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Author Topic: big revelation thing  (Read 1605 times)
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« on: January 18, 2013, 03:54:55 »

This is kind of a dream, and kind of not. It resembled the astral at some point but I figured I'd put this in the dream forum.

First, the other night I dreamt I was at a party, and I was uncomfortable around everyone. Big party, socially awkward, etc. I didn't know what to do. Then, among the people, there was this lizard guy who walked up. He leaned close and said "Be above them. Regard them as dirt." The lizard guy wandered off. I thought about his advice, and spent the remainder of the party talking down to people more and more, and found myself less awkward - in fact I gained more and more social status because of it.

I woke up and thought about it. Treating people like dirt. I guess the advice worked fine in the dream, but seemed stupid in the physical. Here you face hostility and risk if you screw with people, and I don't want the trouble.

But in a dream, these people couldn't physically stop me. In fact we get stuck in a non-lucid state because of perceived peer pessure in dreams.

So a few nights later, I remembered the advice "regard them as dirt" as I went to sleep. In fact I decided that people should freeze and stay silent in my presence. I'll tear them apart if they don't. I thought about this while falling asleep, just to see what happens. I found myself talking to someone about an emergency. It was a tense situation. I was mostly following along but then I realized that I had suddenly been put in this situation. This wasn't my body, this wasn't my life. Another mind had apparently been swapped out of this body and I was put in. I then woke up. Trippy.

I went to sleep and tried again. This time I went lucid in a dream and started shoving people around. It was working. They did as I told. Peer pressure no longer kept me submissive to the dream state. I was aware and free to do anything to them.

I've learned that dreams are sometimes worlds where you wake up and fall asleep, and go to the next world until you arrive in the physical. Sometimes an insight in one world can give you more control over another.

I found myself in a new scene. It was a golf field and I was spectating. The preѕident was playing golf. He kept missing the ball and dropping the club, doing badly. I was heckling him with political commentary, still having that 'treat them like dirt' mindset. Normally I wouldn't act like that. Some people interrupted me and had me come with them

I didn't suspect that they might be security guards of some kind, or that I might be in a bit of trouble. We went to a small dim garage. It finally occurred to me to think "Wait, who are these people? Where are we going?" But it was too late to run. Inside the garage were 4 previous preѕidents standing around and chatting. This was becoming uncomfortable. This place was unfamiliar and apparently not physical. I had to make my way around the preѕidents in the tight space, brushing against them. It was nerve-wrecking to be this close to a bunch of dangerous people like this.

Someone said "They're just actors."

There was a strange dark car, and a security guard opened the passenger door and had me go inside. I remember her features and everything - black ҏolice outfit, dirty blonde hair, 30-ish. She was having me get in the car like this was a typical thing. This felt like trouble, but it was interesting. In the same night that I had followed a reptilian guy's advice and conquered the dream state, now I was being taken away to gosh-knows-where.

The car went forward onto a foggy road. It was completely automated. The fog became more thick until it engulfed everything and the car disappeared.

I found myself in a quiet grey space. I was thinking about transcendance (or ascendance or whatever) and the levels of reality where people go once they rise above the others. I don't know why I thought about it - I don't even care about that stuff. I'm just a researcher. But I thought... could I go to those higher places?

The fog started to clear and I found myself in a familiar place behind some buildings I used to live near. It was quiet. It was snowing lightly, felt warm, and there were low cumulous clouds overhead, grey sun shining through. There were no cars on the road - no noise anywhere. This was a special level of reality people have ascended to, over the lower levels of reality such as the physical and dream levels. (this is one of those things I was aware of without being told) There were people walking around, wearing mostly white. (looked grey in the dim light) I looked around and noticed most of the people in this place were oriental. Not many white people up here. Pfffft. Being reckless, I bumped into a Japanese lady and knocked her down. She just looked up and smiled in a detached manner.

They were entirely detached from physical bumps and knocks. Very different from the people in the lower levels who I could abuse and they would appear offended or scared. These people just didn't mind. I had no desire to treat them like dirt.

I was just looking around and internally asking questions.

I remained aware that this was a dream. I was aware that everything was a dream. The 'physical' just has rules that beat you down better than the other dream worlds.

I looked at the clouds and wondered where the highest ascendant people were. (another thing I don't normally care about. In fact I don't regard anyone as 'above' or 'below' so I think I was being told what to ask here) And I wondered why we never see the ascended types among us  A presence gave a simple answer: "Because they have no form." Pffft. They can't just create an avatar and say 'hi'? I started to realize this presence was with me all along, and it didn't seem to want to answer all the questions I was throwing at it. I was lifted to the clouds and on the way up I was passing between some pillars. I found myself at an even higher place. I looked below and realized I was over the arctic, miles in the air. I could even see an aeroplane far below and I could fly faster than it over the mountains. Flying around distracted me for a minute or so.

Then I looked at the clouds and wondered again about the ascension stuff. I got the feeling I could 'see' the ascended ones if I tried. A black blob or an opening in space appeared for a moment and disappeared.

"You cannot comprehend what they are."
His explanations were annoyingly short. I then started to realize that the ascended guys are the driving force of our environment. They control the situations we're in. At some point they ceased to be unique people and transferred to a new state where their minds would drive the environment from the outside instead of existing in it. Evidently, the alchemical symbols are the way people talk to them. Different forces respond to different symbols.

I then woke up. Welp, I got some useful answers that night.
Astral Energy 4
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« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2013, 19:42:35 »

"They're just actors."

      This has sooo much meaning.  Foo fighters had a song about this. 

         The actors don't know they're following a script.

          I'd say it's a key piece of the puzzle.


opinions are like kittens, just give 'em away
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« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2013, 19:42:35 »

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