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Author Topic: Woooo hooo!!!!! A MUST READ!!!  (Read 1158 times)
Astral Energy 5
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« on: March 31, 2003, 07:53:55 »

That's great[Cheesy]

Keep it up and lets us know if you continue to have sucess.


Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2003, 04:28:23 »

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I separated into real-time this morning! I started practicing at 11:30 PM last night, as a part of the group practice sessions that I’ve started in my group. I wasn't focused during this practice, and just laid there and fell asleep. Before lying down I did my routine up to relaxation: my meditations, 4-2s, etc. I set my alarm for 4:15 AM, to wake up and practice again at 5:00 AM- doing the interrupted sleep technique. I meant to start practicing at 5:00 AM, but I didn’t get up until 4:40 AM. I was supposed to meet a friend online to chat with before a practice we were to do together, so I went online, but I found others there, and chatted with them for a while instead.

I started practicing at about 5:30 AM and I set my alarm for 6:15 AM, for I needed to get up to get ready to go to work. I determined that even though the practice may be ended by alarm and having to get up for work, I’d take my time and just get as far as I could, as surely as I could, in the time I had. I was calm and unrushed.

I decided to make this practice a continuation of the last practice. That way I could salvage that practice… Failure and me are not good friends. [Smiley] So, as a continuation of the 11:30 PM practice, I went straight to the next step. All the steps are:

11:30 PM…
1. I said the Monroe affirmation aloud.
2. I did ‘4-2’ meditation: Inhale 4, hold 2, exhale 4, hold 2, repeat.
3. I sat in trance for a while; from the 4-2
4. I skipped energy work this time, though I usually do it.
5. I stretched my muscles out, bending, squatting, head stretching to my knee, etc.
6. Relaxation.

That is where I fell asleep… during relaxation. But I wasn’t really relaxing. I was just lying there. Next would have been:

7. I would have used a fixative, like counting down from '50 – 1’ repeatedly, or focusing on my heartbeat, if I needed something to help me stay aware while my body went to sleep. (These fixatives can also be used as a technique in and of themselves to cause projection, like in my experience last Sunday, which is posted as ‘the Slip and Slide’.)


Since last night I fell asleep on #6... relaxation… and this was a continuation of that practice, so that is where I started.  I was determined to actually relax this time, and not just lazily lie there. At first it was just relaxation... then I started to relax deeper… to really let go… like Zarklon suggested. I relaxed deeper, and deeper. I didn’t try to stay in one spot as usual, for like I have read in one of Zarklon’s posts, I’d tend to get restless in that one position, and it is usually lying flat on my back. I kept moving to different positions, and not paying attention to what it was other than the fact that it was comfortable. On my back at an angle, with my left knee bent, and my foot next to my right knew, with my left arm across my chest. On my side with my arms folded. It was not a difference. And I wasn’t completely comfortable in most of the positions. I took it as a challenge, and as a way to learn to relax in any position. Zarklon was, and is, a great inspiration for me- seeing as to how he projects in school from his school desk.

This worked well, for by moving it helped me stay aware, and I never got restless in a position, like I just ‘had’ to move. I was able to relax more and more with each position I moved too.

Some imagery started to come, but it was strained. It wasn’t like the normal imagery, where it is like dream images popping up. It was like something ‘strained’ was happening. My forehead felt ‘staticky’, or like a ‘spikey’ kind of glue was stuck to my forehead. These were light- meaning that I couldn’t focus on them, for they would go away- but potent imagery. I knew something was different than the previous norm.

I kept relaxing... intent on reaching 100% relaxation. I would move and relax… relaxing some more, and I would take deep inhales and then exhales to relax my heart and slow my heartbeat down. This worked greatly also.

The imagery got stronger, coming a bit more frequently it seems, and I kept on relaxing. The imagery got a bit stronger still, coming faster in frequency also, and I thought about the alarm coming on. At this point I didn’t feel the ‘staticky’ or ‘spikey-glue-on-the-forehead’ feeling.

I thought about the time and the alarm coming on. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00 AM. I relaxed even more, taking advantage of the 15 minutes left of practice. I'd relax a bit... then move... remaining comfortable. 100% relaxation was very important in this experience and my success- and from this I realize that deep, 100% relaxation is ALWAYS important in this method of separation, and I thank Zarklon dearly for sharing this with me; and with us all in the boards. :>

Time was not even an issue. I wasn’t rushing. I was relaxed and calm, and intent to only get as far as I could as surely as I could, in the time allotted. My ability to relax and the depth of my relaxation increased GREATLY… just by adopting this mindset. J

The alarm came on at 6:15 AM like I set it. I wasn't finished yet though! I lay down and decided to continue, after hitting the snooze button. I knew it was good, and only getting better. I didn’t want miss this. I lay back down and continued the relaxation, relaxing even deeper than deep. I had some vague imagery I think, and then the separation started after. I was in DEEP relaxation- the kind that feels like you are about to let your body fall out of the chair as you do it. I became paralyzed... I tried to move but was restrained by what seemed like some force surrounding me like a tightly wrapped cocoon. I could wiggle and move around just a little, but this ‘cocoon’ as it seemed was in perfect conformity to my body, and I could only move as much as it gave… which was a little bit.

