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Author Topic: What's going on?  (Read 1005 times)
Astral Energy 2
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« on: October 26, 2017, 02:10:42 »

I was having a dream I was at my sisters house sleeping on a chair, I figured, why bother waking up yet, I'm getting back sleep and can eat later. I could feel the sleeping sensation of my body, and I remembered I was asleep and not wanting to get up yet. I became aware I was actually sleeping. I could feel my body, and had the familiar sensations that I could roll out, i wasn't sure if id roll out of bed for real, or just in astral form, but i figured i was in such deep sleep my astral form would probably roll out when i did it.

I rolled out of my body, crawled a distance away, and opened my eyes, i saw two visions at once, my dark ceiling as if i was looking up at it in my room, like i opened my real eyes and was seeing astrally also, although likely i was resting on my stomach or side, and probably wouldn't be looking at the ceiling but be looking at my curtain or closet. I don't actually recall in what position i ended up actually waking up in.

So i relaxed, i figured i was still in my body and probably opened my real eyes, i was still tired & in that sleepy state I figured I could still do it. so i rolled out again. For some reason i was naked so i covered with a blanket just incase i was awake, i wouldn't want anyone to wonder why some weirdo is walking around without clothes. i went outside and notice i was in the yard of my old house. I actually moved twice since then, and I'm pretty sure almost every time i project i end up back at this place. Its where i had my first ap as well as the bulk of all my experiences. Anyway, I knew then i was projecting, but also that I wasn't at my new place. i still didn't want to be naked if i met anyone anyway so i kept the blanket on.

I wondered if maybe there were people living in my old house now, maybe i was actually at the location. so i got up higher and tried to see if anyone was there, but i couldn't see anyone. I went back down and decided to enjoy the sensation of my projection, there was christmas lights all over and snow on the ground, i cant recall perfectly but i do believe i picked it up and played with the snow and also rolled in it. i wondered if i really was at my old place, but i probably wasn't, likely no one has put out Christmas lights, and actually there usually never is Christmas lights in this area when they do,  and it probably hasn't snowed yet either. I noticed a man walking by and decided to throw a snow ball at him to see how he reacted, it was difficult to throw and I didn't throw it far enough, so it landed in front of him, he laughed at me and said, "what are you doing trying to pull a trick?" I said yes, and he threw a snow ball a bit in front of himself against some pavement as if at someone who wasn't there, but maybe was there in another reality.
"You missed me!" I said, he smiled at me like it was on purpose. I decide to follow him, he goes to a yard full of people, it looks like they are celebrating, making some good food and hanging out. I ask, "do you mind if i join you guys?" He's very friendly and says its alright, so I go into the yard. Before I can interact with anyone i wake up, I notice the change in the feeling in my body like i probably couldn't project again, i probably wasn't in that level deep enough of sleep anymore.

I wonder, why when i project do i return to this location? Where, when, or what is this location? Am i lucid dreaming or projecting? Are they the same thing? What does this experience mean?


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« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2017, 14:39:07 »

I tend to now hug my face with palm when somebody ask: was it REAL? am I projecting? etc... Of course you are/were! Isn't that obvious? People could experience different realities hundreds of times which is other than this one and they still don't want to feel it real - well tests are starting here too.

Your are no longer in your physical "dimension". If you sense your physical body, it is normal, sometimes you can, other times you can't. The double split effect is something which I never experienced but well documented that you were too close to your physical sleep place but because you are no longer in the physical, your mind interprets every thought and belief where are you are "you are in a body". I never saw my body in bed, I didn't even expect to see it, nor any reflection in mirror's 90% of times. You are using an intensive focus in the physical as consciousness experiences this way, at night you are elsewhere, continouing your tasks.
I think if you tend to return to a "known" place, it is somehow implemented in your mind. You only know why, deeply. NP aspects tend to play different mind games with us, aspects maybe only doing their tasks and trying to elevate your awareness with various tools like throwing you a snowball to realise that it feels so real that you still sense it's impact and coldness. And you can.

If it was a parallel life reality, then you may experience actual running life parallel to yours "here and now", it is real, you are just for a short time allowed to live it from that other self's perspective. Later you will make difference, is it a parallel life reality or is it a simulation elsewhere etc. Maybe it is an actual Focus 3 place (Frank Kepple, focus model), I was in many of them.

Lucid dreaming = you realise you are in another reality than your physical one... what dreaming? I hate this word lol. You can project and still think that it is a fancy hallucination? People may and will say they are not the same, LD, AP, phasing etc... I know they are the same but in different dimensions with various degrees of tasks and awareness.
Maybe it meant that those who know you from "elsewhere" tried to tell you that it IS REAL.

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« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2017, 14:39:07 »

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