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Author Topic: Looking for people that astral project to the land of the dead  (Read 15117 times)
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« Reply #25 on: September 25, 2013, 01:30:29 »

Hmmm, but how do you "know" as you claim to "know"?

Isn't it also a belief? Is it that "you" suddenly "know" this stuff for real - and others just believe?

And don't you maybe take over Tom Campbell's views (beliefs...) a bit too uncritically from time to time? Because I know that's what he says too. So it's right automatically because "Tom says so"?

I don't think he knows this for sure either, he also makes a lot of fixed judgements based on his experiences but they are based on beliefs and interpretations. He could be wrong after all (yeah I know, that's almost blasphemy now  wink )

We cannot know for sure if any contact with a 'deceased' is the "real thing" or as you say a database or created own thought form etc.

I think it could be a bit too fast to make a judgement, especially if you do it for other people's experiences than yourself. So you are actually telling every person now who had an ADC (either in the Astral or as an 'appearance' in the physical) that it was just a "soul-less database hologram (or whatever)"? Without any 'could' or 'maybe'?

And how for example about retrievals? Do Sxaxx and Lionheart who do retrievals a lot on a regular basis, just deal with "hallucinations", "databases" or "holograms" instead of "people"? I'd be curious about your take on retrievals now. How about all of the Monroe Institute programs (Lifeline which is entirely about retrievals) - is it all mumbo-jumbo with databases?  undecided

I rather think that even if you "know" it in your case, you cannot "know" it in other (people's) cases. Sorry, but this is for me heavily belief-centric-loaded stuff, as well.
Any response here on my part is a response trying to "convince" you that I'm "right".
When the reality is that I don't care if you believe me or disbelieve me.  This is also why I very rarely get into discussions with people who's aim is to "prove me wrong".  It's a waste of my time because they've already made their mind up, but that's besides the point here.  lol

I also don't claim to "know" anything for anyone else.  That's something you've applied to yourself.  Not me.  You've chosen to take what I say and put a judgment of "believing" or "not believing".  Again... not my problem. 

What other people believe also isn't my problem, which is why you'll never find me telling anyone that their belief is "wrong" or that "I'm right".  It's a position-less position.  Lose-lose.

I know all that I've said might sound harsh... but the reality is that, I simply can't allow myself to bear the weight of other people's beliefs, especially when I haven't had their experience.  If what you believe lines up with me, that's fine... it's also fine that it doesn't.  It's not my job or anyone else's to convince you that what I've (or another person) experienced is truth.  It's MY truth and not THE truth. 

You may call that which I *know* whatever you want, it's not my problem... but it is yours.
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