I didn’t want to force it and end the experience, so I went in the other direction and I relaxed more... and started me to getting free. I was then free from this ‘restraint’, but my arms were frozen in place, folded across my chest, like I was in a straight jacket. That is the position in which I was in at the time, and it was amazing to me how my astral body was just like that. We move it as we move our physical body it seems, and I just let my physical body go, and was in the same position but separate form my physical body.

All quickly realized that I could move was my waist, so I started rocking back and forth... and then up and down. I HAD to have been going through the floor on the up and down rock, which was really side-to-side, as I was on my side.

I started rocking in a small increments, and started rocking bigger and bigger... from my waist… thinking that I would rock bigger and bigger until I could swing myself away from my physical body. It was amazing!! I was loving it!!  [Cheesy]

I would test to see if I could move my arms yet. They were still frozen. But I got my rocking motion to a nice sized arc. But I knew the alarm was going to come on again, and I didn’t want to frighten myself and traumatize myself- especially since it is so easy for me now. And I could feel the excitement building in me and I didn't want to get too excited and ruin it either… so I ended there... KNOWING I CAN DO IT AGAIN!!


After this experience I am so very comfortable with my ability to project. It was SO calm… SO controlled… SO willful, and methodological. I was like a master of the experience, and I am confident that I have mastered separation, because the experience is so natural to me now.


After I decided to end, I looked at the time, and it was 6:22. I got up at 6:15 and hit the snooze button, so after 45 minutes of relaxation practice it took 7 minutes to separate.  


I lay back down just for the fun of it. As you can imagine, I was as happy as a puppy dog with a brand new bone. [Cheesy] The imagery came straightaway, and it was as if my eyelids dissolved, and a whole other place was there behind them.

It was like I was moving along an old wooden floor in a big room... it was VERY clear and detailed, and like a large section in the center of my eyelids displayed the imagery, like a movie theater- and that ‘staticky’… ‘spikey-like-glue-on-my-forehead 'feeling was on my forehead again. It was interesting. It this point I definitely felt the need to start getting ready for… but I just HAD to tell someone, so got online and added everyone on my messenger that was online into a group conversation and let’em have it. [:O] They were about as excited as I was, and very very supportive. I thank all four of you. [Cheesy]


I was more calm, focused, and clear, and in coltrol than in any other projection experience I’ve had… And this is the fourth week in a row that I’ve had at least one separation per week!...


Woooooo hoooo!!! [Cheesy]...

And it gets easier and easier, each and every time!!!
So I am comfortable that I can project now!! Tonight, or in the morning, I may actually move around the room. [:O]


I separated!!!!
And in full control!!!
And I am confident that I can do it again!!!

Wooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all of you can do it to!

A special thanks goes to Zarklon, who so openly and fully shares his methods, techniques, and experiences, and with SO much detail in all of his posts and other correspondences. He Truly helps others develop, and I am so very thankful for it! It was the use of Zarklon’s suggestion about the importance of 100% relaxation that was the most important turning point for me to have this experience and develop this degree of ability.

I have been RELIGIOUSLY practicing the routines and techniques that I teach my group…

… (to which I have already added the deep, 100% relaxation technique)… a group which I started about a month ago… and I attribute my success and development to the fact that I have been religiously practicing my routines... and I suggest that anyone who really wants to advance at projection join the group and take part in the experiences...

To the love and support of my group members!!!... and to the sharing and openness of all the people who post on these boards. You all have helped to make my life so much better. [Cheesy]

A special thanks to Krome… known here as the ‘kromeknight’. Krome is the first member of my group, and he has been dedicated, focused, open, and sharing since day one!!!

 Congratulations Krome!!!!!!!

He had a separation about a week ago, in which his astral head jutted forward out of his physical body during meditation. Congratulations to him!!!

And… to all the members of this astralforum group…

First of all for being such a STRONG example of openness and loving for me to look up to and live by, and for sharing your beautiful techniques of meditation, projection, spiritual growth, etcetera, thus so greatly enriching my life, and the lives of those that follow me; thus helping me to better help others... helping to make the world a better place. :> Thank you.

I thank you all!
Woo hoo!!!

Celestial Sounds


If anyone would like to chat with me about OBE/Astral Projection phemonena, and related phenomena- including spiritual development and UFOs and aliens, my contact information is next to my name, and on my profile. Take care. [Cheesy]

Celestial Sounds

Editing done: added that it was AFTER 45 minutes of relaxation practice it took 7 minutes to separate, rather than just stating that it took seven minutes, and leaving it a given about the relaxation since it was mentioned earlier. This just makes it clearer. [Smiley]
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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2003, 04:28:23 »

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