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Author Topic: A semi interesting dream  (Read 707 times)
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« on: June 30, 2004, 18:06:58 »

I started off as an attempt to be an obe.  I don't think it actually was one due to the way my dream ended by fading out to reality that I was probably dreaming.  That and looking over the processed used, it looks like what happened was I got fairly far into my projection attempt, then I feel asleep and went to a lucid dream instead.

Before all this, I briefly remember a dream I had where I was around all of my friends, but they were all subtly different somehow.

Anyways, I was lying in bed, and I thought I'd try and make what I was doing an obe.  So I layed there and waited.  I tried pulling myself out of my body (I was on my back btw, when I decided to try and do this).  I felt my legs rise up into the air several times and felt a bit of pressure on my midsection, but I would not for the life of me leave.  After trying to do this a bit, a scene started to form in front of my eyes.  It looked something like the matrix at first because I was seeing code everywhere.  I was on some kind of couch.  I layed there for a bit, not entirely sure that I was completely aware yet.  I was realizing by now that I was in a dream and not in an obe, but oh well.  After a bit, I hoped I was stable enough, so I decided to stand up, and I did, and nothing bad happened Smiley  The dream also stablized and got very very vivid.  I decided to go outside, but I suddenly realize that there were people outside and I was naked when I was halfway through the outside door, so I quickly backed up and went into another room, to get dressed I guess.

I walked around in this room to get dressed (I don't remember actually getting dressed, but based on future events, I'll just assume I did.  I saw a tv on and some kind of fantasy like movie was playing on it.  I passed the tv, then wondered (I was still a bit lucid at this time) if it would still have the same  movie playing if I looked back at it (a sort of reality test).  I looked back over and the movie was still the same.  I considered watching it for a bit or trying to enter the tv, but then I decided that movies were probably like dreams and I probably could watch it as long as I wanted to, and I wanted to explore where I was at some more.  

Then my mom called me.  I headed over.  She started getting on my case about something, I think it was lateness to the training center I was going to or something like that.  She said that if I didn't get there she was going to make me spend 3 more hours there, or something like that.  I was like, Mom, I like training, what are you talking about?  I got the feeling that this was the future me and that I was super-lazy or something.  I got a glimpse of a date somewhere (newpaper or something) and saw the year was like 2026 or so.  Crazy, I was this far in the future, and none of us had aged at all.  I wasn't sure at this point if I had fallen into the future or entered a parallel universe.  I started asking questions in a manner like I wanted to clarify stuff that I already knew.  I think I asked, "So we aren't ageing because of a reverse aging thing right?" and mom was like (groan) "Yeesssss."  A few others too that I don't remember.

Then mom was like, it's time to go, you are driving.  I told mom, Mom, I don't know how to drive.  She was like, it's easy son.  I said again, Mom, I don't know how to drive!  I considered telling Mom at this point that I was from the past, but I didn't.  She then told me where the break apparently was.  There was a lever up around where my head was that I guess I could push with my head to break.  I guess this was supposed to be convienient or something?  I found the gas with my other foot and tried pressing it, but nothing happened. I wasn't sure it was the right pedel, but I realized it was after a bit and tried again.  Nothing.

I realize now, after my dream ended, it might have been helpful to turn on the car Smiley

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