I was supposed to lay still and relax all day to meditate with it.  After reading some of the answers to my other post, I decided to alter my plan.  I reread some of R.Bruce's stuff on the rope technique.  So...since I used to have asthma, I got one of my old breathing tubes out and pinned it on the ceiling as a symbolic rope and lay in bed and reached out for it like he explained in his treatise.  I felt silly doing this at first.  But I kept on.

Then I remember reading that you need to relax first, go into a trace state, and then try and open up your energy spots and then climb the rope.

So that's what I did.  Relaxing was not hard since I was taking darvon.  That was easy.  My mind already felt quiet.  Then I starting trying to breathe energy up from the base of my feet and trying to spread it throughout my body.  That went good too.  I was all tingly all over so I knew it was working.  

I could feel myself going into a deep trance.  I had on some eye pads that I sleep in sometimes and they block out light but not totally.  But as my trance deepened, the darkness in front of me deepened also.  My forehead felt incredibly odd.. Not heavy exactly, but like something was going on there.  My body felt odd too, but I can't really explain it.  

So, I started climbing my rope.  I climbed and climbed for 30 minutes at least.  At times, I would feel a quivering or something in my chest and legs.  Just like it was explained in the treatise...  I kept on  and got sidetracked a couple of times as I felt vibrations beginning.  They were pretty strong and stronger than anything I have felt in the last year.  So I was excited by this but remembered to keep climbing.

In the middle of this climb, it changed.  I felt myself pull the rope.  I didn't see my arms or anything, but I felt myself pull the rope.  I paused however.  At this point, two hrs had passed with me opening energy spots, breathing and climbing.  You might think that is too long, but today and for the next three days, I can't do anything or lift anything or move anything or vacuum or sweep .... so I might as well meditate.    

But, when I felt myself pull the rope, and paused, I felt the vibrations begin.  I could feel what I call energy moving up my legs and through my body.   I heard loud buzzing sounds in my ears that was louder than I have ever heard it.  I couldn't help myself and I stayed aware of this.  And then, I actually FELT my feet lift up out of my body.  I lay there so happy with my feet in the air.  And then I thought I heard someone my great danes paws.. so I got up.  But my dog was asleep too.  She was in her bed so I quit for nothing...

I have not tried again, but I will later and am not sure if I will repeat what I did or use your method above.  They both have given me mild results but actually what I did this afternoon felt more than mild because this is the first time I have ever felt my feet move or lift.  I could tell I was in my body but I also felt seperate from my body..  But I definately felt my feet lift...

This was different from my blue experience where I just suddenly was somewhere else... totally different.  I guess the difference is I am trying to make this happen now and before I wasn't..

Thanks for the advice and I might just try it but I have to try this again first....

Cheers, Blossom

Just wanting to learn....

Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2002, 01:10:15 »

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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2002, 01:10:15 »

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