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Author Topic: almost there  (Read 2088 times)
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« on: November 25, 2003, 16:41:50 »

Hey sstonevenuss,

     I really like your experience[|)]!  I failed to notice this post before.  That is exactly how I eventually projected there(i think).  In the book "Astral Dynamics," they say that during your every day routine, get in the habitual use of saying to yourself things like, "Am I Dreaming?", "Am I haveing an OBE" and foremost, "Astral Pulse Island(visualization of Island)."  I started having dreams about it, I never could take control of the dreams and know whats going on, only remember it when i woke up.  But I Practiced to project from a lucid dream to OBE.  But practice and time makes perfect.

  I just do some simple relaxation techniques, then put myself in a deep trance with the energy raising techniques I read in the book.  While doing relaxation breathing and while in trance, the whole time I'm thinking about Astral Pulse Island, Until I feel the vibrations, then I TRY(lol i meen try) to visualize that I'm on the island, and theres a endless amount of thick thick roap coming down from the clouds and dropping to arm's reach.  I at the same time visualizing the island and doing one of the various Rope Methods.  

  I was thinking since I have not seen much response to my post, and your the only one that seems to be trying this, we should visualize a particular area of the island and meet[Cheesy]! because I have not seen anyone on that island except heard things but I could not tell if that was just manifestations or not, lol I'm very jumpy and skitish when i hear noises[:I].

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 a realization of survival.  It
is an inner experience through which
 comes beauty and love of all life.  It cannot
be experienced in rituals or ceremonies,
nor bottle in creeds
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2003, 21:13:49 »

I have not read any books, I have not even looked to see anything about the guy that is on this web site...

everything that has happened to me has been quite a natural part of my life, and I thought the island was a great idea to really connect and test the understanding of the astral planes, and our place in them.

I would love to make a plan to concentrate my intentions on.  It seams I always go to the pyramid from above, even though i visualizre it from the side. I think it is my way of seeing the whole island first, so i know I am really there.

I live on Okinawa, Japan, so I see "island" everyday. and I don't want to confuse my daily input with the photo on the site.

I am always above the pyramid to the left of it just a little, facing out to where the camera would have been. If you were looking at the photo, I would be up in the right corner. I want to land and look for the door that others have used to go into the pyramid, but I think just landing and leaving a marker would be a good start.

Even when I visualize the dock and want to approach from the sea, I end up above the pyramid when I actually go there.

I would like to come down the side of the pyramid on the front right side and just get my feet in the sand. I could meet you there..what do you think?

I have prepared a room in my house stricktly for meditation. I plan to start using it regularly, as my husband just left this morning for 6 months. When I am alone, things really start to happen. Eventhough he has seen a few things himself since we've been married, the frequency has definately been reduced.

I think I will be in for some real adventures. I will post anything that happens on this site in thier areas of interest, not related to what we are going to try.

ok, your turn, what do you think?
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2003, 21:13:49 »

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« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2003, 21:36:51 »

I have been actively "choosing" to go to the island.  I always remind myself to exit my dreams and go to the island before I go to sleep.  The first time I became aware of the Island in a dream, I said I needed to try to find the island...I immediately popped out of my dream and was in a different environment...a volcanic world near the sea. I flew to the ocean to look for the island. This became confused and melded back into a dream. Now, I tell myself to "Go to Astral Local, Go to the Island".

I have become aware of the desire to go to the island while dreaming five times. The second time, my dream was so good, I wanted to stay. so I chose not to go to the island.

another time, I spun right around and stopped. I was floating above my bed about 2 feet above my body, on my back. I was not happy about the position, because my arms and legs were dangling down, and I felt as if I was being held up by some force not my own...I felt as if I was lying on a table with my arms and legs hanging off the edges, or like i was lifted by a platform. I did not think this was ok. I chose to not continue.  I woke suddenly.

2 nights ago, I had a very vivid experience...again within a dream.
I was at an art gallery looking at pieces I was to remember so I could create them later, I needing to remember something triggered my desire to remember to go to the island. I then proceeded to an SUV/space travel vehicle with some other people and I was telling them all about the island as we took off.

last night, I spun out of my dream completely and was flying over another strangly terrained area... I could see the island off in the distance, but if I looked directly at it, it faded out. I flew in that direction, and as I got closer, I was above the pyramid looking down.

I have imagined this view, or have actually seen it a few times, but this was the closest I have gotten. I have not landed on the island.

The Astral Pulse

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