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Author Topic: the pleiadian agenda - barbera hand clow  (Read 5552 times)
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« on: January 14, 2004, 03:35:45 »

I'm no channeler, but this is how i view channeling:
The channellee is recieving information from the targets (whatever they are channeling), but that's not necessarily in english. Do you think the moon or the sun would speak english?
As i see it, the channeled material is presented how the person channeling percieves it. It's like when you project, you are percieving energy as your mind can interpret it. Channelers are percieving the communication as their mind lets them. I don't think the words you read are actually exactly what the targets are saying.
Having said that, as i say, i'm not a channeler so i don't know how correct that is.
Anyway, disgarding that, i agree with you that these types of books are hard to get into. I'm currently reading Barbera Marciniak's "Bringers of the Dawn", a book which is also channeled by the Pleiadians, and some of it is a bit hard to believe.
Everything seems random and no solid facts are presented. Even so, i won't deny some of it seems plausible and even makes sense (like the inactive DNA strands).
I also agree that it takes an open mind to consider these possibilities.
Thanks for the review, i'll be sure to check that one out when i've finished my current Pleiadian book [Smiley]

"The soul is never silent, but wordless"
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« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2004, 14:41:08 »

Yeah I know exactly what u mean...I'm reading "Children of the Matrix" and it's about the same subject. About how the inter dimensional race is controlling our lives. I'm really open minded but I have to force myself to continue reading it. I am interested though....but it is annoying like you said how vaque he is in his sayings and truths...

Psycho Paradoxical
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« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2004, 14:41:08 »

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« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2004, 00:40:31 »

Hello everyone,

I would like to give my opinion on what rodentmouse was saying, about the moon, and the sun speaking. First off I am a Celtic Pagan. Ill explain what that is if you dont know what that is.

Celtic of course is the culture that used to exist in the far past, and today in countries such as; Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and even, Germany, and France. Pagan is a term to describe a belief system that is polytheistic (beleives in multiple gods), and holds reverence, and worships nature. There is a bunch of other things to describe what it is, but you can do a web search if you really wanna know more.

But anyways the point I am trying to get to is that I am Celtic Pagan, and in my belief system I believe that you can communicate with the moon, and the sun. In my beliefs the moon is attributed to the Goddess, and the sun; the God. Mostly all other Pagan religions believe that the moon, and the sun have spirits, and that you can recieve energy from them, for use in magick, or rituals. I have personally felt this energy, and it is quite overwhelming. So I guess that someone could communicate with the conciousness of the objects. I dont believe in things just cause I can... I like to have a base for what I believe..No blind faith, or whatever you might call it.

I was thinking, about picking up that book you were talking about. I also seen another book on the net called; "The Prism Of Lyra". If you go to the website there is free sample pages to read, and what I read so far is pretty interesting...
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« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2004, 01:58:47 »

I was kind of mixed about this book since the trilogy she did before this affected me so profoundly. It was about past life experiences and i had dreams about it that were profound while i was reading it. I saw the other pleadian channeler in person (barbara marciniak) and thought it a joke on us earthlings even though I thought the pleiadians of billy meier fame were more belivable. maybe the message is to look within, since there is a lot of BS out there.

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« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2004, 22:41:08 »

hello good people Cheesy

has anyone read this book "the pleiadian agenda" by Barbera hand clow?
its about  higher level aliens (the pleiadians, sirians and annunaki to name a few)
 speaking about what mankind is facing and will face in the near future by  using  medium barbera hand clow as the channel.

The pleiadians are mainly speaking about the coming pole shift in 2012 when earth enters the  photon band, apparantly flooding the people of earth with the knowledge and information to become multidimensional.

I hope to get some opinions on this book  because out of everything psychic related ive read,  the pleiadian agenda has to be the most far-fetched. It really  challenges  the open mind i like to think i have, for instance,  in one chapter the moon, YES,  the actual moon is channeling itself through  barbera hand clow, speaking about how  we must "attune to its vibrations" and become love etc....

i simply cant accept this book,  either barbera hand clow is deluded,  or  she is recieving  information  from lifeforms  who arent what they claim to be....

an example is in one of the chapters, the SUN (as in the actual sun) is speaking through her, telling us about the wonders of multidimensional life-  but the way  the sun comes across  just seems  to normal and casual,  like  your talking to an average joe,  what i mean is,  what the sun actually says doesnt seem like what an all knowing- multidimensional lifeform would,  it doesnt  reflect the enlightened characteristics  youd  expect to see in the sun.

in one sentence it calls  to people of earth  idiots  for basicaly not being multidimensional. To me,  enlightened, higher level lifeforms dont mock spiritually ignorant people.
IN another sentence is preaches about how  beautifal it is, and how it  likes it when indigenous people  worship it.

it was to much to take on board for me. The whole  book is annoyingly  vague  on how to actually become multidimensional,  none of the aliens give any practical  tecniques on accessing the subtle  energy fields that we are encouraged to tap into throughout.

e.g. one sentence was something like  "its easy to  become multimensional,  just reclaim  your  solar identity"

..."ok, i wonder how to do that,  maybe the next paragraph will explain".

alas, it didnt.

what makes it hard for me to take this book seriously is the complete lack  of *presence*  in the actual channeled messages.
I mean, in the seth books,  i can  sense  the  wisdom and enlightenment which  this seth entity expresses,  everything  he says is explained  thouroughly, every abstract idea is explained in laymans terms,  this is  simply not the case in the pleiadian agenda, where  "satya" (one of the aliens) is  going on about  1d,2d,3d,4d,5d,6d,7d,8d and 9 dimensional being, expecting the reader to comprehend what shes on about,  this is what i find annoying.

Also, every so often the aliens  encourage the reader to go and buy more of barbera hand clows books to learn more about what they speak about..................  you get the idea.

there are some  interesting  parts of the book  which really agree with my own ideas on life and being,   but the bad points for me far outweigh the good ones.

i  suggest  you should all ignore this book, unless  you have more of an open mind than i do Smiley
But i cant accept that the  *actual*  sun and moon are as casual and normal as they appear to be in the book.
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2004, 22:41:08 »

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« Reply #5 on: April 25, 2021, 15:59:10 »

Just read this little ole thread and found it interesting so bringing it forward to see if anyone else would like to add anything.

In my personal experience the spiritually higher an 'entity' the less 'wordy' they are as the important information tends to be delivered via download.  Also in my personal experience absolutely everything has an intelligence of a sort and we humans definitely have the capacity to communicate with anything we wish. Proof? LOL, we are still a long way off providing that.

I imagine there are many agendas. The chance we can understand all those agendas and make sense of them is slim to none. We have a rather difficult time understanding the agendas of our own governments let alone those unseen.

A short pencil is better than a long memory - Pastor Wendall
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