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Author Topic: Dream States ( was: Dream 'Bubbles')  (Read 1053 times)
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« on: November 09, 2004, 23:47:05 »

Hi All,

A few years ago, I had a strange and very vivid Lucid dream, that still jumps into my head even today.

The strange thing is, I can't really remember what was going on in the dream before I became Lucid, so I'll start from there.


Something in the Dream, or just a realisation that something didn't seem 'normal' must have triggered my lucidity, as is usually the way.

I was standing in front of a Window, but like I said, I don't remember the elements from the dream, so I don't know what was outside that window.

But realising it was a dream, I did something very unusual; I threw a punch at the 'glass' in the window frame. (don't do it in reality! I found out last year that it hurts like hell having stitches and permanent scars!!)

But instead of smashing, the glass bent and moulded in front of my hand, like soft rubbery perspex. So I kept pushing, until it went 'POP!' - like cling-film (serang wrap I think yanks call it Smiley), but lower pitched.

I noticed it was dark outside, but not like night time, more like empty space.

I climbed through the hole where the 'glass' had been (as it popped, it kinda melted away) and stepped out. I walked forwards, then took a look back.

The 'dream space' I had been in was behind me, and it appeared self-contained, like a reality/dream bubble. And as I looked around I saw more of these self-contained 'realities'.

Then I noticed a guy working in front of a cabinet near my 'dream bubble'. He had pulled out this computer-looking board from what looked like rows of them. They were very simple looking, all mounted vertically, about an inch or two apart (lots of them). The board he was holding was only 15 to 30 centimeters square, flat, and red, and in the middle was a single, black 'microchip chip'.

Being in I.T. I was fascinated by these boards; I'd never seen such a simple yet (I assumed) powerful device. No printed circuits, no capacitors, resistors etc etc. Just a flat Red panel, with 1 chip in the middle.

So I walked up to the guy and started talking to him. I asked what he was doing, and he explained that the board he was holding had failed, and he was replacing it.

I said that I'd never seen anything quite like it before, and asked where he got them from (hell, I wanted one to play with Smiley). And he just said 'I make them myself'.

The last thing I remember was seeing him slide the board back into place... then I'm not sure if I woke up, or slipped into Dream-space again.


Another unusual aspect of this lucidity, was that it didn't suffer from the usual reality fluctuations that I get. Usually (and I mean every time) I have to fight to stay lucid in the dream without waking up. This usually involves focussing my attention on something complex or detailed (like leaves in a tree, my hands etc) to keep the dream 'real'. Otherwise as soon as I go lucid, I almost always wake up.

I also differentiate between 'vivid' and 'lucid' dreams. Vivid dreams Ionly remember when I wake up, I don't actually experience them. Lucid dreams are dreams that I experience as a reality at the time, but without necessarily knowing I'm dreaming. Then I have Lucid dreams where I become aware that it is a dream, and I interact with the dream in a more active way.

Anyways, I just wondered what anyones thoughts on this dream were.

It still makes me smile even today, because it felt like I had met the Dream Maker (or one of his engineers!)Smiley

Kindest regards,

Astral Energy 4
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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2004, 04:18:52 »

Hi, good dream but I don't have an interpetation, just want to say that I have also had "vivid"  dreams sometimes, especially after doing energy raising exercises. They are almost lucid, and definately more interesting than the regular old dream segments that are more 'normal'.  Maybe vivid should be used as a dream type along with lucid.

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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2004, 04:18:52 »

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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2004, 22:59:59 »

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for your reply Smiley

I've always had a problem with other people’s definitions of dream states.

I'm not saying that I disagree with them, but I have a multitude of experiences that fall into more than the described states (that I've read)

My post wasn't really clear, if you re-read it. I referred to "Lucid Dream" and "Vivid Dream" states across each other; so let me explain Smiley

Firstly, my “Dream” state is when I simply know I’ve slept, had a dream, and like a fading memory it’s gone; but I cannot recall much more than that.

Then sometimes I wake up and remember a dream, much like you wake up the day after seeing a film (when drunk or tired the night before). This is my “Vivid Dream” state. I recollect the details and profound instances, but not the clothes people were wearing or the time of day or night it was. In short, I remember the core, the detail; not the fluff. I remember the dream, but I don't remember being "in" the dream.

Other times I dream a life as if I'm awake. This is my “Lucid Dream” state. I'm not aware that I am dreaming, until I wake up. In the dream I am as Lucid as reality, and yet no more in control than I am in reality (you try to stop breathing... and then explain who's in control Wink). The only time I kick myself is when I wake up and realise it was a dream..... "Why didn't I do this... why did I let that happen..." etc.. etc..

Then I have what I would call my "Controlled Dream” state, where I actually have control of my dream state (duh Smiley). I realise I'm dreaming, and that I'm not in 'normality', so I experiment. Usually by flying, or stopping whatever madness is unfolding in my dream. This is the most profound, and short-lived of the three states. The moment I make the dream ‘real’, I have to fight to keep it. Focus and mental acuity serve a purpose. I either wake up instantly, or slip back to what I call a Lucid dream state.

I guess what I'm driving at here, in my usually non-direct fashion, is that "lucidity" to me means something resembling "reality", In fact the Dictionary definition of "Lucid"  describes it so:

lu•cid    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (lsd)
Easily understood; intelligible.
Mentally sound; sane or rational.
Translucent or transparent. See Synonyms at clear.

So in my 'control state' the term 'Lucid' doesn't seem to quite fit (at least based on what *is* "Mentally sound; sane or rational")

In the "control state", I can do things that I cannot usually do (as can most people who post to this forum) - breathe underwater, Fly, travel at supersonic speed, travel through space and time etc etc etc; You get the jist Smiley

The difference is that in what I call my "Controlled Dream" state, I actually choose to do these seemingly impossible things.

In what I call my "Lucid Dream" states, these strange things, no matter how bizarre or irrational, are considered 'normal' and 'accepted' - even if it's flying, breathing underwater, ignoring deadly swipes from an assailants blade... whatever; *It's normal* in this state Smiley

So A "Lucid" dream [by its very definition], is as I described my “Lucid" dreams; one that seems real when you are in it, no matter how bizarre it may seem when you remember it.

And what I would now call something like a "control state" [maybe what some thought as a Lucid dream] is where I can not only change what is happening in the dream, based on my *known* reality, but also change it based on anything my mind/body/soul/spirit/whatever desires to test/play with.

Food for thought? Or maybe just thought for food Smiley

Kind regards,

The Astral Pulse

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