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Author Topic: Frank DeMarco & Rita Warren - Books  (Read 5313 times)
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« on: January 25, 2012, 22:43:54 »

I use a grade from 0 - 10 (10 is the best/highest) on the books and documents.

Frank DeMarco was one of the founders and managers of Hampton Road Publishing.
His books are mostly centered around channeling the non-physical entities
which he most often calls The Guy Upstairs (TGU).

It's unclear to me if DeMarco ever describes an OBE/AP in his books. He is
the kind of channeler who is aware of himself and his channeled entities
while they speak through him in the physical. DeMarco is influenced by
the Monroe school.

At some places DeMarco uses abbreviations for US (?) states/counties/regions,
of which I have little knowledge, which could have been avoided.

One awful flaw in DeMarco's books is that he makes references to various
American politicians, religious or what not, of which I know almost nothing.
A few times he mentions Jung, which I know of, but still, I think it would have
been better if DeMarco put his various references to all those "well-known"
persons like Hemingway, etc, into a context which people in other parts
of the world could relate to. Europe is not the US, it's not even the UK.

And there are more parts of the world than the US or the EU.

Muddy Tracks, 2001, Frank DeMarco, (foreword by Colin Wilson)

GRADE: 8.0

This book is probably DeMarco's best. It describes his development over
the years into the 21th century. He gradually improves his channeling skill
as he talks more and more to the non-physical entities, he calls TGU.

The first part of DeMarco's book describes his time before he enters TMI.
He gives numerous examples of how he communicates with TGU.

In the beginning TGU is more like individuals, sometimes "past lives",
but as time progresses, DeMarco gets more info that reincarnation is
not what he expects and TGU may be different from what he originally thinks.

DeMarco also writes about his experiences from courses at TMI. To some
extent his stories have a slight Moen-style touch, specially when DeMarco
writes about his retrieval experiences. But except for GateWay Voyage,
DeMarco's path is still quite different from other TMI writers, so if you
want to follow all tracks of Monroe, this book should be read.

DeMarco brings up Guidance and dreams and how to use them to improve your
life and personal development and some short info on remote viewing.

DeMarco also gives his own view on the Monroe Focuses, which is slightly
different from what Moen/Monroe have written and could be an opportunity
to get a fresh eye opener to the possibility that anyone's first
interpretations may not be what they seem.

DeMarco mentions some of the lesser known Focus Levels like F 18, but doesn't
go into any depth.

The strength of DeMarco's book is also that it covers a fairly wide variety
of phenomena. And the style in which the book is written makes it entertaining
and easy to read, perhaps because DeMarco repeatedly re-wrote the book
several times before it arrived at its final form.

There are a lot of people mentioned in the book, and there is a reference
at the end so you can find the place where the person is first mentioned.

There are some weaknesses of the book, which brings down the grade.

DeMarco states several times that he missed to take notes on several important
occasions, for example when he went through TMI programs and got lectures by
Monroe himself. Perhaps DeMarco could have improved the book if he had just
included a little more content from those Monroe meetings/lectures?

At some times the book also lacks some structure in a way which is a little
difficult for me to put the finger on. My problem may be that I can't see
as clear a path of DeMarco's personal development in the book as I can
see from for example Monroe's or Moen's writings.

I also think that DeMarco's book would have benefited from more clear
references, for example to Monroe's books, as all may not remember or
know what DeMarco is writing about.

I also think DeMarco could have done a much better job of describing how
the TMI methods work, like how the Focus Levels (reached by Hemi-Sync) are
related to brain wave patterns.

Sometimes DeMarco can write in a way which confuses the reader, for example
when he wants to describe the layout of the TMI facilities. He starts using
directions like east/west but then switches to left/right, without relating
the left/right to what is east/south, which gets me lost.

At times it almost seems that DeMarco lacks concentration when at TMI. I
would have liked DeMarco writing a little more how TMI view their own
programs, like purpose, ideas and symmetry.

The Sphere and the Hologram, 2009, Frank DeMarco & Rita Q Warren

GRADE: 7.0

This book is the result of Rita Warren wanting to get some answers to
questions she never got answers to while active at operating the lab
room at TMI while she was head of the channeling experiments while
Monroe was still active.

The book is based on several sessions where DeMarco enters an altered
state to contact TGU and Rita Warren asks questions. At the time Rita
Warren is quite old, past her 80th birthday. Before the book was finished
Rita Warren had passed away. All sessions were performed 2001 - 2002.

The book offers a lot for the buck, over 400 pages.

The sessions bring up such a variety of subjects, that I'm not going to
go into too much details. If you are interested in this kind of subjects
you should read this book.

A few sessions are made at TMI, operated by Skip Atwater.

TGU mentions some info on the Focus Levels, and I would have like Rita
Warren to go more into depth on that subject. TGU even urges Rita Warren
to write down in text some of the info she got during her much earlier
Monroe time, as TGU seem to know that it has not completely been put on
paper, and the info is starting to get lost. DeMarco writes that such
a writing-down, never occurred (!).

One problem with anything channeled is that it at times sounds a little
unclear, perhaps to open to interpretations or not specific enough.

TMI have some free, downloadable taped sessions from the 1970ies & 1980ies,
which may give the reader some feeling for the difficulties of getting
anything of interest from channeled sessions. Go to TMI's homepage and
listen if you are interested.

What is clear from the DeMarco sessions, is that the Monroe I-There concept
may be even more extended, as the TGU almost always responds as a group mind,
picking up information or influences beyond their local group, sometimes
pointing out that there exists no individuals from their point of view.

All is one.

There are some strange things though.

