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Author Topic: Training excercise?OBE!  (Read 1001 times)
« on: July 15, 2002, 23:41:45 »

This is a short one I had at about 5 earlier this morning.This is all I remember.Somebody was there with me,but I dont really remember the details of what they looked like..We were standing on a white wall about 8 feet or so high.

Behind  this wall there was a grassy area.About 30 feet or so there was another wall same thing as this one.Inbetween in this grassy area.Their were 4 big black horses.The top of there heads were about even with the top of the walls.They were not the tame kind.These were wild animals.
I could tell because what they were doing.Almost like something you see in a rodeo.

I dont remember what this person said to me.But they said something jumped over the wall ran down to the  right.And a few moments lator I can hear their voice behind the wall that was furthest away from me.I wish I could remeber what they were saying but I cant right now.

Well I jumped down and did the same thing.Ive been run down by a bull in one of my obes'So the horses didnt bother me much.Well I went underneath some kind of over pass thing.And I came to a wall.There was a gap going across the wall.About a 1 inch wide,and all the way across at eye level.

So I put my fingers there and pushed down.I felt a sense of urgency.The wall slid down below.And another one came down with the same gap in it.I did this four or so more times.And than the last wall that came down.There was a wider gap.And 3 playing cards were right in the middle.Almost like a slot machine.

Everytime I touched one of them they changed.So I was playing around with that.But than I kind of lost my focus.I thought about where I was and what I was doing.And I got that woah this is awesome feeling lol.All the cards started getting a little blurry.I managed to get them to match.But I got these feelings in my legs.Ive got them before but they werent as painful this time.

Last time it happened I ended up back in my room a 10 or secs lator.This time it happened alot quicker.Thats it I woke up.And I didnt really try to recall much of it.I was tired and I fell asleep quite easily.This is probably why I cant remember what was said.I dont really know though.

                                                                                         Hope you enjoy these,My other one lator on this same day was better..But this one,it was my first in a while so that made it very special for me.

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