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Author Topic: Astral Pulse Island Weekend  (Read 12409 times)
Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #25 on: March 09, 2005, 00:02:21 »

Well, sadly I canít really report any success over the weekend though I did have an obe shortly after I had read the announcement for the meeting (I was thinking about it all week)

Any ways I reported part of this on an earlier post because i had questions on my difficulties
But it may be relevant to this topic
I do remember someone leading me out of my dorm room and through the window, I flew (with extreme difficulty- I remember calling out for assistance because I got all turned around) to some sort of clearing in a forest in front of a modern house (I have no idea where I was) and a few friendly people were standing around and I felt them to be other projectors I also felt strong feelings they were people who are from this and other forums (but maybe I just happen to interpret that all projectors chat on this page..Teehee cheesy ) either way I felt they were definitely more experienced being out of body and that they were waiting for more people so we could make a plan and go off somewhere else.... shortly after this I black out so whether or not I continued this adventure remains to be discovered....At the time i knew everyone's name but these details are lost now, but i cleary remember one that began with a "K"

Cant say ive ever made it to the Island though (trust me I have tried a plenty  Smiley ) I cant wait to try again Wink

Im walking on sunshine Smiley
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DracoIcra venomier
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« Reply #26 on: August 17, 2005, 07:02:11 »

My bad! I followed a link, and didn't pay attention to the post dates... :S You should see me, I'm blushing like mad from the mistake. If a kind moderator would place my report in the appropriate place, that would be awesome of them.
10:57 pm pacific time. Begin projection attempt.
Scratch that, I need to find something other than TOOL to get me there. To the CD case!
{a side note: I have become very good at 'dropping out' as I call it; entering an altered state of conscious under a minute, sometimes more. This is why my experiences are short getting going.}
>Meditation Mix chosen. Begin 11:02pm.
updates post-projection. Cheesy
Short projection due to numerous problems.
End projection on Orinoco Flow, by Enya. Fitting, somehow.
Firstly, I landed on the beach. Nice, soft sand. Furthermore, I was on my hands and knees, so I got a good feel of the sand, and if nothing else, I'd like to go back and take a nice nap in it.
I had some trouble getting my sight going, but it got better as the experience went on. I got to my feet, and looked around a little, and felt something(s) recoil at my presence as I was doing so. I probably don't appear very... well, friendly, due to my 'work' and 'heritage'. On top of that, I was 'rendered' in tattered robes.
Soon after I started to eyeball the inner part of the island, I was jerked backwards into the water, and dragged a ways out by a curious creature. I didn't get the feeling that it was anything bad, just something that was inhibiting me from going deeper into the island. I managed to stun it and climb up on top of the water (the will is a nifty thing!) and make my way back to shore. Again, I was absorbed by the texture of the sand, playing with a handful of it for a moment or two.  I felt the same backwards jerk, and the whole process repeated itself (that being me dragged out to sea, stunning and this time encasing the creature, and making my way back.)After this, I altered my form a bit to give a more clean appearance, dressing myself in some white robes and changing my inherent astral anatomy a bit.
I resolutely began to move towards the inner island, and quite abruptly I think my left leg gave out. This is where it gets a bit hazy, so bear with me.
I grabbed my upper leg as I fell to my knees, and distinctly saw/felt a black patch spreading across it. It was at this point I decided to pull out, so I took a deep astral breath, and then a physical one, deconstructing and relocating my 'projection' back to me. Of course, I jumped back on and did the promised report.

My question is, has anyone else been inhibited by an apparently outside force from entering the island's interior?

I must not fear, for fear is the mindkiller.

"A man with a dozen perfect sapphires will think 'I am wealthy!' whereas a dragon would think to himself 'Such beauty to behold!'" -Dragon Icra
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #26 on: August 17, 2005, 07:02:11 »

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Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #27 on: August 17, 2005, 07:37:58 »

I noticed that and saw a few other posts hinting at it, I found it easier to try to project above the pyramid (Visualize it from a "above" view).   Do you mind me asking why you naturally appear like that on the astral?

^ I probably would have thought thatís insane a year ago.
« Reply #28 on: February 28, 2006, 05:27:57 »

Quote from: Major Tom
Quote from: coral1

This little exercise has been a big help to me.I`ve been in a slump for a while and concentrating on getting to API gave me two quality projections in three days. Having a definite goal in mind is a good way to stay focused on the task at hand.I`m going to keep on trying. For some reason trying to get to this silly island gets my astral juices flowing!

Definately sounds like you were able to get something going. I'll take two OBEs anytime no matter where I end up.

Focus 21 is the easy part for me, but actually being able to remember where I'm going is another

But this island locale has really given me a new goal to focus on.
The Astral Pulse

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