At one point fairly early, TGU say that they haven't experienced emotions.
I would really have liked Rita Warren to find out how that could be possible.

From that moment on in the book, TGU starts to resemble Moen's 2ndGathGroup
(non-physical?) aliens.

At some other point TGU is made aware by Rita Warrens questions that TGU in
turn had some, to them, unknown guidance.

Further, at some point during one of DeMarcos's own sessions, his non-physical
body is touch by someone, to prevent him from falling asleep. TGU realizes
that none of them have been the originator of that touch. I would have like
Rita Warren to follow up on that issue, too.

At Several times TGU repeats that they doesn't have the focus of mind, which
we have in the physical, so their answers will improve much the more specific
the questions are which Rita Warren asks.

At times I get the feeling that Rita Warren may not be asking questions
having enough quality and not being specific enough. At several times
during the sessions, she doesn't even ask any questions at all, which
leaves TGU to find anything important to say on their own.

And again, TGU points out that the quality of the question improves the
quality of their answers.

It's almost like TGU knows that they are not giving good enough answers, but
at the same time, due to their lack of individual focus, TGU are unable
to figure out what the problem is or even what is the right or specific
enough question. I get the feeling that Rita Warren wasn't completely aware
about this problem during the sessions.

To some part the book also lacks structure, but it may be difficult to give
it more structure without having to cut out parts of TGU's answers.

On several occasions in the book I'm left with a feeling of incompleteness,
as the question or the answer lacks some substance.

There are some small language issues, too. Sometimes DeMarco has chosen
to double a word, like in "that that", instead of the more appropriate
"that it", "that the". At other occasions he uses the word "unsuspected"
a little odd, where I would have wanted the word "unexpected".

Still, it a good book, despite some unclear parts.

The Cosmic Internet, 2011, Frank DeMarco

GRADE: 5.5

As this is DeMarco's last book I had quite high expectations on it. Also,
on amazon the book has gotten quite high grades.

But I'm a little disappointed. It's not bad but not excellent either.

Much of the content is somehow mentioned by DeMarco (or Monroe) in other
books. I expected something more or deeper in this book.

Well, there are some parts that are good and worth reading, but there
are also parts where I read 10 pages in a row and didn't understand much
as the content was so unclearly written/channeled.

There are some radio interviews on youtube on the subject of this book,
which gives some additional info and may be worth listening to.

This book resembles The Sphere and the Hologram, but this book is
slimmed down (only 200 pages), and is still burdened by unclearnesses.

Again DeMArco is a little poor at putting together something which needs
a good structure. He writes about the person-group, which I think is about
the same as an individual/person. Then his TGU extends on the subject of
us having abilities from more than one discarnate.

DeMarco has provided some drawings which improves the understanding
of the book's content.

TGU point out the need for isolation to create individuals, and the purpose
of making choices, choosing anything, and the need for delayed consequences,
which are only possible in the physical.

At times I feel that TGU comes with somewhat unsubstantiated claims. I also
am of the opinion that in this book, DeMarco doesn't questions TGU's claims
to a deep enough degree. It's almost as if TGU are testing DeMarco.

On page 120, TGU state:

"You must think about what has been received, and - in your case,
Frank - reshape it so that it teach others."

On page 153, TGU want DeMarco to summarize some sessions, to sharpen his mind,
which in turn sharpens TGU's mind, as they are part of him and he is part
of TGU.

Somehow I feel that DeMarco hasn't reshaped his channeled message enough.
It's not structured and clear to a degree I want it to be.

Maybe others find this a better book than I do?

Babe in the Woods, 2008, Frank DeMarco

GRADE: 4.5

This book is fictional. It's about TMI, but the place is called something
else. There is not any Monroe in this book, instead a fictional character
has taken his place.

I wonder why DeMarco wrote this book as it is kind of poor in terms of
teaching people more about the non-physical part of our world.

The book is about a fictional, one week, kind of Gateway Voyage program
story, and those persons participating in that particular course.

There is nothing exciting about the story, nothing special. It's a novel,
but it's content is kind of disappointing, and a little boring at times.

I've read Gateway Voyage stories (real life) before. This book adds
very little new info. Strangely enough this book has received high
ratings at amazon, but I can only perceive the book as mediocre.

And also, DeMarco has already written about the important highlights
of TMI's Gateway Voyage, in his book Muddy Tracks, in a more
interesting way.

Perhaps this book is mostly important to DeMarco himself?

Chasing Smallwood, 2008, Frank DeMarco

Unread & unordered by me. This book is about a channeled "past life" of

Messenger, 1994, Frank DeMarco

This book is unread & unordered by me, as I never managed to place an order
on this book through DeMarco's book site ->
possible because my FireFox browser couldn't handle the javascripting.

The book is purely fictional. Due to copyright issues it will not be
re-printed soon, once the existing copies have been sold.

Upshifting, 2003, Frank DeMarco & Rita Warren

Despite this title having a cover, a publishing date & an ISBN number, this
title may never have become a real book. Instead it seems that this title
turned into the book Sphere and Hologram.

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2012, 23:03:17 »

I haven't read any of DeMarco's books, but he used to post at EIC before it was a forum, and he wrote excellent articles on Lucid Dreaming, and knew a lot about La Berge (may have corresponded with him, I don't remember).  Muddy Tracks, eh?
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« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2012, 23:03:17 »

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« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2012, 23:07:23 »

Muddy Tracks, eh?

I think the title has something to do with "following someone's tracks", so maybe an alternative title could have been Following Footprints just to make it more clear?

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2012, 03:59:03 »

What I meant to say was "You recommend Muddy Tracks, Hey?" Or something like that.  I'm not coherent when I have a headache, and it's a big one.
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